Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Continuum Season One, Episode Four: Matter of Time

This episode begins with a flashback to happier times for Kiera.  The power goes out and Kiera immediately begins to worry that terrorists are back in action.

We go back to the past or present, (whichever way you want to look at it) with Kierra struggling to get on her makeup. When the power goes out she gets a call from Carlos. It turns out that they have found a new dead body and of course Kierra is quick to make pronouncements she has no business making, if she is trying to hide who she really is.  In the meantime, Kellog is investing in the stock market and unsurprisingly is doing extremely well.

On a street outside, there is a huge flash of light and yet another supposed terrorist arrives.

Kierra complains to Alec about her suit being broken and he offers to fix it for her, but she thinks it's beyond his capabilities.  While she has been busy complaining about her suit, Carlos arranges to talk with one of professor Aims' assistants [note Aims is the man who died] It is his contention that Calisto, the machine that Aims was working on backfired.  They were attempting to contain anti matter to create sustainable clean energy. They learn about Vincent, a group called Stop Mad Scientist, who threatened to burn down their research, and that the military was interested in the research. The whole time Shane is being interviewed, Kiera monitors his vitals.

The terrorists decide to beat up a marijuana grow up.  What is interesting about this scene is that the women at first used their sex appeal to appear non threatening and then proceeded to kick some major ass, while the men stood on the sidelines and simply waited for them to finish. Normally a scene like this would have been filmed with men being active and the women being passive. Score one for Continuum.

At the hospital, the new arrival awakes.  Kellog has now begun to place bets.  He begins to shower his grandmother with presents.  She worries that he wants more from her, until he claims that he is just repaying a debt to the family. With all of this tampering in his family's life, I cannot help but wonder why it is that Kellog seems so unconcerned about destroying the timeline?

Kiera and Carlos head off to see Vincent. He argues that the issue is not the science but the motivation of the people behind the science.  Of course this is not enough to have Kiera question her viewpoint on this issue. Vincent points them to Melissa Dobek.  Kiera believes that there is more to the relationship between Aims and Melissa than business. A man and woman cannot possibly be partners without screwing. Thank goodness we have Kiera to make these logical leaps.  Melissa denies any wrong doing as Carlos gets a call from the precinct.

It turns out that the DOD wants to take over the case of professor Aimes because they view it as a matter of national security.  Carlos is not at all pleased by this news. Kiera confronts him and asks if he believes that she is responsible for the case being removed.  She tries to pacify him saying that the government has a good reason.  She is startled that Carlos takes it personally.  Yes, once again big brother knows all and we should just line up like good soldiers. More and more, I am rooting for the resistance.

The new arrival walks through the city and is shocked by how different it is from his time. Kiera goes back to Shane and he leaves when he gets a text.  Back at the station, Kiera reveals that Shane got a text from Melissa.  She had no compunction using Alec to gain access to information that she has no right knowing without a warrant.  No matter her justifications, which I don't believe, this is just wrong. A story about Eward appears on the news and for the first time Kiera realises that the man she feared most is in 2012. Unfortunately, the terrorists see the news as well and plan to meet him at a pre-arranged location.

Carlos and Kiera head back to see Melissa and when she is not forthcoming, Kiera asks about the text she sent.  Melissa admits that she had an affair with Shane and tells Kiera and Carlos to leave.

Edward ends up at a Chinese garden.  He thinks about his past and we see him wearing a Black beret, talking to people about freedom.  It seems that people are born into debt and they spend their lifetime working to pay the corporation.  It seems that everyone is born a slave. Okay it's official, I am on the side of the terrorists. As the crowd begins to chant liberate, agents burst in and start rounding people up.

Kiera and Carlos bring Shane in for questioning. He is insistent that Melissa is a good person and that despite losing all the patents, he believes that she is the better scientist. Kiera takes pleasure in telling Shane that Melissa is engaged. Shane says that he acted alone, but Carlos says that he doesn't have to take the fall for Melissa. Carlos and Kiera debate sharing what they have learned, when they both get notified about a sighting of Edward.

Kiera runs into Edward first and he briefly holds his own until the others arrive with a baby for a hostage.  Kiera trades Edward for the baby. Back at the station, Alec tells Kiera that they he has found evidence against Melissa, who is leaving the country. Kiera confronts her at the airport with Shane's guilt.  Melissa begs Kiera not to turn over the data to the military. Melissa's fiance arrives and Kiera realizes that Melissa is going to be important in the future and so lets her go.

Back at terrorist central, Edward announces that a war is coming and that he is going to start it. I don't know about you, but I am routing for them. When Kiera goes back to her room, she finds the door ajar.  Alec is looking out the window. Alec believes that he can repair the suit.  When they talk about Melissa, Kiera mentions a break through with clean energy. Alec tells her that by letting Melissa go that she is playing God as certainly as the scientists. Of course this is going to wash completely over Kiera, because thinking critically does not seem to be her strong suit.

Okay, I have given this show four episodes and I think it's fair to say that it's boring.  I cannot relate with the protagonist no matter how many teary eyed faces she makes at children.  Kiera may be able to kick ass but her absolutely refusal to question the world around her infuriates me. I see the premise of getting us to think about the control corporations have on our lives but I find the approach to be heavy handed at times.  I don't feel like this story is going anywhere and it irks me that they never really explore the idea that all of this has probably happened already and that they aren't really changing anything. A story that involves time shifting should be more complex than this. I will be surprised if Continuum gets a second season but in the meantime, I will keep recapping it so that you don't have to watch it.