Sunday, January 17, 2016

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 10: Like Father, Light Daughter

Turns out I’m right, not Bo (I’d be smug but it’s not hard) – it was Lauren who sucked Bo’s chi to save herself, not Bo giving her energy. As she experiments (with Vex) she finds she can use Mesmer powers and, presumably, just about any fae’s power. She’s a conduit – she’s probably long lived as well so that’s that goal. She’s also very very worried about side effects because she’s not entirely foolish. So she consults Hades (ok I take it back – c’mon Lauren you’re supposed to be more intelligent than that) and he declares she has a full bill of health and totally isn’t going to melt, cause other fae to melt or any other bad meltiness. Honest, no bad melting, really.

If you believe that you haven’t been paying attention.

Anyway Kenzi is back! Yes she has returned from Spain where she’s been hanging around with Hale’s family and now has a whole lot of money and luxury and is generally her fun self. She and Bo do a lot of catching up (which includes awkward sex jokes in front of poor Trick and some not very subtle mockery of Bo’s eternally complicated sex life)

Anyway she’s brought Hale’s grandfather with her, Heathcliff and they bring news that there’s a painting that contains special knowledge on how to banish an Ancient – Zeus or Hades and they’d quite like to get rid of both of them so they definitely want the art

This includes theft (since the curator of where the painting is being kept is germophobic so won’t let Bo use her mind control sex assault mojo on her). While stealing the painting they run into Persephone, also released from Tartarus when Hades was released. She has lots of her own issues with her messed up family but is all moved and fluffy that Bo doesn’t want to imprison her (apparently since Bo is the new captor of Hades that makes her Persephone’s captor by default).

She brings some more insight about the painting which, apparently, contains a song that Banishes agents. It needs to be sung by a Siren – since Heathcliff is Hale’s granddad that makes him a siren. How convenient.  Using Persephone and her parental issues they lure Zeus into a trap

Alas, this trap has been prepared by Bo & co and it kind of relied on Zeus just standing there while they sing at him. They never ever make good plans. Zeus happily points out she can throw lightning bolts and zaps Heathcliff’s throat. She doesn’t kill him for… reasons. Because the script says so

Thankfully, Zeus is related to Bo so has the same utter lack of planning skills and, rather than just zapping Bo et all she decides she’s going to use the Siren song to banish Bo. Which means having Lauren look at the zapped Heathcliff’s throat to, what, magically restore his voice with doctor hands? Instead she uses her new conduit powers to use the sireny abilities to banish Zeus. Hey when you have plot armour who needs plans?

Wow that plot line required some severely dubious decisions on everyone’s part. Really.

Anyway this does mean that the whole gang knows about Lauren’s shiny abilities and Lauren is all super thrilled because Hades thinks it’s all cool. Vex thinks this is a terribad idea because the fae community, when they find out, will monumentally freak out and Bo is concerned that the woman she loves is going to go through a lot of changes now she’s immortal and has super powers.

This is definitely going to all go very very very very wrong.

In other plot lines we have Alicia, the human who entered Dyson’s life and they have this whole romantic thing going on. When she stumbles on some of his files Dyson tries to create the idea that they’re paranormal researchers. He tasks Mark with the job to keep her in the dark.

Mark. No, really, Mark. Quite possibly the worst person he could ever have chosen. Surprising absolutely nobody, Mark tells her everything

She’s now a human who knows all about the fae which is a big no-no and against the rules. Dyson doesn’t want to kill her (understandable) or erase her memories (less so), so Alicia becomes Dyson’s claimed human

This would be a very convoluted plot line but we’ve already had the “I’m choosing to sing you to death rather than zap you” plotline so not so much. But, hey Heathcliffe actualluy got to live (I know, I’m shocked too) and Kenzi’s back which is always fun

Oh and all that musical plotline actually amounts to nothing because Hades has been plotting – he changed the song so it doesn’t really banish anyone. Hades goes on with his own plotting and Zeus is duly terrified of him which is slightly ominous.