Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode Nine: Destiny's Child

This episode opens with the train, which is clearly falling apart with someone doing work on it.  A hole is blast through the side and a crown appears on the floor. This is foreshadowing I suppose.

At the Dahl, Bo announces that she is going to get to the bottom of everything that is going on.  She pulls the jar of shadows out of the box and Kenzi points out that this is the same black smoke which took her away in the first place.  The bickering starts, with Kenzi and Trick on the side of not opening the jar and Dyson and Lauren being super supportive of Bo's decision. Kenzi grabs the jar but Bo manages to snatch it back.  Bo says the not knowing is driving her crazy.  Bo takes the lid off and the black smoke crawls out and turns into a man.

Apparently, smoke guys name is Hugin and he declares that he is the most humble servant of The Wanderer.  Oh dear, is Lost Girl going to mess with Norse mythology now?  We know that Hunin is one of Odin's ravens and he has also been referred to as The Wanderer. I must ask, is there a reason why Hunin would speak with an English accent, if he is Norse? Hunin makes sure to say that The Wanderer is the great father but of course the little band of Bo worshipers doesn't buy it. Bo says that she needs to get back on the train and Hunin denies knowing where the train is because Munin apparently trapped him in the jar the moment Bo got on the train.  Bo again demands to return and Hunin agrees to help, as long as Bo helps to him get revenge on Munin, for sleeping with his wife.  Hunin demands he go only with Bo and Bo has to tell her worshipers  that she needs them to watch her walk away because she has to do this.  Of course, Bo takes a moment to personally calm Dyson and Lauren - gotta keep that love triangle going while she is gone.  As they prepare to leave, Hunin warns that when they get on the train, if it turns out that Bo is an enemy of The Wanderer that he will flay her.  The two disappear in a cloud of black smoke and Tamsin walks in wanting to know what she missed.

Dyson heds to a locker room where he grabs a gun but is quickly joined by Lauren.  It seems team love triangle is planning to rush in as the cavalry. Dyson gives Lauren a knife for protection. They banter a little bit about the choice Bo has to make before leaving.  These two really need to grow some self respect.

Trick is in his office and Tamsin and Kenzi rush in to find out why he is obsessing about Hunin. Trick tries to blow them off but Kenzi makes it clear that Trick must know something because he is the "Yoda" of the group.  Trick tries to push past them and Kenzi again demands to know what is going on. Trick hits below the belt, declaring that he doesn't have time to explain himself to a human and a low life. It's harsh I know, but he is after all the Blood King.  Trick apologises and tells fake Cagney and Lacey to leave it be.  Of course, Kenzi suggests that she and Tamsin snoop.

Hunin and Bo arrive at a fae burial ground. Hunin warns if Bo steps on a grave that she will be dragged down to the netherworld.  Hunin says that he and Munin used to live here.  A crow craws in the background and of course it is Munin.  Munin also has a ridiculous accent which does not fit who he is supposed to be.  Okay the crow clothing is cool but it is worth mentioning that Hunin and Munin are not supposed to be crows, they are ravens. Munin craws and more crows turn human and surround Hunin and Bo.  Bo and Hunin try to make a run for it and are stopped by Hunin's wife. Bo and Hunin take off running again.

In the meantime, fake Cagney and Lacy (read: Kenzi and Tamsin) snoop until they find a blank book.  Kenzi says that Trick was writing in this book when Bo was taken and that this is what Trick used to re-write the future and save Bo.  Kenzi has determined that Trick is wrapped up in this and that Trick is once again keeping secrets from Bo.  Tamsin tries to interject some common sense but Kenzi is determined.  Kenzi declares they need to find where Trick has hidden a container of his blood.

Trick has gone to see Dao Ming to find her sister.  Dao Ming asks if Trick is there to win her sister back.  Trick declares that he no longer lives as royalty and says that he needs answers.  It seems that Dao Ming's sister is away and she refuses to help Trick.  Trick says that there is a memory which has been blocked by someone very powerful and therefore he wants Dao Ming to force him to tell the truth so that he can recover the memory.  Trick tells Dao Ming that he must have done this to himself and Dao Ming calls it interesting.  Dao Ming agrees to help, as long as Trick agrees to answer her question truthfully. Dao wants to know why Trick her sister over her.

Hunin and Bo are finaly cornered and agree to fight their way out but Hunin quickly betrays her saying that he has grown to hate Bo.  Bo reminds Hunin that it was The Wanderer who screwed him over. It seems that the plan was always for Hunin and Munin to slit Bo's throat. Bo crosses her arms and falls on one of the graves, disappearing from view.

Bo is now in the netherworld and mysterious voice calls out a riddle.The Leviathan steps forward claiming to know Bo and then makes a grab for Bo's soul.  Okay, if they are in the netherworld, shouldn't Bo be confronting Hel? Just saying - if you're going to mess with a mythology, you sort of have to stick with it.  The Leviathan is not able to accomplish her goal because of the mark on Bo and she declares that the mark was supposed to be hers.  Bo wants to leave but The Leviathan demands the mark and declares that no one ever leaves here. Bo pulls a knife but the Leviathan wants to play a game of riddles to which Bo agrees to play.

Dao Ming is continuing her magical interrogation of Trick, who is forced to answer truthfully all of her questions. Hey, didn't she originally only ask for one question? Dao Ming declares that whatever is buried in him is too dangerous. Trick says that Bo's life is in danger and begs her to continue. Dao Ming agrees to continue.

The Leviathan says her first riddle and Bo gets the first answer right, making it her turn to say a riddle.

In the meantime, fake Cagney and Lacey (read: Tamsin and Kenzi) continue their search.  Tamsin finds a loose board on the floor and when she opens it up, she finds a gift wrapped package. Tamsin says that the package is a Japanese folding box, which means that if you don't know how to open it properly, there could be a problem. They decide that this is where Trick must have hidden his blood.  Of course the two agree to open it.

In the Netherworld, The Leviathan is still waiting for her turn.  Finally, Bo has a riddle and of course it's all about her little love triangle. The Leviathan declares Bo's riddle a trick.  The Leviathan goes back and forth between Lauren and Dyson and finally The Leviathan chooses Dyson.  Bo replies that there is no answer. The Leviathan declares that Bo cheated but says that she will see Bo again soon enough because someone she loves will soon be dead.  Before Bo can find out who, The Leviathan sends her back.

The crows are still in the graveyard but don't know that Bo has returned.  Bo takes off running but not before making the crows aware of her presence.  Bo uses the graves to send the crows away and Dyson and Lauren show up to subdue Hunin and Munin. Hunin's wife takes off but of course steps on a grave. 

Kenzi grabs the box and starts opening it up and weird sounds start to come from it.  When she finally gets it partway open, a syringe shoots out and embeds itself in the ceiling.

Hunin and Munin are at the mercy of the Dyson and Lauren and Bo demands to get back on the train.  Hunin and Munin say that they should do their worst but quickly offer a proposition.  Hunin and Munin agree to help, as long as they are allowed to leave as soon as Bo's feet touch the floor. Bo once again plans to rush off by herself and Lauren and Dyson argue that they are her family and should therefore not be left behind.  Bo says hat she won't let them risk their lives for her and blows them both a kiss before disappearing. Of course, the love triangle bicker about who the kiss was meant for.

Trick is still being questioned about the worst thing he has ever done.  Suddenly he starts to laugh and demands recognition of how powerful he is.  Trick remembers who The Wanderer is and how he came to be.  Trick starts to cry saying that he created all of this.  Dao Ming says that the past will always find a way and that even Trick cannot escape fate.  Dao Ming starts to laugh and tells Trick he is powerless to change his nature.  Trick stands saying he has to go and warn Bo.

Tamsin and Kenzi both open the box and find two vials of blood.  Kenzi pours some of the blood on the page and nothing happens so she pours more and smears it on the page.  Kenzi writes Bo's name as Tamsin is holding the book.  Tamsin and Kenzi struggle but cannot let go of the book.  Tamsin's name appars three times in the book.

We get a flashback to Tamsin standing over a body telling Trick that she must take the soul because it is a warrior soul.  Trick denies Tamsin the right to take the soul to Valhalla. Trick informs Tamsin that she is carrion and that she has over stayed her welcome. Tamsin says that she fears her soul is damned to hell and Trick asks Tamsin if she wants new life.  Trick agrees to help Tamsin but demands the soul to curse the man with his blood for his defiance.  Trick wants the soul to wander in eternity, where no one will remember Rainer the defiant.  Trick then cuts his hand.  Kenzi is able to break the spell and Tamsin is unconscious.

Bo is back on the train and sees a man with a mask on.  The man takes off the mask and declares that he knew Bo would come for him.  The two begin to fight and Bo and Rainer seem to exchange some kind of power.

Tamsin awakes and tells Kenzi not to trust Trick.  In the meantime Trick, has returned to The Dahl and finds team love triangle sitting at the bar.  Dyson says that they lost Bo and Trick demands they get armed up because he knows who The Wanderer is.  Bo suddenly walks in saying that she has never been better. Bo announces that it was her idea to be dark so that she would move heaven and earth to get back to Rainer willingly.  Bo says that she wants to break Rainer's curse and free him from the train.  Rainer makes an appearance behind Bo and she announces that Rainer is her destiny.  Bet that's going to upset team love triangle.

As a fan of norse mythology I felt this entire episode was a set up for disappointment.  Everything that they said about Rainer was a clue to Odin the all father.  Odin is called the Wanderer his servant ravens are named Hunin and Munin.  I don't understand including bits and pieces about the Norse to just drop it without any kind of explanation.

What's with Bo's need to constantly go off on her own? It makes zero sense and given that she knows how powerful The Wanderer is, you would think that she would want someone to watch her back?  If I were team love triangle, I must certainly would not be begging Bo to be her servant.  Also, isn't it time Lauren and Dyson got some self respect? I get that some of this is for humor but it is grating on my nerves already.  I further get the sense that Rainer's appearance is only going to exacerbate the situation.

Team fake Cagney and Lacey (read: Kenzi and Tamsin) just grated on my last nerve this episode. Hey we know how powerful the Blood King is but we're just going to mess with his shit anyway.  To make matters worse we are going to bumble through something which has 1000 solutions, figure out on the first shot and pay zero consequences for it.  Really?  REALLY?

I did however really like the reminder of just how powerful Trick is.  We have known he is the Blood King for quite sometime but other than acting like "Yoda," there's been little sense of what this actually means.  Trick is someone to be feared and he has dirty past.  He is not the nice bartender that we have come to know.  I hope that they expand on this story, I just dread that it is going to be attached to his whining about how Bo is the only person who means anything to him.  I could do without hearing about his precious Isobo again.