Thursday, December 18, 2014

This Week in Book Covers 8th December - 12th December

Death's Mistress (Midnight Daughter #2) by Karen Chance

Why why why Dorina Basarab why have you been afflicted by unnecessarily sexy leather? And why would you go through all the drama of this book - the hectic chases, the constant fights, the investigation - wearing so little clothing? Why is the navel and cleavage on display? Has Dorina ever been that concerned with looking so sexy?

This is such a classic Urban Fantasy cover - a kick arse lethal woman must be allergic to clothing

Deceiver's Bond (A Clairvoyant's Complicated Life #2) by Katherine Bayless

I like this one. It’s a really good representation of the character, even if we can’t see her head. It’s a nice touch to include her gloves - and I love that nearly all of her skin is covered which is especially important given her powers. She isn’t sexualised and looks awfully tough and has nice little touches like the teddy bear to ensure we know this cover was expressly made for this book and truly represents this particular book. I love it

And in the background we have the burning building, just to throw in the drama

The Pirate Princess (Jinx #2) by Alice Rozen

Sadly, I’m not a lover of this cover. I appreciate a nice minimalist cover with lots of mystery - but this is taking things a bit too far. The skull and crossbones just fail to speak about so much of this book which is a shame.

Archangel's Storm (Guildhunter #5) by Nalini Singh

Behold the Mantitteh! Look at the Mantitteh… why is there Mantitteh? I mean, this is a book about Jason (who, apart from anything else, is a POC - Black I believe and even allowing for the dubious lighting I’m calling whitewashing on this cover) who isn’t especially known for posing dramatically half naked while brandishing a sword. This is pretty extreme diversion from his actual character.

It’s a pretty cover - but it doesn’t belong on this book