Saturday, March 21, 2015

Vampire Diaries, Season 6, Episode 17, A Bird in a Gilded Cage

Caroline is cleaning, much to Enzo’s bemusement because she switched her humanity off – but Caroline again shows us that even with her humanity off she’s still more sensible than the rest of the cast combined. And she’s still joining the school musical (she’s a drama major. Yes it says a lot that she’s been in college for this long and this is the first time we’ve heard about her major).

Oh she also tells Enzo about her master plan last episode which seems to rather worry Enzo. Though whether that’s because he’s afraid of her evil awesomeness or that his own petty revenge plans would be scuppered with a humanity-less Stefan and a dead Sarah I don’t know

Sarah is in hospital with her mind all compelled and Jo feeding her some lies. She’s not very happy about this and lets her new fiancé Alaric know. They’re keeping her in hospital so she doesn’t die with vampire blood in her system – which says a lot about how dangerous they think the area is. Jo’s also running through baby names in full on mummy mode. This seems all kinds of pointless but it does allow Jo to say “anyone named Alaric should not be allowed to name another human.”

Domesticity is ruined by Enzo shaming Alaric into helping capture Caroline. This means lots of Alaric and Enzo snarking at each other and pretending to be relevant.

Damon tries to vervain Stefan so they can re-humanity him but gets his wrist broken in the process. Stefan’s out and about with a lot of weapons so this is likely to get messy. Damon decides to break things to deal with this; he explains his frustration to Elena that the more people Stefan kills while a Ripper, the more guilt and whining Damon has to deal with when Stefan is human again. I almost like how Vampire Diaries isn’t even trying to pretend with its morality any more.

Damon also tells Elena about his dangerous evil mother. Elena, being Elena, decides this is the best way to get Stefan back – unleash a THIRD murderous evil vampire on the town. Damon objects but then decides to go ahead despite already saying what a terribad idea this is. But they’re going to need witch help for it

Which means Bonnie, who has barely been back 5 minutes and has already been treated appallingly by her so-called friends, is now being pressed into service. Bonnie is not amused because not only is Damon asking her help, he’s asking her to work with Kai

Bonnie, just murder the whole town. All of them.

Of course she agrees and they go see Kai who makes this even worse and demands that Bonnie goes with him to the prison world because this show just wants to make Bonnie suffer. At least she keeps telling everyone how terrible they are

Elena also decides to join (because they want to make Bonnie suffer, remember and she always has to be involved).

In the prison world they split up – Damon and Elena look for mummy dearest while Bonnie and Kai look for the witchy key out. And because this show has to pair Bonnie and Kai because it wants to make Bonnie suffer.

Damon and Elena, after lots of Elena’s fluffy love of the area and baby pics and how Damon should totally embrace his evil mother, they run into Lilly. Damon is not best pleased with the mother who let him think she was dead, but he does snark at Elena’s reversion to being a teenager. Lily has been desperately grabbing every drop of blood she can from this prison world and is down to almost nothing – she lives in 2 drops of blood a week. They do share a little laugh over her husband’s murder at Stefan’s hands.

There’s also some details that Kai didn’t know or neglected to mention – like the fact that Lily had been imprisoned with 6 other vampires; all of whom are now withered and immobile due to lack of blood. Lily also claims to have conquered her Ripper blood lust because she would have starved (and been unable to revive her friends) if she had just guzzled all the blood around. Damon is not reassured by the vampire doll house- but Elena spots the Ascendant, which Kai and Bonnie are looking for… but they went the wrong way

Meanwhile Kai keeps trying to reach out to Bonnie who isn’t having it. She’s luring him off into the woods so she can stab him. I approve. Sadly Kai does the Gemini vanishing trick

Without both witches, they don’t have the power to bring Lily’s vampire dolls so say they have to be left behind. She refuses and vanishes. Damon tries to drag her but she says she won’t abandon “her family”. Ouch.

Damon drags her along and they cast the spell to leave – Kai yells for Bonnie as she does, but she smiles as she abandons him.

In the real world Lily tries to build some bridges with Damon while also adding that she really does want to go back for the others. While in the prison world, Kai looks for food and finds the mummy vampires. One of which has been partially revived.

And Elena decides to be all fluffy and hopeful about Damon bonding with his mother. They’re interrupted by Bonnie thanking Damon for helping her find closure (apparently he was in on the plan) though Damon is wary because Lily wants to go back and that’s not happening. And she has a gift for him from the mirror world – the cure for vampirism. She gives it to him for Elena if he wants – as was once his goal

Back to Caroline whose plans aren’t quite working because her wonderful performance for the musical is ruined when Stefan kills the director. See, evil Stefan is pissed. He knows that when his humanity comes back on he is going to be super tortured and guilty for all the bad things he does now, he also knows he can’t actually stop himself from doing the bad things. This is Caroline’s fault and, to make matters worse, she actually has enough self control to get through a year without humanity without having legions and legions of guilt weasels to deal with afterwards so she isn’t going to end up paying the same cost he is

So he’s going to blame her not just for flipping his switch, but also for having self control and is going to do his very best to destroy all her careful routine and ensure she has plenty of guilt weasels as well.

After such a dramatic and sinister speech, Caroline destroys his bike; Stefan isn’t amused by her lacklustre revenge. He decides to up the ante by showing her how “real” humanity less vampires act and attacks her. This ends up with Stefan with a stake in him. She smacks him a bit more and generally adds what a terrible, ridiculous idea this whole “letting go” is. Her rant is curtailed by Enzo and Alaric arriving on scene with weapons (and pretentions of relevance).

After Enzo and Alaric are duly knocked out, Stefan wants to kill them and Caroline stops him demanding he think for five damn seconds. Killing his brother’s best friends and Elena’s guardian is just designed to set Damon and Elena against them, or, as Caroline puts it “did you like being tortured until you got your humanity back?”

Stefan responds by accusing her of overthinking – and tempting Caroline into biting a fellow student before they have sex. He convinces her that his way is more fun

Anyway, Alaric’s snarking against Enzo seems to have got through since he goes to Sarah and says he’s going to stop playing games with her. But he also calls her Sarah Salvatore, a name she recognises. Alaric also gets a smack from Jo for nearly getting himself killed before their baby reaches the age of 18 – then he can go be a fool

I’m curious and actually intrigued (yes, but the Vampire Diaries) with the concept of a humanity-less vampire RECOGNISING that one day they will have their humanity back and feel all the guilt and pain. It’s an interesting thing that could be developed really well as a form of controlling factor for this conscienceless beings and it also shows just how GOOD Caroline is at being evil. This has more interesting layers when we bring in Stefan not being happy being “free” of his humanity, but angry because he knows the full consequences of what Caroline has done to him. Of course, I that begs the question of why Stefan is so unrestrained in his evil. He knows the cost, even if he has an addiction or compulsion, a casual killing just because seems to go against his own logical deduction; we need more development (like Stefan realising that he’s going to feel guilty anyway so why bother restraining himself).

It is a nice twist on the expected storyline of humanity-less vampires running amok together. Just because vampires don’t have their humanity doesn’t mean they’re going to co-operate or even like each other. Also, evil vampires pranking each other may be the most fun thing this show could ever do. Which is why it’s sad that Stefan converted Caroline to the side of the senseless

Oh Alaric, falling for the coward line? Refusing to get involved in a vampire v vampire contest involving 2 without humanity and Enzo and Damon whose humanity is pretty questionable even when it’s on is not cowardice, it’s sensible.

And Bonnie. My gods could she be treated any worse by her “friends” on this show? She’s barely been released and they are constantly using hr as a tool again and making her work with Kai. There’s no focus on her, despite what she’s been through. I’m glad Damon was finally in on the plan to bring revenge on Kai but it’s a small crumb next to the rest of the enormity

One element I think is being touched on but needs so much more is whether Kai’s continued claims “I changed” actually mean anything. He changed – and? And Bonnie is supposed to forgive? Did it mean he didn’t do all the things to Bonnie? Does his change give her one iota less reason to hate him? Why WOULDN’T she seek revenge against him? This isn’t Bonnie going bad, this is a very reasonable response from her and Kai most definitely is not the victim and I’ll be annoyed if it’s treated that way

The cure for vampirism is back in play – that’s never led to good storylines in the past. Also I don’t even slightly like the idea of whether giving the vampire cure to Elena or not is Damon’s choice.