Monday, August 13, 2012

True Blood Season Five Episode Ten: Gone, Gone, Gone

This episode opens with a news report of vampire attacks due to the dwindling of true blood resources.  Steve Newlin of course goes on television to assure people that they continue to be safe.  Sookie walks into the room and turns off the television. When she hears a knock at her door, she brings a gun to open it.  It's Mike the coroner, who tells her that he is there about the body and then releases his fangs.  He takes a bite from her leg saying "I always liked you Sookie, but I had no idea" Sookie ends the problem by stabbing him with chop sticks. 

At the compound Molly is brought before Salome and Bill and told to accept the word of Lilith.  Instead of begging for her life, she tells them that they are creating havoc based in a book worth a thousand years old. Bill says may Lilith bless you before using Molly's own device to kill her. Steve gets excited and Salome has to tell him to be calm. It is clear that the message this season is how dangerous religious fanaticism is. We are practically being beaten over the head with this theme and it makes me want to scream I get it already.

Poor Hoyt is getting a ride from his mother home from the hospital  and she has plans to move him back in.  She says that she had to stand over Hoyt's bed to stop Jessica from giving him blood.  Hoyt has plans to move to Alaska to work in the oil fields and his mother is not impressed.  I actually hope he leaves because his character is useless.

The new sheriff is counting the take for the night and is not impressed. He suggests that they add a peep show to increase profits and informs Pam that unless she procreates, he will take control of the Fangtasia and Tara.  It seems that the authority is trying to increase the number of vampires.

Andy shows up to investigate Mike's death. Sookie is sure that he couldn't have been more than a day old.  They discuss his various perversions and fetishes and feel that what happened was not so bad. Sookie even brings up his desire to suck her toes when Mike was under the control of Marianne.

Eric is brought in and Bill tells him that he only has so long to convert.  Bill wants to help him because Eric saved his life.  Nora forces Eric's mouth open and Bill puts a few drops of Lilith's blood in his mouth.  Bill leaves the room to watch Eric on the monitor.  In front of Eric, instead of Lilith, Godric appears.  Eric tells Godric that he tried to save Nora and Godric says that Lilith is a Godless God.  Behind Godric, a naked Lilith appears and Nora begs for his forgiveness. Eric screams fight her but Godric says, "it's not I who must fight her," as Lilith rips his throat out. 

Steve and Russel are dancing and Russel tells him that there is a way for them to walk in the sun. They are dancing in a room surrounded by dead bodies that they have killed. You now damn well that this is just another way to rope Sookie back into the story.  I am so displeased that they have decided to make Russel and Steve a couple.  I don't like the idea that just because two gay men are in a room that they have to be lovers.  It's also worth noting that in this scene the camera pulls away from the two men and only implies a kiss, rather than showing it.  How nice and progressive eh.  I see shades of Jesus and Lafayette.

At Merlott's, a man threatens Jessica but Lafayette and Sam disarm them. Jason is shocked to see Jessica without her guards.  Their conversation stops when Hoyt walks in. Hoyt tells them that he is leaving because his home is where is girlfriend left him for his best friend and his mother smothers him. He asks Jessica to glamor him and make him forget about her because he never wants to dream about her ever again.  Jessica asks him to reconsider and Hoyt adds that he wants to forget about Jason as well and says that it's the last thing he will ever ask of her.  This was a really touching scene and so very well acted.

At the bar, Pam is not impressed with Elijah's directive.  She tells Tara that they can leave the bar behind and live in the wind like she did with Eric.  I was relieved to see her put Tara above the bar.

Sookie tells Jason that in a funny way it's like Hoyt has forgiven him.  The conversation quickly changes to who killed their parents.  Jason moves the bed out of the way and finds a dust covered wooden box hidden in the crawl space. Inside the box is a pamphlet in a weird language.

Emma is still missing and the police will not take it seriously, or believe that Steve Newlin kidnapped her.  The Shrevport pack has closed ranks, and the vamps aren't helping, so Luna is thinking about going public. Sam tells her to be calm and shows her that Steve is going to be part of a debate five hours away. Luna is worried that they will never make it there on time, and Sam makes a comment about his frequent flier miles.  Obviously, they are going to change into birds.

Sookie and Jason take the pamphlet to be analyzed and are told that it's a hoax and is not in any human language.  Considering this is about fae why they didn't take it to the fae to begins with makes no sense to me.

Back at her home, Jessica is having flashing backs of Hoyt and a security team arrives tell her that Bill demands her presence.

Russel is watching Steve Newlin on television holding Emma in his arms.  Bill brings Eric into the room and says that his efforts with Northman has borne truth.  Eric says that he begs their forgiveness and that Lilith came to him and destroyed his maker.  Eric kneels in front of Russel and says that they are made again and brothers in the eyes of Lilith and then issues Russel's ring. Russel is not impressed and it makes it clear that Eric is getting the better end of the deal.

Sam and Luna sneak into the television station as mice and then stow away in Steve Newlin's bag to get to the compound.

Jason stops Hoyt who is leaving town and begs him not to go, saying that people love him there.  Hoyt asks if his mother put him up to this.  He clearly no longer has any idea who Jason is, so Jason tells him to drive safe and Hoyt leaves.  I swear, if they change this storyline and make Hoyt stay I will be upset.  Jason gets back into the car and starts to cry and Sookie holds him. I didn't know she had it in her to feel for someone else.

When Jessica arrives, Bill gives her the tour of the authority compound. Jessica is uncomfortable because this reminds her of he bible study her parents made her do.  He tries to assure her that they were meant to lead their kind into the coming age. I hope that Jessica is able to talk some sense to Bill and bring an end to his true believer thoughts.  I think that there is something in the blood that is forcing these thoughts.

At Fantasia, Tara kills the new sheriff and when Pam walks in she says, "we're not running. No one fucks with us in our house"  Pam is positively shocked by this and I gotta say that I love the fact that they had Tara do this. 

When Steve comes back he discovers that Emma is in her human form.  Steve tells her that he doesn't like her in human form. and Sam and Luna sneak out of his bag.

Salome talks about educating the vampires with the bible and Russel reminds them that the blood of the fae will make them day walkers.  He suggests capturing another fairy and synthesizing the fae blood as was done with the human blood. Salome answers that they are of the night and that fae are an abomination.  Clearly there is tension between Salome and Russel.  He announces that he is 3k years old and asks them how long they thought he was going to be their lapdog and goes on a rant about their religion.  His accent totally changes and I do believe he has become completely unglued.  I knew from the get go that Russel had to be working an agenda and cannot believe that someone as old Salome bought into this.  Also, considering that Salome is the biblical Salome, it does not make sense to me that he was so easily able to throw her across the room.

At the bar, Claude says that the what's written in the parchment aren't words  Claude says that he is only 130 years old and needs to ask someone older.  They bring in Marella who is 500 years old. Was I was the only one shocked that her name was a version of Claude?  She waves her hand over the sheet and it changes.  It turns out that one of Sookie's descendants granted the vampire the first fae bearing heir.  It seems that Sookie is the first one since the 1700's.  That's right, we're back to Sookie and her special fae blood.