Sunday, January 15, 2017

Grimm, Season Six, Episode Two: Trust Me Knot

"Man is not what he thinks he is,
he is what he hides."

It's not fair that this is the last season of Grimm, when it's the best one they've done so far. From season one the biggest problem with Grimm was it's absolute refusal to move the meta along at a reasonable rate and yet this season the pace is dizzying and wonderful. Why oh why couldn't Grimm have been this good the entire time? 

When we last left Grimm, Renard was outside Bud's place with a swat team preparing to burst in and arrest Nick. Before Renard can give the go ahead, Hank and Wu show up and arrest him for the murder of Rachel Wood.  Of course we all know that Renard's creepy daughter was responsible for Rachel's death.  Renard tries to encourage the swat team to act but Hank and Wu say that he's no longer in charge. With Renard secured in the back of the squad car the two take off. 

Inside of Bud's place, the panic level is high and this is when Monroe decides to announce that Rosealee is pregnant.  Well, I guess that cat's out of the bag.  Nick actually takes the time to congratulate Monroe and Rosealee and apologise for getting them involved in this.  Nick encourages his friends to head for the back of the building and determines that he is going to give up.  Both Truble and Eve/Juliet try to talk him out of it.  The swat bursts in and Nick stands still with his hands in the air.  One of the cops frisk Nick and finds the stick.  Suddenly the stick starts to hum like it has found the spirit. It knocks the cops unconscious.

Outside, the rest of the cops are becoming concerned because they haven't heard from the swat team yet.  A shot sounds inside and a member of the swat rushes out and starts running, claiming that Nick got away.  Of course, it's Nick in that uniform.  When the p.d. takes off on a while goose chase, Nick, along with the rest of the scoobies steal the swat van and take off. 

At the station, it's time for Hank and Wu to question an angry Renard.  Renard threatens their jobs and even Nick's life. It's Wu who makes it clear that whatever happens to Nick is going to happen to Renard. Gotta say I love this tough kick ass Wu. Hank questions where Renard was the night his lover was killed but Renard has no alibi because he was busy killing Bonaparte then. 

Once in his cell, Renard uses his one phone call to tell Adalind to get a sitter and come down to the jail and get him out. A maintenance man is painting away the Blackclaw marks on an empty cell and he takes the time woge and state his displeasure at seeing the captain this way. Renard uses the opportunity to ask the man to slip him a cell phone. When the worker slips Renard the cell phone he requested, Renard uses it to call Judge Stancroft, who of course is a Wesen judge. Finished all that he can for the moment, Renard sits, only to hallucinate a gun and a single bullet.  Clearly he's still messed up from killing Meisner.

With the exception of Monroe and Rosealee, Nick and the rest of the scoobies head back to the tunnels to hide. Bud is totally team Nick and offers to stay in the tunnels with him for the rest of his life. Eve admits that she is struggling and feels like she's two different people.  Eve wants to take the cloth which was wrapped around the stick to Rosealee, so that they can learn more about it. Eve also suggests that maybe it isn't a good idea for Nick to walk around with the stick given that it acted to protect him by knocking out the swat team.  Truble is quick to see the sense of this.  Nick does not react well at all to the idea of being separated from the stick.

Having been summoned by Renard, Adalind drops the kids of at the spice shop for Rosealee and Monroe to babysit.  Monroe is rightfully anxious about watching creepy lavender girl and Rosealee simply bushes it off as though it's nothing. Yeah, I totally team Monroe on this one.  

Back in the tunnels Nick is freaking out about not holding his precious stick.  Bud tries to talk him out of it but he picks up the stick once again. 
This time when he picks up the stick, he doesn't like his reaction to it and quickly drops it.  Good for you Nick Sméagol.

Renard and Adalind meet to discuss the situation.  Since Bonaparte obviously cannot be Renard's alibi, he's decided that Adalind should be.  Adalind doesn't even miss a beat pointing out that she has children to care for now and adds that she is not going to risk going to jail for perjury to please him.  

At the spice shop, Monroe calls out to Rosealee when Diana decides to juggle the spice jars in the air for fun.  Diana even makes one of them disappear. Rosealee gently instructs the child to put the jars back in place as Monroe barely keeps it together.   Eve and Trubel arrive and Diana is quick to notice that something is different about Eve.  The women leave to work on the cloth leaving a poor terrified Monroe alone with the demon child once again. No one would blame him if he had to hit Diana with a rock and run at this point. He's the only one who's on to Diana. 

Nick, Bud, Hank and Wu meet in the tunnels to discuss what to do now.  They decide that what they need is to make some kind of deal with Renard; however, the problem is that Renard cannot be trusted. Nick gets on the phone with Adalind and she suggests a forget me knot.  Both parties vow to do a task and whoever doesn't complete the task is strangled to death.  It sounds like a really good way for two parties without trust to make a deal.  Nick asks Adalind to meet him in the place where she first told him that she loved him.  So yeah, Grimm is officially committed to Nick being in love with his rapist and I for one am repulsed.  

For the plan to work Renard has to be there, so Wu and Hank head to the prison to grab him. Once there, Nick explains to Renard that Adalind will testify at the grand jury, thus providing him with an alibi and in return, Renard will call off the witch hunt and allow Nick to return to duty. Renard points out that Adalind already turned him down but Nick assure him that Adalind didn't turn him down. Yep, pissing contest Grimm style.

Adalind arrives and begins the spell, using her own blood to make it stick. Adalind takes the time to remind both men that anyone who doesn't hold up their end of the deal will die. 

Back at the spice shop the women continue to work to try to figure out what the hell is on the cloth. When Eve uses a compound to try and reveal more of the writing on the cloth part of it burns away. Monroe and Diana join them downstairs and naturally, it's Diana who can easily see all of the writing. With his deal with Renard sealed in blood, Nick feels comfortable enough to show up for a confab. It's Nick who asks Diana to draw what she sees and she's all to happy to comply for Kelly's daddy. When Diana is finished with her drawing, no one knows what to make of it because no one has ever seen anything like it before.

From the ashes, Hadrian's Wall calls Truble to send her on assignment. Trubel tries to balk because she knows how much trouble Nick is in but her orders are firm. Trubel conveys to Nick that Hadrian's Wall would like Nick to go with her but he's adamant that someone needs to stay behind and deal with the mess that is Portland.  Not having much time, Trubel says her goodbyes, instructing the scoobies to make sure that Nick stays alive.

With that settled, it's time to head to google to see if they can figure out what the hell Diana drew. What I want to know is what the hell kind of key words did Rosealee use for this search?

It's Hank's turn to get a call.  Hank is informed that the grand jury is meeting in two hours. Usually it takes days for this to happen and so it's clear that Renard has pulled some strings. Wu, Hank and Adalind arrive at the court to find none other than Judge Stancroft presiding.  The judge quickly dismisses the charges against Renard, claiming that there's not enough evidence to proceed. Because Adalind didn't testify on Renard's behalf this means that Renard doesn't have to follow through with his end of the deal. Yes, he found a massive loophole in the agreement. 

Renard struts his way out of the courthouse.  Grimm really should have played Stayin Alive to this. He pauses to make a phone call demanding that Nick be found and then smiles because he knows he's bad as all get out. 

I must admit I kinda love bad boy Renard.  Hey Grimm, can we have a little shirtless Renard please? I'm not at all sure at this point however, how much Renard is acting of his own accord given the fact that he continues to have hallucinations.  If that is the case, I wonder who is going to emerge as the big bad and if at the end of the season we will finally have an end to Black Claw? A part of me also hopes that the existence of Wesen will be common knowledge as well. 

Adalind whining about having to go and live with Renard gets on my nerves.  Since she's become a love interest she's been so completely ineffectual though I do love that she said boy bye when Renard wanted her to perjure herself.  That being said, I continue to be disgusted by the Adalind/Nick love affair.  It seems that this show is going to end without anyone acknowledging that Nick was raped.

I loved Monroe freaking out about the demon child. I know that Diana is pretty and blonde but that doesn't mean her powers should be ignored by others and written off as harmless. Monroe was right to be afraid.  I sure as hell wouldn't want to be in a room with her and I don't care how many rocks I had to throw at her.