Monday, February 15, 2016

The Returned, Season 2, Episode 7: Etienne

It’s all happening this episode – especially since the army has decided to stop just, well, being there and is actually doing something.

Of course we begin with a flashback to 35 years ago and we learn a bit more about Marin, everyone’s least favourite person. It turns out that Marin is was the head of a cult called the Circle – a suicide cult. After the first dam burst and so many died, the cult killed each other, including Etienne, the man who built the first dam which collapsed and had a whole lot of guilt

Of course Victor was there. He was also there years before when Etienne was building the dam – and told him not to because people will die. Did I mention that Victor was creepy? Because Victor is creepy.

In the present everything seems to be happening. Lucy tries to lead her army of the dead but even she is losing control – she can’t get Virgil to convince Camille to join them and Virgil himself loses faith in her. Even Morgane leaves her side. She seemed to be the last person in control

She also loses control over Etienne – now reborn and with no memories, he’s been found by Berg, his son, who takes him home.

The army, through various means, ends up with The Segeuret family, Adele, Chloe, baby Nathan, Milan and Victor all in custody (even if they’re not calling it custody). They have lots of questions which are awkward for everyone to answer –including the identity of Camille, what happened to the vanished Nathan (who has a mark on his arm – which may be the beginning of the marks some of the zombies get). Milan seems to be the only one who knows what is going on – and all he does is spout crypticness about his Circle cult.

Until he see Victor who is concerned because he keeps having dreams of Milan killing Julie. Milan is convinced everything is Victor’s choice and in his power. Victor chooses who comes back. Victor is behind everything and Milan is a loyal follower

Victor denies all of this but given what we’ve seen I rather think that Milan may be right. Just in case you don’t agree that Victor is the source of all power Victor decides to prove the point by having a little tantrum. He shuts off all the power in the building and causes on police man to go on a bit of a rampage with the gun. With that distraction everyone can escape – except Adele who stays to look for Nathan (who may have been kidnapped by Lucy).

The lights come on when Victor leaves, just in case there was any doubt as to who was behind it.

Julia is still roaming around in the hospital, helped by Ophelie (again there’s no real explanation as to why Ophelie is helping Julie beyond Julie dreaming of Ophelie kissing her which at least is some remembrance that she’s a lesbian or bisexual).

Madame Costa turns up in the hospital – she was shot through the heart last episode and is now, predictably, recovered. She tells Julie that Victor is looking for her so Julie, predictably, drops everything and goes desperately looking for him

This takes her to Helping Hand where Pierre and an even more fanatical Frederic are refusing to accept that Audrey is human: Sandrine is now trying to save her daughter and is locked up. Julie is locked up with them with Pierre demanding more secrets

I think they run a very real risk of Victor nuking the place

The next episode is the last one – and with that maybe we’ll finally find some answers. Or maybe Victor will kill everyone. I’m more than ready for some answers.