Sunday, April 26, 2015

Grimm Season Four, Episode Nineteen: Iron Hans

"He had killed man,
the noblest game of all,
and he had killed in the face
of the law of club and fang."

Maggie Bowden helps her brother and father pack up with a group travellers to rough it without technology and the niceties of modern living.

Nick relates the bullet points of his conversation with Juliet to Hank, Monroe, and Rosalie.  They are shocked that Juliet isn't the least bit apologetic for getting arrested after beating people up.  Monroe and Rosalie report that they haven't found anything works and add that Adalind is the only one who might know something about this. Rosalie says that she doubts Adalind would help anyway because Juliet is paying the price for them taking Adalind's child.

The Bowden men are telling the group that they are guiding that they have a responsibility to embrace their true natures.  The gather up and chant to the hunt.  Soon, they are falling over themselves to catch a rabbit with their bare hands.  It's little Elliot who catches the rabbit.  Later that night, as the rabbit cooks, the travellers are informed that this is about their first woge and that they shouldn't be afraid of who they are.  One by one the group woges and then they take a bite of the rabbit meat. 

Renard is in his room and suddenly grabs his chest in pain.  He checks for blood before getting a drink of water.  Next, we seen him outside on the street and it's raining. 

Near the campsite, a kid tries to hitchhike and is attacked by a Wesen.

Rosalie goes to visit Juliet in jail to say that she is sorry for everything that is going on and adds that she feels responsible.  Juliet tells Rosalie that she is responsible but that she is happy now because life is more interesting.  Juliet questions if Rosalie would give up being a fuchsbau for love.  When Rosalie responds yes, Juliet points out that Nick wouldn't give up being a Grimm for her.  Juliet says that this all worked out for the best because she is on top of the world. Rosalie however tells Juliet that she knows Juliet is still in love with Nick. Juliet thanks Rosalie for the visit and leaves.

The cops are at the crime scene where the hitchhiking kid was killed.  Hank is quick to declare that it looks like an animal attack but adds that it probably wasn't.  Nick finds prints and says that it's probably Wesen, adding that they need Monroe.

At the station, Renard gets a report on last night's crimes and he focuses in on assaults. Renard points to a crime scene he was close to and orders that the cop check with the victim and see if there is a suspect description.

Back at the spice shop, Rosalie tells Monroe about her visit to the jail, adding that they need to stay out of this because Juliet needs to realise that she loves Nick. The conversation is cut short when the cops arrive to show them the footprint found near the crime scene.  Monroe says that it looks like a Löwen print.  Monroe offers to come out to the scene and have a look around.

The cop reports to Monroe that the victim's name was James and that he was attacked at 2:45AM next to the fountain on his way home from work.  The victim could not provide a description of the attacker.

Vincent is on the phone with king and makes it clear that he informed Renard that his next appearance would be his last.  Adalind interrupts the conversation when she enters the room.  Vincent makes it clear to the King that Renard knows the order comes directly from the king.  Vincent finishes the call and Adalind asks if the king is going to kill Renard but Vincent doesn't answer.  Vincent reveals that Juliet has been arrested and Adalind responds that if that happened, it means that Juliet has accepted that she is a Hexinbiest.  Adalind adds that things are going to get worse before they get really bad. Vincent responds that this includes Juliet's desire to kill Adalind.  Vincent however declares that this is the opportunity they have been waiting for because Juliet knows everything about Kelly and Nick. Adalind however believes that there is no way Juliet would betray Nick.  Vincent then asks who the father of the baby is and when Adalind doesn't answer, Vincent reveals that he knows the father is Nick. Vincent wonders what Juliet will do when she learns that Adalind is pregnant with Nick's child.

The cops and Monroe are at the crime scene and Monroe declares that the scene looks like a hunt. Monroe adds that there's not much scent left and suggests that they track the blood trail.  They come across a fence which the killer got through. 

The cops and Monroe arrive at the Iron Hans Ranch.  Monroe calls it a coming of age camp for Wesen boys.  They are greeted by Todd and Albert Bowden, who question what the cops are doing at the ranch.  Hank and Nick explain that they are following up on a murder and that the tracks led to their fence. When Todd says that they don't look like trackers, Monroe woges, causing the Bowdens to woge as well.  An angry Todd declares that Nick is the Grimm they heard about and that they are not afraid of him.  Maggie Bowden joins the conversation, asking what is going on.  Albert says that everyone was on the ranch last night, adding that he has heard of Monroe as well.  The Bowdens  offer to take the cops and Monroe out to the camp site.

Juliet is in her cell and she thinks back to meeting Adalind for the first time and getting scratched by the cat.  Juliet is informed that her bail has been paid and she is being released.

At the campsite, Albert explains what they were doing last night.  Todd takes the opportunity to question that Monroe who is a Blutbad, is hanging out with a Grimm. Monroe makes it clear that he has no problem with what he is doing and is not interested in Todd's opinion, if Todd has a problem with it. The cops go over the scene and find some blood and the Bowden's explain that they caught a rabbit and don't do what their ancestors did (read: hunt humans). Albert points out that Monroe has been on a hunt before and made peace with it.  Albert then asks Monroe how he came to be friends with a Grimm. Monroe responds that it's a long story.  Albert asks Monroe to join them on the hunt tonight, which gives them a chance to give a little back and change the lives of some of these young boys.

On the street, Juliet is stopped by Vincent, who introduces himself as Kenneth and she quickly realises that he paid her bail. Vincent says that he wants Adalind's child and is one of the royals.  Juliet refuses to help and Vincent says that he admires loyalty when it is deserved. Juliet responds by threatening Vincent.  Vincent reveals that Adalind is pregnant again, adding that Nick assumed he was sleeping with Juliet and therefore cannot be blamed for cheating with Adalind.  Vincent suggests that Adalind is having her baby with Nick.  Juliet declares that Vincent is wrong but Vincent makes it clear that the sooner he can get what he wants, the sooner he will make Juliet's life a lot better. Juliet turns and starts walking away, so Vincent calls out that he will be at the hotel Deluxe when she is ready.  Vincent snarks about getting Juliet and invitation to the baby shower.

Back at the station, the cops and Monroe question the men who were at the hunt. 

Adalind arrives at the station and walks into Renard's office and declares that she has to talk to Nick. Renard tells Adalind that she should leave before Nick sees her but Adalind is adamant that she has something to tell Nick.  When Renard questions why Nick would be interested in anything Adalind has to say, Adalind opens her jacket and show him her pregnant stomach.  Renard is quick to declare that the child isn't his.  Adalind snarks that she knows who she slept with and knows who the father is.  Renard snarks about the amount of men Adalind has slept with.  Adalind says Nick is the father and that she hasn't been with anyone else.  Adalind again asks to speak to Nick.

Nick is still interviewing the ranch attendees.  Monroe shakes his head, saying that he is not getting any killer instinct from the attendees.  Nick suggests that Monroe head to the ranch tonight because he might pick up on something.  Monroe agrees to do so and Renard enters the interview room, asking to see Nick in his office. 

Nick follows Renard into the office and finds Adalind waiting for him.  Nick is angry that Adalind is there and starts to walk out saying that Adalind ruined Juliet's life.  Adalind shows Nick her pregnant stomach and Nick turns to blame Renard, who quickly denies having anything to do with it.  Adalind tells Nick that he is the father and Nick tells Adalind that she is crazy and it's impossible. Adalind brings up the time she raped Nick and says that she is pregnant.  Adalind declares that she has already had one child taken from her and is unwilling to lose another.  Adalind tells Nick that she needs him to protect her from Juliet because no one else will. Nick asks why he should do this and Adalind explains that she is hoping that Nick will agree to do this for the sake of his child but if not for that, maybe he will do it for Juliet. Adalind however adds that she is not making any promises and that there's no way to cure Juliet completely. Adalind claims there is a way to suppress the Hexinbiest in Juliet. Adalin explains that this isn't about changing Juliet but allowing her to live a normal life. Renard is quick to point out that there's nothing about this in the book Adalind used and Adalind explains that this is something her mother's aunt told her.  Adalind adds that it's not easy and they are going to need a dead Hexenbiest, causing Nick to snark that that shouldn't be too hard to get. Adalind warns that if anything happens to her, they will be stuck with Juliet the way she is.  Adalind says that they can use her mother's body and will need Rosalie's help. Adalind tells Nick that they are having a boy and asks him if he wants to feel the baby kicking.  Nick backs away and Adalind again tells Nick that the child is his, whether he accepts it or not.  Adalind tells Nick that everyone is acting like she is responsible for everything, adding that she only did what she did because they took her child from her. Nick refuses to make eye contact and Adalind steps forward, telling Nick that the child is strong like him.  Adalind forcefully grabs Nick's hand and places it on her stomach. 

Juliet pulls up at the precinct in an absolute rage.

In the office, Adalind tells Nick that she is going to have their baby and that there's only one person who can stop her.  Nick agrees to take Adalind to Rosalie.  Nick and Adalind start to walk out of the precinct, as a confused Wu and Hank look on.  They don't get far because they run into Juliet, who storms towards Adalind, saying that she should have finished Adalind off when she had the chance. Adalind starts to back away, asking Nick to keep Juliet away from her.  Adalind tells Juliet that she came to the precinct because she has a way to help her, causing Juliet to respond that she has had enough of Adalind's help. Nick asks Juliet to leave, saying that nothing is going to happen here. Juliet tells Nick that she is going to rip out Adalind's throat but Nick points out that the child is innocent.  When Nick grabs Juliet's arm, Juliet snarks that he is choosing Adalind over her.  Wu interrupts to ask if everything is okay and Nick says that they are all just working everything out.  Juliet turns to leave, telling Adalind that they will catch up later.

Monroe is at the ranch with Maggie, and she explains why the Bowdens do what they do.  Monroe reveals that he hunted a long time ago and they hop into a van. 

At the spice shop, Nick arrives with Adalind, who displays her pregnant stomach. Juliet asks who the sperm donor is this time and Nick explains that it happened when Adalind pretended to be Juliet. Nick reveals that Juliet knows.  Adalind reminds Rosalie that she is well aware of the role she played in the kidnapping of Diana.  Nick tells Rosalie that if Adalind knows how to help Juliet, then they have to help her do it, or at least he has to help her do it.  Adalind sees the book and adds that all they need now is her mother.  Rosalie agrees, saying it's because she has found nothing which has the potential to help Juliet.

Hank calls Nick to ask if he is alright and reveals that another body has been found.

Juliet is in the hotel with Vincent, and she is livid that Nick told her to leave Adalind alone.  Vincent suggests that now that Nick is going to be a father, his protective urges have shifted.  Juliet asks what's in it for her and Vincent offers her a new life, with a family who values who she is and what she can do, adding that Juliet can have anything she wants.  Vincent questions if Juliet will be a pawn or a queen and asks Juliet to tell Kelly that Nick is in mortal danger and needs her help.

Monroe is with the Bowden's at a retreat.  He woges for everyone present and tells them that any Wesen can woge and that there is more to being Wesen than that.  Monore tells them  that they all have tremendous power and what they do with it is up to them. Monroe explains his past, adding that life is precious and should only be taken when your life is at stake.  The Bowdens tell the attendees to start the hunt.  A Wesen appears and woges, causing Monroe to woge and follow.  Monroe is attacked and discovers that it's Maggie, when she turns back to human.  Maggie reveals that she has already picked out a victim whom no one will miss.  Monroe tells Maggie that this is not the way anymore and Maggie calls him weak and a wannabe. Maggie takes off running.

Nick, Hank and Wu are standing over the new dead body.  Nick says that they need to contact Monroe to see if he is still with the Bowdens.

Monroe rushes over to the Bowdens and reports to them that Maggie is on the hunt.  They rush off with Monroe to stop Maggie.  Monroe calls Nick and informs him about Maggie.

Maggie watches a human as her brother, father and Monroe rush through the woods.  Maggie woges and attacks the back packer.  The cops arrive and find the backpack and go racing into the woods.  They come across Maggie, who has been stabbed in the abdomen.  The backpacker stumbles out of the woods into Hank's arms, saying that he has been attacked by an animal.  The Bowdens and Monroe arrive and Maggie explains to her father and brother that she did this because they weren't paying any attention to her, and didn't understand how much this meant to her.  Maggie says she knows what being a Wesen really means and that her father and brother were just playing in the woods.  Maggie tells her father that she wasn't just a girl and wishes that he could have seen her for what she really was before dying. 

In the Grimm trailer Juliet lights a candle and flashes back through everything which has happened since she has become a Hexenbiest.  Juliet rips pages out of one of the Grimm books and then sets the whole thing on fire, woging in rage.  Juliet steps outside and grabs her phone to call Nick.  Juliet tells Nick that he might want to stop by the trailer and hangs up. 

Okay, I know I have said it before but clearly it needs to be said again.  Nick didn't cheat on Juliet with Adalind, he was was raped by her.  I am sick and tired of the ongoing implication that this was somehow consensual and was not rape.  Grimm has had so much failure in regard to this incident that I have given up hope that they are ever going to set it right.  Having Vincent imply consensual sex does not make it any less damaging simply because we are to view him as a villain.

I am further not pleased with the slut shaming Adalind was subjected to when she revealed her pregnancy to Nick, Renard and Rosalie.  Who cares how many she slept with?  It's just another way to assassinate her character which is simply not necessary given the fact that Adalins is after all a rapist.  The questioning of paternity is patriarchal in nature.  The controlling of women's sexuality has always been about men assuring themselves that the child they are raising is actually biologically theirs.  It's a control mechanism and shame on Grimm for playing into that.

Adalind is a rapist but she is also right about Nick, Rosalie, Reanrd, Juliet and Monroe colluding to steal her child.  What they did to her is absolutely unacceptable and none of them have acknowledged that, let alone accepted responsibility for what they have done. None of this justifies Adalind raping Nick but it does at least explain the motivation behind what she did.  A loving mother would stop at nothing to get her child back.  Yes, Adalind is evil but she loves Diana.

As for Juliet, I am beyond sick of her at this point.  She is not the victim.  She did not get raped.  Yes, Juliet became a Hexenbiest but I recall her actively encouraging Nick to perform the ceremony to get his Grimm nature back.  She participated willingly and no one forced her.  Yes, Juliet is now a Hexenbiest but Grimm has yet to explain to us why this is so terrible.  Why is a Hexebiest somehow worse than a Blutbod for instance? At this point she gets no sympathy from me. It feels like she is acting like a two year old having a tantrum.  They need to do more than suggest woo woo reasons for Juliet's behaviour.