Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cover Snark: Bring on the Mantitteh!

We have done several cover snarks now that show endless depictions of women in body twisted, leg cramping positions to show their spilling cleavage and asses firmly held in extra-tight leather.

After so many sexualised images of women in these ridiculous poses, we feel the need to balance a little: BRING ON THE MANTITTEH!

It may tell you nothing about the book, nothing about the plot and nothing about the characters but ripple, waxed torsos decorate many a cover and sell many a book. And, of course they’re wonderful code for the steamy content within. (Actually, since we’re not the biggest fans of Paranormal Romance compared to Urban Fantasy, we often regard the Mantitteh as a warning sign for a book we won’t enjoy that much - MANTTITEH! Be warned, humping lies within!)

And of course, some books don’t even try to be that subtle and make it very clear what the book is for and about. Please collect your books in brown paper, from the top shelf.

While these books are overtly sexualised, of course, there is still a marked difference between these covers and the covers of the previous books we have snarked. When we see images of the sexualised heroines, it is often grossly inappropriate to the plot. They don’t appear entirely on Paranormal romance or even erotica covers - even the most kick arse, powerful, strong female protagonist is reduced to big breasts and tight clothing, poised on ridiculous heels on the cover of these books. While these men? Well these books are more focused on romance, sex and sensuality are more dominant themes - and these images are more appropriate and related to the content. And besides, while they may be sexual, they aren’t twisted into impractical, impossible, spine breaking poses. They aren’t pretending to be hunting, fighting or otherwise going about their day while displaying their assets. And they’re not wearing those damned ridiculous shoes. They’re displayed, but they’re displayed in a possible, realistic manner - even if their muscles are sculpted beyond the reach of most men - without a personal trainer, a big dose of steroids or a hefty application of plastic.