Monday, June 5, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 1: Bad Penny

With all the shows we follow, we try to keep extensive notes as to when each show is due to return. “When is X coming back?” is a common question

And occasssssionally the answer to that is “oops… a month ago”

When that happens we try to catch up – and blame Renee of course.

So we start off with a flashback to tell us that Kyle has always attracted lots of demonic attention, even as a child. Also to show a woman impale her hand on a spike to remind us we’re going to have lots of awful visuals since this is the show that brought us the eyeball poking

I am not over the eyeball poking.

Despite leaving Rome, West Virginia, last season Kyle and his daughter Amber are now coming back to town to try and track down Sidney – the evil demon man. Instead they find Rev Anderson, the Worst Person Ever around Sidney’s burned house- the house that Anderson burned down. Anderson is indulging in his second greatest hobby – moping self pity (his first being judgemental self-confidence and self-righteousness). Kyle isn’t thrilled by the burning as he kind of wanted to talk to Sidney as the only man who seemed to know anything about the demons – and he clearly doesn’t have a lot of time for Anderson. This gets Anderson back to his favourite hobby, declaring “At least I Believed in something, you’re just swinging in the dark.”

UH-huh – sorry but I don’t see the positive in believing something whether it’s true or not as opposed to freely admitting ignorance and trying to find the truth. I’ll go with swinging in the dark any time. Anderson remains the worst.

Sadly Kyle wants Anderson’s help because he’s pretty much the only one who believes in demons and stuff.

Megan is currently traumatised and near catatonic after killing Mark, her husband (and poking his eyeball! Still not over it) and she is staying with Mrs. Giles. I’m not sure why she’s invested in helping these people or if they’re paying her or what – I want to see some kind of paycheck for this Black woman playing nursemaid when we had no indication of friendship before this. She’s also looking after Holly, Megan’s daughter who has decided to blame Amber for her mother’s possession. Still Kyle dumps his daughter on Mrs. Giles so he can go wandering.

Also they have spooky dolls in their loft, so you know this house is an evil house.

Meanwhile Anderson runs into Patricia, his old flame from last season, who is desperately looking for her son. We know her son, who was a bit of an arsehole, was actually in Sidney’s house when Anderson burned it down. Anderson offers to help Patricia find her son and be the shoulder to cry on even as she blames herself for the boy leaving because he is the worst.

Giles isn’t having an easy time – he finds a demon on one of his nightly patrols – clear by the way the man runs, disorientated and nearly mauls himself on barbed wire to get away. Add in the mayor being far less co-operative and he’s having trouble. He does tell Kyle about the man in the hope he can do some exorcising I exchange for help trying to track down Sidney. Really Giles and Kyle would work far better than Kyle and Anderson the Worst.

He also has a chilling warning (and we know it’s chilling because the ominous music never stops. Really, the music department needs to back it down a little it’s waaay too forced and over the top) that all the people they rescued and exorcised from the basement last season? None of them were reported missing: which suggests a lot of long term planning went into picking victims and getting them possessed.

Which is the trail Kyle follows – going to find Ogden whose wife was possessed. Said wife has left him along with Sidney and he’s now all alone and feeling sorry for himself. Kyle pushes for a list of all the people Sidney had him round up for the basement and after waving his gun around a bit Ogden shoots himself.

Alas we have to return to Anderson, the Worst, who feeling all lost goes to a church in the backwoods to mope a bit more, before joining Kyle on the last name on Ogden’s list who didn’t wind up in the basement – someone at Joshua’s house. Joshua was the boy they brutalised and exorcised before: and that child is duly traumatised by this (especially since everyone told him Kyle should have been arrested for how he abused the child. Which he should have been)

There they find that Joshua’s mother is possessed – but too far gone to be exorcised (though Kyle’s touch still hurts her). He leaves Anderson The Worst to watch her and foes to fight Joshua’s dad who is also possessed. He has super strength and weapons that more than overcomes Kyle’s burning touch. He starts to do the weird soul-sucking thing they keep doing to Kyle while ominously telling him that none of them can go back any more.

Kyle is saved by Giles shooting the man- but no demonic mist arises. They turn to the possessed mother and she says none of them can return now – not after being here for so long, not when here completely

This raises lots of questions of exactly what these entities are, what Kyle does to them and what the exact morality is about killing them especially if you can’t free their hosts either.

For more moral-non-quandaries police officer actually doing her job Nunez would like to actually get some fire investigators to examine Sidney’s burned home – especially since they found a body. Giles tells her no – law and order has no place round here

But Anderson derails this deciding to confess all to Giles – and warning him if he doesn’t get arrested he’s totally going to the state police. Oh please please please send him to prison. Please

Giles and Kyle also have a plan to cover up Mark’s death – presenting it as a suicide. She wakes up and makes it clear Oh Hell no, she’s not having her dead husband be labelled a suicide. Absolutely not. She’s not having that

And Kyle’s possessed comatose mother is now dying for… extra angst

I have to say this first episode of the new reason left me the question of “and”? I mean Kyle is the relevant character but what does he actually want? He says everywhere he went there were demons, but what did they do? Does he want to hunt them down? Does he want to know what’s going on? I’m not quite sure what this show is doing or where it’s going.