Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Warehouse 13, Season 4. Episode 19: All the Time in the World.

Flashback to before the Claudia bronzing and Nick tries to convince Paracelsus – his uncle – that Claudia isn’t a threat and the warehouse in 2013 is very different from his day. He uses an Artefact to transfer white ghosty stuff from him to Paracelsus, bringing him up to date on the last few centuries.

This is all being seen by Myka and Pete using the recapper and Myka is frustrated because there’s no record as to why Paracelsus was bronzed in the first place. Myka also sees that a number of other Artefacts have been removed. Artie tries to fix the Bronzer to de-bronze Claudia and using the recapper shows Paracelsus hitting Nick – but they can’t read his lips still and the recapper is silent. Worse, the bronzer doesn’t work because the Artefact that makes it work – a bronze Mesopotamian Stele, is missing. A message appears from Paracelsus: Sutton knows what I want.

To the B&B where Charlotte has been chained up with an Artefact to prevent her leaving (and Abigail is unimpressed by her whining). Charlotte keeps protesting that leaving and bronzing Claudia wasn’t part of the plan and Myka mentions Nick may have been forced to – after all Paracelsus did hit him. That wasn’t part of Charlotte’s plan either. Artie is unimpressed with Charlotte’s complete underestimating of Paracelsus.

Charlotte explains their history – Paracelsus was Sutton’s brother. He pushed the boundaries of science and alchemy, often using Artefacts in his work; and drugging his dear brother so he could use Sutton, Charlotte and Nick as guinea pigs for his research. He combined the philosophers stone with another Artefact (a copper bowl with the Egyptian symbol for life on it) to make the family immortal. Artie is not impressed with this extremely dangerous combining of Artefacts to experiment with. After which Warehouse 9 agents bronzed Paracelsus. Charlotte describes, again, how lonely and terrible it is for Nick as a perpetual 15 year old. To reverse it they need the same Artefacts and Paracelsus himself (Charlotte expected him to be grateful and weak after being debronzed. You’d think an immortal would be a better judge of character) - but all Charlotte knows is that his old lab was buried under Constantinople somewhere – now Istanbul. But not where. Their only lead is finding Sutton.

While Artie searches, Pete asks Myka when she starts her cancer treatments; she ducks the question and basically says it’s her business how she handles her own body, not his. They’re interrupted by Artie having found Sutton – he is posing as a Russian businessman called Vladimir Kamanev and is, as is his wont, cosying up to a rich duchess in Luxembourg. Time for Myka, Pete and Charlotte (since she knows her husband and his tricks) to go find him.

Steve has some bad news for Artie though – Claudia’s starting to crumble. The bronzer machine stabilises the Stele and keeps the people bronzed alive. But Paracelsus used the Stele without the bronzer – she will crumble. Time for Steve and Artie to both fight to read the same computer on bronze – and Mrs. Frederick appears. She knows something’s up. Artie doesn’t even try to lie to her and shows her Claudia. She’s surprised to learn Warehouse 9 didn’t leave any records as to why they bronzed Paracelsus  - to the restricted files!

Which is the first time Artie learns there ARE restricted files. She cuts short his rant to go check them and walks away. Steve grabs Artie and points that out – Mrs. Frederick walked away, not disappeared, she walked. Something’s up!

She walks to Artie’s office where she gets to use some of her tricks to surprise even grumpy, jaded Artie with some endless wonder – revealing the hidden files (though she doesn’t let Artie in – restricted after all!)  But inside she finds that the files have been redacted by the regents of Warehouse 9. Poor Artie feels upset about being excluded from the restricted section – poor Artie, he looks all harrumphy. But Mrs. Frederick acts confused and repeats herself; something else is going on with her.

Artie and Jinks work through various ways to delay Claudia’s deterioration but they can’t swtop it. Kasan arrives – and he’s noticed that Mrs. Frederick is rapidly losing it as well. Kasan shows Artie the Eldunari – the central nervous system of the Warehouse and links the Caretaker to the Warehouse. It’s pretty. But some  of the pretty floating symbols are burning out and exploding – something’s attacking the very core of the warehouse.

In Luxembourg, Pete, Myka and Charlotte arrive at the super formal party to learn that Sutton is now engaged to the Duchess. Charlotte isn’t surprised – she’s seen him pull the same con 12 times. Get engaged to a wealthy aristocrat, she breaks out the family jewels and he fills his pockets. Then he’ll use them gems for yet another scam. Which is when Sutton notices them and flees.

He goes upstairs with his new fiancée, drugs her and begins deftly removing her gems before the gang show up. Myka and Pete talk about extradition – Charlotte just shoots him. That’s quick and easy; talk about direct action. Of course, Duchess screams for her guards and there’s a fight – during which Sutton resurrects and escapes when the duchess faints. He’s slippery. They do chase him down though – but the Luxembourg police should really be arriving soon, what with them causing this much damage and mayhem in such an exclusive location.

Whether the police were called or not, all is peaceful and the duchess slaps Sutton’s face, so I assume she’s been filled in. Sutton is not amused – and reveals that it was Paracelsus who perfected bronzing in the first place. Pete tries to hide who released him, but she guesses it’s Charlotte – let the fighting begin; but he calms when he hears Nicholas has been taken. He thinks his brother is insane (probably because he tested the immortality by stabbing Sutton) and his immortality for the three of them required him to kill an entire village. He reported his brother to the authorities and Warehouse 9 agents collected him. Sutton also split the stone in 2. A wonderful bickering argument follows over who has the stone (I can really believe Sutton and Charlotte as a married couple, their bickering is perfect). He has his half of the crystal, and he wants his son away from Paracelsus – so agrees to show them his lab, still preserved under Istanbul

There they find it was preserved by Sutton himself – also trying to find a way to save their son from immortality. As they enter the lab they hear a scream which both Sutton and Charlotte take to be Nick and they run off – leaving Myka and Pete behind and quickly getting separated. Myka and Pete find their own nifty patterned (it’s a trap) – and the bronzing argument (oh it is so a trap). They both fall into a pit under the mosaic – yes it’s a trap. And Paracelsus takes their half of the stone from their unconscious bodies.

Out of the pit, Paracelsus uses a net to incapacitate Sutton and take his half of the stone; while Charlotte and Nick look on being all helpless. Paracelsus puts his equipment together and promises to make them mortal, making them breath in the smoke from the stone and cup. Not so simple of course – Paracelsus wants revenge on the brother who betrayed him to the authorities and dropped him into the Warehouse’s hands. He shoots at Nick – Charlotte standing in the way, taking the bullet for him. Myka and Pete arrive with teslas – shooting at him only to have him use an Artefact to throw the electricity back, hitting one of the support beams. He runs as the place begins to collapse; Pete chases him, Myka goes for the Stele, telling Sutton and Nick to get Charlotte out of there. As the building collapses, Pete runs back to help Sutton & co as a beam falls on Charlotte. A beam none of them can move. A tearful goodbye follows as Charlotte urges Sutton to go and look after their son as she dies. Myka arrives with the Stele and they all leave the building before it collapses.

Back at the B&B Mrs. Frederick is confused and Kasan authorises the use of the Keeper – one person per generation trusted with memorising all the really confidential secrets. And this generation’s Keeper? Is Abigail; unbeknownst to everyone. She has an Artefact that holds the memories of all past Warehouses, made from braided hair, that she can use to tap into all those old memories.

Claudia gets debronzed and in the aftermath Pete realises they could have lost her – and turns to Myka because he doesn’t want to lose her as well. He tells her, starkly, that she has cancer and she can’t assume she has all the time in the world to address it; he doesn’t want to be like Sutton, regretting the years he didn’t spend with her. She agrees to book an appointment with her doctor. And Claudia senses something – about the warehouse and Paracelsus, something’s wrong

Which is when Mrs. Frederick arrives and explains Claudia (tipped to be the next Caretaker) is just feeling the edge of what she is. Mrs. Frederick is fighting a battle for Caretakership with the Warehouse – not with Claudia (she’s in the Warehouse’s future), but Paracelsus. He was the Caretaker of Warehouse 9 and past takes precedence – Mrs. Frederick is losing.

By the way – in case anyone was wondering Paracelsus was a real person – and pretty brilliant in his day.

I think he would have made a great villain and the immortals an interesting storyline if only it had been developed earlier! I mean sure, Paracelsus could have easily ended up looking like Sykes or Macpherson – but he has a unique element by being a Caretaker. The renegade Caretaker could have been an awesome storyline. The machinations of the immortals could have been fascinating – but this is the second to last episode, it’s too late to develop.

Also I don’t like that Charlotte died – it seemed purely to exist to give Pete pain about Myka. Why was it needed? Nick and Sutton were riding off into the sunset, why couldn’t Nick, Charlotte and Sutton do so?