Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alphas Season One, Episode Ten: The Unusual Suspects

An older man is walking on a pier and is approached by a younger man.  The old man says, "you're  one of them aren't you? Some mistakes never go away."  The young man uses his alpha power to suck the life out of the older gentleman before dropping him on the cement. 

At Gary's house Lee is picking up but Gary says that today was supposed to be a vacation day for him and that today is a car show.  Lee promises he won't miss much.  Suddenly a van pulls up and an armed team bursts out and shoots them with tranquilizers.

Bill get out of his car grabbing his chest when he is approached by a tactical unit.  He asks them if they have a case and a agent responds, "you don't we do" and shoots him with a tranquilizer.  Bill manages to get up from the first few shots and so they shoot him until he finally goes down and stays down.

At the office, Hicks is asking Nina if she has seen Casablanca.  Nina counters to ask if he has seen Field of Dreams but he says that he is not going to see any movie that will make him cry.  They hear Rachel scream and run into the hallway.  They are attacked by another tactical team and though Hicks does his best he is quickly overcome.

The team is now looked in separate cells. Nathan comes on the speaker and tells them that they are in Bingington and that the cells are escape proof, with no signal and alpha proof.  He informs them that there is a traitor on their team and that they are going to stay until he figures out who it is.

Lee is the first one interviewed and he asks if Nathan has lost his mind, because he believes that when Sullivan hears about this that there will be hell to pay.  Unfortunately for Lee, Sullivan is the one who ordered this.  Lee is shocked, but Nathan says he doesn't want anyone else to die because of his team.  Nathan tells Lee about the dead scientists who use to work for MK Ultra and that each one of them was killed by who they believe is an alpha.  Lee responds that none of his team has this ability but Nathan rebuts with the fact that they all have access to MK Ultra files with the real names and addresses.  Lee believes that this proves nothing because this has been in his possession for years. Nathan says each of the dead scientists received a call from Lee's office before they died encoded with the original MK Ultra signs and counter signs.  He believes that someone on Lee's team set up the scientists to die.  Lee points out that his group could be being set up because there are number of ways in which Nathan's evidence could have been faked. Lee even points out that Red Flag tried to kill him and that he knows his team and trusts them completely.  Someone in the other room says in Nathan's earpiece that he is reading pain, contempt and dishonesty.

The next interview is Hicks and he denies being involved and asks who kills an 80 year old man.  The man in the background says that he is being honest. Nathan points out that Red Flag had Hicks kill before and he responds that it wasn't him, that it was mind control.  Hicks asks if Nathan wants him to say that he is working for Red Flag without being aware and then goes onto say that maybe it's possible.

Nina is up next and he is reading from Nina's file.  Nathan is wearing eye glasses and Nina asks if he is scared of making eye contact with the evil mind bending Alpha. He asks what Lee meant by not living up to her full potential and Nina responds going a week or two without pushing someone, paying rent on her condo or driving a car she didn't borrow. Nathan asks if she admits to being a thief and a con artist.  Nina points out that she has been working for DOD for years and they have never had a problem with her actions.  Nathan tries again and this time brings up Skylar and Nina responds that helping Skylar was the right thing to do.  He says that she has no remorse and only goes around doing whatever she wants.

Next up is Gary and he says that Anna is his friend so Nathan points out that Anna is a Red Flag terrorist.  When he asks what they talk about, Gary says that it's private.  Nathan tries again saying that Anna is dangerous and reminding Gary that she hurt him, but Gary says that it's not true and that Ann has never hurt anyone and that the one time she hurt him she apologized.  He goes onto say that Anna claims that Red Flag doesn't want to hurt people either, its just sometimes they have to, to protect other alphas.  Gary points out that that the DOD hurt him as well with some sleeping bullets which he did not want. The man in the other room says that he cannot read Gary. 

Bill is up next and he is told that they had to bring him in along with everyone else otherwise it would look suspicious. The man in the glass tells Nathan that he knows that he just lied to Bill. Nathan tries a friendly approach and points out how much he and Bill have in common and the fact that he is saddled with co-workers he cannot completely trust. Bill says he did but that Nathan is driving them in the wrong direction. 

Rachel is next and she says that people in the office say bad things about the government but that Nina does not mean anything.  She says that they all worry that men in Black will swoop in and they will end up there.  Apparently, they are all afraid of what is happening today. The man behind the glass wants to know if Rachel has a boyfriend yet, to which Nathan quips, "isn't she a little young for you." Rachel enhances her hearing and realizes that someone is behind the glass.  She asks who is there and he says that it's Eric.  Apparently the team brought in Eric Latreaux two years ago.  Nathan promised Eric that if he helps out reading the team that he will be able to leave Bingington. Rachel asks Eric to tell Nathan that she is telling the truth but Eric is more interested in setting up a date with her.  Rachel points out that if Nathan is wrong that he is turning friends into enemies.

After not getting anything from the team individually, Nathan puts them all in the same room.  In the room, the team talks about what happened and when Gary admits that he still talks to Anna, the judgement begins immediately.  Bill figures out that Nathan put them in the same room so that they could figure out amongst themselves who the traitor is.  Nathan comes over the microphone and threatens that if they don't figure it out that he will send them all to building 7.  Lee assures the team that Nathan cannot do this.  Hicks asks what building 7 is and Nina says, "building 7, it's where they send the worst of the worst".  How is it that no one questions Lee about this.  What exactly happens there and what has he made them complicit in? Apparently once an Alpha goes there, they never come out.  

Bill says that this tactic works and points out that the calm one is usually guilty.  He points at Hicks.  Lee stands up and his back goes out. He stands up, makes eye contact with his team and writes on a table the word code.  Nina says that they need a doctor and Eric conquers that Nina is both worried and that Lee's pain is real.  Officers come in and start putting the tea in cells, as Nina listens to the code.  When they go to shove Bill in his cell he resists, even as they stun him.  Hicks punches his guard and then releases everyone else.  Nina pushes the last guard.  The alarm goes off as Nathan looks on.   They rush back to room where they were all gathered and free Lee. The team gets outside and and Bill rips a hole in the fence as a sharp shooter on the roof asks Nathan if he wants him to shoot.  Nathan orders the sharp shooter and says, "success is one traitor not a waste of a man."

The team heads to a factory that was busted by the FBI.  Bill asks Hicks to secure the rest of the exists. Nina says that she is not going back and that they need to keep moving or split up. Bill says that no one is going anywhere until they figure out who the traitor is.  All admit to reading the files with the exception of Hicks.  Nina points out that the patients were not treated with kid gloves and Rachel says that the men looked awful when they were paroled.  Rachel suggests that Nina push everyone but Gary says that she cannot push herself or him and Lee points out that after years of exposure he is able to resist Nina's push. Lee keeps complaining about his back. Gary suggests that he call Anna to ask who the traitor is and the team once again asserts that they are not happy with his communication with Anna.  I understand why the team is upset with Gary but at the same time I cannot help but wonder how they don't consider for one moment why this continued contact would be important to him.

Lee pipes up and says that he knows who the traitor is. What the team does not realise is that Nathan is on the way to their location. Lee says that he is trying to decide how to handle this and that he is deeply disappointed. Lee asks again for a confession and says that he will protect them and if not that he will turn them over. Nathan arrives and says that they will go warehouse to warehouse until they find them. 

Rachel says that whoever did it should confess and that they'll forgive the person.  Lee announces that he knows about the cash deposits to his secret account.  Hicks says that the money is for his kid and Bill points out that he is nervous.  Lee says that he should never have let Hicks on the team and he punches Lee. Bill and Lee start to fight as the rest of the team begs him to stop. 

When Nathan breaks into the warehouse, Lee says that it's Hicks and says that he needs to get Gary out of there.  In the scuffle, Lee got injured and when Rachel analyzes the blood, she realises that Lee is an imposter.  When they run outside they see the fake Lee taking off with Gary. 

The real Lee suddenly comes to consciousness and sees a poster board with all the members of the team as well as one detailing his face. The alpha that is holding him walks in and starts to drain him, and Lee turns and injects him with a needle.  This goes under the file of stupid criminal.  Even if you think the person you are watching is unconscious, why would you leave something that they could potentially harm you with within easy reach?  Lee heads to the office.

The fake Lee tells Gary that they need to help their friends by deleting the MK Ultra files.  Keeping Lee's form is starting to bother him and so he pukes into a potted plant. They head into the office and Gary says that it's going to take awhile to delete all of the files and the real Lee walks into the room.  He orders Gary to step away from the imposter but Gary doesn't believe him because they cut Lee's hair. The imposters face starts to melt and Lee says that it must be painful to take another's shape. This is the first time that Lee learns that MK Ultra's leaders are dead and he asks what's in the files.

The imposter changes to Gary and tries to escape but he runs into the team and Rachel says that it's not Gary.  Hicks pushes him into the wall and the imposter calls the team traitors, and government thugs. Gary comes running around the corner and tells them that the real Lee is in the office.

Nathan and Lee chat and Nathan says that the man who tried to kill him was gone by the time he got there. The imposter was shipped straight to building 7.  Nathan says that Eric is going to go on work release and he wants Eric and Lee to work together from time to time.  Eric leaves and goes out to the car.  Lee says that he was dismayed by the way he treated the team and that he set a dangerous precedent.  Nathan justifies this by saying that Lee had a mole and if he hadn't acted quickly and decisively that he would have been dead or framed.  Lee asks if he supposed to thank him for that and Nathan responds, "you could or you could worry about how  Red Flag is going to come at you next, because they will."

In the breakrooms, Hicks says that he is the guy who pitched two perfect games in a row and that makes him collectible, a statistical freak.  Bill points out that he did this in the minors and makes him the greatest flame out in the history of baseball.  Hicks says that he gets 20 bucks an autograph and does five or seven shows a year and that his shame is his sons college fund.  Hicks points out that he is still waiting for an apology.  Bill and Gary banter back and forth and then Bill has a surge and collapses.