Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode 14: Midnight Lamp

Midnight Lamp kicks off the second half of season two and I must say, it really didn't feel worth the wait.  With Kenzi off on tour with her new boyfriend, there was some real zing missing.  For me, Kenzi and her antics are the heart of the show.

The Ashe has asked Bo to be his champion, and her first task is to find a genie for him, because he needs some questions answered.  They have agreed to work together, because the future of the fae is at risk, and because The Ashe has agreed to revisit Lauren's enslavement once all of the ongoing issues have been resolved.

The Ashe sends her to go and see Ryan Lambert, who incidentally, is the same man who crashed Bo's birthday party to give her a bracelet from an admirer. It turns out that Ryan was that admirer, quel surprise. He is slightly miffed when Bo asks him for a lamp to catch a genie, because she did not contact him to say thank you for the bracelet, but he gives hands her music box, which is a supposed updated lamp and charges it to The Ashe's account.

Dyson is moping at the bar, because he realizes that he admitted to not being able to love, instead of not loving Ciara.  He heads off to see the norn, in the belief that she took more than he had agreed to.  It seems that since wolves mate for life, and he had bonded to Bo, that he no longer has the ability to love anyone.  Okay, more angst and also, how did he not know this before he made this deal?  I very distinctly remember him telling Bo that wolves mate for life.

Bo and Ryan end up getting stuck in the music box with the genie.  Nothing ever works as planned I suppose.  Enter Hale to use his siren magical negro abilities, long enough to get into contact with Bo, to get the skinny on what is going on.  Are they ever going to give Hale something to do, other than to service Bo and Dyson's needs?  Even Kenzi got a love interest, but it seems that Hale, though he is fae royalty, isn't worthy of more than being there for the purposes of inclusion cookies. I wonder if Hale is saving up his Black sidekick points?

Bo finally remembers that Ryan mentioned that all she had to do was mark Sadie, in order to control her, and so B gives Sadie a kiss on the neck, thus marking her with her lipstick.  Ryan has the genie tunnel down and release her power in order to free them from the lamp.  Once all three are out, Bo delivers the genie to The Ashe, and leaves after forcing him to promise to release Sadie, once he is through with her, 'cause she is not down with slavery.  Oooh isn't that sweet.

When Bo and Ryan return to his place, he tells her that this is the best time that he has had in a decade, and leaves it open for her to call him.  This of course is after asking personal questions about what happens to her power when she masturbates.  Umm yeah, why is she even remotely attracted to this guy again?  They of course end up in bed, and when the sex is over, Ryan admits to being dark fae.  This concerns Bo because she has not had many positive experiences with the dark fae. Ryan smooths it all over by telling her that since she is not aligned, it should be no problem and they kiss.

Back at the bar, Ciara shows up wanting to know why Dyson has been ducking her calls.  He finally tells her that he offered his wolf to save Bo, but that the Norn took his ability to love instead, which means he cannot love her, though he very much wants to.  Ciara tells him that he is not the man she thought he was, and is highly disturbed that he offered to give up everything for Bo after knowing her a few weeks, but refused to do the same for her former husband, his best friend.  Ciara then walks out in a fit.  I have to say that it's about time that she came to the realization that will always be second to Bo.  It has been clear in all but words from the beginning.

It seems to me that this entire episode was really all about inserting yet another love triangle.  Isn't there already enough angst on this show? Despite the big deal of The Ashe wanting to question the genie, Bo didn't stay long enough to find out what he wanted, though she took the time to make him agree to a partnership.  What the hell is the point of claiming to want a partnership, and then walking out before finding out what your supposed other half is up to? This tells me that this was yet another monster of the week episode, rather than real true advancement of the meta plot.

 I am betting that when Dyson realizes that Bo is seeing someone else, that his wolf jealousy will kick in and we will have some miraculous cure for his inability to feel love.  I think the writers are well aware that the fans of this show are far too invested in Bo and Dyson as a couple, to allow the idea that he cannot feel for her to go on for much longer, and Ryan is just the trigger to sew up that little plot hole.  If I were Lauren's girlfriend, I would be counting my days, because she is clearly on borrowed time as well.