Sunday, January 14, 2018

Superstition, Season 1, Episode 11: Back to One

It’s time for the Groundhog day trope. Honestly I find this worrisome that any show in its first season is pulling a Trope show: Groundhog Day, bodyswap, musical or clip show: usually it’s a sign of a scraping the bottom of the barrel of ideas.

On the plus side this episode spends relatively little time actually going through the loops since everyone remembers what’s going on pretty quickly and tries to figure out how to break them. The minus side is that the show presents these loops in a weird order, not beginning at the beginning of the loop means it takes a while to even piece together the actual chronology of the loop.

But to tease it apart:

Isaac is totally happy with Cal killing the djinn last week but if Cal’s going to run off with the weapon of last resort ring he should totally tell Isaac.

The demon mayor knows something is going on so contacts Isaac since both of them are in the not quite human category and Isaac is getting woo-woo headaches. Everyone else is feeling more and more fatigue with each loop which will eventually leave them unable to escape.

Things in the loop happening: Tilly has a standard autopsy. Russ and Garvey grow closer together and Bea decides to go through magic with them - introducing them to tarot. And running a spread that happens to produce a series of devil cards when there’s only supposed to be one which is ominous.

There are lots of references to Aunt Nancy and spider webs crawling in everywhere

At the end of each loop they find Aunt Nancy and the mayor has decided the best way to solve all their problems is to kill Aunt Nancy with a Hindu lightning artefact. Each time he arrives in time to kill someone random - Cal, May, Tilly - but none of which actually stops the time loop resetting over and over. Aunt Nancy continues to be insensible and staring at the memory crystal in front of her (we’ve seen these before)

Not knowing what to do, Cal accepts a deal with the Dredge in his ring - who guides him to destroy that memory crystal and collapse the time loop and save everyone

Ok… I’m not convinced they couldn’t have figured this out without a demon deal? I mean Anansi was in a trance focused on the crystal and a clear source? Surely this looks… suspicious? Maybe? Perhaps at least try before making deals with the most powerful demon they’ve encountered? I feel like this was kind of convoluted to force this deal along with a storyline which was cliched and clumsy and not well executed.

I mean the acting was excellent - there was a whole lot of emotion and fear and tension - it was really well acted. But clumsily written, cliched and felt somewhat forced to get to the deal storyline. Superstition is generally better than this.