Monday, January 30, 2012

SYFY LOST GIRL Q&A with Anna Silk & Ksenia Solo

We recently had the opportunity to participate in a teleconference with Ksenia Solo and Anna Silk from Lost Girl.  The entire transcript of the call is far too long, and so we will only be sharing with you what we deem to be the best questions and answers.

Renee Martin: Hi. Thanks so much for talking to us today guys.

Anna Silk: Yes, you're welcome.

Renee Martin: Ksenia, you get to say the most awesome lines, like “Dude, your junk could totally cure cancer.” So what I want to know - yes, I love that line. What I want to know is how much of your own personality do you bring into the role of Kenzi? And do you have any input in some of the great comedic lines that you get to say? 

Ksenia Solo: Yes. We have this amazing woman, her name is Michelle Lovretta, who created these characters. This Kenzi - just the role you know is the first thing that really attracted me to this project. And our writers are really fantastic. It’s definitely - we collaborate and we talk about everything, and we really have a say in our characters and who we are and what happens.

I’m not a brilliant writer. I wish I was. So I can’t take credit for these incredibly funny lines. But you know of course, I am involved and the writers listen, and I think that’s incredibly important.

And yes, I have a lot of fun. Kenzi’s definitely - I look up to her. I respect her. I learn from her all the time because she’s braver than anybody I’ve ever played. Her sense of humor is out of this world. And I wish I was as cool as her sometimes.

But I definitely have a ball with her because I get to come in to work and I really get to play. And it’s really not that often that you get to do that. You get to just kind of go as outside-the-box as you want. And with her I can really do that, so it’s a joy for me. 

Renee Martin: Thank you.


Anna Silk: Yes?

Renee Martin: You often play straight man to Kenzi’s sort of wacky nature. Is there a chance in the future we’re going to see a little bit of that moving into your character? Because of circumstance, you always have to be so serious and the big, tough succubus.

So, I’m wondering if we’re ever going to see a lighter side?

Anna Silk: Tough succubus.

Renee Martin: Yes. That’s the way I think of your character as a big, tough succubus. Are we ever going to see a lighter side to Bo?

Anna Silk: We definitely a - yes. Definitely. I mean you know particularly towards the end of first season and going into second season. Bo is pretty new to this world. the fact that at the beginning of the series she finds out she’s not human. She’s a succubus. She’s part of a fae underworld. That’s a lot to take in.

So - and she’s pretty young in terms of her life experience, particularly in this world. She’s never really had a relationship before. There’s a lot of growth for Bo, and that’s one of the things that drew me to the role is that I knew that over the course of the series there would be so much room for growth, and that’s definitely something you see.

You definitely start to see Bo’s own sense of humor develop. More so in second season, but definitely over the course of the first as well because she’s getting a little bit more comfortable in that world and starting to understand her place in it. So you definitely see her start to enjoy herself a little bit more as well.

Ksenia Solo: And for all the people that don’t have the pleasure of knowing Anna Silk, I can say that she’s actually one of the funniest people I have ever met.

Anna Silk: Well, thank you Ksenia.

Ksenia Solo: So that will definitely come through and people will definitely enjoy it.

Renee Martin: I was wondering, with the way that urban fantasies - say ten years ago, there was really nothing on television, and today there is - you know there’s you, and there’s Being Human, and The Walking Dead. I was wondering what do you think there is about Lost Girl that makes it stand out from the competition, because it’s -  there’s just so much today.

Ksenia Solo: Well, I think...

Anna Silk: Well, I don’t - oh, go ahead Ksenia.

Ksenia Solo: No. No. Go ahead.

Anna Silk: No, you go.

Ksenia Solo: I basically...

Renee Martin: Like basically the one element we should all like focus on that would be the drive?

Anna Silk: Right. Right.

Ksenia Solo: I think Lost Girl is really a cocktail of many genres. I think that’s what makes it so cool. Because on TV you have like the cop shows, and then you have the doctor shows, and then you know whatever else. Usually it’s just one genre.

I think that the cool thing about us is that we kind of have all the best elements of TV in one. We have cops. We have doctors. We have drama. We have comedy. We have complicated relationships. We have sexuality. all these kind of...

Anna Silk: We have action.

Ksenia Solo: And action. That’s right. Yes. So it’s really just - it kind of satisfies all your senses at once, and I think that’s what really makes it stand out from the rest.

Anna Silk: It totally does. And I also think that - I don’t think I’ve ever seen a fae world or fairy world explored in this way on TV. all of our mythology is based in real mythology and real folk lore, and it’s an endless world.

So when we get new scripts every episode, we’re just like -  we’re learning something new and we’re just amazed at the new kind of fae we’re going to meet or how it’s going to you know effect our world.

And I think that for an audience to see that on TV is definitely something that really people gravitate towards and it’s definitely unique.

Renee Martin: Okay, thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.  

Jamie Ruby: Hi guys. Nice to talk to you. Anna, good to talk to you again.

Anna Silk: Yes. Hey Jamie. How are you?

Jamie Ruby: Good. You?

Anna Silk: Good. Good.

Jamie Ruby: Thanks - so thanks to both of you for doing the call.

And I was also going to ask - I know obviously a lot of stuff has happened that we haven’t seen yet. But I was just curious, is there something that the both of you would like to see happen to your characters that haven’t yet? Either maybe a story line or just something you'd like to know about them? Ksenia, do you want to go first?

Ksenia Solo: Sure. heading into Season 3, I really - I don’t know. I got to say it’s fun being the human, but it would definitely be cool to - if Kenzi - maybe some kind of power? Some sort of say something. I’m a little jealous that everyone gets to you know wolf out and succubus, and do all this fun stuff sometimes. So that would be - I don’t know if that would ever happen, but it would definitely be something cool to see.

Anna Silk: And for me, for Bo, I think that, I would love to see her start to have her power fully realized and sort of know just - I think she’s always known that she plays a key role in the fae world and that she’s got a lot of power, but it’s - particularly in the first season, she’s really discovering what that is, and it’s sort you know misplaced and misguided power.

So we’re going into Season 3 here in Canada - we’ll start shooting in the spring, and I just think that over the course of the series, her power has become more and more fully realized, and I’d love to see it go even further in Season 3. I’d love to see her really, really understand just how powerful she is.

Jamie Ruby: Great.

It’s nice to know we have at least so many episodes to look forward to, even if we’re going to take awhile to see them. But...

Anna Silk: Yes, that’s great.

Jamie Ruby: All right. Well, I can’t wait. Thanks a lot.

Anna Silk: Thanks Jamie.

Ksenia Solo:
Thank you.

Aaron Sagers: Hello Anna. Good to speak with you again, and Ksenia, nice to meet you for the first time.

Ksenia Solo: Ksenia. Hi.

Aaron Sagers: Ksenia, I’m - I think I’ve got it now.

Ksenia Solo: That’s okay.

Aaron Sagers: Like everyone else, really been enjoying the show. And I’m kind of curious - now this is the first time that we’ve gotten a chance to speak with you guys together. Is - are audiences going to see more of the back story of Bo and Kenzi sort of before they met up in that first episode? Are we ever going to be seeing like flashbacks to what were they doing when they were on their own?

Anna Silk: Well  I think that the - as the - as Bo and Kenzi get to know each other, a lot of that stuff comes out thorough just their dialog and through what they know about each other. There’s definitely as the series progresses, particularly into Season 2, we definitely see a little bit more about each character’s history.

And there might be a little (flashbackiness), but it definitely comes out more through you know events that happen on the show that kind of - and the way that we behave because of our history. We learn more about each other, which I think is really cool because we - there’s a lot that they still don’t know about each other. They’ve had a whole life before they met each other that was - each sort of slightly jaded and a little dangerous. And so, there’s a lot of that that comes out over the course of the series.

Aaron Sagers: Yes.

And do we get - does Kenzi sort of get to go off on her own adventures and maybe have her own sub-plots or even her own romantic you know relationship. Is -  is there the promise of that in the future?

Ksenia Solo: Oh, baby, does she ever. Yes. You definitely - we delve into you know Kenzi and where she comes from and even some of her family members. And a love interest definitely comes along and sweeps her off her feet. And that’s pretty much all I can say without giving too much away.

But yes, definitely.

Aaron Sagers: And is that - that’s in Season 1 or Season 2?

Ksenia Solo: We see a little bit of Kenzi’s - just her family and not too much in Season 1, but more in Season 2 we really begin to explore that.

Aaron Sagers: Yes.

And you know speaking of relationships, Anna if I understand you're married, but I will put this question out to both of you. You know this is a very sexy series and you know Anna, you play this sex driven character. For both of you, has there been any kind of interesting interactions with, I don’t know, members of the opposite sex, members of the same sex that kind of tried to apply that those characteristics onto you as actors?

maybe they’re -  they’re asking for a succubus kiss or...

Anna Silk: Yes, I have been asked for a succubus kiss, and I usually say, “You know you'll end up dead, right?” And they just don’t seem to care. But I refrain from that for sure.

Aaron Sagers: Yes. That must be a frequent interaction now, you know.

Anna Silk: It is. Yes, it is. But I think it’s great. I think it’s great that people - I mean it’s rare to see a succubus as a lead character on a show, so I think people really respond to that, both men and women, and I think it’s great.

Aaron Sagers: Yes.

Ksenia, what about you?

Ksenia Solo: So far I’ve been - Anna really takes the load of the sexuality on our show, so I’ve been a little luckier in that department. I haven’t had to kiss as many people as she has. And I think it’s definitely fun for all the guest stars who come in, because they know what they’re getting into and it’s always very interesting.

So I am a little - not so in the sexuality circle.

Aaron Sagers: But you guys pretty - you deal with some gay and bisexual relationships on the show without really making a point of labeling it gay or bisexual, or lesbian.

Have you heard from the gay community, kind of regarding the show? And sort of what are they saying to you about the relationships on the show?

Anna Silk: Oh, we - yes. There’s definitely been - I think that’s one of the things that people have gravitated towards a lot. I know we discussed in the last call that I did the love triangle between Bo, Lauren, and Dyson.

And you know like you said, we have a same-sex relationship on the show that it’s not discussed as a same-sex relationship. It just is a relationship and I think that’s one of the things I’m proud of about our show, and I think that’s one of the things that people have gravitated towards the most. And I think that’s great.

And there’s definitely been -  I’ve done a lot of interviews with some Web sites that deal with same-sex relationships and people love seeing that on TV, and I think that it’s really, really great that it’s done in such a real, honest, organic way. I mean the two women, Bo and Lauren, just love each other and care about each other. And it’s not even a second thought about the fact that it’s a same-sex relationship.

And I know Zoie and I really worked hard to make it as truthful as possible, because that’s what we wanted to portray and that’s what I think people have really gravitated towards.

Aaron Sagers: And...

Ksenia Solo: I think it’s great...

Aaron Sagers: Go on.

Ksenia Solo:

No, I was just going to say that I think it’s so great that there’s no judgment on the show. You are who you are, whether you're gay or straight, or blue, or green, or whatever. it’s all about...
Anna Silk: Gay or human.

Ksenia Solo: Yes. Gay or human; it’s really all about the person that you are, and I think there’s something really beautiful. And that’s...
Aaron Sagers: All right. Well thank you so much ladies. I look forward to seeing the rest of the season.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Tim Holquinn: Hi. It’s very nice to get to talk to you today.

Anna Silk: Thanks. You too.

Ksenia Solo: Hi. You too.

Tim Holquinn: My question pertains to the costuming. I noticed from the very first episode, all the characters are very stylishly dressed. And for Ksenia, Kenzi’s character especially seems informed by her edgy sense of dress. And I noticed that Anne Dixon has been your costumer all 35 episodes so far.

And I was wondering if you have anything you'd like to talk about - stories about her or - if you - can you - Kenzi’s clothing items end up in your own closet or some of your closet items end up on your character?

Ksenia Solo:  Anne Dixon is an amazingly talented woman. What’s so cool about our show is that all of the characters really have specially created pieces, which you don’t really see that a lot in television. And, we just have an amazing team that - the wardrobe on the show is kind of its own character, and especially for Kenzi.

This girl that’s a huge fashionista, but has grown up on the street,  and she’s a thief. And most of the stuff that she has she’s stolen and she kind of makes everything her own. She can’t afford what she would dream of wearing, so she has - she picks up everything she can and creates things. And she’s really you know a young designer in her own rite. 

Tim Holquinn: Yes.

Ksenia Solo: Anne has definitely made this show look different than any other show, and I think that really speaks for itself.

Anna Silk: Yes. And I think with Bo and Kenzi too - I mean like,  they don’t exactly have a lot of money, and where they live is not exactly the most - the biggest palace in the world. But it’s sort of that thing of you don’t need money to have style you know. They sort of...

Tim Holquinn: Right.

Anna Silk: ...their style evolves, particularly for Bo because she sort of came from one place and sort of finds her way.

And, Anne Dixon has been incredible with the costuming and making things. You know for Bo, there’s definitely - she’s a sexual creature. There’s some curve enhancing wardrobe, and things that she can move in and fight in, and Anne’s been really incredible with that.

Tim Holquinn: Well, thank you very much.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Tim Holquinn: The fashion stood out from the very beginning.

Anna Silk: Cool.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Sheldon Wiebe: Hey, thanks for doing this.

Anna Silk: Of course. Thank you.

Sheldon Wiebe: Now Bo and Kenzi are both outsiders for radically different reasons, but definitely outsiders. And I was just wondering how did they make this incredible connection where they’re somewhere in the vicinity of sisterly, but also kind of motherly? They tend to want to protect each other.

So, I was wondering if you could speak to the how’s and why’s of that relationship working the way it does?

Anna Silk: Well, I think - like I said before,  when Kenzi met - sees what Bo can do and doesn’t run the other way, that’s the first thing that sort of makes Bo say, “Why aren’t you running?” “Why are you still here and why are you asking me so many questions?”

So that right away sort of is this instant connection, and it does grow into a sisterly relationship. And you're right; a motherly relationship as well. I mean, they really - they really, really, really love each other. I don’t think either of them had the kind of family that they could express that in necessarily, so it’s really nice to see these two women on TV that are able to do that.

And yes - I mean, I think they - Kenzi gets introduced to this whole fae world as well kind of at the same time that Bo does, because Bo didn’t realize she was a part of it. So they get to really learn together and grow together as a couple.

Ksenia Solo: I think life is really all about timing, and I really think that Bo and Kenzi find each other at a time where they - when they need to. And that friendship stems from this crazy set of circumstances when they meet. Bo saves Kenzi’s life and Kenzi is forever indebted to Bo.

And, I feel like they’re both kind of these two warriors that come from two different worlds, that they come together and become this powerhouse. And you know like Kenzi says in the first episode, you know “Batman needs his Robin,” you know.

Anna Silk: Yes.

Ksenia Solo: So that was...

Anna Silk: And they really complement each other too. Like in terms of what their abilities. Kenzi’s definitely more street-wise than Bo. Bo’s had to be her own brand of street-wise, but Kenzi sort of has a lot more of the know how; whereas, Bo has a lot more of the muscle, so they really do complement each other.

Ksenia Solo: Anna’s so right. Like they learn from each other. And areas where Kenzi,  doesn’t know things, Bo comes in and (unintelligible) there’s help. In areas where Bo doesn’t know things, Kenzi comes in. And so they’re always complementing each other and they’re like - I’m sorry for all the analogies, but they’re like two puzzle pieces that just fit perfectly together.

(Tang Ho Quinn): Terrific. Thanks very much.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

Anna Silk: It’s one messed up puzzle.

Ksenia Solo: Very messed up.

Jamie Ruby: Hello again.

Anna Silk: Hello.

Jamie Ruby: So I’m kind of curious. Since obviously we haven’t seen a lot yet, so it may happen. But I’m kind of curious. Are we going to see more of Kenzi kind of going into the action I guess? Because so far, it’s kind of been that Bo’s sort of said,  “You stay here,” or whatever, because she is human. Are we going to see more of her kind of getting into danger and jumping in?

Ksenia Solo: Yes. And you know when you tell Kenzi to stay and not come into the danger, she won’t listen. So Bo can tell her all she wants to stay back, to -  obviously Bo’s just trying to protect her, but Kenzi will never listen and will always do everything in her power to fight by Bo’s side and face whatever evil comes their way.

And even though Kenzi is petrified, the beauty about her is that she’s so brave that she will you know completely ignore her fear and just go full ahead and fight for Bo and with Bo.

And so yes, Kenzi will definitely be a part of the action and will be getting into her own trouble very soon.

Jamie Ruby: Good. I look forward to seeing that.

And then for both of you, is there any guest star that you'd like to have on the show that you haven’t?

Anna Silk: Oh - I mean I can’t really think of any specific. But what I can say about our guest stars, which is so nice, is that they’re always so excited to come on our show because they always get to play some really interesting, wacky character you know. Or you play some sort of fae creature.

I don’t know. We’ve got some pretty great guest stars that really come onto the show. Particularly in Season 2 we get a lot of people that I don’t want to give away but I’m sure people have read about already. But I don’t know. I can’t think of anyone specific.

Ksenia, can you think...

Jamie Ruby: Okay.

Ksenia Solo: I agree with Anna that definitely Season 2 stands out in my mind. We’ve had incredibly talented actors. And two people that really stand out in my mind are Aaron Ashmore and Kate Trotter. And Aaron played Kenzi’s love interest Nate, and Kate Trotter played the Norn, and they are just so -  powerhouse actors and it would be a joy for me, and I’m sure for the rest of the cast to get to work with them.

And one of my favorite characters on the show is Vex who’s played by Paul Amos, and we’re very lucky. we’ve been able to have him - to see him quite a bit, so I hope that we definitely continue in the Vex direction.

Anna Silk: Yes. And Vex is a character that everyone will get to meet in Season 1, so that’s pretty cool.

Jamie Ruby: Awesome. All right, well thank you so much both of you.

Anna Silk: Thanks Jamie.

Ksenia Solo: Thank you.

John Keegan: Good to speak with you again.

Ksenia Solo: Hello.

Anna Silk: Me too.

John Keegan: And just curious, how would you say that you're the most similar to your respective characters?

Anna Silk: Well, I mean I definitely was drawn to Bo because I think that Bo’s greatest strength and power really comes from her vulnerability, and that’s what I identify with.

That feeling of like having to stand up and fight or fight for what you believe in, or do things that might scare you. Even though you're scared, you do them, and that’s something that I identified with. Because I’m, scared a lot of the time, but I move forward and that’s something that I saw in Bo and I definitely learned from Bo because she does - she really does have to sort of push forward and fight for what she believes in.

I don’t know? How else are we similar? I don’t know. Ksenia, how am I similar to Bo?

Ksenia Solo: Well, you're both really sexy, so there is that.

Anna Silk: Oh, well. Oh, yes. There’s that as well.

Ksenia Solo: How could you forget.

I would say Kenzi and I are complete opposites, but you know - as the universal law opposites attract, so I think that’s why it works so well.
And like Anna learns from Bo, I learn from Kenzi all the time. Her bravery. Her strength. It’s things I really - I look up to that and I always wish that  I could be as brave as her.

I think one thing that Kenzi and I definitely both agree on is fashion. I’m a huge, huge, huge fashionista and love fashion and so does Kenzi, so that’s definitely where we bond.

John Keegan: Great. Thank you.

Anna Silk: Thank you.

Ksenia Solo: Thanks.