Sunday, May 10, 2015

Grimm, Season 4, Episode 21: Headache

Stronger than lover’s love
Is lover’s hate
Incurable, in each
The wounds they make

Juliette nearly forces Nick to shoot Monroe but Hank pushes Monroe out of the way at the last second. Ok, can we axe murder Juliette yet? She’s pretty happy that they made Adalind helpless for her to slaughter. Everyone lets her leave without axe murdering

C’mon guys, you just showed us that the axes survived the trailer fire! Get with the chopping already!

Monroe, Rosalie (with an unnecessary “bitch” comment) and Hank all declare that they are officially done helping Juliette (but don’t declare their allegiance to team axe-murder just yet). Nick calls Renard – and it is answered by the jack-the-ripper-wannabe-with-the-dodgy-accent who says Renard is “resting”. Naturally everyone’s worried about Renard “resting” around a brutal serial killer.

Guns drawn, Wu, Hank and Nick head to Renard’s place – and find Renard (a little confused as to why everyone is pointing guns at him). Renard’s phone is downstairs – and he didn’t leave his door open, though it’s open now and his phone clearly shows he’s recently received a call from Nick.

This is terrible, worrying news – Renard sleeps in a shirt and trousers. That’s just sad. Oh and he may be possessed by Jack the Ripper.  Or stalked by him

Since Renard was at Henrietta’s last, they head there – and find her murdered body. They call in all the investigation people even while Hank puts his thinking cap and realises Jack the Ripper referred to “we”. Renard goes home at Hank’s suggestion, since he may be being stalked by the killer. They have his house watched (for his protection, not suspicion).

Renard tells Hank and Nick about the problems he’s been having with dodgy dreams and bullet holes. Nick suggests a doctor which is kind of a useless suggestion. Renard is panicky and fearful and so out of character it’s really unnerving. As they leave, Hank and Nick broach the idea that maybe Renard is being possessed by Jack especially since he talks about black outs.

Evil prince Kenneth has his minions take over ever house in Nick’s neighbourhood (having been given information about the now slaughtered inhabitants by Juliette who needs some killing) so they can watch Nick’s house and wait for Kelly, the awesome Mummy Grimm, to return (and she can axe murder Juliette? Yes? Yes?)

Juliette leads Kenneth inside and gives him a grand tour. And Juliette decides to have sex with Kenneth in the bed where Adalind raped Nick (of course no-one in this show acknowledges that and even Juliette’s choice to have sex here and now seems to be, at least in part, jealousy).

Nick goes home to his ruffled, unmade bed. This makes him remember Adalind’s rape and he calls Hank – because Adalind may know what’s happening to Renard (why? Henrietta didn’t? And she’s the Hexenbiest everyone looks up for answers).

Renard continues to have disturbing dreams. More importantly, he dispenses with the unnecessary sleep shirt. The world is a better place again. And in case we were in any doubt, he is possessed by Jack.

To Bud’s (who isn’t doing well with the tension) and waking up Adalind. She assumes Nick is here to murder her because she’s kind of got it coming. I do kind of love how Adalind lectures Nick on having Juliette drink the potion as if he didn’t understand that part. Of course, Adalind knows exactly what is happening to Renard – when he died and came back to life thanks to mummy Hexenbiest, he brought a passenger with him.

The only way to fix him is to re-open the portal which involves killing him. So to Rosalie and Monroe for their old fake-death potion they’ve used before.

To add some urgency, at work they find footage of Renard near one of the crime scenes. They have to break the news to a seriously freaked out Renard. As Renard becomes more and more distraught, Hank draws a gun and very calmly tells Renard to hand over his gun. He does, still protesting his innocence – but asking for someone to watch him who understands. Poor Renard. That would be Wu of course.

The gang prepare a potion for Renard but are sure they need to convince Jack that he’s actually dying so he moves on – if they tell Renard it’s an advanced sleeping potion Jack will probably hang around.

Unfortunately a steadily more terrified and possessed Renard knocks Wu out. With an open shirt so all is forgiven. Renard kidnaps Wu and takes him on his next murder trip, picking out a sex worker to attack.

Hank and Nick find Wu locked in his car and they run to try and stop Renard killing again, managing to catch him before he kills her. Renard comes back to himself. They take him to the spice shop and give him the potion, calling it a memory potion.

He nearly passes out before Jack rises up and grabs Rosalie by the neck. She’s a fuchsbau and not a damsel – so bites him and gets free and the three cops repeatedly shoot him – with rubber bullets. It’s part of their “convince him he’s dead” ploy.

Black smoke emerges from Renard’s mouth which seems to be Jack leaving – and Rosalie injects the cure. Renard is back! Albeit not feeling so good. The bullet scars on his chest fade (yes Rosalie, I would stare at his chest like that too)

At Nick’s house she-who-needs-killing Juliette is a little mopy around photos of her and Nick while a woman approaches the front porch, watched by Kenneth. She leaves, one of Kenneth’s minions describing her as “just some kid.” He sends one of his Hundjager after the kid – and Truble promptly beheads him. Welcome back Truble – you can behead Juliette!

Juliette gets a call from Kelly asking how everything is (yay, she can be the one to stab Juliette!). Kelly has arrived with the baby. Kenneth’s men ambush her. Juliette is the worst person in the world and we focus on her as we hear the sound of combat and a baby crying. She goes downstairs to find baby Diana (now a toddler), the child she endangered and actually acts concerned for her (hypocrite). A bloodstained and triumphant Kenneth announces that “we got her”. Juliette has the audacity to look conflicted

Trubel runs to the spice shop to tell them something major is happening at Nick’s house. They arrive to find a box… with Kelley’s head in it.

THEY KILLED MUMMY GRIMM?! Everyone dies for this!

Damn it, she was one of my favourite characters, especially back in the days when Grimm only had women to be villains or stand in the corner and be helpless. She was a major bright spark on this show and an awesome character.

Also, this title? Not cute. Kelly deserves better than this dismal joke. I think she also deserved to have a fight scene. Yes, she could still lose it - but she deserved better than to be killed off screen rather than dying in gloriously combat, every move choreographed perfectly and her finally brought down on top of a pile of corpses of enemies she'd already dispatched. 

Juliette… I think I’m with Monroe, Hank and Rosalie, she has crossed so many lines… I’m not saying she’s not redeemable, I am saying she’s going to need to do a lot to make that redemption work. As in several seasons of amends and I wouldn’t be surprised or critical if Nick can ever forgive her

I think they should call Renard’s mother back. Between Renard’s recurring bullet holes and Juliette turning Hexenbiest (and the personality change which I don’t think can be explained just by “she’s a hexenbiest” – Renards a zauberbiest and he isn’t off the rails), we have a common factor of her magic doing weird stuff that could use some explanation.

I’m rather annoyed that Henrietta didn’t know what was wrong with Renard. This very briefly alive and very quickly killed Black female character was allowed one role on the show – dispensing advice and wisdom to others (why there’s a trope for that). The least they could have done would be to make her a good source of knowledge

Renard is awesome, his acting of his distress and fear and falling apart was perfect. His acting as Jack and that accent? Alas… no.