Saturday, July 15, 2017

Zoo, Season 3, Episode 3: Ten Years Gone

The group is slowly coming together - but it looks like it won’t be all harmonious

After Isaac was taken last episode, Dariela calls the police while Abraham charges after the soldiers

Wait… what? Dariela is a soldier. Abraham is a doctor . He may be the size of the average building, but she’s still the warrior.

Anyway, the police nicely inform Dariela that kidnapping of children for experimenting on is totally legal and the president totally approves (nah I’m not leaping on a Trump joke, it’s too easy). Abraham is pushed back by a whole load of soldiers and is forced to come home

To find Deriela with a guy called Jonah. Am I supposed to recognise Jonah? Was he around the Earthquake sloths and immortal jellyfish? Whatever. Either way, Dariela and Jonah had an affair and when they ended it, Dariela promised not to see him again. And she’s been sending research to Jonah who sent it to Umbrella Reiden which led to Isaac being captured. Because that was a great idea

Abraham is made of RAGE, fairly understandable. Honestly I don’t see the need for this - you have enough angst here without throwing a huge wedge between Dariela and Abraham, especially since Dariella was a late introduced character who hasn’t been as well developed yet (and spent a lot of time being more almost an antagonist - so extra antagonism, yay!). Abe and Dariela have a whole scene where Abe seethes and can’t even look at her. This is not going to be fun

They try to rescue their son with Jonah’s help and end up grabbing a completely different boy - at least they reunite him with his parents, only for the soldiers to rekidnap them - and then pay a visit to Abraham and Dariela to make them an evil offer: they’ll give them Isaac back if they deliver Clem to evil Leanne. Apparently Clem has stolen some shinies from Leanne and she wants them back. Probably the T-virus.

Abraham also wants to cure human sterility as then there would be no reason to kidnap kids - and for that he needs the new wooly rhino hybrid sample so he calls Jackson to send up some new supplies

To Jackson! Jackson and Logan argue over where their priorities should be - Logan wants to take down Abigail, Jackson’s terrorist sister while Jackson wants to get the new sample. He wins and they go wandering only to find a giant burrowing vultures

Ok, were the Shepherds high when they designed these hybrids? I mean who says “let’s make super birds! THAT DIG!” because winged creatures are totally enhanced with tunnelling abilities. Oh Zoo stop drinking and writing.

The bird is big enough to drag tricks off a cliff.

Back to base and they decide to track the big bird because… why would they? I mean are they going for any hybrid now? Either way they track the bird to Mexico - and lo Abigail is there as well, how convenient!

But first Jackson has to tell the truth to Tessa about how he’s actually Jackson Oz, not evil but has been lying to her and his sister’s a terrorist bomber. Yay?

She slaps him and storms off which I quite understand. But we may never see her again.

Over to Mitch who is adapting to this whole new world and being recapped on the last 10 years of awfulness (after all he pretty much sacrificed himself to save the world and while the sacrifice didn’t stick, nor did the whole saving the world thing. The world is ruined). Clem decides given how overwhelmed he is not to bring up that she’s pregnant. She also takes offence to Mitch objecting to how she was raised (let’s face it, there’s no way that “I disapprove of how you were brought up” isn’t both an insult to you and your family). Of course Mitch is a curmudgeon, pretty much complaining and moaning is his go-to when confused.

His brain also keeps skipping so they do some brain surgery with a power drill, because why not? They find something in his head so do something that involves a pig. I do not want to know why. Basically he has a chip in his head. They consult Jamie’s little tortured prisoner in the basement (which is another learning curve for Mitch about what Jamie has become), torture him some more and he tells them it was a chip designed for collective consciousness. It’s not been rolled out because it has a nasty side effect of death.

The alternative is to remove it and wipe Mitch’s memory. So the gang decides to just ignore it for now. He also gets a memory - so I think this chip is going to be a useful source of visions to drive the plot along without actually having to have plot points. Go lazy writers!

The vision leads them to a hut in Mexico which is, coincidentally, where Jackson and Logan also arrive - reunion time! Oh and Abigail is watching remotely and has planted a device to lure big nasty hybrids to kill them. The burrowing vultures

There is no universe where “burrowing vultures” does not sound ridiculous.

Also we’ve already seen her use two bombs. What she ran out of explosives but has a stack of burrowing vultures lures?