Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lost Girl Season Two, Episode Seven: Fae Gone Wild

This is the first episode in quite some time that Bo has not needed to be saved by Kenzie or Dyson.  I wish I could say that this made her less irritating this episode but alas that was not the case.  Bo is hired by to find a stripper named Sherri.  What she does not know is that Hale and Dyson are also looking for her because they believe her to be responsible for murder. 

When they walk into a murder scene they run into Bo and she lies to them about her true intentions before slipping out saying that she does not want to ruin their crime scene.  Hale and Dyson are both aware that she is lying but let her get away with it anyway.  Aren't they the nicest cops evah?  When they both show up at the strip bar looking for Sherri, they find Bo working there as a bartender.

Was anyone else screaming obstruction of justice?  What reason under the sun do they have to stop and listen to Bo rather than arresting her and Sherri on the spot?  Bo even has the nerve to be upset that Hale and Dyson are breaking her cover.  To barter for my time she promises to be their inside snitch, when Dyson asks how she can trust her considering that she has done nothing but lie to him, she gives him some ridiculous assurance about how in this case he can trust her. He tells her that she can have until noon the next day to find out what Sherri intends to steal with the hand of destiny.

It turns out that Sherri is a selkie who has been duped out of her skin.  This entire story was basically a play on sex slavery.  I don't often like the appropriation of real world events; however, in this case I thought it was well done.  The girls were all promised something and instead they were duped out of their freedom and forced to strip for a living and this is exactly how sex slavery works. Often these women are constructed as tainted goods but in this case there was absolutely no slut shaming and Sherri was seen as the victim that she was.  I will however point out that it was unrealistic to have Dyson and Hale decide to simply turn their back on the fact that she committed murder.  In the end, Sherri and Bo use the candle to liberate the stolen skins and Sherri returns to the sea. 

Throughout the episode Bo is clearly tense about and with Lauren.  Finally when she sees Lauren at the bar, Bo hands her the key to her girlfriends freedom and confronts her with the fact that she is not single.  It turns out that Lauren feels responsible because her girlfriend became sick while on an expedition with her. In exchange for the chance to save the woman that she loves, Lauren promised to belong the old Ashe.  It's really hard to feel dislike over her betrayal when you consider that her girl friend has been in a coma for five years.  Five years alone would be enough to make anyone want to reach out for a little human companionship. To me, this story almost completely redeems her character.  Unfortunately, when they open the box they have no idea what to do with the contents.

I think that this was one of the better episodes of Lost Girl in a long time but that still does not make it great.  Bo continues to be absolutely irritating and I think that on Elena of The Vampire Diaries is her equal in terms of irrelevant, spunky agency filled characters.  All those around her continue to serve her almost without question even when she has given them no reason to trust her. I was also irritated with the fact that this week Hale returned to his natural role as Dyson's sidekick.  I guess he expired and Bo had to return him. I don't know about you, but I am more than ready to see an episode that focuses on Hale and Kenzie because they are by far the most interesting characters on the show.