Thursday, August 11, 2016

Glitch Season One, Episode Two

So the John Doe who crawled out of the grave at the end of the last episode, has made his way to the local high school. He walks around campus naked, covered in mud and stops to look at some pictures.

At the surgery, Kate is the first to wake for the day. She makes her way to the bathroom, removes her top and discovers that her breasts are gone.  After staring for a few minutes her breasts appear.

James is home and is greeted by Sarah, who wants him to come to back to bed. James begs off, claiming that he has a report to do.  Sarah questions his facial expression and James brushes it off, and touches her face affectionately before leaving.

Kate goes to find Elishia to discuss her suspicion that not only did she have breast cancer but that she had a mastectomy. Elishia confirms her suspicions and Kate talks about remembering waking up after the operation and feeling sorry for James, who she felt didn't deserve this. Elishia has to point out that Kate didn't deserve it either.  Kate wonders if her cancer has returned with her. Elishia examines Kate and finds no abnormalities.  They are interrupted by a phone call from James, who wants Elishia to join him at the cemetery.  Kate wants to tag along but Elishia says no because everyone who knows Kate things she's dead.

Paddy has broken into a store and gotten himself some clothing and what appears to be minimal camping gear. He's assimilated rather well hasn't he?

Elishia meets with James at the cemetery and reports that Alexander, Carlos's brother died the night before at 11:50. Yep, you guessed it, that's the same time that Carlos died.  James immediately believes that there must be a connection; however, Elishia argues that Alexander was an old man. Okay, Elishia has just seen a bunch of people who have supposedly come back from the dead but the connection between Carlos and Alexander is what she questions? Elishia is determined to find a rational explanation and points out that there are six graves which have been disturbed and that they've only found five people.  James wants to cover up the graves so that there's no investigation. Elishia makes her way to the hole that John Doe climbed out of and pulls out something silver but quickly hides it from James, claiming that it's not a grave but a hole. James has no time to dwell on this however because he gets called to the local high school.

John Doe is hiding out in the female change room and James enters calling out for Paddy, wrongly believing that this is who John Doe is. John Doe tries to escape and a fight breaks out between him and James.  James ends up with upper hand, handcuffs John Doe and then escorts him to his vehicle.

At the medical clinic, Kate is going through her medical file when Charles joins her.  He's astounded by the television.  A scream comes from the kitchen and Charles and Kate go running and find Maria and Kirstie in the kitchen.  It seems that the leg wound Kirstie received crawling out of the grave is not healing. Elishia joins them and confirms that the wound is infected and is clearly surprised because Kirstie is on antibiotics.  Charles questions why they aren't taking Kirstie to a hospital and Elishia just gives him a look.

James is driving John Doe back to the medical clinic and questions if John Doe remembers anything about the cemetery or how he got there, but gets no response.  Judging from John Doe's appearance James guesses that he is not Paddy. James drives by the clothing store that Paddy broke into earlier and who should be out front but Vic, and so James decides to pull over. James is not pleased, particularly when Vic brings up Carlos, who is not in lock up. James says that he decided not to charge him, causing Vic to accuse Carlos of being responsible for the robbery.  John Doe starts to kick at the doors of the vehicle and when Vic moves to check, James is quick to tell Vic that he doesn't want Vic telling him how to run his section.

In the woods, Beau awakens a sleeping Paddy, who shows off his new clothing.  When Beau mentions the store Paddy broke into was on Fitzgerald street, this causes Paddy to preen, claiming that the store would not exist without him and therefore if he needs something, he will take it. Paddy wants to head to his chambers but Beau says that he has school. Paddy being Paddy scoffs at the idea that Natives have school.

thats racist
Yeah, it's great that they've had Beau call out Paddy's racist attacks (well all of them except for this one) but how long are they going to have him following around Paddy like a lost dog while Paddy makes racist comments to him or about him? 

James brings John Doe back to the medical clinic but John Doe is still not answering any questions. James talks about the graves he found.  James tells everyone that Kate is his wife and had been dead for over two years before coming back. Charles Thompson was 21 when he died almost 100 years ago. Maira Massola died in 1969, age 39. Maria however is adamant that her name is Anna. Kirstie is not buying any of this for a second. It's only when James calls Kirstie by name that she starts to put the pieces together. Finally, they think to ask about Carlos and James tells them that he's dead.  They then decide that Kirstie needs to get to the hospital because of the wound on her leg. Charles helps Kirstie to the car, as James explains to Elishia that he'll just say that he found Kirstie outside of town and get Kirstie to say that she doesn't remember what happened.  Elishia asks for the keys for John Doe's handcuffs in case of emergency. Kate hugs James goodbye and expresses her desire to go home. 

James is driving Kirstie the hospital and Charles is concerned that Kirstie is going to have her leg removed.  As James drives toward the bridge, Charles informs him that Kirstie has started to bleed. James notices that Charles is bleeding as well and stops the car. 

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Vic just happens to show up at the medical center and notices the dirt on Elishia's car.  Hmmmm. He knocks on the door.  The group hides and Elishia begs John Doe to be quiet, claiming to want to help him. Elishia runs to the door and Vic says that he wants to talk about the cemetery. Elishia says that she has a patient, so Vic offers to wait inside but Elishia claims that it wouldn't be appropriate.  Vic agrees to get back to Elishia when she has some free time. Could Elishia have been anymore suspicious? 

Maria is freaking out because of what was written on her headstone and takes off.  Kate is quick to follow. Elishia returns and tells John Doe that Vic is gone.  There seems to be some chemistry between the Elishia and John Doe. Elishia thanks him for being quiet. John Doe holds out his hands but Elishia tells him that she promised not to remove the handcuffs. John Doe asks if he is in hell and Elishia tells him that not only is he alive, he is in Yaroona. This does not ring any bells with John Doe.

Maria and Kate make it to the cemetery and there Maria finds a tombstone for her ten year old daughter next to her tombstone. Maria starts digging at Anna's grave, certain that her daughter is trapped and Kate has to hold her back.  Kate helps Maria get up, assuring her that her house is nearby. This isn't going to end well.

oh snap cat

James brings Kirstie and Charles back to the medical center and Elishia brings them back inside.  After a quick exam, Elishia declares that everything is normal.  James pulls Elishia aside and says that Charles and Kirstie got ill at the bridge, the exact same spot where Carlos began to have problems. In fact, each time he tried to leave town, Kirstie and Charles got sick. Elishia has some news of her own - Kate and Maria are missing.

Paddy is finally getting excited about the changes in the town and he explains that he made his money selling supplies to the miners. Paddy however wants his fortune back and so he dismisses Beau, thanking him for his company.

Maria and Kate walk down the street and Maria wonders why God would take her little girl and bring her back but not her daughter. Kate tries to console Maria by saying that her husband could still be in town.  They arrive at James's place and let themselves in via a key left over the door. Kate explains that the furniture has all changed and when she heads to the bedroom to find some clothing for Maria, none of the clothing belongs to her. Kate then sees a wedding photo of James and her friend Sara. Naturally, this is when Sara returns home from grocery shopping but since Kate used the key to get in the house she's locked out.

Sara does manage to find a way in and Maria and Kate sneak out the back.  Sara is immediately positive that someone has been in her home from the mess. She grabs a knife from the kitchen and makes her way around back, as Maria and Kate watch her from a tree.  Kate and Maria take off and Sara calls James to tell him that there was someone in the house and he instructs her to stay inside and lock the doors. 

Paddy makes his way through the woods towards a large house but he doesn't realise that he is being followed by an Aboriginal person. The man attacks Paddy, hitting him with a bone.  Paddy falls to the ground screaming, "you murdered me"  and "get off me you Black bastard" Yes, Paddy is remembering his death but luckily for him, he is pulled into the present by Beau shaking him. When Paddy tells Beau about how he died, Beau says that it must have been some kind of payback. Paddy wants to return to his original home, so Beau helps him up, after informing Paddy that it's about an hours walk away.

Why the hell is Beau still helping Paddy? Yes, Beau dropped snark about Paddy getting what he deserved but that still does not explain why he is essentially a walking servant for Paddy. 

James catches up with Maria, who says that Kate is leaving town because she knows about James and Sarah. James orders Maria to get back to the medical center immediately.  Maria turns the other direction and sees a car pull up with her husband and daughter but it's just a hallucination. James catches up with Kate, who is not impressed that he got together with Sarah so quickly. When James reveals the baby is due in two weeks, Kate questions whether or not James was sleeping with Sarah when she was alive. James tries to explain that he and Sarah got together to comfort each other in their grief but it seems to be that Kate was barely cold before they got together. Kate reaches the border area and starts to bleed from her eyes, so James drags her back. 

James and an upset Kate arrive back at the medical center. James is concerned that he cannot protect those who came back from the dead and has decided to tell Vic. Elishia however doesn't believe that this is a good idea and questions what happens if Vic decides to move them out of town. When James starts to walk away, Elishia agrees that they need some sort of solution.

James arrives at the station, to find Vic busy going through files.  Vic is curious how it is that the cemetery got cleaned up when the trustees didn't arrange for that.  James asks if he can trust Vic and Vic starts to question if James broke the law. James tells Vic about the people returning from the dead. James tells Vic that one of them was his wife Kate.  Vic is shocked and suggests that James needs to take a rest and James insists that he is not crazy before walking out.

James returns to the medical center and finds it completely locked up. Elishia has gathered the people and taken them to a place which belonged to her aunt and uncle, promising that they will be safe there. James calls Elishia, and she assures them that the people are with her and are safe.  Elishia is adamant that this this is too important to be left to the police because this could transform biological science. James argues that Kate is his wife but Elishia will not budge and she disconnects the call.

Later that night, the newly awakened have settled in. Kate and Maria sit outside by the fire. Maria is certain that God has chosen them to be tested but Kate doesn't believe in God.  Maria is shocked by this because a miracle happened to Kate. 

Sara wakes to find James doing laundry. Sara says that whoever broke in didn't take anything and reports that their dog is missing.  

With tears in her eyes, Kate takes off her wedding ring. Maria stares at her reflection in a mirror.  Charles and Kirstie look up at the stars.  Elishia brings John Doe a plate of food. Again, he points to his handcuffs and this time, Elishia takes them off. When Elishia checks John Doe's wrist, he pushes her against a wall and begins choking her.  When he releases her, Elishia runs away as John Doe says, "I'm sorry."  

Vic is driving, he loses control of his car and flips it over.  He's injured but manages to exist the car and make his way to the road. 

Here's the deal, I don't care about the angst between James, Kate and Sarah.  It just seems an unnecessary distraction since people are you know, COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD.  It seems that the writers created this mysterious scenario but have no idea what to do with it, so have fallen back predictably on a love triangle. To make sure this ridiculous scenario had the most impact, Sarah was Kate's best friend and is nine months pregnant. 

Paddy is really getting on my nerves.  He absolutely has the sense of White entitlement that someone alive well over 100 years ago might well have had.  That being said, it makes no sense to me why Beau is continuing to stay by his side. Yes, Beau calls out Paddy's racism but unless Beau is some kind of masochist, this budding relationship makes no sense.  It's made worse by the fact that Beau is the only character of color thus far.

And Elishia?  Okay, she doesn't want to see a connection between Carlos and Alexander fine. When six people come from back from the dead, there's NO LOGICAL EXPLANATION.  What sense does it make to hide these people away because they are biologically important but then take them some place where they cannot be researched?  I think she knows more than she's saying and that something is clearly going on between her and John Doe but the problem is that thus far, the writers have given me nothing to get excited about.