Monday, January 28, 2013

Misfits Season Three, Episode Eight

This is it people, the season finale!

This episode opens in the community center with Jonas, a man who has the power to revive the dead, holding a session with people who have lost someone.  Simon is in the doorway and Jonas asks him if the name Sally means anything to him.  Jonas adds that Sally wants to know why he did it.  As Simon starts to back out of the room, a figure flashes by him.  When Simon finally catches up with it, he sees Sally, the probation worker that he killed.

Simon approaches Alisha and Rudy to tell them about seeing Sally.  Sally stands a few meters away and watches Simon and Alisha walking with their arms around each other. Kelly goes to Seth's office and she sees a man leaving.  Kelly walks into the office and reminds Seth that his zombie ex girlfriend tried to kill her.  She is not the least bit impressed that Seth is still dealing powers.  Seth asks how many times he has to say that he is sorry and argues that this has nothing to do with what happened to Shannon.  Kelly asks Seth if he knows what the man is going to do with the powers and points out that as long as someone has money, he does not ask any questions.  Seth says that he sold the power to caffeinate beverages and that he believes the man will be harmless but Kelly reminds him about the man who could control milk and the problems that lead to.  Seth tells her that this is where his money comes from. Kelly is not at all pleased and asks if Seth thinks she is with him for his money.  Seth responds no, but points out that Kelly would not like it if he didn't have any.  Kelly calls Seth a selfish prick, throws a chair and storms out of the room.

Simon is having a vision of him kissing Sally and her professing to love him, when he is interrupted by Alisha. He tells Alisha that he would never do anything to hurt her.  Alisha points out that this makes it sound as though he would do something to hurt her. When he says no, Alisha tells him to try and look less guilty next time and then she walks away looking confused.

The misfits come across Rudy using a fire extinguisher to break into the vending machine. Simon heads into the locker area to change and Sally appears behind him.  Simon turns and tells her that she is supposed to be dead and Sally replies that the medium guy brought her back.  Simon asks Sally why she is there and she replies that she is sorry for betraying him like that.  Simon apologizes for killing her and she cuts him off, adding that she knew he didn't mean it and that it wasn't meant to be like that.  Sally suggests that she is there for him. Sally hears Alisha calling for Simon and asks if Simon and Alisha are a couple and how this happened.  Simon says that it's a long story and as he leaves to find Alisha, Sally asks Simon not to tell the others that she is there and that together, they will figure out why she has returned. Simon leaves the bathroom and says to Alisha that he was talking to himself in the bathroom.  Alisha does not believe him and finds this strange.  Simon redirects and says that he thought they were going to the shop.

Later, Jonas walks by the misfits and Kelly asks about Sally. As Jonas turns to walk away, Alisha asks if he was in the storm. When Jonas denies this, Rudy tells him point blank that he is lying.  Inside the community center, Jonas admits that before the storm he was a complete fraud but when the storm struck, he started being able to communicate with real spirits and that they sometimes come back.  Jonas then tells him about the first ghost he saw.  Simon asks why the ghosts come back and Jonas replies that it usually involves some unfinished business that they need to complete with the living before they can cross over.  Jonas asks what the story is with Simon and Sally and if he has seen her again since she first appeared.  Simon shakes his head no. Jonas raises his hand and asks if there any spirits which want to communicate with anyone in the room.  Suddenly, Rachel appears and asks what is going on.  The misfits recognize Rachel as the one who tried to brainwash them at the end of season one. Jonas tells the misfits that they have a lot of issues to sort out and leaves.

Rudy introduces himself to Rachel and she apologizes for brainwashing them. Rudy tells her that it's fine and Curtis points out that he wasn't even there. Rudy replies that you forgive and you forget and and says that he forgives Rachel for whatever it is that the other misfits were talking about. Simon asks what it's like being dead and Rachel replies "the big news is that there is no God."  Rudy says, "thank God for that, I might have done one or two things that weren't exactly Christian."  Rachel replies that none of that matters and that she is upset that she dedicated her whole life to him.  Rachel adds that she never drank, swore or even kissed a boy, because she was so worried about doing the right thing. Kelly asks if she came back to do some things she missed out on.  Rudy zips down his overalls and asks if Rachel would like to see his penis, to which Rachel replies, "fuck yes, alright!"  Rudy suggests that they have a few drinks first.

Seth is waiting for Kelly outside of the community center and says that he has something that he wants to show her.  Kelly agrees to go and they end up back at his office where he says that he is quitting dealing.  Seth says that Kelly was right, that he was behaving like a prick, and that he doesn't want to lose her. The two embrace and Seth adds that he has money stashed away, so they can go on a holiday.

Back at the community enter, Simon opens his locker and finds a note asking him to go to the old storeroom and to bring chocolate.

Kelly returns to the community center and sees Tony. She takes off running.

Rachel is well on her way to getting drunk and when she gets out of her chair she kisses Curtis and he is clearly not interested.  As she begins to dry hump him, Curtis pushes her off his lap.  Kelly comes running in and says that Tony is chasing her. The misfits take off running and Tony makes his way into the building.  Kelly attacks Tony with a fire extinguisher and he pushes her away and says that they need to stop hitting him. Tony says that it was the storm which turned him violent and that he is not like that.  Tony wants to know why he is there.  Curtis tells him that Sally is there as well, and Tony is shocked to know that Sally is dead. Tony is not impressed that the misfits killed her as well and Rachel pipes up to add that they killed her too. Rudy introduces himself as Rachel begs Curtis to have sex with her.  Kelly is disgusted and points out that Rachel is dead. Rudy says to Curtis, "what would you mom say if she knew you were shagging a dead girl? You're better than that; I'll do it." Rachel walks away, clearly not interested in Rudy and Tony says, "I need to find Sally."

In the storeroom, Sally is sitting next to Simon eating the chocolate. Sally adds that she misses French cheese and Simon replies that they don't have French cheese in the vending machine.  Sally says that Simon is different now and so confidant. Simon replies that a lot has happened and adds that he is no longer invisible and can see into the future.  Sally asks what's going to happen and Simon admits that he doesn't know.  Sally says that she misses wine and asks Simon to join her. When Simon does not move initially, Sally points out that Simon killed her and put her in a freezer.

Tony is looking for Sally and instead, he finds Curtis and Rachel who apparently had sex.  Sally is looking through Simon's phone and she sees a photo of him and Alisha.  As she is holding the phone, Alisha calls but Sally does not answer.  When Simon joins her, Sally says that she has been thinking about why she is here and that what she felt for him was genuine.  Simon says that he had a vision of the future and that they were kissing. Sally says that this must be it and that this is what she is supposed to do.  Simon replies that he can't because he is with Alisha, but Sally replies that Alisha will never know because she will have passed on. Simon counters that he will know, so Sally replies, "You've seen this. You know this is supposed to happen. I still have feelings for you. I need to move on." Simon again says that he can't so Sally replies that he killed her and therefore owes her this. Sally leans in and kisses Simon. She then steps back and removes her clothing leaving her in a bra and panties.  Sally pushes Simon onto a bed and says, "I've always loved you."  In the background, the phone is recording everything that they are doing.

Simon gets dressed and again he looks at the bed he normally shares with Alisha.  Back at the community center, Rudy is teaching Rachel how to smoke weed, as Alisha is trying to get a hold of Simon. Tony approaches the group and asks if another probation worker hasn't been sent to replace Sally.  The misfits give them a list of the probation workers that they have killed.  Tony tells them that they are completely out of control and feral.  Alisha replies that all they have ever done is defend themselves from everyone who has ever tried to kill them. Alisha adds the Tony should sort his own shit out.

Sally sends the video that she took of her and Simon to Alisha. Alisha approaches Simon and asks why he would do this to her.  Simon says that he didn't have sex with Sally and that he was trying to help.  Alisha says that she trusted him and that he can't do this.  When Alisha storms off, Simon follows, only to run into Tony. Simon picks up a fire extinguisher and hits Tony. Tony grabs the extinguisher and demands that Simon stop hitting him.  Kelly, Curtis, Rudy and Rachel show up.  They point out that Tony is back, as Rachel projectile vomits on the floor.  Simon asks if anyone has seen Alisha.

Alisha is up on the roof when Sally approaches from behind.  Alisha asks why she is doing this and Sally says that they killed Tony and that she wants Simon to know how this feels and to know that Alisha died hating him.  Sally suddenly lunges forward and tries to push Alisha off the roof.  Tony, Simon and the rest of the misfits come onto the roof.  Tony tells Sally that the storm drove him crazy and that he would have killed them, if they hadn't killed him.  Tony tells Sally that she isn't there for revenge and that he has missed her  Sally runs and embraces Tony and the two kiss.  Suddenly, both Sally and Tony disappear.  Simon tells Alisha that he didn't have sex with Sally and that he only kissed her because he thought he had to.  Simon says that kissing Sally only made him realise how much he loves Alisha and that he couldn't go through with it.  The two hug.

The misfits leave the roof and Rudy says though it was a great speech by Simon, that he should have had sex with Sally. Simon and Alisha peel away from the group.  Rachel is sitting on the floor and she is approached by Rudy who wants to know why she is crying. Rachel replies that she has done everything that she thought she was supposed to do: drugs, sex and gotten drunk, but she is still there.  Rachel adds that now she just feels cheap and dirty. Rudy tells Rachel that Sally didn't come back for revenge and that she actually came back for her boyfriend. Rudy leans in to kiss Rachel and backs off when he realises she smells of vomit.

Simon and Alisha are in a room having sex and Rachel gets to her feet and grabs a box cutter.  When they are through, Alisha and Simon get dressed again.  Rachel approaches the other misfits and says, "you killed me and then you turned me into a nasty little slut."  Rachel holds up the boxcutter and tells them that she came back for revenge.  Rudy tells her that she doesn't mean that.  Alisha walks out of the room and Rachel slits her throat.  Alisha dies in Simon's arms as he cries. Simon lays Alisha on the ground and Curtis offers to bring Alisha back, but Kelly says that Alisha wouldn't want to be a zombie. Simon says, "this is where I go back. It all has to happen, exactly like it happened." Kelly asks what he is talking about and Simon admits that he was the guy in the mask.  Simon says that he is going to need to get some new powers.

The misfits are in the locker room when Seth walks in. Simon tells Seth that he needs Curtis' old power but Seth says that he put it in his iguana and now that the iguana is dead, the power is gone. Simon says that he has to go back in time and that it has to be like that.  Seth says that there is another time travel power out there but there is no coming back. The misfits down the man that Seth sold the power to in a bar.   The man says that he is done working in a call center and that he is going to travel back in time and become a pirate.  Kelly walks him out of the bar and they run into Seth in an alley.  Seth says that he is going to need the power back.

The next day on the roof,  Simon points out that in the past he could touch Alisha and that her power didn't work on him. Seth replies that Simon was the first person he sold a power to - the immunity to other powers.  Seth instructs Simon to come see him when he goes back in time. When Simon says that he doesn't have 10k, Seth says that he does.

The misfits gather at what I assume is Alisha's graveside in the woods.  Simon goes back to his apartment and gathers the things he is going to need.  He joins all of the misfits on the roof. He tells them all that he will see them soon and then shifts into the past.  Simon is now on the roof and he watches the misfits, including his former self.  Simon enters what will be his flat and finds it empty and in ruins.  He then goes to see Seth to buy a power and hands over the 10k.  Simon holds out his hand and Seth transfers the power.

In the present, the misfits are still on the roof and Rudy points out that Simon and Alisha will be doing this dance for all of eternity.  Kelly says that it's romantic but Rudy says that it's sad.  Curtis calls it a bit of both. One of the Rudys starts to cry and says, "we're never going to see them again are we?" 

At the time of the publishing of this review, I had already seen season four. This episode form me marks the end of the Misfits.  When season four opens, only Curtis is left from the original cast and he doesn't last very long.  As much Simon was a problematic character throughout season one, his absence was sorely missed.  What we are left with is nothing but a pale shadow of The Misfits that first became popular.