Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode Five: Brotherfae of the Wolves

Dyson has been visited by an old friend and packmate – Kaden. Y'know, I saw this and instantly thought “evil evil! he's so evil”. Because when you get an old blast from the past they're always dodgy and evil. It is known.

In the past Dyson and Kaden were mercenary warriors for the king Aelic – and were feared and lethal warriors. Dyson severed his ties with the king long ago, but now the king is dead after centuries of being involved in warfare and running his own extremely wealthy mercenary company.

We see a lot of flashbacks in this episode to Dyson's time as a warrior, including the last time he dealt with a norn and refused to give his wolf to save a friend's life. His friend ends up being betrayed by the king so the king could make his wife, Kiara, his queen which is why Dyson left the band.

(Also I have to say here because Renee doesn't mention it nearly enough – daaaamn Dyson is smoking. Yes yes he is).

Kaden is here to find a weapon that has been stolen – a Mongolian Death Worm - a massively dangerous weapon. A weapon that has been taken to the docks – Dark Fae territory that Dyson cannot enter. But Bo, as unaligned can! And she does – goes down to the arms dealer and asks for it. No, really, that's her plan. She goes to the arms dealer and asks for it. Well, we already know she's not the brightest spark – someone page Kenzi, I predict someone's going to need a rescue.

Shockingly, Bo is captured (totally didn't see that coming. Bo remains the Superdamsel). Kaden ignores that it's Dark Fae territory and comes in and rescues her (aww, that's normally Kenzi's job). It wouldn't be an episode of Lost Girl if Bo didn't need rescuing. She later sleeps with Kaden to heal

Lauren has fled the new Ash who has issued a new decree locking up all humans are to be confined to their living quarters when they're not working. She seeks refuge with Bo and... makes buns while Bo sleeps with Kaden...I don't know but the whole scene gave me the uckies, especially since Lauren is running from a situation that has reduced her as property.

They find out where the worm is being auctioned and Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Kaden and Hale (yes, they have a use for him so he may come out of the plot box) attend. To which we come to the evening's main fail. Yes there had to be one.

The Mongolian Death Worm looks like an elderly lady watching TV. She's 3,000 years old and vastly powerful – but now controllable because she is succumbing to dementia. She is controlled by taking her portable television off her and giving it back if she destroys things for you. The ageism and ableism in this scene is severely ucktastic, Thelma is an object, a weapon and her age and mental illness render her not only a non-person but easily exploited and controlled despite her huge power.

Shockingly it turns out that Kaden is bad guy who also helped steal Thelma and was double crossed. This is my surprised face. He kills the guy who conned him and runs off with Thelma while Bo, Dyson et al gather for a “how did we not see this coming?!” I do not know. How didn't you see that coming?

Anyway they track Thelma down, kill the dealer, reclaim her and severely wound Kaden leading them to find Kiara who had been kidnapped by Kaden. And lo we have a new love interest for Dyson. This plotline is going to annoy me, I can tell.

Thelma is given to the Ash. There is one decent moment when Bo rejects them referring to Thelma as a “thing” but at the same time it's clearly a coded reference to Lauren rather than Thelma.

I found this episode to be tiresomely predictable, I knew how it was going to end within 10 minutes of it starting and wasn't surprised