Sunday, July 7, 2013

Syfy Q&A: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and Jack Kenny from Warehouse 13

We were lucky enough to have been invited to a press call interview with Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, and Jack Kenny, to discuss Warehouse 13. Syfy has sent us a full transcript of the conversation - it's long but there are some gems in there

Operator:               Our first question comes from the line of Erin Willard from Please go ahead.

Erin Willard:         Congratulations on a terrific season and season finale because I just finished watching it and wow you were both so spectacular you made me cry.

Eddie McClintock:     Oh, sorry.

Erin Willard:         Yes, I hate crying but...

Eddie McClintock:     Apparently a bunch of other people watched it too. I found out on my Twitter that it leaked on a Torrent site somehow.

Erin Willard:         Oh no, really, oh too bad, but it was so good. I hope that everybody watches it on Monday. I'm so excited for everybody to see it. I'm sure you are too. But what can you tell us about what we have to look forward to in the season that you're filming now?

Eddie McClintock:     Joanne gets naked.

Erin Willard:         Awesome.

Eddie McClintock:     More than once.

Joanne Kelly:        The whole time actually.

Eddie McClintock:     She plays the whole thing naked.

Eddie McClintock:     With pasties though.

Erin Willard:         Oh, okay.

Eddie McClintock:     Green pasties.

Joanne Kelly:        Green pasties.

Eddie McClintock:     That look like jalapenos.

Erin Willard:         Okay, it's going up on the site tomorrow. I can't wait.

Joanne Kelly:        And there are a couple of really cool things that are in store. We have, I think two standalone episodes that are very artifact laden. Eddie's really looking forward to them.

Eddie McClintock:     Very much so.

Joanne Kelly:        Yes, we're just wrapping up - wrapping up our epic world that is Warehouse 13.

Eddie McClintock:     And I know I'm not supposed to say any spoilers but I can say this, they all die at the end.

Erin Willard:         Yes, right. Thanks for that. Can you just tell me really quickly if the resolution to all of the cliffhangers that we're left with at the finale is going to take place in the first episode or if it's going to take the whole last season?

Eddie McClintock:     Oh, yes, in the first ten minutes you'll all go, okay, let's go walk under the dome.

Joanne Kelly:        Well actually an after-school special about teenage pregnancy.

Eddie McClintock:     What, under the dome?

Erin Willard:         Okay, well thanks and enjoy your filming.

Eddie McClintock:     No, but seriously, you know, all we can tell you is that all the things you've come to expect from this show over the years- it's all going to be compressed into six episodes.

                              So you're going to get the best - I think Mark Stern said to Jack Kenny, our EP, ‘All of the things that you've always wanted to do in the last few years? Go ahead and do them.’ So if you think there's going to be a dancing-and-a-singing episode, there may just be a dancing-and-singing episode.

Joanne Kelly:        Here comes Jack now.

Erin Willard:         Wow.

Eddie McClintock:     You think that we may speak in foreign tongues. That may also happen. Uh-oh, here comes Jack. I better shut up before he thinks I'm spoiling it. I told - I blew it. I said that at the end everyone dies.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, at the end of - the end of this 4.5.

Joanne Kelly:        No.

Eddie McClintock:     No at the end.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, yes, yes, right. You know me, I like to kill everybody. Sorry, I was shooting and I just got back out. We had a huge stunt that's great.

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby:          So, as Erin said, I also cried a lot at the finale. But I'm just curious for Eddie and Joanne, can you talk about kind of preparing for the really emotional scenes and just how that was in general?

Eddie McClintock:     For me, Jack, says, ‘Eddie shut up, take that gum out of your mouth and action.’

Jack Kenny:          And I think I hit you in the face with the pizza you were eating too, didn't I?

Eddie McClintock:     ‘Put that pizza down. Shut up. Pull your pants up and action.’

Jack Kenny:          He's a real method actor.

Jamie Ruby:          Yes, I can tell.

Jack Kenny:          You guys, you guys, I mean, we talked for a while about it, right. We sat and talked about the emotions, I mean I think - I don't think it's hard for an actor to talk, I mean, it...

Joanne Kelly:        We're actors, man, that's what we do.

Eddie McClintock:     Yes.

Jack Kenny:          And if you talk about it too much it kind of - it kind of gives it away. I mean these guys are really good. They know the moment. They know the scene. They know the emotion and to talk about it, I think, if you talk about it too much you won't be able to do it, you know.

Joanne Kelly:        Yes, it's about being in a moment and not really getting in your head.

Eddie McClintock:     It's like sex. If I talk too much about it I won't be able to do it.

Jamie Ruby:          Okay. And then the other thing I wanted to ask is I know you guys are winding down soon to the end. Is there like a particular - I don't whether you can or you will, but is there a particular artifact that you guys wanted and would like to keep and take home with you?

Jack Kenny:          I already have the Astrolabe so I'm happy. That was the best artifact ever. I love that.

Joanne Kelly:        The astro-lobby.

Jack Kenny:          Yes, and most of the others I gave away to - I gave away to the writers.

Joanne Kelly:        Rheticus' compass is pretty rad.

Jack Kenny:          And Rheticus' compass is pretty cool, yes, it was beautifully mad.

Eddie McClintock:     The View actually had that.

Joanne Kelly:        I would like the muskoka chairs from the office for my patio. I don't have any patio furniture so that's what I got my eye on.

Jack Kenny:          Which are the muskoka chairs?

Joanne Kelly:        The muskoka chairs are the big black ones outside of Artie's office.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, oh, yes, well we call them Adirondack chairs down south.

Joanne Kelly:        We're like the poor relatives in my building. Everybody else's patio's all done up and we have like a barbecue and that doesn't work and some underwear...

Jack Kenny:          Maybe you'll wear the underwear for a start.

Joanne Kelly:        I'm not touching it.

Jack Kenny:          I know the artifacts are, you know, you what's weird - they look so much better on camera than they do in your hand, you know, when you get the - like the Phoenix is.

                              Like the Phoenix is, you know, the original Phoenix artifact is pretty much made of like plastic and then Quantum Mechanix - Quantum Mechanix, the people who make all our props, they made replicas to sell as key chains and they're fantastic. I mean, I want one of those.

Jack Kenny:          Yes, I want one of those. And the same thing with the Teslas, you see our Teslas that we use and plastic and they kind of break a lot but the ones that you can buy from Quantum Mechanix are fantastic ones so. And half the time we use their props for now. We use their Farnsworths and their Teslas. I don't know was there an artifact you want?

Eddie McClintock:     I'm going to take something from Artie's office, maybe the lizard—the big lizard.

Jack Kenny:          Just wait until - just wait until we wrap, please.

Eddie McClintock:     Okay.

Jack Kenny:          I beg of you.

Joanne Kelly:        The suit of armor's cool.

Jack Kenny:          The suit of armor would be cool.

Eddie McClintock:     Pete's wardrobe will be missing.

Jack Kenny:          No. That's like half of the product. That's from every product.

Eddie McClintock:     You'll see on some red carpet thing in the future and you'll be like hey, it's Pete! That's Eddie he's wearing the what - oh.

Jack Kenny:          And your toupee. Who's going to get your toupee?

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of Tim Holquinn with ScreenFad. Please go ahead.

Tim Holquinn:       My question is for Joanne. It's a couple of questions that Eddie's answered in the past but he might want to revise his answers. He was asked before what he would like the ultimate fate for Pete to be and he said he would like him to find love and he was asked how he would like to be - his time on the show to be remembered and he spoke about wanting it to be remembered as a family show.

                              And so, Joanne, since we haven't gotten to ask you that question before, obviously you want to live from your cancer but beyond that is there anything you'd like to see happen ultimately for your character and how would you like your time on the show to be remembered?

Joanne Kelly:        What would I like for her? I guess I just want her to be happy. Like I think everybody wants. How would I like to be remembered? You know it's pretty special to be - to have - for an actor to have a job for five years. It's been pretty - been pretty great.

                              It's been so nice to kind of be a part of all of this and to be introduced to the science sci-fi world and introduced to something like Comic-Con. I mean, I don't know how I want to be remembered. I think I'll know how I'll remember it. What was the third question?

Tim Holquinn:       It was just those two. Your time on the show and how you'd like it remembered, and what you'd like her ultimate fate to be beyond living or not.

Jack Kenny:          I think you both wanted to remember this series as the first series of year 12 that you did in your career. This is the, you know...

Eddie McClintock:     The first series of my 12?

Jack Kenny:          Yes. I'm trying to indicate that you're going to keep working. I mean, you won't but Jo will.

Eddie McClintock:     Oh.

Jack Kenny:          You're forever - when was the last time you worked in television, Eddie.

Eddie McClintock:     There you go. You know what Joanne's going to remember, me.

Jack Kenny:          Oh she'll remember you all right.

Eddie McClintock:     Yes.

Tim Holquinn:       Okay and speaking of Comic-Con since Joanne raised it, just a quick question to Jack. Will Anthony Head be joining you there this month?

Joanne Kelly:        No.

Jack Kenny:          No, he's in England doing a sitcom actually. He's got six episodes of an English - a British sitcom that he had to literally start rehearsing yesterday - Monday, two days ago. He started rehearsing two days ago so he filmed with us all last week and then he went - he jetted off to England to do that.

Tim Holquinn:       Okay.

Jack Kenny:          But it'll be - it'll be the five cast members and myself.

Tim Holquinn:       All right. Well, thank you. I had more questions I'll get back in line.

Jack Kenny:          Cool.

Joanne Kelly:        Thank you.

Eddie McClintock:     Thanks, Tim.

Operator:               Once again, please 1, 4, if you have any questions. Our next question comes from the line of Laura Mastantuono with Please go ahead.

Laura Mastantuono :   This is the kind of answer because it was to ask you how would you like to see your characters when the show ends?

Eddie McClintock:     How would we like to see what? I'm sorry.

Laura Mastantuono :   Your characters when the show ending, like it's the last season. So how would you like to see Myka and Pete end up?

Eddie McClintock:     Well, Joanne keeps saying that she'd like to have it end with Pete and Myka in bed and I'm just like, I don't know, I'm not sure. And like the last words of the series would be, Myka going, Oh, Pete!

Jack Kenny:          No I think I think you read that wrong. I think the reading is, oh, Pete.

                              You know, it's hard for us to talk so much about. I mean since we know where the characters are going it's hard for us to talk about where we'd like the characters to go because we don't - A, we don't want to give it away and B, we don't want sound like we don't like where the characters are going, you know. So it's kind of hard to - it's kind of hard to answer that question.

                              We know what's going to happen and we don't want to give any of that away so I think that everybody's - the characters will have a very, very satisfying final episode. I think it's going to be basically six episodes in one.

                              When the season - when 4.5 - when Season 5 was being ordered or on the fence of being ordered we - the writers broke out about 10 or 12 stories and we only got six scripts so we're doing five solid stories and the six script is going to have six more stories in it.

Eddie McClintock:     Nice.

Jack Kenny:          It's very full, our last one.

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of Robin Burks with FanGirl Confessions. Please go ahead.

Robin Burks:         Hey. Looking back through all of the seasons that you've done for Warehouse 13 what has been your favorite experience on the show?

Joanne Kelly:        I think this new season coming up is my favorite.

Eddie McClintock:     Favorite - my favorite experience on the show was when my accountant said that they had dropped the lawsuit.

Jack Kenny:          All right, since - since you - my favorite one is - was directing the second Christmas episode. I think that was my favorite time because you got to see all the characters how they would be if they hadn't gone - if they hadn't found Warehouse 13, where they would all be.

Joanne Kelly:        Oh, It's A Wonderful Life.

Jack Kenny:          Yes, the It's A Wonderful Life episode and I really liked that. It was...

Joanne Kelly:        That was a great episode.

Jack Kenny:          It was a fun episode. I'd already done one so I kind of knew a little bit more of what I was doing and it was such a cool place for everybody to be, and it was - and I love Christmas so that was my favorite. That was my favorite experience so far. I'm hoping that this next season provides my big ones.

Eddie McClintock:     I would say it was - when the show got picked up we went to New York and we closed the NASDAQ and we were in Times Square and it said on the NASDAQ, Syfy welcomes Warehouse 13 and Eddie McClintock and...

Joanne Kelly:        Joanne Kelly.

Eddie McClintock:     ...but just Eddie McClintock. The only - the only physical - then I got my picture took with me out in front and all big and my head was gigantic.

Jack Kenny:          I remember when we walked out onto the Comic-Con stage last year into the big room and there were 6000 people screaming and cheering. I thought that was pretty amazing. It was...

Joanne Kelly:        Were we in the same room as we were before?

Jack Kenny:          No, no. Last year we were in the big, big room and it was - it was packed. It was just - it was really wild to see that many people that enjoy - that appreciate the hard work we do all year.

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of Stacy Roberts with Please go ahead.

Joanne Kelly:        Hello.

Stacy Roberts:       Hi. Jack, my question is, by finding out that this is going to be the final season how did it affect how you start next season with the amazing cliffhangers and sad cliffhangers that you ended this one with?

Jack Kenny:          Well, we - I mean - we knew how we had to get it - well obviously we had to wrap up this cliffhanger from next week. We had to figure out how to get that taken care of and, you know, because it was only six we didn't want to spend a lot of time, you know, doing that.

                              So we wanted to take care of it - kind of wrap up those stories in one episode and then - and then move on to tell kind of as many big fun stories as we could.

                              We designed an arch for the six episodes that would involve, you know, Claudia's sister obviously because we've got - we introduced that and - and some major Pete and Myka stuff.

Eddie McClintock:     Have we introduced that yet?

Jack Kenny:          It's in the finale coming up but they know - they know not to - they know not to write too much about it. It's coming up in the - these people have all seen the finale so they know that Artie's...

Eddie McClintock:     Did you hear it leaked on a Torrent site?

Jack Kenny:          Ah that's okay. A leak just means they're watching. That's fine with me. So we had no way to wrap it - so we designed an arch for the sixth - for the six episodes for our five characters to go through and then really we just wanted to have fun.

                              We just did some really big, big ideas. Syfy said think big and so we did. We just got, you know, five really big ideas and then the finale which is I think a really - it'll be a really satisfying way to end the show.

                              So, yes, so we just - we just put our biggest ideas out there - anything that would fit. We did in - we're doing it in Season 5.

Stacy Roberts:       Okay, and for Joanne and Eddie, how did you prepare for the cancer story line because it - you guys have been so good at it?

Joanne Kelly:        You know, you can't say how you prepare for anything, you know, I think one of the things about a story line like that is that we've all known somebody in our life has been affected by that disease. You ask yourself a lot of the questions that you would ask yourself if something like that happened to you and you go from there.

Eddie McClintock:     Yes, I mean for me I just - it's not hard. I just try and imagine what it would be like if Joanne came to me and told me that she had cancer, you know, so, you know, she's my bud and it would bum me out, so it's pretty natural. It came pretty easily to me.

Stacy Roberts:       Okay, thank you very much guys and the season finale was very good.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, thank you.

Joanne Kelly:        Thank you so much.

Eddie McClintock:     Thank you.

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of Adam Newland with TV Equals. Please go ahead.

Adam Newland:   Hello everyone. Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today.

Eddie McClintock:     Hi, man.

Adam Newland:   I have a question for Jack and maybe even Joanne can chime in on this as well. Given that you only have six episodes for your final season, how prominently will Myka's cancer going to factor into those remaining episodes?

Jack Kenny:          Well, you know, I don't want to give anything away.

Adam Newland:   Sure.

Jack Kenny:          She's going, you know, at the end of the season, she went in for them to find out what was going on with the cancer. And I don't want to - I can tell you we wouldn't focus the last six episodes of this show on one of our characters dying or having a fatal disease.

                              So I think the last six episodes of the show have got to be about moving forward in life, and what they're all doing. So it's not - her cancer is not going to be a focus of the last six episodes. We're going to focus on their relationship, each character to each other, and how they move forward in life. And we're, you know, we're using - we have a big bad. We have a very surprising big bad actually, showing up for the last six.

Adam Newland:   Who is it?

Jack Kenny:          I'm not going to say. We're shooting episode one, you don't know yet? Yes, we have a - so we'll be dealing with that. We don't really be touching on the cancer.

Operator:               We have a follow-up question from the line of Jamie Ruby with Please go ahead.

Jamie Ruby:          Can you talk about any other characters next season that will be returning?

Jack Kenny:          Well, we'll see Hugo, Rene Auberjonois will show up again. We'll see Lindsay Wagner, as Doctor Vanessa.

Joanne Kelly:        Paula Garcés.

Jack Kenny:          Paula Garcés will be coming back, yes, very good.

Eddie McClintock:     Kelly Hu.

Jack Kenny:          Kelly Hu will come back.

Eddie McClintock:     Jamie Murray

Jack Kenny:          Jamie Murray will show up again, yes, she'll be back at some point.

Joanne Kelly:        Oh, really?

Jack Kenny:          No, the two of you will not be walking off hand in hand into the sunset.

Jack Kenny:          I'm not opposed to it, it's just not what Warehouse 13 is about. Is that it, right? That's pretty much it.

Joanne Kelly:        Yes, and one very surprising...

Jack Kenny:          We can't tell you, we can't tell you.

Jaime Ruby:          Dang. All right, have you guys been thinking about the end? I mean, what are you guys going to miss when it's all over the most?

Jack Kenny:          We all know the paycheck, Eddie, so move past that.

Eddie McClintock:     You know, the thing for me is, when I'm back in L.A., L.A. is a very - I have a few friends that I see every once in a while. Because everybody is, you know, doing their own thing back there, and, you know, people are spread out and it's hard to get together there. What I'm going to miss most is coming to work every day and seeing all my friends.

                              I mean, you know, these people, truly after five years have become my family. It's not just a cliché, it's really true. I just - I love these people, and the thought of not being able to see them anymore, especially the people that I have become friends with here in Toronto, because if I never get another series in Toronto, who knows when I'll see them all again.

                              So, you know, I'm trying not to think about it. I'm not going to think about it until, you know, we call series wrap, and then I guess I'll be forced to think about it. Or until someone like you asks me that question.

Jamie Ruby:          Sorry.

Eddie McClintock:     So that's what it will be for me, I think.

Jamie Ruby:          Joanne, Jack?

Joanne Kelly:        I would have to say it's the same. I think it's probably the same for all of us. It's weird to - this is the same frame for me, the timeframe is the same amount of time that I went to high school, how long we've been shooting the show.

So think about that. Think about the fact that we've been all here, for me now it's six years of working. It's a part of your life. These people become a huge part of your life, the people that you spend the most time with. To not wake up and see them every day is going to be really strange and weird, and I don't like to think about it.

Jack Kelly:            And I think the, I mean, yes all of that, because I do so much love the people that we work with here, but I think I'm going to miss having this kind of talent to work with.

                              Because you don't always get this kind of talent, you don't always get the gift of these kind actors who can kind of do anything. And you can throw anything at them, and they're ready to go, go, go. They'll just dive right in. I'm going to miss that work environment.

                              And the talent behind the camera, you know, you don't - I've never worked with a Production Designer like Franco De Cotiis, I've never worked with a man who is so passionate about every set he designs, every location we find. It's just, you know, or Kerry Spurrell and her props that she comes up with, that she creates for us. Or Joanne Hansen and her wardrobe.

                              I mean it's just the people, they're so dedicated and so much fun and easy to work with and, you know, this kind of thing just doesn't come along very often in this business. You don't get it, you don't get this, you know, this cross-section of immensely talented people to put together a show like this. It's really rare, and I'll miss that.

Eddie McClintock:     You might get one part, or maybe two parts.

Joanne Kelly:        Yes.

Jack Kelly:            Yes, rarely do you get all of it. Rarely do you get so many people all contributing equally. I don't know if I'm going to be able to live without Mike McMurray making constant jokes, our DP, you know? He keeps everybody alive.

Jamie Ruby:          Do you think that there's a possibility of like, a TV movie later down the road?

Jack Kelly:            Yes, I would think there probably is, you know, those kind of things - but it's never the same. It's never going to be the same, certainly, it won't be the same crew, because they'll probably all be working on a series somewhere. And so right away it feels different, and then a TV movie is so finite, that it's just, you know, we'll do it, it will be fun, but it's never quite the same, it's like a reunion.

                              It's never quite the same. It's fun, and we certainly wouldn't say no, but no, this has been really special. We're already having a fun summer, we're going to keep having a really fun summer, I think.

Jamie Ruby:          Well, we're having fun watching it. So, thank you.

Eddie McClintock:     Thank you.

Operator:               We have another follow-up question from the line of Tim Holquinn with ScreenFad, please go ahead.

Tim Holquinn:       Hey, it's me again. You know, what I'm going to miss is getting to speak with you guys so often on these conference calls. That's going to be a bummer. I hope Jack and Eddie and Joanne, I hope you get another job on Syfy so we can do this again.

Jack Kenny:          I'll give you Eddie's phone number; you can call him every day.

Eddie McClintock:     I need as many friends as I can get.

Jack Kenny:          He already said he has no friends in L.A., so...

Eddie McClintock:     I'll even pay you to call me.

Tim Holquinn:       You could eat while he talks. Okay, Jack, I have a couple questions for you. Outside - both are sort of following up on Jamie Ruby's questions. Outside of the telefilm realm, and because Warehouse 13  has so many fans, like you mentioned, filling up the big room at Comic-Con, are you open, or do you have any plans to perhaps carry the story forward in books or video games, comics, animated series, anything like that?

Jack Kenny:          I don't, I don't know if Syfy does or not, I mean, I am a TV writer, I write TV series, that's about it. I've never even written a screenplay, so I'm - I wouldn't know where to begin with a book or a comic or an animated series. It's not - it's sort of not my wheelhouse, and I'd probably just screw it up.

                              So, but maybe they may very well go to some of our other writers who are very adept at that, or they may - it may stay alive in one form or another, it's - but honestly for me, it's these characters embodied by these actors, that's what makes it special. I don't know that it would mean the same to me writing a book or an animated series.

                              To me, it's working with Joanne and Eddie and Saul and Allison and Aaron, and these people. That's what I'd want to do, and I don't know that I'd want to spend a lot of time with Pete, Myka, Artie, Claudia, and Steve without those five people doing it, you know?

Tim Holquinn:       Yes, that's understandable. And then, lastly, sort of following up on who might be in the final episodes and also Pete maybe getting a love interest, I was wondering what became of Deb Stanley, played by Danielle Nicolet. Will we ever see her again, maybe in the final episodes?

Jack Kenny:          You know, it's - I love Danni, she's such a wonderful actress, so much fun to be with, I don't think there's a way to work - I mean, there's just so many people we can work into these final eps, and I do like focusing on our regulars.

                              I mean, I think the way to send this show off clean is just to focus on our five regulars as strongly as possible, and really do some - and when I promise you, we have got some great stories to tell you with the five of them.

                              I love Danni, I don't think there's, at this point, we haven't - she's not a part of these episodes we've broken out, but...

Eddie McClintock:     She got a series.

Jack Kenny:          She did get a series, it's true, but again neither is Liam, or your mom, even. We're not even seeing Jane Lattimer in these last six. There's so many characters that we've loved having on the show, and loved being here that we would love to bring in the last six episodes. It's just hard to fit everybody in, you know? And pricey.

Tim Holquinn:       Definitely. All right, well thank you again for your time, I really appreciate it.

Operator:               Our next question comes from the line of (Steve Cromp) with (, please go ahead.

(Steve Cromp):      So I was wondering, maybe two questions here. One, you know, you all have kind of developed a chemistry and all over the course of the seasons. How is that going to go forward in these last few episodes that we're going to be seeing here?

Eddie McClintock:     Well I mean, I think whatever chemistry has developed between us will just get better, I mean, that's basically the essence of chemistry. I think, you know, unless you end up hating each other, which is always possible.

Eddie McClintock :    Exactly. I would think that it would either - it would just get better, yes Jackie?

Jack Kenny:          Yes, I think the chemistry, I mean, that's the good thing about such great chemistry, is we get to ride this train right to the end and it just gets deeper, and you don't have to write as many, you know, the reactions say as much as any line you could write.

                              They say that the episodes, the scripts on Cheers were about, you know, 25, 30 pages long by the end of the series, because you could (write) 30 seconds on an audience's reaction to something that one of the actors just looked at. You don't even have to write a line.

                              So that's one of the advantages of great chemistry is, you know, everything doesn't have to be said, there will be some really unspoken moments that will play beautifully, I think.

(Steve Cromp):      That's great. Is there any artifact, any story that you wish you could have gotten to? Any that you had in the back of your mind that you kind of wish you would have been able to realize?

Jack Kenny:          I was never able to break the Hitler's Microphone story.

Eddie McClintock:     Yes, I think that's a great one.

Jack Kenny:          Yes, I - never able to figure out how to make that work in an episode. But no, you know, we kind of - honestly, I'm not kidding, the last episode of the series is going to have six stories in it, that's the kind of - or five stories in it. That's kind of the fun of it is we get to - we're getting to do all of our biggest moments, it's kind of really fun. So no, you know...

(Steve Cromp):      It'll be good.

Jack Kenny:          I'm not much for regrets. I could not be prouder of every frame we've shot on this show, except maybe Elements.

Eddie McClintock:     It's true. It's all true.

Jack Kenny:          And so I'm pretty happy.

(Steve Cromp):      Great, well thank you very much.

Eddie McClintock:     Thank you, sir.

Joanne Kelly:        Thank you.

Operator:               Our next question is a follow-up from the line of Stacy Roberts with Please go ahead.

Stacy Roberts:       Hi, can you guys tell me like, what you'll remember everybody for?

Eddie McClintock:     Saul, I'll remember Saul because of his halitosis.

Jack Kenny:          I'll always remember your farts.

Eddie McClintock:     My flatulence I think has been pretty...

Jack Kenny:          The number of camera lenses you've ruined.

Eddie McClintock:     I'm good in the wide. What I'll remember about Joanne is her bubbly disposition in the morning.

Jack Kenny:          7:00 am on Monday.

Eddie McClintock:     7:00 am on Monday.

Eddie McClintock:     And Allison, I'll remember her tap dancing. And Aaron I'll remember him...

Jack Kenny:          Swearing really, his unmitigated swearing, and throwing of things, and, I mean he's such a diva, isn't he? He's just Aaron.

Joanne Kelly:        Such an asshole.

Jack Kenny:          Oh my God, he's so hard to deal with. Really it's the foul-mouth language that comes out of him that just really - it's like a sailor.

Eddie McClintock:     We had a thunderstorm here one night, and Aaron caught wind that I was a little nervous and scared, so he came and cuddled with me in my trailer. And that's what I'll - it's his giving, his willingness to give.

Jack Kenny:          You know, I think they actually wanted a serious answer out of us.

Stacy Roberts:       No.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, I don't know what I'll remember.

Joanne Kelly:        Like, we have so many memories; we have six years of memories.

Jack Kenny:          My guess is we're going to remember that last episode. I'm hoping to see the last, I'm hoping to shoot - put the - see certain things on the last day of the last episode, and if I can, I bet that's the day, that's what I'll remember most about this show. It's a pretty powerful situation.

Eddie McClintock:     You know, the day, the scene where Artie shows Pete and Myka the Tesla for the first time? On the front porch, on the porch...

Joanne Kelly:        And the Farnsworth.

Eddie McClintock:     And the Farnsworth, and you know, us going wow, and being like, you know, I'll remember when I saw the Claudia episode for the first time, and I thought oh man, this show is kind of cool. Hey, we might be on the air for a while.

Jack Kenny:          I can remember, you know, having the screenings at my house of, you know, watching an episode all together, you know, with 100 people in my backyard.

Joanne Kelly:        Yes, that was really cool.

Jack Kenny:          That was kind of fun. That was fun watching those episodes.

Joanne Kelly:        We have a few screenings here, didn't we have one up at the Carlton Cinema?

Jack Kenny:          Yes. We had one there, we had one...

Joanne Kelly:        And I didn't want to watch them, because we were filming it (unintelligible) up and say hi to everyone (unintelligible).

Jack Kenny:          Yes, CCH won't watch herself on camera either.

Eddie McClintock:     The first season, my youngest son pulled a 65-inch plasma down upon him.

Jack Kenny:          Oh, I'll remember that, yes. Your parenting skills on set really are amazing.

Joanne Kelly:        But I do remember Jack crawling into the air conditioning tube. Remember when you couldn't find him, and we found him in the air conditioning tube?

Eddie McClintock:     Thank you.

Jack Kenny:          You just bring your kids to the set and say, go I'll see you in a few hours. What could possibly happen on a soundstage, there's nothing dangerous on a sound stage.

Joanne Kelly:        Did we answer your question?

Jack Kenny:          Not even close.

Stacy Roberts:       Sure. Thank you very, very much.

Joanne Kelly:        Thank you.

Operator:               Next question is a follow-up from the line of Robin Burks, with Fan Girl Confessions, please go ahead.

Robin Burks:         Hi again.

Man:                      Hi.

Joanne Kelly:        Hi.

Robin Burks:         Someone asked you about spinning the series into a new format, maybe like a comic or a book. If that were to happen, how would you like to see the story of the Warehouse continue?

Eddie McClintock:     Turn it into a comic or a book.

Joanne Kelly:        We don't do that.

Eddie McClintock:     Say it again, though?

Jack Kelly:            I'm sorry, we're back in action, could you ask the question again?

Robin Burks:         If that would happen, how would you like to see the story of the Warehouse continue?

Joanne Kelly:        We're TV writers, we're masters at this, we're not novelists, or we don't - that's not our world. So, I doubt I would even see it if something like that happens.

Jack Kenny:          I don't know, it's such a broad area, I'm not even sure, I mean, I'd like to just see it keep going, and keep the Warehouse, and keep doing the same things we've been doing.

Joanne Kelly:        I don't want to see - I don't think I'd want to see it without me being...

Jack Kenny:          Well that would be odd. It would weird to see it continue without being a part of it, I have to say. But it would still be, you know.

Eddie McClintock:     As long as they gave us some residuals.

Jack Kenny:          So predictable.

Robin Burks:         So the answer is, as long as you get paid, you don't care.

Eddie McClintock:     Right.

Jack Kenny:          That's Eddie's answer, yes.

Robin Burks:         Thank you

Jack Kenny:          It's hard to be involved in - it's hard to - if we're not going to be a part of it, it's hard to be, you know, it's hard to project into what that would be. You know, I would like to see it keep going in the direction it's always gone, but that's, you know, because we never - I don't have any idea what these characters - even if we're going to run the show for two more years, I don't know where I'd take the characters.

                              Who knows, could be any number of directions they'd go in. It would all depend on where our heads were at the time, so...

Joanne Kelly:        Hypothetical situations, they're always very tricky.

Jack Kenny:          And they get me in trouble.

Eddie McClintock:     And I think these guys will back me up when I say that I'm very urban, and so I'm generally all about the Benjamins.

Gary Morgenstein:      Thank you Eddie, Jo, Jack. See you soon in Comic-Con. Thank you everyone.