Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 19: Broken Glass

As we head towards the season finale, Teen Wolf is trying to bring everyone back in again. And yes I kind of like the callback to all these characters and acknowledge that they’re out there (except Danny, who, of course, doesn’t exist) but at the same time it feels… shallow considering this is now the penultimate episode (and yeah, I’m now becoming actively pissed at the Werewolves in London episode since it’s apparent that tiny cameo that was shopped so heavily around LGBT media was IT. Seriously, this gaybaiting tease that this show has been pulling for years now is past old) and there’s no chance for any of these characters to have that meaningful an input. Why did we even have Stiles’s cameo in the first episode?

So now we have Chris pursuing urban legends to find Derek. Yay Derek, always a fan favourite. I’m not entirely sure why it’s so essential to find him or why Chris needs to devote so much time when everything is so dangerous, to hunting Derek down - beyond the blatant product placement of Derek’s car (really, Teen Wolf you are the worst show for advertising ever). Apparently Derek has some special wolfsbane - yellow wolfsbane I assume.

But I can get behind Derek because he’s a definite call back. But when Kate Argent shows up, shooting people and beating Derek so she can grab that wolfsbane as part of her grand epic revenge against Scott. Which is apparently a thing? I mean we haven’t seen her since season 4 and, as Chris points out, she’s a werejaguar so Gerard totally wants her dead - but revenge fantasy! 2 episodes is not enough time to have this distraction, especially when there’s no season 7.

At Beacon Hills everything is getting super dramatic. Tamora has a big scary speech for her growing army of serial killers who are infiltrating pretty much everything, preparing lots of lists of suspected supernaturals, threatening Sheriff Stilinski to stay out of it (I’d say of course he wouldn’t but he’s kind of fallen off the radar). She also still has Aaron imprisoned and Jackson is missing. Everyone is getting their ominous on and Mason (in his super brief cameo - hey Corey’s still alive guys! He’s the one with the oh-so-appropriate invisibility powers) makes a grossly appropriative comment about it being like Krystalnacht. No. No, we won’t be doing that. We won’t be invoking the holocaust to discuss the evil of supernatural oppression

Especially since this show has brushed up on and then casually dismissed the fact that Tamora does kind of have a point. All the deaths and attacks that have been covered up or called animal attacks? There’s an issue here - doesn’t make her not evil but it does mean comparing this to the holocaust is doubly problematic.

With that ominousness set, Scott and Malia are pretty much going to ignore the brewing war and focus on the Anuk Ite - because Scott is convinced all this fear and hate is just due to the Anuk Ite and people aren’t really like this. Deucalion disagrees. I also disagree.

Scott and Malia have gone to Deucalion, (well first we see them waking up in bed together and Scott is wearing a shirt. So last episode they went to bed together, presumably had sex then Scott got up to put on a shirt. Boo, Teen Wolf, boooooo) the formerly blind Alpha who, despite being super powerful and dangerous even when blind, still had to be magically cured because TVlandia. Anyway he teaches them the art of fighting with their eyes closed which is super hard because of the instinct to open your eyes when people are trying to stab you in the face. He does draw on things I believe are actually taught in schools for the blind, but primarily it’s “use your werewolf woowoo” and generally failing. Until; the end

This is like a rule with hero fights, hero learning experiences or anything similar - the hero fails fails fails fails and then ZING wins in a still improbably short time.

At school, Liam meets up with Nolan who is dealing with everyone being scared of him which Liam is taking great pleasure in mocking him over. Nolan is clearly all torn especially since Tamora has totally just praised him to the serial killer crowd for shooting up a house full of innocent people which he’s a little conflicted about.

So he decides to show Liam at the hospital that a) the serial killers are everywhere and b) that supernaturals are being hidden in a room in the hospital (seriously - this hospital has so many secret rooms and random shenanigans. Probably because Melissa is the only healthcare professional in town) with IV feeds of wolfsbane. Y’know stabbing them repeatedly would be way easier than keeping them in suspended comas for… reasons? I mean… everyone has to have a hobby I guess?

Gabe catches up with Nolan to give him the beating he richly deserves to reveal that they fully expected Nolan to spill and they’re setting up a trap (big goons show up for serial killing with big guns. Which, y’know, Beacon Hills Hospital is pretty much standard). I’m not sure who the trap is for since the only person apparently heading to the hospital is Mason and Corey? Maybe? Liam’s already there and was just in class, it’s not like you needed to set a trap for him and all this effort for Mason, a human, and Corey (when they’ve done nothing to get around the fact he can literally vanish)? But trap… I guess?

I think this is another attempt to make Liam relevant. Give it up Teen Wolf this spin off isn’t happening

Meanwhile Lydia and Peter are funly snarking but basically just saying the whole world is ending still, in case we forget - and catching up with Scott and Malia to warn them. Right before the army of serial killers arrives and Deucalion gets shot

Of course he’s going to get shot - after all, how long before someone realised “hey, rather than teach us how to fight blind, why can’t Deucalion just beat the Anuk Ite so viciously we have to increase the parental guidance rating