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Dominion, Season 2, Episode 13: Sine Deo Nihil

Alex is about to get his Chosen One Stripes – facing a huge influx of 8 Balls and dwindling ammunition, he strides forwards with bared arms and chants the exorcism – as his marks glow he explodes with energy and drops all the 8 Balls, though doing so exhausts him. The former 8 Balls stand up – all free from possession. He orders the newly released confused 8 Balls to get to safety

Claire states the obvious – special chosen one ness

But Vega is under attack by the 8 balls who got through the open gates because of William Wheele. Claire tells them all that she left David Wheele in the control room and gets the surprised look she so richly deserves. Luckily for her, her dad arrives in a chain of armoured cars so now Alex has to explain that her dad is now a Diad angel controlled by Duma who is loyal to Gabriel rather than questioning her decision making on trusting David

This also means that Gabriel’s forces know everything David does – he then goes on city-wide TV to demand that Alex be delivered to him.

In the control room Arika joins David and he tells her what William did. They discuss guilt and killing and Arika’s creepy yet quite deep belief that everyone you kill is now a part of you that you have to carry with you, to both comfort David and encourage him to move. Arika also wants to save Claire.

They meet with Alex and Claire (who are arguing over who is more important and who should be sacrificed for who). After the brief snarling, Alex tells Claire to run with Arika to safety in Helena; after protests she agrees while he describes how much she means to him (with Noma right there, gaaaah).

So when Alex and Noma go on, they have a discussion about how much Alex loves Claire – but he also says how much he loves Noma. Good, can we please have more showing of this? Alex goes on while Noma holds off the people following them.

Claire decides to give herself up so she can be taken to her father to save oh-so-special Alex. She is taken to Duma who uses her father’s memories to promptly disarm her and destroy her plan of stabbing him. Oops.

Claire appeals to her dad to fight against Duma, bringing him to the fore so they can have a tearful reunion (now would be a great time to do the stabbing thing though wouldn’t that need Empyrean steel?). When Alex finally confronts Duma, he is back in control and holding Claire hostage, forcing Alex to disarm.

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 1: I, Witness

The headless horseman of death is looking all scary and menacing riding through the woods when he runs into a woman – who freezes him with magic while her eyes glow ominously yellow and she sucks the horseman into a magical box. Well she made an entrance. She then opens the box and completes a deal – she has given something in it the power of death now she wants fear

That is probably not a good thing

Now to the awesomeness of Abbie who is now an FBI agent with a very demanding boss. She goes to meet Ichabod… in prison, much to her surprise. Apparently nine months have passed since Abbie and Ichabod last spoke – Ichabod deciding to go walkabout (and supporting himself… somehow) after they killed Katrina (and can we have another round of applause for that moment). While Abbie understands needing to get his mind together this whole situation is still not one she’s a fan of. She gives him judgy eyes while he explains and expresses regret

He also has Katrina’s necklace – the magical one the Horseman of Death gave Katrina which suddenly glowed and burned and cracked (I would smile at the “Jesus” fake out but a) it’s been done and b) I’ve never known a Latino person pronounce their name like that). Damn the Horseman gives cheap gifts.

Hey what is this prison that allows their inmates to wear convenient hang-themselves-items around their neck?

Anyway the necklace proves that something has happened to the horseman which means something big and bad is out there. First they need to get him out of prison where he is for smuggling something he deemed vital.  Apparently it wasn’t that bad because Abbie easily gets him out and even cuts short one of his patented outraged rants about his property being seized. Well, almost. At least we get Abbie’s eye rolling and snark.

Meanwhile a monster, possibly from the box on the opening credits, slaughters a couple of guys.

Time for travel and Abbie deciding that Ichabod can stick with Lieutenant (I think because the writers and a substantial amount of the audience is enamoured with the pronunciation), snarking a little and Ichabod’s angst over not actually having a mission and purpose in the modern world any more after they stopped Moloch which set off his 9 months of wandering

Including to his ancestral home where he found his apparent grave inside which was a mysterious stone tablet (which was what he was imprisoned for smuggling – cultural artefacts can’t just be raided any more or easily. Anyway, despite the tablet being 4,000 year old Sumerian, it was entitled “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson #6) by Darynda Jones

Charley and Reyes are moving closer – he’s even proposed to her, but there are still some obstacles getting in the way. She keeps trying to dig up his past despite his protests and he can’t keep standing by and watching her put her life in danger

A habit she continues when she gets involved with both a soul trading demon and a major organised crime cartel. Neither bring the people who love her peace of mind. And these are just the major challenges, the ongoing chaos of her life continues with commitments and adventures everywhere.

I am happy to be able to praise the immense fun of this book again. I think the last couple of books just got a little too extreme and pushed the zaniness a bit too far. It felt contrived and silly and destroyed a lot of the fun.

This book toned it down and worked a lot better with it. Charley and Cookie are back to being their extremely fun and freaky selves. They continue to bounce off each other excellently and Charley’s endlessly distracted asides are hilarious. Charley is just so much incredible fun even if I would completely understand if everyone around her would merrily strangle her in a minute. I can’t really think of a book series or a protagonist that is this consistently hilariously fun.

One downside of Charley being so hilariously, randomly, zanily fun is that it makes it hard to fully accept the fact that Charley is living with a lot of trauma. She has night terrors, she has anxiety, she has flashbacks. She’s actually an excellent example of a character who is dealing with PTSD after what she has suffered. And, in some ways, the zaniness does work with that- because having PTSD doesn’t mean you ca  never have fun or never enjoy life or never find anything funny again – I like the idea of presenting a character with a mental illness who doesn’t just BECOME that mental illness. But the overwhelming light funness of the story just turns her symptoms into another punch line.

The fun of Charley and her random nonsense makes this book. It made me enjoy it for start to finish, which, I have to say, is kind of more than what the plot line did. I’m not saying the plot was bad (and anything that let me enjoy more of Charley’s zany fun is a good thing), but there were too many plot lines and plot-ettes.

We have some minor mysteries, like what exactly the nature of the ghost in her living room is and we have Angel’s (the ghost who kind of works for her) family and we have the ghost that has taken up residence in her car. We have a deeply traumatised ghost and Charley trying to deal with that and the people who hurt her and were equally traumatised. All of these are nice little moments that ensure the daily life of Charley continues even when she’s involved in a mystery. But then we have the saga of getting Cookie and Uncle Bob together (which is elaborate and convoluted because it was one of Charley’s ideas so of course it is). Then we have the FBI agent and the historical case she wants Charley to look into which is also connected to Reyes. Then we have something going on with Charley’s dad and stepmother.

The Wasted Potential of the Women on Teen Wolf

We have spoken before about the dubious treatment of women in this series - including the laughable label of the Argents as a Martriarchy despite their complete male dominated society. The female characters were too often victimised, utterly wrong  or killed off and discarded after being woefully underused

This has changed to a degree over the seasons - but even as the characters have become richer, with ever more increasing potential, that under-usage has continued

What is most frustrating about this gross under-usage of women on this show is that they have had some incredible female characters. It’s almost more insulting that they haven’t just made empty tokens to stand around and look pretty - because they’ve gone out of their way to create really well developed, interesting and inspiring women… then treated them like empty tokens who stand around to look pretty.

Lydia - a Banshee with her own arcane powers. A brilliant thinker, an excellent planner, a great source of knowledge and research for the group… yet how many storylines have we followed that involve her? Her Banshee powers are an interesting tool for tracking down useful information like the latest bodies or the whole force behind the “murder list”. But do we actually have any research or examination of what it really means to be a Banshee? Beyond “she screams and hears death”? Anything of their history, their legends, what else it means to be a Banshee, the history of her grandmother and what it means and how it affects her? Even her excellent relationship with her excellent mother, Natalie?

Where are these storylines? Look at all of that! All of those plot hooks? You could write several spin offs on Lydia’s storylines alone! Equally irritatingly, Lydia is one of the most involved women on the show, probably the most involved since Alison died - and her most prominent storylines tend to be related to her love interests (Jackson, Stiles, Ethan, Parrish). And, sadly, her most prominent appearances are inevitably of her in peril. Lydia has spent entire seasons of being in peril - her whole character is stained by endless peril to the point where we both begin and end the latest season with her in a catatonic state

Then there’s Kira. Again, another female character with amazing potential for her own storylines. She’s a Kitsune, a supernatural being that is screaming out for more development especially with all the hints we’ve had - all the touched on world building about different kinds of Kitsune, the tails as blades, even the Fox taking over Kira all beg for more attention. This is demanded all the more by the presence of Noshiko, Kira’s mother, a Kitsune with several centuries of existence and experience behind her. It is mind bogglingly ridiculous that none of the cast has felt the need to consult more with Noshiko, to delve into that incredible well of experience she must have. It goes from mind boggling to offensively ridiculous that Kira herself didn’t, especially as she grew more and more concerned about her Kitsune powers being out of control.

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In the Still of the Knight (Black Knight Chronicles #5) by John G Hartness

It seemed like another series of supernatural murders to investigate – young people aged and left for dead. Definitely a job for Greg, James and Sabrina.

But they stumble on to a major secret under the city – and James’s life is suddenly riven by dangerous, tragic and difficult conflicts. How far will he go for what is right? Who will he save, and what will he pay to save or avenge?

There’s no easy choices and maybe no good choices.

This book took the series to a decidedly dark place. This series has always had excellent action, a whole lot of zany fun and a very wide world setting – but it has generally been light, fun, jokey. Even when it did try to go dark, it never went that dark, at least not for long. Whackiness normally ensues and overwhelms

This book takes the whole series into a very new direction. I think of this book as the one where James has to grow up – where he faces a lot of conflicts that cannot be easily overcome – not just because there are bad guys to face, but because the conflicts are not just against bad guys you can stab or beat up until they give up. The conflicts are between James and his friends.

Between James and Abbie, James and Greg and even James and Sabrina we have a lot of heartbreaking conflict. Storywise, this drives James to the very edge and pushes him further than I ever expected him to go and puts him in a very different place at the end of the book. He’s harder, stronger and never more powerful – but also never more alone.

The conflicts with his friends and loved ones are especially good because they are difficult to unravel. In each case even when someone is wrong (such as Greg, who is very very wrong about wanting to turn someone into vampire against their will), their anger still comes from a very real place. Yes Greg is wrong, but his emotion, his rage is understandable and, in turn, that makes it all the harder for me to see how the relationship can be bridged

From Dusk Till Dawn, Season 2, Episode 6: Bizarre Tales

Back to Dr. Aiden Turner, (Sex Machine, alas). Having sex with and biting a woman before Narcisco catches up with him and isn’t a big fan of the delay. Aiden explains why he is so sex obsessed – because he lost his genitals in an accident as a child and has been over-compensating on an epic level ever since. Anyway, he’s still missing 4 bonds with the clues to the treasure – and he can’t find it without them

Narcisco kills the woman Aiden just turned.

Time for a flash back with Feddie and his old mentor Earl, and his-less-than-stellar moment defending the rangers’ brutally violent past. Then on to the autopsy of the bodies he found (he has invited Katie along which is apparently ok) – and learning that a similar grave was found back in 87 as well.

Freddie also has the missing bonds. He tries the blood-sharing-memory trick with blood under the fingernails of one of the victims – and gets little info but a lot of very horrific images of the mass killing. It is not pleasant – especially since he sees a whole lot more than the deaths they’ve seen, thousands of people killed by one of the Nine Lords.

Of course, the ranger who was investigated the case back in 87 was Earl. Chasing the paperwork finds a surprising lack of information – and Freddie’s boss is also irritated/concerned that Tony (the range killed by Aiden) is missing. Freddie ducks all knowledge (and his boss doesn’t seem to care that Freddie has brought a teenaged girl along for investigation. Because reasons). Back to chasing after Earl’s notes which leads to an oil company.

Time to arm up and go “investigate” finding and incapacitating a Calebros. Which gets them an introduction of sorts to see a guy with a lot of books, a typewriter and ominously long fingernails (the victims were all marked by human fingernails). They introduce themselves to the man, Ceslestino Oculto, at gunpoint. He’s ominous, scary, cryptic (he talks about “arriving in this realm”. Freddie finds the ominous obsidian club that was used to incapacitate the victims. Celestino is their “serial killer.” And a Calebros. And one of the Nine Lords.

Celestinos is very very dramatic and he worked with Earl in the past – he threatened Earl’s family, which apparently convinced him to back off

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Sorcerer to the Crown (Sorcerer Royal #1) by Zen Cho

Zacharias, freed slave, reviled by his fellow thaumaturges, is the reluctant head of English magic, the Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers. And he needs to find out why English magic is drying up, why no more flows from faerie

But his path crosses with the intriguing Prunella Gentlewoman, an immensely powerful witch (despite all of the claims that women cannot use magic) and between them they shake the foundations of English magic to its core

There are a lot of books in the genre set in the Victorian era, after all, the whole Steampunk genre pretty much relies on it. All too commonly, these books highly sanitise what this era was like for marginalised people. While we have seen several female protagonists challenging this narrative and overcoming the patriarchy they have to live under, but we rarely see this with other marginalised people. In fact, POC are nearly always erased which doesn’t touch on the actual diversity of the era and both ignores the diversity of the British Empire – and all of the oppressive problems of colonialism

So here we have a paranormal Victorian story where the protagonists are a Black man and a woman of South Asian descent. Both of their stories are constantly informed by their experiences. Zacharias is the Sorcerer to the Crown, technically the most powerful magician in the country but constantly faces derision, rebellion and open attacks against him because he is Black. The other wizards, despite his obvious skill and patience and impeccable manners, constantly regard him as less than them, as little more than an animal and wholly unworthy of his position. They scapegoat him for any and all problems they’re facing (including England’s declining magic).

Zacharias constantly shows how wrong they are with endless patience and restraint and skill. While his rivals constantly seek their own power and advancement, it’s Zacharias who worries about the actual future of English magic, how their infighting may turn the country against them and how their infighting may jeopardise the treaty they have with the French Sorcières. Even though he doesn’t want the job he performs better than his predecessor and certainly better than any of his competitors. At every stage and at every moment it’s clear that his racist detractors are beyond wrong and clearly Zacharias’s inferiors.

Last Man on Earth, Season Two, Episode One: Is There Anybody Out There?

Phil and Carol drive through the streets of Washington in a jet plane on a run to pick up some liquor.  Phil accidentally drops a bomb in the parking garage and drives away.  Naturally this upsets Carol but Phil doesn't know how to reinsert the bomb.  In order to make Carol happy, Phil offers to get the bomb and this satisfies Carol because he was willing to go back.  Phil then agrees to go back the next day and put warning signs around the bomb.  When next we see Phil and Carol they are floating in a inflatable child's swimming filled with vodka in the oval office. Phil and Carol then get about some general wreckage, as you do if you're in the White house.  Phil heads to the press room and gives a briefing to his collection of balls regarding his position on Tuscan, which apparently hasn't changed. Carol decides to try on all of the first lady dresses.  Later that night they have the most awkward sex in the Lincoln bedroom.  Once finished, Phil suggests that they move into the White House permanently but Carol isn't interested in settling there because it doesn't feel right. Phil lists the various locations that they have been to which Carol has turned down but agrees to continue the search when Carol says that this doesn't feel like home.  Carol looks through all the sketches she has made of the two of them on their travels but pauses at the one she did of Tuscon.

Phil's brother is in space and he is searching for survivors.  For company, he talks to worms which he has named.  He then decides to leave the room to go and masturbate.

Carol and Phil leave the stealth bomber and the White House behind.  They arrive in Delaware, at the site of Carol's old apartment. Carol gives Phil the grand tour and yes, it's as bizarre  and typically Carol as you are imagining.  Carol's room is filled with craft items she created to commemorate friends and family members who succumbed to the virus.  Later that night, Carol kisses Phil to thank him for the visit but once again Carol is not happy because there's no one there.  Phil reminds Carol that the only place he cannot go is Tuscon because the implication was strong that if Phil returned, he would be killed.  When Carol suggests that as the last people on earth they should all be together, Phil makes it clear to Carol that she chose him and that he is not going back to Tuscon ever. An upset Carol leaves to sleep in another room.

Astronaut Miller explains that he is a scientist and not a pilot.  He tells his worms that if he did get down there, he might very well die of the virus.  It's then that he notices that one of his worms is dead.

Phil and Carol are back on the road and still they still have hurt feelings from the night before. Carol decides to have a nap in the back of the RV.  Phil stops at a gas station for fuel and talks to his balls about Carol's refusal to settle down.  Carol, unbeknownst to Phil, is in the shop.  Carol decides to sit and decorate a t-shirt while Phil gets gas. Carol  calls out for Phil to wait but he does not hear her and drives off.  Carol runs outside frantically and shoots her gun several times to get Phil's attention but because he has the music so loud, he doesn't hear her.

The Strain, Season 2, Episode 12: Fallen Light

It is now the penultimate episode of the season. For the love of all that is sensible, please move the story ON. Really “vampires are taking over New York, the good guys can’t stop them” has been the state of play since the very first episode. So far this entire season is almost skippable.

The show mocks me by recapping all the mini plots that didn’t go anywhere. Why do you taunt me show? I also may scream if Abraham doesn’t get that fecking book. I’m not even going to bother remember it’s name now. It’s going to be The Fecking Book from now on.

So we start moving the plot along with a flashback to before the whole vampire invasion

I’m just going to weep quietly in a corner.

It’s Ephraim and Nora at the CDC discussing plague and Ephraim and Nora having sexual tension back when Nora had ideas and opinions and a point rather than being a babysitter. And yes I mention sexual tension because no soon have her qualifications been raised than they’re quickly shoved to the back burner to talk about how hot she is. And how good Ephraim and Nora are as a couple.

In the present we now learn that Zack’s grandparents (Kelley’s parents) are alive. Because we care. Honest. Ephraim is concerned because he wants to focus on stopping the end of the world rather than the boring side plot that is Zack, while Nora is, again, in babysitter mode. Oh if only she were a CDC scientist dedicated to saving mankind from a deadly scourge and not a childminder.

Blah blah emotion, grandmother, kid-no-one-cares-about-who-needs-to-be-eaten. Family angst, blah. In the end Ephraim decides to get Zach out the city to his grandparents

Dutch is deeply traumatised after her experiences last episode and Vasiliy kind of needs to give her space. But he doesn’t and now she feels guilty because he’s so amazingly wonderful and she was terribad awful and had the temerity to be attracted to someone else (who, recall, she has a terribad awful relationship with unlike the awesomeness of Vasiliy). She has chosen to live with Nikki, she wants a real relationship with her (I don’t hold my breath because she’s just spent 3 episodes saying how awesome Vasiliy is and has little good to say about Nikki).

When Dutch goes to see Nikki it seems Nikki is just leaving with her mother (while her mother provides a narrative of contempt). Dutch tries to convince Nikki how they will have happy families, but Nikki decides that the whole saving the world from vampires is totally not her fight and leaves after a goodbye kiss. I am totally unshocked

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Dark Heart of Magic (Black Blade #2) by Jennifer Estep

It’s time for the Tournament of Blades, the annual celebration where all the magical families of Cloudburst Falls send champions to compete for the hefty cash prize (and, more importantly to the families but not for Lila, the prestige). It’s a major tourist event and there’s no way it can’t go ahead

Even if one of the competitors seems to be trying to kill the competition.

Both Lila and Devon are competing for the Sinclair family, giving them a double motive to win – and to stay alive and find out who is behind it.

This is the second book in the series and I think it is an excellent next step. This book took the story above and beyond the first and helped banish some of the parallels with the Elemental Assassins Series that I found so strong before. This book took the excellent foundation of the first and expanded it and cemented this book as its own.

I’m honestly kind of frustrated with this review because all I really have is a lot of well deserved but somewhat vague praise.

I love the world building, it’s very original with the combination of noble houses who run this town, each of them controlled by magical people all vying against each other, a modern setting and a range of monsters lurking around the fringes of a tourist trap. I like the combination of both the dark danger hiding behind every corner and the bright, shiny exterior which is all welcoming and kitsch for the tourists. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition, the pageantry with the lethal politics lurking just under the surface.

I love the protagonist Lila, with her endless love of bacon and her complicated relationship with the family. Her conflict about being both part of the Sinclair family and outside of it is excellent. Her conflict over whether she can trust the head of the family, whether she can really get invested in it and whether she can really establish any connections there. Her conflict is very real as she both wants to protect and help the family but still feels she needs to be ready to leave at any time and all of this is linked to her complicated memories of her mother who was both loyal to the Sinclairs – and died because of that loyalty. On top this we have her life as a thief, her habit of keeping her head low and hiding and now she’s very much thrust into the lime light, drawing lots of attention and being really uncomfortable about it. This past also comes with an experience of being poor – so even when in two minds about the Sinclairs, their wealth and the comfort she lives in now are not things she can step aside from. I like how well this is down, Lila never feels like she’s greedy or grasping – she feels exactly like what she is, a character who knows poverty and is unwilling to dismiss the security of wealth. She’s a character with a lot of interesting and very real conflicts about her.

Doctor Who, Season Nine, Episode Two: The Witch's Familiar

Clara finds herself hanging from her heels outside of the compound.  Missy says that she is going to tell her the story of the Doctor with no tardis, no friends and on the run - The doctor being happy. The Doctor was travelling by teleporter and being chased by 50 invisible android assassins, set on killing him. Missy tells this story while sharpening a stick and explains that Clara is tied up in case there's nothing to hunt. Back to the Doctor, who is surrounded and with seconds to live, uses the energy ray to recharge the energy bracelet and then teleports away. Clara realises that this is how Missy escaped the Daleks.  Missy is impressed because unlike her, the Doctor made the calculation on the fly. Missy finally cuts down Clara and asks how it is that the Doctor always survives.  Clara answers that the Doctor always assumes he is going to win and survive.  Missy then points out that this is not what the Doctor thinks now because this time, he made himself a will and threw himself a goodbye party. Clara and Missy turn and look at the heart of the Dalek empire and armed with only a pointy stick, start walking off to save the Doctor.

In the heart of the compound, Davros tells the Doctor that he has the him at his mercy. The Doctor picks up a weapon and holds it to the back of Davros's head. Davros is not worried, calling the weapon ancient and inoperable but the Doctor being the Doctor, powers up the weapon without a problem.  Davros asks if the Doctor would threaten a dying man and the Doctor orders him out of his chair.  Davros says that he needs the chair to live but the Doctor orders him out.

The Daleks are freaking out with one saying that Davros is leaving the infirmary.  Over the communicator, Davros calls for help from his children and is told that he must return to the infirmary. Davros tells the Daleks that the Doctor is escaping and must be found. From a distance, Clara and Missy watch as the Daleks start to look for the Doctor.  On the intercom Davros continues to call for help and Daleks prepare to assist him but when the door opens, it's the Doctor sitting in Davros's chair.  The Doctor opens with "admit it, you've all had this exact same nightmare."

Davros is lying on his back in the infirmary calling for help when Colony Sarff makes his presence known.  The Daleks call for the extermination of the Doctor but when they fire their weapons, nothing happens.

Clara and Missy are at the Dalek sewers but there's a long drop down to the bottom.  Missy decides to gauge the fall by pushing Clara in.

The Doctor is now surrounded by Daleks, who are shocked that he is unharmed.  The Doctor points a weapon at the Daleks, saying that the force field on the chair probably doesn't work both ways.  The Daleks are not concerned because they are aware that the Doctor doesn't use weapons.

Clara regains consciousness at the bottom of the sewers and points the pointy stick at Missy.  Missy is in full snark mode, pointing out that Clara will not survive on the sewers on her own.  Clara counters replying that Missy will not survive if she turns her back.  Missy takes the challenge and shows Clara her back and when Clara fails to act, Missy charges Clara and takes the stick.  Missy informs Clara that she should have had the courtesy to kill her because team work is all about respect. Clara informs Missy that they are not a team.  In Clara's defense, who would want to be on a team with Missy?  Missy counters that they are team because every miner needs a canary.  To Missy, Clara is highly disposable. Missy comments on the sludge pouring out of the walls and informs Clara that the sludge is decaying Daleks.  It seems that Daleks cannot die and that the Dalek word for sewer is the same as their word for graveyard.

Still pointing his gun, the Doctor says that he has been at the heart of the Dalek empire for 42 minutes and is in complete control of it.  The Doctor demands that the Daleks ask him what he wants. A Dalek complies and the Doctor says that he wants Clara Oswald safe, alive and returned to him immediately.  The Doctor is in a rage and tells the Daleks that if Clara is dead, they had better be careful how they tell him.  Missy hears the Doctor's demand and says that this is what the Doctor sounds like without hope.  The Doctor asks again who is going to tell him that Clara Oswald is really dead. In the sewers, Missy tells Clara that the Doctor will burn everything including them.

Davros makes an appearance on the screen and the Doctor snarks about Davros's seat being taken. The Doctor finds himself wrapped in Colony Sarff's snakes and is forced to drop his weapon.  In the infirmary, Davros advises Colony Sarff  to tread lightly because the plan is to entrap the Doctor tonight. Say it with me folks, "not gonna happen."

In the sewers Missy points to a round circular thing on the wall and tells Clara to have a look. When Clara doesn't notice anything distinct, she asks what she's missing. Missy explains that she is giving the circular object a good look at Clara.  The sounds of a Dalek can be heard announcing, "intruder alert."  Missy then handcuffs Clara to the wall explaining that they need to trap and kill a Dalek and that Clara will be the bait.  Clara  demands to be uncuffed but Missy only has eyes for a broach given to her on the birth of her daughter by the Doctor.  Clara is adamant that a Dalek cannot be killed with a pin.  The Dalek moves closer to Clara telling her not to move and that she is in a restricted area. The Dalek announces its plan to sterilize Clara and Missy jumps out and sticks the Dalek with the pin repeatedly. Missy announces that she is killing the Dalek because it's her job as a Time Lady. The Dalek does not believe that it has been unduly damaged, until Missy points out that the Dalek is surrounded by a bunch of angry decomposing Daleks.  The Dalek sludge attack the Dalek, forcing it to fire and move in circles.  During the Dalek's confusion, Missy unties Clara and pushes her against a wall, protecting Clara with her own body from the resulting explosion.  As the Dalek explodes, Missy yells, "weeee."

Back in time to Davros, with the hand bombs. Davros calls out for help, saying that the Doctor promised that he could survive.  A frantic Davros calls again for help.

In the present, the Doctor awakes to find himself sitting in the only other chair on Skaro.  The Doctor jumps to his feet and Davros tells him not to bother because he is sealed in the chamber and he is not carrying his sonic screwdriver. Davros adds that he is dying and it's now time for them to conclude their business together.

In the sewers, Missy picks the remains of the Dalek out of its shell and tells Clara to get in.

It seems the reason that Davros is still alive is because he has been feeding off of all of the Daleks. The Daleks allow this because they have respect for their father, a trait Davros never managed to breed out of them.  Davros offers the Doctor the opportunity to commit genocide on the Daleks. Davros lifts the Doctor's hand towards the device, asking if the Doctor is ready to be a God.  The Doctor briefly touches the device and withdraws, as Davros taunts the Doctor with Clara's death. The Doctor says that he's a bloke in a box and that he came because Davros is sick and he asked and because on a good day if he tries hard, he's not an old time lord who ran away. Davros realises that the Doctor cannot be tempted because of his innate compassion, something the Doctor has no problem dying for.

Clara is now in the Dalek shell and Missy instructs her on how to control the Dalek container.  The moment Clara thinks something, the Dalek shell moves, so Missy seals her in.  When Clara speaks it comes out in the Dalek voice.  Missy decides to have some fun and have Clara say her name which results in Clara saying, "I am a Dalek repeatedly." Missy then asks for Clara to say, "I love you" and what comes out is "exterminate". The same result happens when Clara says you are different then me. When Missy gets Clara to say, "exterminate", the gun goes off repeatedly and Missy dances around, giddy with joy, dodging the shots.  Apparently, the Daleks channel emotion and that's why they say exterminate repeatedly.

Once Upon a Time, Season 5, Episode 1: The Dark Swan

After the massive cliffhanger of the last season, of course we’re going to start this season in Minneapolis in 1989. Don’t test me, Once Upon a Time, I will snark.

We have young Emma watching Sword in the Stone and stealing chocolate when an usher manages to be creepy and ominous and all menacing to the little girl about doing bad things. He tells her not to draw Excaliber from its stone.

Now to some knights of the round table – including Lancelot and Arthur – going to find Excalibur only to find one of the knights, Sir Kay, already there and ready to steal the sword first and become king (I would snark about how the ability to extract overgrown cutlery is a terrible way to prove ones worth as a monarch but since the royal competition in this world is the Charmings it’s fairly clear it’s not a taxing job). Exaclibur isn’t for everyone of course, only this Excalibur has no time for would-be kings and turns Sir Kay to dust.

Lancelot: “your turn.” I may like him. Do I even have to say that Arthur gets to draw the sword? He does – but half of Excalibur is missing. Hey, half a sword is still better than being reduced to dust. Arthur and his knights decide to hide the fact that half of Excalibur is missing but they now have a quest to find the other half

And where is the other half? Well the other half is the Dark One’s blade – which now has Emma Swan’s name carved on it.

In Storybrooke everyone is dealing with the sudden transformation of Emma into the Dark One to save Regina (which will go down as one of the best moments in Once Upon a Time history). Killian grabs the dagger and tries to command Emma to return to them… it doesn’t work. Regina snarkily points out (dubbing Killian “Guyliner” reminding us she has the best snark – and that Killian looks hot in eyeliner) that if it isn’t working then that means Emma is no longer in the world.

They go to the Apprentice to ask where she’s buzzed off to and he tells them the Enchanted Forest where all baby Dark Ones turn up. He also has a wand from Merlin which can take them to the Enchanted Forest but needs dark and light magic to do it. Step up there Regina!

Except it doesn’t work because, as Killian points out, she isn’t dark any more. Even if she does have nifty threats. They need someone wicked – which would be Zelena, overriding Regina’s objections

Argh, going to ask Zelena for help is close to the very bottom of things I’d want Regina to have to do (the bottom being nice to Mary Margaret). Zelena is duly vile, mocking Robin for her having raped him – but she agrees to help and they agree to let her try since she has her magic locked down… but she needs magic to open the portal.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Iron & Blood (Jake Desmet Series #1) by Gail Z Martin and Larry Martin

Jake and Rick, with their cousin Nicki, work for their father’s company retrieving hard to find items at very high cost for their very rich clients. Unfortunately, not every item is safe nor is every client as they find out when Jake’s father is murdered

They must return to New Pittsburgh, ducking hired killers along the way to uncover a conspiracy that is festering in the city and goes far further than a few items they transported.

There’s a lot about this book I love.

I love the characters – each of these characters has so much potential for being a book series in its own right. I love their history, their interactions and just about everything about them. In fact, this becomes one of the problems simply because they can’t all be suitably awesome at all times

I really love the world setting, the Victorian industrialness with a touch of steam punk and a whole lot of magic and the supernatural being added to really richen the whole thing. It draws upon the supernatural from many European superstitions and belief systems and does an excellent job of creating a city that is defined by its immigrant populations. The different neighbourhoods, the way the city works and the immigrant diversity come together in a really rich tapestry. On top of the magic and industry and aesthetics and Victorian etiquette (which can also be used for the best humour    (“Get out of here, Aunt Catherine. You’re in mourning. You can’t be shooting people, it wouldn’t be proper.”) there’s also some really excellent analysis of class. How workers are constantly used as fodder and disposable, the battles of the rising union movement in the face of the mine owners who are willing to raise armies and massacre the workers as well as the restrictions that are hemming in women. We also have the Oligarchy, the very essence of the entitled Robber Barons of the era and their near untouchability along side the disposability of the poor and how little their deaths matters

Class moves nicely in to the immigrant cultures and works alongside the supernatural and magic and world building to make for a truly excellent world building. We throw in some extra bonuses like Kobolds which suggests a whole lot more supernatural creatures lurking and permeating every level of society.

The plot itself draws on every element of this – the supernatural and monsters. The untouchability of the Oligarchy, the disposability of the workers. Magic being used in shiny and scary ways. Massive industry and super-steampunk devices. It was all displayed and it was just so huge and so much fun

Z Nation, Season Two Episode Three: Episode #2.3

Two road warriors stop at a car wreck and decide to scavenge.  The writers actually have one the actors say a line straight out of Mad Max.  The road warriors are quickly attacked by a savage zombie and have their faces ripped off. I guess the theme for this week is gross.

The crew is walking and Murphy, being Murphy, is full of complaints.  When Murphy gets into a little spat with Vasquez, Murphy makes it clear that Warren is the boss.  Warren tells Vasquez that he will get used to Murphy.  The group pauses for a moment to get the lay of the ground and 10K approaches Warren to find out what they are going to do about Cassandra, who is still in her hoochie outfit and massaging Murphy's soldiers. Warren suggests that there might be a way back for Cassandra when they get to California. 10K and Cassandra make eye contact briefly before she goes back to massaging Murphy.

The crew watches as a heavily modified 18 wheeler makes its way down the road and it's followed by a caravan of vehicles - cue Mad Max reference number two.  The caravan is ambushed and a gun fight breaks out.  The caravan people are barely able to hold off the pirates. Doc wonders if they should help the caravan and Vasquez suggests that they wait and steal the vehicles from the victor of the fight. Warren says that while they may not be able to save the world, they can save the caravan people.  Warren splits the group up to enter into the fight.

At the top of the valley, Murphy and Cassandra hear a weird noise that catches their attention. Zombies a distance away also react to the sound.

The fire fight is now over and Warren and Addy discover that the 18 wheeler's bed is filled with sick people.  The driver steps out and introduces himself as Sam Custer.  Sam explains that his group is on their way to Edmonton to out run the fall out.  Warren says that they are headed east as well and Sam explains the fitting of his little caravan.  Wrecking Ball, who is Custer's nephew, introduces himself with great enthusiasm for Warren's skills during the gun fight. Vasquez asks about Edmonton, and Sam explains that there will be peace and tranquility in Edmonton because zombies hate the cold. Sam then asks Warren and crew to travel with him because they could use the extra fire power and it's dangerous to travel by foot.

10K and Doc are tucking into some food and Wrecking Ball offers water. Wrecking Ball tries to approach Murphy, but Murphy being Murphy, asks Wrecking Ball to find somewhere else to sit.  In a private conference, Warren preemptively dismisses Vazquez's suggestion to kill everyone and take their vehicle, arguing that there's strength in numbers.  Addy agrees that the food, water and transportation are great but expresses worry about the truck filled with sick people could present a mini zombie outbreak.  Running alongside the side of the truck at a distance are the fallout zombies.

Warren, Doc, Vasquez and Murphy huddle up with Sam to discuss the situation.  Sam tells them about a group they met who kept rambling on about a half zombie/half man person who could control zombies. Sam is absolutely certain that they were insane.  Doc simply calls the rumors crazy. Wrecking Ball is all exicited about the potential of this and asks Murphy and Doc if they went to levitate.  Well, Doc has been sober for way too long right?  Wrecking Ball, Murphy and Doc start toking up.  The weed is apparently grown in an abandoned lab in Minneapolis and they use zombies for compost, hence the name: Z Weed.  The lab is also working on a herbal zombie cure.  Sam knocks on the window and is not at all impressed to see the three of them high as kites.  Sam then asks Wrecking Ball a riddle to see if his mind has been effected by the fallout.  After a moment, surprisingly, Wrecking Ball solves the riddle.  Sam then turns his attention to Murphy and informs Murphy that he is going to have ride in the back with the sick because he doesn't look well. I should say so - this week, Murphy is practically purple.  Sam explains that they can have compassion for the ill because they have rules.

Sam hops up into the truck and the caravan starts down the road with the team distributed along the truck at key points to act as look outs.  In the back, Murphy calls out for Cassandra and she comes running but along the way stumbles on the corpses of the two men who had their faces ripped off earlier.  Cassandra runs behind the truck and is helped on board by Murphy and Addy.  Murphy makes a half assed attempt to introduce Cassandra to the sick people.

They drive by a crash site with bodies splayed out on the road, with their brains eaten before they could turn.  Blasters (people killed by the radiation) eat nothing but the brains.  Sam declares that there is something wrong with those zombies.  Wow, it didn't take long to come up with proper zombie etiquette. Sam goes on to add that blasters hunt in packs and are probably watching them right now.  Vasquez spies a blaster but it disappears before he can shoot.

Doc is travelling with Wrecking Ball and says that the ride will be long without the Z Weed.Wrecking Ball offers Doc water from the back.  In the sick truck, Addy takes care Sam's son Zeke, who has radiation sickness.  Addy tries to comfort the dying man by telling him that they'll be in Edmonton soon but Zeke is well aware of what is coming.

A blaster zombie starts to run alongside the truck and Warren and Vasquez shoot several times, managing to hit it in the back of the legs.  The zombie scampers away in a crab like motion.  Another zombie makes an appearance and this time it's 10K's turn. He actually has to shoot it three times before he can count the zombie as 3098.

From Dusk Till Dawn, Season 2, Episode 5: Bondage

Seth and Sonja have just been confronted by an unpleasant man with a gun who has just figured out that Richie and Seth are the infamous Gecko brothers. Seth decides to be condescending to Sonja and we have a three way argument with guns – and Seth’ uncle Eddie happily steps in to shoot the guys. Now someone has to clear up the mess.

Eddie has some rather bizarre reticence to share info with Seth despite the big guys with guns. He finally tells Seth about a truly massive illegal operation run by the “Browns” covering most of Texas and worth $33,000,000; and somewhere in the middle of it is a huge warehouse full of lots of skimmed profit. And Richie may have stumbled onto it (So I take it this network is Malvado’s).

Santanico has been imprisoned and tired up by Carlos. Of course she’s in her underwear. He shows her the shiny new knife he has after his little trip into the labyrinth. He’s determined to bring her back to the show which she absolutely refuses to tolerate.

Paloma and the other girls are still locked up and ready to be shipped out. Richie is being held by the nast pimp who calls Narcisco to let him know how everything has gone weird with Carlos and Santanico. Nasty Pimp doesn’t listen to Narcisco and seems quite put out by the fact Richie is listening to a ghostly Santanico rather than his threats. Richie’s more focused on following the plan (per ghostly Santanico) when Seth spoils things by rescuing him and shooting the guy. Clearly Richie has to eat everyone then.

Richie is not amused by this. The brothers get right to bickering as they leave the bodies behind, since Seth is a little annoyed that Richie has dragged Eddie into lots of trouble. Seth won’t let him leave until Richie tells him about the truck of “flesh” that is being sold to the “browns” (and, yes, Seth is disgusted at the idea of peddling women though Richie insists none will be eaten). Seth insists on coming with him in looking for the truck.

Eddie is also not very happy with Richie. He’s quite… vehement about it. They snark back and forth endlessly. I do like how they bounce off each other. Anyway, Eddie has found them a corrupt sheriff who could help. Richie wants to bite him, Seth vetoes the idea and they go for huge bribes.

Time to catch up with the Reckoning guy, he is still tracking down Richie through nasty means, eating flesh, killing people, et al.

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Fear The Walking Dead, Season One, Episode Four: Not Fade Away

This episode opens with Lou Reed's, Perfect Day, playing and Nick floating in the pool and Travis out for a jog, waving at neighbours as he runs past. Daniel looks out the window as Liza treats Griselda's clearly infected foot. I think the song choice on this one is absolutely awesome.  I'm shocked to see Nick in the pool because other than Daniel and Ofelia, he is the only one to really get a bit of a grip on what is going on.

Chris is up on the roof making a video report of what is going on.  From him we learn that the military has been gathering people up people in the DZ (read: demilitarized zone) and loading them up like cattle. Each person is allowed to take one suitcase each. No one knows where the people are being taken and instead, the only information available is in the form of rumors.  Didn't I say that military occupation wouldn't be a breeze? Chris goes on to add that they are all safe inside the fence but outside, everyone is gone. He notes that it's been nine days since the end began and that mother nature has taken back what is hers.  Chris notices a flashing light at a distance. It looks as though someone is trying to indicate where they are.

Madison watches the the clock waiting for the moment when the power will turn on.  It seems that electricity is restricted to certain times during the day.  When Alicia joins her in the kitchen, Madison announces that they have to paint the living room again because she can still see the blood stains. Alicia thinks that this is a waste of time, snarking, "No one is coming to the open house." I think I agree with Alicia on this one.  With all that has happened, who cares what the walls look like. Travis is back from his run, and talks about the fact that he could see the ocean on his run.  Travis notes the restrictions on the power and assures Alicia and Madison that the military probably doesn't want to strain what is left of the grid and will get things back to normal soon.  There we go again with the whole glass half full thing.

Travis informs Madison that he has to get going because Moyers is making an announcement and specifically asked Travis to attend.  Cue the bickering. Madison is pissed off that her house is a "refugee camp", that Alicia's room is an IC unit for strangers, that someone has to cook and clean and keep an eye on Nick.  It seems that Madison feels that Travis is not doing his fair share around the house.  It's Alicia who breaks up the argument pointing out that it's ridiculous for them to argue about domestic responsibilities while the world is falling apart.  Alicia is adamant that nothing they are going through is normal.  Alicia demands that Madison and Travis stop acting like everything is normal.

Chris is still up on the roof and now he is trying to signal back at the light he recorded earlier.  Travis heads outside and demands the Chris get off the roof and help Madison.  Chris asks him to look at the video that he shot.  Travis shows very little patience with his son but Chris manages to get him to look at the recording.  Travis is absolutely dismissive of the flashing light, asserting that there's no one outside of the perimeter. Travis believes it's just the reflection of the sun; he's dismissive and walks away from a disappointed Chris.

Madison heads out to the pool to confront Nick about the fact that he left his drugs on the counter. Nick says that he simply forgot to take his pill.  I don't believe that shit for a minute, he damn well has a source for drugs. Nick tells Madison to give it to Griselda because Griselda needs it more. Why the hell isn't Madison more suspicious?  Madison is shocked and points out the plan to wean and so puts the pill on the side of the pool in case Nick needs it.

A group of people are gathered in front of commanding officer Moyers for his announcement. Moyers announces that they are infection free for 6 miles around the base.  The DZ is off limits while they dispose of bio-hazard materials, anyone who tries to get around the border will be detained, sanitation will return as they get to total containment.  When the people ask about the people outside of the fence, they are informed they are but one of 12 camps and are lucky to be able to stay in their homes.

Alicia and Ofelia submit to a check over.  Travis is called to the side by Moyers to deal with Doug Thompson because he won't do the screening.  Moyers wants Travis to talk to him so that he isn't forced to take Doug down.  Given those options, Travis agrees to go and talk to Thompson.  When Travis enters the Thompson house, he sees Maria Thompson and the Thompson children in hazmat suits.  Maria says that Doug has locked himself away since dinner last night.  Apparently, Doug has always liked Travis, so Maria suggested that rather than having the military talk to Doug that it should be Travis.

Travis walks through a bedroom and finally finds Doug hiding out in the bathroom.  Doug is in full panic mode saying he doesn't think he can do it.  Doug is freaking out because his kids keep asking him if everything is going to be okay and he doesn't know how to respond.  Travis tells Doug that it's his job to tell the kids that everything will be okay and points out that his family needs him.  Hmm does this mean that Travis is not really the eternal optimist and actually has some doubts? Travis advises Doug to show the military and his family that he is okay.

Alicia is making her way through Susan's yard and in the process sees Madison painting the living room.  Alicia enters Patrick and Susan's home.  The pill bottle still lies ominously on the table.  Alicia makes her way into Susan's bedroom and looks at a framed drawing she made Susan when she was younger.  Clearly, the Clarke family meant a lot to Susan.  Alicia cries as she reads Susan's suicide note.

Liza is checking in on one of her patients. Liza has a clearly sick  Hector hooked up to a feeding tube. When Liza moves to leave, a grateful Cynthia offers her some soup for the road, clearly desperate to show her appreciation for all that Liza has done for her husband. Nick gets out of the pool and spies through the fence, as Liza leaves with the soup and Cynthia steps outside.

Chris takes the video to Madison and explains that though Travis dismissed it, there's a pattern to the flashing light.  Madison believes if someone is out there and needs help they would go to the soldiers. Chris points out that it may not be possible for them to do so and so Madison agrees to look at the footage.

When next we see Nick, he is under Hectors bed having removed Hector's medical drip and placing it in a vein between his toes. A junkie will be a junkie I suppose. I knew he was feeding his mother a complete line of bull.

Ofelia is making out with a soldier in a military vehicle beside the perimeter fence.  When things get a little intense, Ofelia asks that they slow down.  The soldier tells Ofelia that she is the only thing that makes him believe that they are still good people.  Ofelia asks about medicine for her mother and learns that the drugs are all locked up and that he has no access to it.  A message comes over the radio interrupting their conversation.

That night, Madison and Travis have sex in the garage.  Madison hops out of the car and says that she has things to do.  Travis asks her to come back but Madison continues to get dressed.  Travis asks what's going on and Madison brings up quarantine camps. Travis clarifies to say that he wants to know what is going on with her.  Madison asserts that Nicks needs to be watched and that Travis needs to pay positive attention to Chris.  Madison brings up Chris's video and Travis says that it's all a part of Chris's imagination.  Madison however believes that the video did show something. Travis and Madison argue about what the soldiers have done in nine days and Madison questions why the military cannot seem to get the phones working.  Travis thinks that Madison and Chris are being paranoid.

Continuum Season 4, Episode 4: Zero Hour

Alec is all angsty over his break up and Jason tries to tell him that Emily isn’t his mother so not the woman he’s supposed to be with. Alec is angry that Jason drove Emily away and lashes out –he isn’t the man Jason remembers, he isn’t Jason’s father, that isn’t him and he doesn’t actually want to become him.

On to Lucas’s funeral with Kiera and Alec discussing the whole complexity of what Lucas was fighting for and how Kiera has swapped sides and he went from an enemy to a missed ally and the general hugeness that is the development of this show.

Brad comes to the funeral and Kiera and Brad argue – he blames her, she blames him. Kiera finally starts asking some questions about what Brad’s people are doing. He says he knows nothing – but wants the key Kiera stole and Alec now has.

Uh-huh this sounds like a terrible idea – give him the key to their tech when he doesn’t know what it does.

Kiera goes to see Carlos after yet another high tech theft. More distrust. More secrecy. They hope Alec will have more information while Alec is busy trying to patch up with Jason (and the general awkwardness of “parenting kids twice your age”). Alec wants to know who his mother is but Jason is reluctant because it’s not the time yet... it’s a whole matter of whether Alec’s destiny is fixed or not

Brad and Soren raid a blood bank to steal… blood. Still lots of distrust going round. Of course, Brad on the security camera makes Carlos angry and adds to the distrust between Kiera and Carlos. Carlos finally has a time limit for Kiera to actually come up with something in the next day. Looking at the synopsis of what Alec things the future soldiers are building (a time travel device) Alec makes it clear he also doesn’t trust Brad. But he does worry that the future soldiers have made a super weapon

Kiera confronts Brad about this but he assures her that it’s not a bomb and they totally wouldn’t do that. He does have an address of a storage facility where they were storing something unknown. Mission talk then goes on to relationship talk – all watched by Curtis.

She checks the warehouse with Carlos – inside which is a dialysis machine.

Kellogg is also getting tired of his bodyguard, Vasquez, not telling him anything and tries to seduce her. She decides to strangle him since future him had already warned her that he is hella creepy when it comes to women.

Fear The Walking Dead, Season One, Episode Three: The Dog

Chris looks outside at the riot going on and is startled when a walker with dead eyes stares back at him. Travis orders Chris to get away from the window.

At home, Madison grabs some drugs for Nick.  Alicia looks outside at her neighbours house wondering what happened there after her mother stopped her from running outside.  Madison simply says that the people are gone.  Nick crushes the pills to absorb them faster which makes Madison unhappy because she wants him to be weaned off the drugs. Yeah as long as a drug addict has access to drugs, they are not going to stop.  Nick tells his mother that he needs more and asks how many they have. Madison tells him that they have enough to get him to the desert and then he'll have to howl at the moon.

Back at the barbershop, Travis tells Liza that they will wait for things to slow down and then head out to the truck. Outside gunshots can be heard.  Chris wants to leave without going back to Madison. Before Chris and Travis they can discuss Chris's demand, Ofelia informs everyone that the breaking glass they heard is someone breaking into the store next door. Travis is certain that they won't break into a barbershop and that the police will have everything sorted out in another couple hours or so. Travis asks to use the phone. Chris picks up a razor and Daniel tells him to put it back.  Chris places his hand against the wall and Daniel approaches Travis to discuss the situation at hand. Travis admits that he only said that no one would break into the barbershop to keep Chris calm. Travis questions what happens if someone does break in and Daniel calmly tells him that they will run in different directions. Chris notices that the wall is getting hot and so everyone gets ready to flee the barbershop. The moment Travis opens the door, people flood in and start to destroy the barbershop,  Travis and Daniel lead their families through the chaos.

Back at the house, Madison brings out Monopoly and Nick and Liza are quick to agree to play. Immediately they return to a nice family dynamic with Liza calling Monopoly kindergarten capitalism. Gotta say, I really agree with Liza's assessment of the game.

The streets are in absolute chaos.  The cops are calling for the streets to be cleared but no one is listening.  The group runs through a slight construction area and in the process, Griselda gets hurt when a cage falls over, landing on her leg.  Daniel immediately stops when he notices his wife's injury. Everyone runs back and it's Travis who picks up Griselda and places her in the bed of the truck.  Liza gets in back to help Griselda because she has some medical experience. Travis manages to drive away from the riot.

At the house, Nick, Alicia and Madison are still playing Monopoly.  The mood is light until everyone hears a gun shot.  Alicia asks how long they are going to wait for Travis and Madison  says that she can go to sleep.  Alicia responds that she is have a major case of déjà vu.  This makes me wonder if Madison's ex just abandoned her and the children suddenly one day?

Travis drives to the hospital and it has clearly been over run and is on fire. The cops wave Travis through, as people run frantically on the street.  The cops start shooting at a zombie and so everyone in the cab of the truck ducks down for safety.  Travis asks Daniel if there is somewhere he can drop them off, adding that he wants to be of help.  Daniel snarks, "like I helped you," causing Travis to point out that he just saved them.  Daniel asks to be taken to Travis's place promising to call his cousin to come and get them.  Daniel snarks that this will make them even, causing Travis to tell him to stop keeping score.  As Travis drives through the streets, slowly the street lights all turn out.  It's a clear indication that something is wrong.

In the kitchen, Nick points out that Travis has been gone six hours and suggests that traffic couldn't have been that bad.  The lights go out in the house and Madison tells Alicia to put the game away. Alicia leaves to out the game away and Nick reminds his mother that she knows what's out there and suggests that they cannot stay at the house and wait for Travis. Nick is not at all impressed that Travis went to get his ex wife.  I suppose he just conveniently forgot that Chris was with Liza.  Madison asserts that they are Travis's family but before the argument can get too heated, Alicia enters the room and says, "it's happening again."  Madison directs Alicia away from the window.  When they hear a rattling sound, Nick checks the patio door and finds a german shepherd. Nick lets the dog in and they discover that it is covered in blood.  The dog immediately goes to the front door and starts barking. Nick looks out the front window to see one of the neighbours now turned zombie headed toward the house.  Nick decides to head to the neighbour's house to get a gun.

They run out of the house leaving the patio door open behind them. Ya, that was smart.They climb over a fence and make their way to a neighbours house, taking the key from under the front mat. Madison call out for Susan and Patrick (the owners of the home) and after getting no answer, the family begins to search the house.  Alicia pauses to look at the pictures on the wall as Nick searches frantically for a gun. Nick finally finds the gun but no the shells, so Alicia continues to explore the house.  It's Madison who finds the shells and takes the gun away from Nick to load it.  Alicia looks out the window and sees someone inside their house.  Alicia calls for Madison and when she heads over to the window, she sees a walker inside a house.  Yeah well, if you leave your door open, anyone can walk in. Ominously, the dog has gone quiet.  Madison suggests that they stay where they are but Travis arrives and pulls into the driveway.  Madison, Alicia and Nick rush outside to warn Travis.

Travis makes his way slowly through the house calling out for Madison.  When Travis turns, he finds Chris and Liza tight on his heels. Liza informs Travis that they intend to stay close by his side. Outside, Madison continues to navigate the maze of her neighbours yard to try to get to Travis. Travis makes his way into the living room to find his former neighbour snacking on the dog. Who's hungry? Travis turns and orders Liza and Chris to go to the car.  The zombie stands and approaches Travis, who tries to reason with him believing that there might be some remnant of his his former neighbour Peter left behind. The zombie moves towards Travis and Travis stumbles when he tries to turn and tell Chris to leave, causing the zombie to land on top of him.  Travis gets to his feet and struggles with the zombie.

Alicia runs back into the neighbours house to get the shells they left behind.  The first things she sees is an empty pill bottle on the table.  Ominously, a zombie stands at the doorway.  Alicia grabs the shells and takes off running.

Travis continues to struggle with the zombie and Madison aims the shot gun looking for a clear shot. Travis notices Madison with the gun and tells her to put it down before turning back to the zombie and calling it by it's former name.  It's Daniel who proves he has the sense Goddess gave cabbage by grabbing the gun, telling Madison to move and shooting the zombie.  Daniel has to shoot the zombie twice.  Daniel calmly hands Madison the gun and walks out of the room. Chris leaves the room to puke.

Alicia runs through the garden and in the process ends up getting grabbed by their neighbour Susan, who has now become a zombie.  Chris rushes over and has to struggle to help Alicia over the fence. Alicia falls over the fence and lands in Chris's arms.  Alicia struggles against Chris and elbows him for his troubles which pisses him off.  Alicia runs into her mother's arms, as Chris says that he was trying to save Alicia.  An angry Chris shoves his father and heads into the house.  Zombie Susan is at the fence and she sticks her hands through the the fence posts trying to get at the family.  Madison and Travis try to communicate with Susan. Alicia is confused by what she is seeing and Madison explains that Susan is sick. It's Nick who suggests that Susan is dead.  Alicia immediately thinks of Matt and says repeatedly that Matt is not like that.  Travis questions why Nick would say that and he simply replies, "it's the truth." Well it looks like someone has some sense.

Continuum, Season 4 Episode 3: Power Hour

Travis is in prison and Carlos is talking to him – well mocking him about how Liber8 has failed to improve the world. Travis doesn’t see it that way – he rightly points out that they’ve exposed a lot of badness and caused change – even Kiera now agrees with Liber8.

But Liber8 vs Corporations is so several seasons ago and Kiera wants Carlos to hand Travis to her custody. They’ve got super-soldiers from the future running amok so they need their own super soldiers to combat them – Travis fits the bill. Carlos isn’t a fan of this, especially since Kiera is keeping him in the dark and putting all her faith in Brad, her inside man who is doing very little

Even Travis agrees with Carlos on that.

Brad is dealing with the fact not all the super soldiers have accepted him back into the fold, though Marcellus still seems to trust him

At team Geek, Lucas and Julian are both poking Alec’s “breakup angst” and excellently keep Alec from getting above himself as seems to be Julian’s raison d’etre these days. They do have an interesting debate on how, while Kellogg beat Alec, he also saved Alec from his terrible future as corporate overlord while Julian is worried that he’s still detsined to be super-bad guy, which then Lucas objects to because, as a member of Liber8, he sees Julian as the founder of a heroic resistance movement.

See, this is why Continuum has so vastly improved from its early days. We have complexity and nuance and simple pronouncements of “good vs bad” just go all shaky because there’s so many sides and view points and just about everyone is at least a little right in some cases and at last a little wrong.

Lucas is a little in awe seeing Julian write a historic manifesto that will one day inspire him so much – and then horrified when Julian burns it. Julian is trying to erase his own legacy.

Except Lucas finds the whole Theseus manifesto online. Julian is not happy and decides to track this person down, finding a woman who is quite happy to see him – she published his manifesto because Curtis told her to. Because things aren’t complicated enough. Nope, let’s make it more complex – the woman is Mrs. Kagame, the mother of Edward Kagame, head of Liber8. Curtis tries to get him to talk out his legacy – his revolution and how he loses, while at the same time telling him to have courage and don’t assume that the future written. He adds that Julian has a responsibility to lead the movement so it isn’t abused by fanatics. Julian doesn’t seem convinced.