Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Season Four, Episode 12: A View to a Kill

Stefan wakes and finds himself in bed next to a sleeping Rebekah, and  so he attempts to do the walk of shame, but when Stefan opens the door Klaus is waiting for him. Rebekah is not impressed to see Klaus and sees this as an invasion of her privacy. Klaus reports that Kol stole his daggers and that he believes that Kol's fear of Silas has pushed him over the edge. Rebekah does not agree to help him and demands that Klaus leaves.  When Rebekah heads into the shower, Klaus asks Stefan to talk some sense into Rebekah but Stefan says that he has to go and keep an eye on Damon, who is still on lockdown, after being compelled to kill Jeremy. Klaus points out that if Kol is allowed to roam free that Jeremy will die and that they will kiss their path to the cure goodbye.  Klaus adds that if Stefan helps to dagger Kol that Jeremy will live, and Damon will no longer be compelled.

At the school, Caroline has roped Bonnie into replacing her organizing the dance. Elena apologises for not being there to help out but adds that she has Jeremy on house arrest.  Elena is not impressed that Matt and Jeremy are doing nothing but playing video games.  Elena tells Bonnie that her plan is for Jeremy to kill Kol because Kol's sire line would be long enough to complete Jeremy's mark. When Elena turns on the water, she drops the phone because it starts to burn her hands.

Now on the phone with her father, Bonnie learns that he has dropped vervain into the water supply. Rudy says that he is reinstating the curfew and cancelling all town events.  Bonnie reminds her father that there's a dance tonight, but he replies, "not anymore." When Bonnie gets upset, Rudy says that he is trying to protect her and that the well being of the town is his responsibility now.  Bonnie says that she has been doing fine without him getting involved. Rudy is not pacified and brings up the number of people who have died in Bonnie's senior year alone. He demands Bonnie head straight home for a family meeting. The moment Bonnie hangs up the phone, Kol attacks her saying, "no one can get to the cure if you're too dead to lead them." Bonnie uses her magic to drive Kol back but when she starts to lose control, Bonnie runs away.

Stefan has gone to see Damon, who says that he thinks it's safe to set him free.  Stefan pushes a bottle of water and a small vile of blood through the bars.  Klaus then comes to the window and says that he is there to babysit.  Stefan tells Klaus to give Damon a vile of blood every few hours, so that he doesn't desiccate and that if Damon gets to strong, that he should be bleed out again.  When Damon suggests that Stefan is giving him the silent treatment because he slept with Elena, Klaus answers that Stefan must be over it because he caught him sneaking out of Rebekah's bed that morning. Stefan leaves saying he will let them know when he gets the dagger from Rebekah.

Elena calls Stefan and tells him about Kol trying to kill Bonnie.  Stefan does take the time to ask how Bonnie is doing and then tells Elena about Klaus's plan to dagger Kol. Elena then lets Stefan in on her plan to have Jeremy kill Kol.  Apparently, Bonnie believes with her new power that she can hold Kol long enough for Jeremy to get a clean shot.  Stefan reminds Elena that Kol is a brother to Klaus and Rebekah and though they are "dysfunctional bickering lunatics," they stick together no matter what.  Elena suggests that they counter by having Stefan use the dagger on Rebekah. When Stefan replies that he can't do that, Elena says, "I know you can't because vampires can't use the dagger but Matt can." Stefan agrees.

Elena calls Kol and he threatens to rip off Jeremy's arm.  Elena says that she wants "to call a truce in the name of Silas," and promises to meet Kol wherever he wants. Kol says that he will come to her and then rings the doorbell.  Kol demands that Elena open the door and invite him in.  Elena suggests that it would be stupid of her to let him in but Kol reminds her that he cannot kill Jeremy with his own two hands because then he would spend years suffering with the curse, trying to kill himself. As Kol is talking, Elena writes a message to Matt instructing him to find Stefan and the dagger. She then writes a message to Jeremy to leave, but Jeremy points out that he is the only one who can invite Kol inside. Elena opens the door for Kol and she says, "if I let you in, my brother goes" Holding a crossbow, Jeremy invites Kol in.

Rebekah is looking for something to wear to the dance when Stefan shows up and tells her that it was cancelled.  She wants to know if Stefan is there to talk about the daggers and adds that she is aware that he was trying to sneak out this morning. Stefan says that he is trying to get used to this and that he doesn't regret it.  When Rebekah asks if he would do it again, even if she didn't give him the dagger, Stefan replies, that he didn't sleep with her just for the dagger.  Rebekah is not impressed and reminds Stefan that he's done a lot to her in the name of getting what he wants.  Rebekah comments, "well, I guess I should pack up these racks. It's just another failed attempt to get into a highschool dance." When Stefan asks why she cares so much about the dance, Rebekah says that she doesn't and that she's just bored. Stefan says that they can still go if she wants and when Rebekah points out that the dance is cancelled, Stefan asks when she suddenly started to care about the rules.

Klaus tells Damon, "that none of this would be an issue if you had just done your job properly.  I was perfectly willing to let you train Jeremy." Damon asks, "do you know how hard it is to get these X Box brains to focus?" Klaus replies that when he arranged for a room of vampires for Jeremy to kill, that Damon allowed Kol to kill them.  Damon is not impressed and reminds Klaus that Kol is his brother. Klaus asks how it is that Elena ignores every pathological thing that Damon has ever done and wants to know if Damon uses compulsion or manipulation. Damon says that Klaus is asking these questions because he is afraid that after killing Tyler's mother, that Caroline is never going to forgive him. Damon tells Klaus that he doesn't "mind being the bad guy because someone has to fill that role and get things done but you do bad things for no reason. If you're going to be bad, be bad with a purpose, otherwise you're just not worth forgiveness."

Kol is playing Jeremy's videogame when Elena re-enters the room with a couple of bottles of booze. Kol tells her that they all lived in New Orleans until Klaus put a dagger in his heart.  Elena asks what he did and Kol replies, "what makes you think I did anything, or has your alliance with my brother softened you to his horrors."  Elena says that she doesn't have an alliance with Klaus and that they had a mutual interest in finding the cure.  Elena adds that she is willing to give up looking for the cure, if Kol promises to leave Jeremy alone.  Elena gets a text message from Jeremy who says he is  having trouble finding Bonnie.

Jeremy is on his cell phone and calls Bonnie to say that he is headed to her house.  Elena turns to Kol and tells him that he is good at the video games considering that he has been in a box for a hundred years.  Kol replies that it is not the real thing and asks Elena if she has killed. Elena admits that she has killed once and that Kol's number is a lot higher than hers. Kol then brings up Silas.

Matt is going through Rebekah's things and having no luck.  Elena says to Kol that he is the only one who believes in Silas.  Kol replies that he used to hang out with witches and they all said that Silas needed to stay buried. Elena asks why Kol is so scared of Silas and Kol replies that if Silas rises that he will unleash hell on earth.

Bonnie is at home and Rudy tells her that he has her phone and her car keys because they are going to have a family meeting. Bonnie is not impressed and asks if this is something he read in a book because they have never had a family meeting before.  Rudy tells Bonnie about what Shane said about her magic being a ticking time bomb and adds that he lost her mother and won't lose her. Bonnie tells Rudy that it's not his life. They are interrupted by Jeremy, who forces his way into the house.  Jeremy tells Bonnie that Kol is his house and so she turns to Rudy to say she has to go, but Rudy says no. Bonnie uses her magic and says, "don't tell me what to do."  When Bonnie opens the door, she finds her mother standing there, then Rudy invites Abby inside. Abby says that Rudy called and that she wants to know who Shane is and what he is been teaching her.  Before Bonnie can answer, Jeremy interrupts and says that they don't have time for this. Rudy says that this is a family matter and Jeremy replies that Elena is in trouble and that they need Bonnie's help. Abby is pissed and says, "my daughter is done helping Elena Gilbert, now get out. Now answer my questions, what lies has this professor been telling you." Before Bonnie can answer, Jeremy tries to stake Abby. Bonnie jumps in the middle and tells Jeremy not to hurt Abby. Jeremy backs off and Bonnie tells him to go and that she will be right behind him.

Kol tells Elena, he doesn't believe that she is willing to give up something that she wants so much. Elena says that she would do anything for Jeremy and that if what Kol says is true, Silas could be a real danger to everyone else. Kol replies that it's been enlightening, opens the door and adds that he will take her request for a truce under advisement.  Elena asks if there is any chance that he could be wrong about Silas and Kol replies, "trust me Elena, some thing are better left buried," before walking away.

Rebekah and Stefan arrive at the gym and she asks about what the eighties were like. Stefan gives her a rundown on boomboxes, The Breakfast Club, and The Princess Bride. Rebekah is not impressed and so Stefan adds, love, friendship and the possibility of anything happening then, the two begin to dance.

Jeremy returns home to find out that Kol has left.  The doorbell rings and it's Kol, who says that he is denying Elena's request for a truce.  Elena slams the door closed but Kol kicks it open saying, "I'm sorry, I've already been invited in," before charging into the house.

Bonnie tells Abby that Rudy has to mind his own business and that he had no right to call her mother. Abby interjects that it is not just Rudy and that witches talk.  Bonnie replies that she has found a new way to practice and though it's unconventional, she can handle it. Rudy again brings up Shane and Bonnie reminds them that Shane is sitting in a jail cell.  Abby pipes up, "I've warned you about black magic before," causing Bonnie to answer, "it's not dark magic; it's expression and  I need it. They've found a cure mom, there's a cure for vampirism and I can do the spell to access it. I can save you." Abby says, "I am not the one that needs to be saved, you are," before cutting off Bonnie's ability to breathe.

Klaus is not impressed that Stefan is not keeping in touch and asks, "how hard is it to find a dagger?" Klaus says that he is disappointed that Damon is not trying hard to escape. Damon reminds Klaus that he is compelled to kill Jeremy and so it's safer for him to stay where he is.  Klaus asks how Elena feels about the compulsion and Damon replies, "she's met me, she knows impulse control is not my strong suit." Klaus adds, "that it must be hard to try to live up to Stefan. I remember when I tried to compel him to feed off of Elena, he fought so hard he actually managed to resist. That must be love."  Damon asks what Klaus knows about love and Klaus replies, "I know that you're in love with Elena but I think you're afraid of what might happen when we find the cure at the end of the rainbow. Personally, I don't see a fairytale ending for you.  All I see is Stefan and Elena and I think you see the same thing."  The conversation is interrupted when Kol calls Klaus to tell him that Elena and Jeremy are trying to kill him. Kol believes that Klaus' obsession with finding the cure, trumps any sibling loyalty he once had. Klaus says that he doesn't know what he is talking about and so Kol announces that he is going to rip off Jeremy's arm and kill Elena for sport.  Klaus attacks Damon and tries to compel him to say what is going on.  Klaus instructs Damon to stay there until he returns and leaves, but Damon moves to follow.

Back in he gym, Rebekah is dancing to Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi, when Stefan enters with a bottle of booze he found in the teachers lounge. Stefan calls the song the godfather of rock music. Rebekah asks why Stefan is being fun and he tells her about his time with Lexi and even compares the two women. Rebekah asks if Stefan slept with Lexi but Stefan says that it wasn't like that and that she brought out the best in him until Elena.  When a balloon breaks, Rebekah tells him not to worry,  that she will protect him should Kol track them down, and reveals that she has the dagger.

Kol is making his way through the hose room by room and Elena and Jeremy fire at him several times. Kol gets the upper hand and puts a dagger through Elena's stomach.

At the gym, Stefan instructs Rebekah to do the breakfast club slide and says that she has to take off her shoes. Rebekah walks over and hands Stefan the dagger saying, "you're right I do care. I want stupid kola corsages and a prom, and I want to have kids with someone who loves me enough to stand outside the window with a stupid boombox. I want to be human, so let Klaus put down my brother. Lets go find the cure."  Stefan and Rebekah leave the school as Matt watches from a distance.

Abby drugs Bonnie and tells Rudy that she is only doing this until she get some witches there to clean Bonnie's mind from the poison that Shane has been teaching her. Bonnie stands up and says, "that's not happening," and uses her power on Abby. Bonnie adds, "I don't belong to the spirits anymore, I belong to myself," before walking out.

Elena pulls the dagger out while downstairs, Kol is preparing to cut off Jeremy's arm. Kol says, "I don't fancy the hunters curse, so don't worry, I'm just going to chop off your arm. I'll heal you right after. Sorry about the sting. Which arm is it? Is it right or left? I'll just cut off both to be safe." Kol lifts the cleaver but Elena intervenes before he can hurt Jeremy.  Jeremy then sprays Kol with water and it burns because the water is now laced with vervain.  Elena tosses a stake at Jeremy, who puts it right through Kol's heart, causing him to burst into flames.  When they turn, they see Klaus in the doorway.

Klaus asks what they did and Elena replies, that they didn't have a choice because Kol was going to cut off Jeremy's arm  Klaus is enraged and says that they are lying because Kol never would have gotten inside if they didn't have a trap set for them. Elena replies that Klaus was planning on putting down Kol. Klaus replies, "I was going to make him suffer on my terms. I'm going to burn this house to the ground and then when you try to flee for your lives, I'm going to kill you both without blinking."  Jeremy steps forward and says, "if you kill us, you'll never get to the cure. You'll never be able to make anymore hybrids."  Klaus replies, "you think I care for an instance about my bloody hybrids? I want the cure so I can destroy it. I would have killed you all the second we dug it up, but now I'm just going to watch you burn instead.

Klaus drops to the ground in pain and Bonnie walks by him and instructs Jeremy to invite Klaus in. Jeremy invites Klaus in and Bonnie traps him in some sort of force field. Klaus screams, "witch you can't do this to me. I will hunt all of you till your end," as Jeremy, Elena and Bonnie leave.

Stefan tells Rebekah that Kol is dead and he adds that he is not going to let the people he cares about get hurt. He says that he wants them to find the cure together, so that she can have what she wants and be who she wants. Rebekah asks why she should trust him, and Stefan replies that she just has to take a leap.

Jeremy is looking at his arm and nothing appears.  Damon comes upstairs and he and Elena hug.  Stefan enters the house and says that he got the Silas headstone. When Elena reveals that Klaus is trapped in their house, Bonnie says that it is only temporary because she drew on the new moon, leaving them 3-4 days maximum. Jeremy says that if they don't find the cure, they'll have to go into hiding. Elena adds that now that Rebekah is daggered that all they need is professor Shane.  Stefan then admits that he didn't dagger Rebekah because he believes that she is on their side.  This shocks Elena but Stefan says that Rebekah handed over the head stone. Damon says, "let me guess, she pledged her allegiance while you were rolling around in the sack."  Stefan is not impressed and suggests that Damon couldn't wait to tell everyone.  Damon quips, "oh was that a secret? I guess you should have thought of that while you were bleeding me out." When Elena interjects, Stefan says, "why don't you tell her to calm down Damon, you've managed to use that sire bond pretty well so far haven't you." Damon punches Stefan but before a fight can break out, Jeremy starts to scream and rips off his shirt as the tattoo grows.  It turns out that Elena can see the tattoo, as it travels across Jeremy's chest.

I have to say that I am happy that this episode was filled with less relationship angst. I don't think I could have put up with one more minute of it.  It was nice to see Abby and Rudy unite for Bonnie's sake but it does however leave two extra Black people to be killed.  I really do hope that part of Bonnie's motivation is indeed helping Abby instead of it once again being all about serving Elena.

I really enjoyed the exchange between Klaus and Damon and I think that Elena's ability to forgive Damon is something that needs to explored. The problem is that Damon believes that he has been bad in the name of the greater good.  What greater good existed when he broke Jeremy's neck in front of her? I really dislike the idea that intent erases the harm done because we all know that intent is not a magic bullet. If this is The Vampire Diaries way of explaining Elena's love of Damon. The truth of the matter is that a problem exists with Elena's feelings of love for either Damon or Stefan because they are both mass murderers.

We finally got a reason behind some of cheerleader vampire's actions.  For a long time we have been saying that it doesn't make sense that a thousand year old vampire would be interested in cheerleading and proms.  I can buy her desire to be human but why a teenager?  Though they tried to explain Rebekah's drive, it still does not explain her concern with things like dances.  Being human doesn't necessarily mean being obsessed with the trivial.  Rebekah could have been such an interesting character if they had bothered to invest her character with some kind of maturity.