Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Almighty Johnsons, Season Two, Episode Twelve: You Call This the Real World?

Axl and Gaia are at the beach and Axl spent the night sleeping in his car.  Axl says that they didn't think about the whole running away thing in terms of clothes, food, money, accomodations and tooth brushes.  Gaia replies that she is not ready to go back and Axl promises to stay as long as she wants to, but he needs to get out of there.  Gaia agrees to leave and says that they should drive until they see a sign.

Dawn is on the phone with Natalie to ask how things are going because she has not signed the deal memo. Natalie says that she forwarded it the appropriate person and when they have responded, she will contact Anders and then quickly hang up at the phone.For whatever reason, it is clear that Natalie has take a real dislike to Dawn.   Dawn arrives at the office with coffee for her, Anders and Helen.  Dawn tells Anders that Natalie still hasn't signed the paperwork and Helen suggests that Dawn keep chasing her. When Dawn says they might do better if Anders tries, Helen disagrees.

The Māori Gods show up at Mike's bar and want to know where Gaia is.  They are not pleased because three days ago they were supposed to get together and talk everything out. Mike says Axl and Gaia have disappeared causing Jerome to suggest he hunt them down, but Mike says, "I hunt when I want to hunt and I'm busy right now." Jerome walks out saying that this is not over.  George says that running away doesn't solve anything and Mike adds that it buys time to think.  As George walks out, Michele checks him out.

Axl and Gaia drive until she sees a sign for Brigadoon Bed and Breakfast. She says Bryn when used to be gay, they used to watch musicals and Brigadoon was her favourite.  When Gaia goes to check in, Axl points out that they smell and have no money.  Gaia says that they are thinking of staying a night maybe more, and they meet Bev and Tom who are the owners.  Gaia explains not having any bags by saying that they eloped. Bev asks for a credit card and says that they can sort out clothes for them.  In their room, Axl comments that they are going to kill them when his credit card gets declined.  Bev and Tom knock on the door to drop of costumes from the different plays that they have been there. They tell Axl and Gaia to put on anything they like and leave their dirty clothes outside.

At the office, Anders tells Dawn that they have new clients thanks to Helen.  At the resort, Gaia and Axl are all showered and changed and Tom drops off some cocktails.  Helen and Anders are at the business lunch and drinking quite heavily and when the bill comes, Anders grabs it and is shocked when he sees the amount.  Anders is worried that his credit card company will decline it, so Helen suggests that he skip paying and use how powers as Bragi.  Anders replies that he tends not to use them to rip off restaurants, so Dawn suggests that they leave an extra big tip the next time they come in. Anders does use his powers and suggests that the restaurant should spring for the bill.

Helen and Anders go home to bed and she asks if he wants his words to be able to sway politicians and millionaires causing Anders to note that Helen likes power and comment that  it's interesting, considering she is a goddess who isn't exactly sure what her power is and how it works.

At the B&B, Axl and Gaia are eating when Bev comes in.  Gaia says that Axl is freaked out about eating alone and suggests that Tom and Bev should join them. Tom hurries in saying that he hates eating in the kitchen because he hates feeling like a servant.  Tom then goes on to ask about their elopement and Gaia says that they were friends and then that changed, but it didn't work out the first time around. She says the world kind of changed and they were thrown together, then everything got complicated so they ran away. Gaia says that she loves the idea of being married - that level of commitment between two people.  When Tom and Bev admit that they aren't married, Gaia encourages them to get married because that is what people in love do.  Axl listens intently without saying anything, because Frigg is the goddess of marriage and prophecy. Back in the room, Axl offers to take the floor and Gaia says that it's fine, they are capable of sharing the bed.  Axl asks Gaia about what she had to say about marriage and she says that she has no idea where it came from.  He then goes on to talk about how Frigg is the goddess of marriage and she quickly shuts him off.

Gaia and Axl head to the sauna and they both drink some wine. Gaia says the best thing about the last couple days is that he hasn't pushed her.  Axl replies that destiny is good to embrace and that is especially true, if the one you are destined to embrace, is the one you want to embrace.  He points out that she cannot avoid this for much longer because she turns 21 the day after tomorrow.  Tom enters the sauna and Gaia leaves and suggests that Axl stay there.  Axl and Tom have a conversation about how difficult women are to deal with.  When Tom takes off his speedo, Axl takes that as his cue to leave.

Mike sees Olaf at the bar and asks where he has been. Olaf tells him to be quiet and starts pulling bugs out of the walls. There's even a camera in Mikes bedroom. Olaf explains how he saw Kvasir come in and now he understands why the front door is always unlocked.  Olaf says that at first he thought Kvasir had peed himself away somehow and then he opens a secret passage way to Kvasir's lair.  When Mike asks how this happened, we get a flashback to Olaf and Kvasir fighting. Mike's phone starts to ring and it is Loki, who immediately says that it's a shame that his favourite God and Goddess porn channel is now off the air.  Loki also thanks him for all of Agnetha's money and Mike hangs up.  It turns out all of the listening devices were there when Loki lost the bar to Mike. Loki knew that Mike would want the bar because much of the wood in the building was salvaged from the Hofting, which works as a homing beacon for the Norse Gods.  Mike realises that Loki knows everything about Gaia. When he walks into the main area of the bar, Mike discovers the Māori laying down bed rolls and making themselves at home.

Dawn approaches Natalie to say that she has left a few messages and since there was no response, was worried that they weren't getting through. Natalie replies that where they're at "is that nothing is changed so I didn't contact you.  Believe it or not, I have more to concern myself with than you, or Anders, or your little company. There are bigger fish in the sea, so coming here to ambush me is not a good idea." Damn Natalie is not only direct, she's a little bit cold. Dawn goes back to the office and tells Anders that she is having serious doubts about Natalie and believes that she is giving them the run around.  Helen however is not concerned and suggests that things just take the time they take. Helen sides with Natalie and says that as a result of Dawns actions, she made the company look desperate and Dawn points out that she is not the managing director. When Helen leaves, Anders assures Dawn that she is special to him and that he leaves the running of the company up to her.

Axl approaches Gaia, who is watching Tom and Bev play badmington and says that they have to talk about what is going on. Gaia ignores him and says that Tom and Bev are in love and don't need someone to tell them that they should be together. Axl counters angrily, "we're not them" and reminds Gaia that the universe says so. Gaia says that tomorrow when she turns 21 she is going to turn into one Goddess or another and be forced to spend her time with Axl, who she admits loving or Jerome. Axl is shocked that she admited that she loves him.  Gaia asks how Axl will feel about love when she ends up with Jerome, and Axl confidently replies, "you won't end up with Jerome."

At his office, Anders gets a text from Helen telling him to hurry home for sex. After they mess around, he asks her to be kinder to Dawn in the future because she is important to him.  This is a first for Anders, who has done nothing but dismiss, manipulate and abuse Dawn since the first episode.  Helen says that now they have found each other, that Anders does not need Dawn because she can provide everything Dawn does and a lot more. Anders agrees but then adds he likes having Dawn around. Helen says where they're going, Dawn will get in the way and at worse she will suffer because as gods, they're going to rebuild their world from the ground up.  Helen suggests that it's likely they have unlocked something in each other and that it's bad for a mortal to get caught in Gods business.

At the B&B, Gaia asks Axl what happens if she becomes Papatuanuku and Axl answers that she will be the best Papatuanuku ever.  Gaia points out that she won't be his Frigg and Axl says I'll still love you, and I'll still be me and I'll still be the same.  Gaia says that all she wants is a sign to help go through things and Axl says that Óðinn can do signs and promises to do one for her.

At Mikes bar, Mike tries to assure George that the Axl and Gaia will return but George responds, "until our Papatuanuku is returned to us, we are gong to wait right here. Michele walks into the bar and is surprised to see the invasion and Mike says that this is the least of their worries and that he has to go and find Axl to sort this out.  Michele and Mike head upstairs.

Axl is on the riding lawn mowers wearing a thong, and when Bev and Tom ask what is going on, Gaia explains that he promised to give her a sign to prove how much he loves her. I don't know about you, but I could have lived happily without seeing him in a thong.

Anders returns to his office and Dawn tells him that the clients he saw yesterday have agreed to work with them and says that they still have not heard from Natalie.  When Dawn goes to leave, Anders uses his powers to suggest that it might be time for her to move on to a new stage of her life and offers her three months salary in advance.  Considering that Bragi is the God of poetry, it is interesting how easily he was manipulated by Helen.

Axl and Gaia are in the sauna when there is a knock on the door. It turns out it's Mike and he says that they need to come back. Just as he is leaving the room, Axl asks him to sort out the bill.

Back at her place, Dawn is telling Ty that she has been let go from her job. Ty points out that she does all the work, but Dawn says that Anders has Helen now and she can take some time to think about things and go and visit her mother.  Ty heads straight to Anders' office and says that he didn't want Anders to cast Dawn aside, when he got bored of her, but Anders suggests that Dawn was happy to be cast aside, got a generous settlement and gets to feel good about herself looking after her mom. Suddenly, Anders realises that the real reason Ty is upset is because her mother lives a good distance away and he calls Ty a hypocrite.

Michele shows up at Ty's and asks Ingrid to hide the Yggdrasil. Ingrid asks if she needs it hidden from Anders, and Michele explains about Colin bugging Mikes bar and watching everything they did. Michele and Ingrid head over to the bar when Ingrid learns that Kvasir is there.  At Mike's, Olaf and Ty are talking about the possibility of the relationship between Anders and Helen not working out, and ending badly for Anders when Ingrid walks in. Ty, Olaf, Michele and Ingrid head downstairs to ask Kvasir how Ty can become mortal. Kvasir says to become mortal, Ty will need a way of dying and returning - that he will also need Yggdrasil to separate life from death.

Gaia and Axl walk into the bar and Gaia, says that the fate of this girl has yet to be decided and she asks that they go home for now.  George agrees that this is more than okay.

Michele, Ingrid, Stacy and Olaf head back to Ty's house and Ingrid gives Ty a tea made with the bark of Yggdrasil. After drinking the tea, Ty hallucinates that Ingrid, Stacey and Olaf are Dawn and says, "I'm doing this to be with you." Ty gets up and asks them to stop talking and that he doesn't feel well. He then quite literally drops dead and the spirit of Höðr leaves his body.  Olaf yells for Michele to bring him back and she hits him over the head claiming to want to try something without Olaf seeing.  Michele places her hands on Ty's chest and and he suddenly sits up.