Monday, March 21, 2016

Bitten, Season 3, Episode 6: Rule of Anger

So last week Karl Marsten was captured by one of Roman’s wolves and is now being brutally tortured by the Red Eyed Wolf. This guy is Roman’s chief torturer/executioner and is generally not a nice guy since he kills people for funsies and is very very very good at it.

Elena being Elena, of course she wants to run to the rescue with very little back up. This doesn’t exactly go to plan as the Red Eyed wolf is very very very dangerous indeed but eventually she, Clay and an extra manage to free Karl – but only after many many fight scenes in which the Red Eyed wolf pretty much takes them all on and kind of wins. He’s not dead. This eats a large amount of the episode full of a great deal of drama and ominousness

Meanwhile Rachel has been allowed out of the plot box! Because Nick wants to use her home (where she has her newborn baby) as a safe house for Katja. Yeaaah that deserves several slaps upside the head

But they’re distracted by another issue –little baby Rocco is apparently making his toys fly around and messing with the electricity. The baby has magic – which is a little ominous (babies + magic = KILL IT WITH FIRE).

Thankfully the gang doesn’t follow my advice (really, more problems are solved if you just resolve to kill things with fire) instead the call in Paige who has Unresolved Issues with Nick still since they had an aborted romance last season. She pokes at the whole weird magic stuff and discovers baby Rocco isn’t a witch!

Rachel is. Looks like Alistair’s experiments have turned her into a magic user. Rachel is duly freaked – after all being in the supernatural world has utterly destroyed her life – her husband, her son is a werewolf and she lives every day waiting for Jeremy to decide whether to kill her and kidnap her son. But rather than run from her magic, as Nick expects, she embraces it – this will give her more power. This will give her the chance to make her own decisions for her own life and her own family. She wants that

And I definitely want to see that. Rachel demanding power, achieving independence and even be in the middle of a plot line that doesn’t have her banished to the plot box for the next dozen episodes.

Anyway, the appearance of the Red Eyed Wolf also results in Alexei and Katja panicking – since the Red Eyed wolf killed their mother. Especially since Alexei confides that he changed into a wolf and killed someone. Hearing her little brother in distress, Katja makes a decision – she’s going to kill Roman.

Which involves kidnapping Rocco. For some reason.