Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Being Human U.S. Season Four Episode One: Eve of the War

This series opener begins with a flash forward  to the year 2037.  London looks like a war zone.  It seems the vampires have finally gotten the war that they wanted.  The resistance listens in to a broadcast and learns that New York has been sacked by the vampires.  A young woman says, "I don't understand, this wasn't supposed to happen."  The voice on the radio announces that resistance has been crushed and that the earth belongs to the vampires.

In the present day, it seems that Tom is working at a little diner.  A young man walks in and orders some tea. He has a sign on his back that says stake me.  When he bends over to pick up his items, Tom notices a bite mark on his neck.  Tom runs out back with a stake, ambushes the man and kills the two vampires he was with.  Tom tells him that two weeks ago Nina was killed, and he is now looking for Griffin, the vampire who ordered the hit. 

Back at the house, George sits in a room alone holding a stake guarding his infant daughter. He is exhausted and can barely keep his eyes open. Annie comes into the room with a cup of tea and says that she was thinking about taking the baby into the garden and promises to leave at the first sign of trouble. George says, "Nina left, Nina died, so like I said, she doesn't leave this room."  Annie says that this isn't good for either of them, but George insists that he is protecting her. Annie wants to name the baby, but all George can see is the name written on her gravestone. Annie is upset because she believes that George is acting like he is the only one in pain. She reminds him that she lost her best friend and her lover.  Annie tells him that with him like this, the vampires have already won.

At a vampire stronghold, the young vampire that Tom stopped shows up claiming to have information, asking to talk to Griffin. He is quickly dismissed by Cutler.  In a vampire meeting, we learn that the old ones will be arriving in two months and they plan on kidnapping George's daughter. They want the baby because she is the first of her kind - werewolves have only ever been made, not born. The old ones are going to move to strategic positions on the coast and then move inland killing and recruiting. Cutler says that what is being suggested shows a lack of understanding of how small the world is now.  He believes that before they reach the first major city that humans will raise an army on Twitter. Griffin says that they have to take the world by force, but Cutler believes that they need to create a new context.

Back at the house, Tom goes to see George and George tries to stake him. Tom asks if the baby is a werewolf and asks if she has a name yet.  Tom asks what happened to Nina and says that he knows  Griffin is going to be at the docks tonight, because he got the information from a vampire. George says that it's a trap because it's a full moon and Tom agrees saying that it's the one night that they know that werewolves won't be able to get to him. George says that he hardly knew Nina, but Tom responds that he knew her enough.  Annie bursts into the room asking to talk to Tom.

As Tom walks into the hallway, Annie smacks him over the head and says, "I have still have some relatives in Brighton, maybe you would like to get them killed too."  Apparently, she was listening at the chimney and heard every single word. Tom asks what else he was supposed to do because of the state of George.  Annie says that she will have him about soon. Tom tells Annie that this might be the last chance that George will get at Griffin, but Annie blows him off and smacks him again. Annie cries that she cannot lose anyone else and that she cannot process it.  Her whole life was Mitchell, George and Nina, and now Mitchell and Nina are dead, and George is gone.  She says that there is nothing nice in the house anymore except the baby.  George comes downstairs and tells Tom, "let's do it."

Cutler is getting his hair cut and Leo the barber asks what he thinks his chances are. Cutler replies, "the last full moon left you bedridden for two weeks, it's likely that the next one will kill you." The barber thanks him for his honesty. Cutler suggests sedating Leo to save him the pain, but worries that it will reduce his chances of changing back.  Leo is worried what will happen to Pearl if he dies. Cutler tells him that the shop and the flat would be gone, because they are in his name, and that if a ghost loses their roots and their familiars that they will fade.  Cutler says that Pearl will disperse and Leo replies that Pearl will still have him. Cutler answers that Leo, Pearl, and this place, have kept him safe from the world, and the world safe from him.

Nina tries to talk George out of going out, and she reminds him that not only has he not named his daughter, but that this is her first transformation. George answers, "the curse repairs what it damages, she'll be fine." He tells Annie not to answer the door for anyone and to transport the baby out if something happens.  Annie says that she cannot just disappear, if she is carrying a living thing. Tom leaves the room and comes back with a kennel.  George says it isn't for her sake, but for everyone elses. Annie is not in the least bit impressed.  George goes to leave and Annie reminds him to say goodbye to his daughter. As he walks towards the door, she tells him that she loves him and says, "don't die."  Annie suggests that she be the one to do it, because vampires can't hurt her, and she has hurt vampires before, but George simply responds, "you know why," and walks out the door.

Pearl ties down Leo to the bed. He asks her to say goodbye just in case, and she says that he is not going anywhere because Leo is strapped to the bed.  Cutler tells Pearl that Leo is right and that she should say goodbye.  Leo jumps from his bed in pain, and says that he really was the luckiest man alive.  He says that together they did the impossible, a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost and asks them to remember this moment and what they had.  They were on the outside of humanity, Leo says, so that they could guard it. Pearl starts to cry and says that she cannot listen to this and that Leo will be fine.  Leo nods his head and Cutler leaves the room.

George says that he told Annie to get out and get some fresh air and the vampires were waiting for her with helmets, baseball bats, and shields, because werewolf blood is toxic to vampires. The vampires beat her to death in an alley and because Griffin is in the police, there were no arrests, no investigation and any witnesses were intimidated. Griffin sent flowers after Nina died, and that is why he has to do this and not Annie. When they arrive at the stronghold, Tom hands George a stake saying that he should go straight for Griffin, but when they barge in there is nothing but a few mannequins at a table with a sign saying, "I got you".  George realizes too late that they have walked into a trap.

Nina is at home with the baby and a social worker knocks on the door saying that she received a call from the neighbors that a baby had been left there alone.  George goes to go after the baby, but Tom stops him saying that he will change in the street.  Annie runs upstairs and puts the baby in the kennel. The social worker finds the baby, even as Annie begs her to leave the child.  Tom begs George saying that he thought that they could all be together like him and McNair back in the day, but George yells back that he is not his father.  As Annie flips out, Fergus the cop suddenly grabs her around her neck and tells her that if she does anything that he will tear the baby's head off. Fergus takes the baby away from the social worker and hands her off, even as Annie tries desperately to follow. 

The baby arrives at the vampire stronghold, even as Tom and George begin their change into werewolves. Cutler and Pearl wait outside Leo's room and listen as he changes however, at the vampire stronghold, the baby does not change. Fergus declares the baby human and the vampire scroll keeper says that he needs to check something out. 

In the morning, Cutler and Pearl burst into Leo's room and discover that he is alive.  George bursts into the house, and Annie tells him that they said that they would kill the baby, if she tried to stop them. Fergus uses a loudspeaker to call George out of the house, and says that if he goes back with as little as a creased shirt that they will kill the baby.  Fergus tells George that the werewolf genes must have cancelled each other, and that he wants George to come with him. Fergus says that they may let the baby live, but they are going to skin George. 

George goes with Fergus and they immediately tie him up and he is forced to watch as the vampires cart around his baby.  Cutler shows Fergus video of Tom and George changing, but Fergus sees it as a distraction and blows him off.  The record taker tells Cutler and Fergus that he has found an ancient vampire scroll, which predicts that George's daughter has something to do with the end of the vampires. Fergus says that they should kill her now, but the record taker says that this is what happens.  The record taker says that he has to kill the baby in a certain way or it won't count. 

In the future the young woman is looking at the same parchment and she is brought the missing piece. She looks at it in shock. 

Tom and Nina burst into the house of the young man from earlier in the episode. He tells them that he tricked them earlier but got no thanks from the vampires.  He decides to show them where the vampire hideout is.  He says that he is going in to see where the baby is being kept and that when the coast is clear that he will come out.

The record keeper begins to chant as George struggles in his cage to change by looking at a picture of the moon.  In the future, the young woman changes her clothing and asks the soldier for a favour. He stabs her with a knife and she says thank you.  Tom and Annie burst into the room and right after them George follows and he is partly changed. Cutler takes off and leaves the room.  Annie takes one look at George and asks him what he has done. The record keeper runs off with the baby and when Annie finds him he says, "I knew you would come to save her. She has to stay alive.  She's the war child." George kills Fergus by feeding him his blood as Cutler watches from hiding.

Annie, Tom and the record keeper go back in the room and show George that the baby is okay. The record keeper says that she is going to save the world and hands them the copies of the ancient vampire scrolls.  He asks how George became half a werewolf, and George responds that he tricked his body into the transformation so that he would be strong enough to break free. The record keeper says that he has given himself liver, kidney and heart failure because with the half change he won't heal.  George collapses on the ground.

In the future, the young woman appears as a ghost and tells the solider that he was very brave.  George asks Annie to promise to look after the baby and she agrees. George asks Tom to stay with her always because the vampires will be back to get her.  Tom holds the baby up for George and asks him to name his daughter.  He says that she is called Eve and then he dies in Annie's arms.  George appears as a ghost and his door opens.  He tells Annie that it is okay and that this is just the end of his story.  He says that he has to be with his Nina and she begs him not to go through the door. 

In the future, the young woman heads towards her door, and when the soldier asks her what she is going to do, she says, "I'm going to save the world. I'm going to kill that baby."  George mirrors the same thing about Eve saving the world and he walks through the door. Annie says, "so this is how it starts."

Okay, I don't know how this story can survive now that they have killed off both George and Mitchell. As far as season premiers go, this one was stunning, but what it has done to the show itself makes me wonder about how successful it can be moving forward. Being Human U.K. was based on the interaction between Annie, George and Mitchell and now all that is left is Annie.  I cannot see this working, but having watched it this far, I intend to see it through to the end.