Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Teen Wolf, Season 2, Episode 4: Abomination

Awesome Mysterious vet is hurriedly cleaning Scott’s wound (that, since it has been inflicted by Derek the Alpha, won’t heal quickly) before the murderous Argents return. He knows about werewolves, and knows the Argent the lizard thing killed wasn’t one (though, if it’s killing Argents I’m all for it. Go Team Lizard Thing! Go Weregeckos!). He doesn’t know anything about them but he thinks the Argents will because they will have books and records.

And then the Argents arrive – including murderous Granddaddy Argent who knows Alan the Awesome Vet who awesomely points out that they’ve ripped up their own code (Daddy Argent, chief apologist  tries to cast them as the victims, but Awesome Vet isn’t having any of his conscience dodging) but granddaddy Argent is only interested in shape-shifting murderers, not Argent murderers.

He discusses his findings from examining the dead Bennett – he was hit by a paralytic venom and that he was clawed up by something very strong and very fast – and that the Argents need to be very very afraid. And that the killer killed just to kill – not to eat (hey, if he’s killing Argents? I’m still Team Weregecko!). Did I mention that I loved Alan the Awesome Vet?

Stiles is getting his car fixed of a little problem, but the very diligent mechanic (ahem) has found lots of other expensive problems that need fixing too. Poor Stiles. There’s also goo on the handles of the garage door (which I assume is indicative of Geckoness or the ominous music wouldn’t have started) – and yes, having touched it Stiles can’t move his hands. He can look through the window, though, and see the Weregecko paralyse his mechanic (aww, don’t’ kill the hot mechanic! Go find an Argent – any Argent will do!) and lower Stiles’s jeep on top of him until it crushes him (in a very very very tense scene). He also lets Stiles see his gecko face and roar/scream/whatever at him. It’s actually a lot less scary after seeing its face.

The police arrive to Stiles’s struggled phone call and he tells his dad what happened – albeit with the supernatural elements removed.  And his jeep has to be impounded for evidence.

Moving on we meet up with Allison (please give this character some more personality) and her murderous, evil Granddaddy Argent, playing the “pity me old man” routine and then giving a very transparent lecture about trust to Allison (here, let me finish it for you – Allison, your family are murderers, don’t trust them. Simple!) . He then spends some time defending the murderous Kate Argent who died “doing what she thought was right.” In case you have forgotten, dear readers, what she thought was right was burning a house full of people to the ground, killing them, then going around torturing and murdering people. Even Allison is moved to protest that (and Granddaddy responds by saying she reminds him of Kate – wow, Allison, you going to take that insult?). He liked that she challenged him too. When she seems half hearted about trust he demands a clear yes that she can trust him. Yeah – this is the extent of Allison’s challenge?

Stiles consults with Scott, confirms that the weregecko isn’t a werewolf but also says he’s sure he’s seen the gecko before (presumably in human form) and that it recognised Stiles.

Meanwhile Derek is training his new pack (who aren’t entirely up to his standards) and to be unpredictable Erica climbs him to make out with him – which is quite quite quite understandable. Which he doesn’t agree with. Derek’s training, however is brutal and cruel – including breaking Isaac’s arm to make a point while Erica and Boyd look on in fear. Derek is worried – there’s both the Argents and the Weregecko – his pack needs to be ready and able to fight.

Lydia is also having problems – she’s agreed to go to the school counsellor, which seems all the more important since she smashed a mirror, badly cutting her hand and didn’t remember doing it. She is less than warm and welcoming to the therapist

Poor Stiles is forced to recount romantic messages form Allison to Scott, and then fill Stiles in on what Alan the Awesome Vet said, giving Stiles chance to show his greater knowledge and for them to decide to focus on getting the Argent’s records.

Time for a Lacrosse game, and the opposing team has brought a very big player who is knocking everyone to the ground, but Scott can’t go all wolfy with Granddaddy Argent watching. At least Allison stays on mission and is clever enough to steal Ganddaddy’s keys to give to Stiles. We have a distraction while Stiles comforts Lydia who is crying in the car park. He runs to search Granddaddy’s office (and doesn’t find the book) and is met by Erica who takes him to have a discussion about the garage incident with Derek. He describes the weregecko to Derek, while it sneaks up behind him

He knocks aside Erica no problem – and claws Derek with his paralysis poison. Derek asks Stiles to call Scott but in running eh drops the paralysed Derek in the pool and jumps in to save him. What is interesting is that the weregecko doesn’t attack them when they’re in the water even as, as Derek says, he’s paralysed from the neck down in 8 feet of water making him a pretty easy target. Just in case we miss it, the weregecko puts its hand in the water then jerks back, confirming that it doesn’t like water (gah, was there any need to lampshade this?)

Desperate for a player as more and more of his team leaves injured, the coach taps Boyd in the stand  - who steamrolls over the giant from the other team with his werewolf strength. But his eyes glow gold and Scott worries someone will notice and runs forward to distract attention – scoring, but he is hit by one of the other team, falls awkwardly and breaks his leg, very obviously breaks his leg. But, by the time he gets to his feet, its healed – much to the shock of his mother (the nurse and apparently only medical professional in a 50 mile radius) and the coach. Granddaddy is impressed – and invites Scott home to dinner.

Which is so very fun with going back to the Argent house to Mummy and Daddy Argent. There follows the most awkward family dinner in the history of mankind. And lots and lots and lots of awkward relationship conversation. Some brief snarling between Scott and Daddy Argent.

Allison and Scott do sneak off to search for the bestiary (book full of magical animals) and find it in a safe which Scott cracks with his wolf ears. And they have the book – but it’s not the bestiary

In the pool where they have been for 2 hours, Stiles drops Derek and makes a swim for his phone. He calls Scott – but Scott’s being quite in the Argent house so hangs up – leaving Stiles to drop his phone in the water and rescue the still paralysed Derek

Scott and Allison have a brain wave – the keys they stole have a jump drive attached. The bestiary may not be a book at all. Scott drives to the school (leaving the awkward family dinner of doom) and grabs the keys from the office - in time to hear the weregecko scream/roar/whatever. Scott arrives to pull Derek and Stiles out of the pool and tackle the lizard – time for a fight scene! Sadly brief – because it runs when confronted with its own reflection.

Time to check the jump drive – which they can’t understand, but Derek knows after seeing it being confused by its own reflection – it’s a Kanima. It doesn’t know what it is – it’s a shapeshifter but it’s not right, it’s an “abomination”. Scott argues for co-operation – between him and Derek but also with the murderous Argents (which both Derek and I scoff at – I say side with the abomination against the Argents)

Speaking of, Granddaddy meets Scott and stabs him, revealing to Scott (in case he missed it and in case anyone was fooled) that he is an unpleasant, sadistic, murderer.  To reinforce that – he says Scott will do what Granddaddy wants or he will stab his mother.

Do we need more proof of Argent evil?

We have to catch up with Jackson, alas (he and Lydia are perilously close to becoming unnecessary plot lines) who is trying to get Danny (the gay Maris) to check the recording of him in bed to see if anything werewolfy happened since he’s discovered his super-strength. This includes over-confident semi-flirting from Jackson. Danny consults with Mike who gave him the camera and they find that 2 hours of footage are missing. We also get to see that Mike is focused on Allison.

Ok, what happened to last week where we were told that the Argents were a progressive, matriarchal society where the women ruled? Yet Granddaddy is the leader that the women “challenge.”  And the extent of that is a half muttered syllable then him bullying her into compliance? This is not what a woman lead society looks like.

I am torn. Lydia, with her mirror breaking and Stiles "I recognise the weregecko from somewhere" is such an utterly obvious choice for the real identity of the weregecko (even more than Jackson) that I think she's almost TOO obvious. If your foreshadowing is this heavy handed it better be a red herring or you might want to slap a writer