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Zoo, Season 3, Episode 2: Diaspora

The group is still all spread out everywhere but at least we’re finally coming together.

In Portland, the monster zone, the bomber has left, dropping something in her escape, abandoning her car and leaving a little bug on a rock.

Jackson is feeling all the guilt about this for some reason. He’s also checking out the internet where people are trying to find… him. Apparently he’s largely blamed by everyone - including his girlfriend, Tessa, for setting off the sterility plague and everything else. This is possibly accurate, but that would require me remembering the last season and trying to find some kind of thread of coherence among that mess.

He’s now going by the name Dylan. And “Dylan” and Tessa try to follow the bomber, failing to find her, but do find a weird little Shepherd-symbol thing that she left behind.

Also investigating the bombing is Detective-police-don’t-have-background-checks-anymore Logan who discovers his bomb and Jackson’s bomb is linked and decides to fly to Portland and risk breaking poor Jackson’s cover to Tessa and Logan has a lot of experience lying to girlfriends. The pair of them snark back and forth being passive aggressive and making Tessa suspicious while trying to track this bomber - who calls Jackson just to taunt him a bit

A DNA test reveal she is Abigail Westbrook. Apparently Jackson’s sister

Because a battle for the world and whether humanity becomes extinct really needs completely unnecessary sibling family drama storylines.

Over to Abe and Dariela and there’s some regret for not going with Clementine (which is a little odd because she didn’t exactly give them a chance) and Dariela is frustrated about being “benched” which Abe rejects - they’re raising a child! It’s an interesting subversion of tropes to have the woman push to go out and have action while the man focuses on and values domestic life and family.

At the same time, later on Dariela criticises Abe’s “save the world” card. So he’s also frustrated at the narrow focus - but perhaps his crusades are less action packed so don’t appeal to Dariela’s action-orientated mindset while her charge in and fix it style lacks of the planning and caution Abraham has always favoured (he has always been doomed to be the big sensible, calm mountain while around him people charge around making terrible decisions).

The blood sample that Abe was sent by Jackson is now growing into a foetus - which is more than a little bizarre. It’s also a telepathic foetus that is summoning razorback hyena mutants to its rescue (apparently they were nearby?) resulting in a siege and the hybrids eventually escapes with what Abe calls “the egg”. Which is a shame because he thought it could cure human sterility.

Honestly it says all you need to know when telepathic foetus from blood samples actually doesn’t seem weird.

Zoo, Season 3, Episode 1: No Place Like Home

So last season took the original concept of Zoo - the sinister idea of completely normal animals rising up and killing humanity and the terror that could bring down human civilisation and decided to throw a whole bunch of random nonsense at it instead. We had the idea of rats swarming from the sewers, of animal agriculture becoming impossible, of the terror of pets and instead we got… Earthquake sloths and electric ants. Contrary to how it may originally appear, singing Earthquake sloths do not make everything better

At the end the animals were cured - at the cost of rendering humanity sterile

Which means we enter season 3 with the original concept not just dead, but the body has been burned and the ashes scattered across several large bodies of water. At this point Zoo could just say “UNICORN ALIEN CANNIBALS!” and I’d shrug…

If this season actually has unicorn alien cannibals I’m going to get so drunk.

We also have hybrids invading, which are like mutant animals. Apparently the entire west coast has been abandoned to them and a big big Trumpian wall has been built. To which I have to say “huh”? I mean these animals have escaped from labs - how many were they?! They’ve have to breed like the world’s horniest rabbits to have enough numbers and more super powers than Superman’s-Gary-Stuest-collection to possibly be threat enough where the expense of abandonning and walling off the ENTIRE WEST COAST of the US is somehow economically preferable to shooting them with America’s many many many many many many guns. C’mon that maniacal gun culture has to be good for something?! And how do you even build the wall? If these hybrids are so scary you are writing off California, Oregon and Washington then how do you get them to back off long enough for you to build 1,500 miles of wall?!

And they’re building secret labs on the west coast? These secret sinister base people have poor choice of location - there must be much cheaper real estate and much easier chance of doing this without oversight in, say, rural Montana (is the “rural” redundant when talking about Montana?)

The show hasn’t even started and already it’s making my brain hurt!”

The new season opens with a nice explanation of all this, re-introductions to everyone (as well as the possibility that Mitch isn’t dead and the actor has not said “oh hell no” to the script yet). Everyone has split it up since it’s now been 10 years since the events of the second season, so time to catch up with them all

Jackson and his new girlfriend Tessa are in the new monster filled Pacific zone trying to get people our, introducing a poor west coast boy into the horror of moving to Tennessee. They’re still being attacked by hybrids - Ridgebacks, basically big hyenas, but that’s fine because Jackson has a pride of tame lions: male lions - which save their lives and drive off the hybrids

Ok, back to my point about how the hybrids don’t seem like such a threat? Lions are fairly endangered creatures - the only reason they’re not more endangered is because humanity has actively decided to refrain from slaughtering them. A pack of animals that lions can match does not make for an apocalypse. It’s target practice. Humanity is GOOD at killing things. We make entire species extinct by accident - step up your big scary enemy game

So they do with… a big scary bony rhino. And it’s big and scary but Jackson also confines it in a lorry - which doesn’t even seem to be reinforced. I mean it looks scary. But we have RPGs. And tanks. And bombs that destroy cities.

He sends a sample off to Abraham and lets the IADG come collect the big scary rhino.

Oh, he also seems to control the lions with his mind (as he himself was a weird infected monster man at some point, I’m guessing).

So let’s join Abraham and Dariela, living together with their son Isaac and all being happy-ish. Abraham is focusing on trying to cure humanity’s sterility (and there’s a nice moment where they talk about there not even being dolls around any more since there’s so few young children) and there’s a suggestion that he left several prestigious research institutions under Less Than Ideal Circumstances. Dariela is also stealing and sending off some of his research to someone without his knowing - so expect drama

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12 Monkeys, Season Three, Episode Six: Nature

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Of course, we're back at the Emerson hotel again and who should arrive but Gale. Yes, the FBI agent who hooked up with Cassie and Cole in Berlin and died as a result.  When Gale bursts into 608 with his partner, he finds a couple engaged in some spanking. This leads to laughter from Gale's partner about Gale's futile search for a connection with the Monkeys. Suddenly, the lights start to flash on and off which of course signals the arrival of Cole and Cassie, looking for help from Gale. Gale explains that after what happened in 1944 that he almost got fired and he became a laughing stock because of the report he wrote about time travel. Gale has spent his time looking for the army of the 12 Monkeys.

Cole and Cassie share the timeline written by the Witness. There's a notification for the winter of 1953 in Hope Valley and it's described as the winter of ash and blood. The plan is take down the Monkeys before they can even get off the ground. Cassie tries to get Gale to stay out of it but he's in with both feet.


Adler and Jones are discussing project Charon when Deacon interrupts them. Jones has declared this a need to know mission and therefore has no interest in sharing the details with Deacon. Proving that he's no slouch, Deacon immediately picks up the reference to Charon, the ferrymen who carried the dead across the Styx and Acheron.

Jennifer returns in the Splitter machine after convincing Lasky that she needed to go back in time to get some Valium and her uncle's ashes. Jennifer actually went back to grab her turtle Jerry which she of course has to introduce to an older version of Jerry.  Jennifer then gets a vision of someone in a dark cape and cowl wearing a mask. Jennifer immediately goes running and who can blame her.


It's Christmas time in Hope Valley and Gale decides that he is going to pay a visit to the local sheriff to find out if anyone strange has recently come to town. The moment Gale leaves, Cassie suggests that it's wrong of them to use Gale in this fashion because they know that he dies in 1961.  Cassie blames herself for Gale's death and wonders about warning Gale but Cole is worried that this would jeopardize their accomplishments in 1961, leading to the Witness getting his red forest. They switch topics and start talking about their son. Cole is adamant that they cannot save him and that everyone dies because of the Witness's plans. An explosion in the mine happens, bringing an end to their conversation, as smoke and ash float up in the sky, covering the town. Cole makes eye contact with Christopher Lloyd.


Jennifer tells Deacon that she sees dead people and that she frustrated that her primary skills won't let her see the whole puzzle.  Deacon is curious about why it is that Jennifer never sees him in her visions, noting that everyone is involved but him.  Jennifer continues to be frustrated that she keeps seeing a ghost who stares at her and points which makes her worried that she will be locked up. Deacon assures Jennifer that she won't be locked up and that she has a purpose because her name, unlike his, is on the document.  Deacon suggests that Jennifer try speaking to the apparition. 

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 6: Fireflies.

So everything kind of went just a bit wrong last episode, now Kyle is in hospital to have his injuries healed… except the doctor treating him is our friendly demon doctor so this won’t end well. He takes the opportunity to kidnap Kyle for Sidney and tell his family he’s dead.

That would be Megan, Amber and Alison. Oh and Anderson sort of hanging around. Alison utterly falls apart, wanting to say sorry to Kyle, blaming herself for not leaving the mental institution sooner.

While Megan is reeling from her sudden exposure to the supernatural and now has the difficult, emotionally dramatic task of trying to convince Alison that no she’s not evil, she was possessed, like Megan was possessed, like Sidney was possessed and a whole lot of people died because of it. It’s emotional and dramatic and difficult and awful

All the while Amber is calm because she’s sure her dad is alright and rather scarily adult and mature and creepy, lots and lots and lots of creepy.

Kyle is near death and has visions of his dead mother - if you think it’s all fluffy and hugs you’ve been watching the wrong show. Angry mother shames him for giving up and not killing all the demons until he starts spitting white light - like the demons spit dark

The easiest answer here is the “outcasts” are angels if we’re going to keep going with demons.

He wakes up to find Sidney being all gloaty and saying it’s pointless trying to kill him because they are legion blah blah and let me say something menacing about your daughter muahahaha aaaaaargh your touch burns!

So, all villains out there, when facing an enemy who’s touch feels like molten metal try not to taunt within arm’s reach. Even if they do have a gut wound

Thankfully Kyle has the decision making skills of a Shadowhunter and tries to strangle Sidney with a sheet therefore keeping cloth between him and his burning hands so Sidney is saved and Kyle is captured for a bit longer.

I mean, holding someone imprisoned when they have touch-of-molten-metal is hard even if he is bleeding (especially since his blood is even worse).

Anderson, meanwhile, rages around not doing a lot. He goes to Sidney to tell him Kyle is dead and they need to build and army and fight- but Sidney, much to Rose’s despair - is out of the fight. He’s given up, exhausted and thinks the fight is truly lost

Doctor Who & the Importance of Bill

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At the end of every season of Doctor Who, fans spend their time hashing out the merits of the season while whining about the wait for the Xmas episode. With Peter Capaldi and potentially Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas leaving, there is so much to break down, celebrate, and mourn over.  It’s easy to focus on the Doctor, because he is the titular character; however, the Doctor would not be the Doctor without his companions and of course Missy/The Master.

I know all of you Clara fans were all in tears when the Raven came calling and for a time, people couldn’t picture anyone else in the Tardis with the Doctor. Bill Potts came as a refreshing surprise and quickly became the companion that many viewers didn’t realise that they needed. The most obvious differences between Bill and the other companions is that she is Black, female and gay. Yes, finally a major gay recurring character on Doctor Who. Don’t get your panties in a knot Captain Jack fans. Jack was most certainly bisexual but given the amount of episodes he appeared in, any reasonable person would be hard pressed to call him a major character and or a companion and in fact, most of Jack’s importance comes from him staring in Torchwood and not his appearances on Doctor Who.

It terms of minority representation Bill certainly ticks a lot of boxes but there’s so much more to her character than that.  Bill didn’t have a lot of time on the Tardis and therefore much of the time, she was working in ignorance.  Almost every week Bill would discover something new about either the Doctor himself or Timelords in general. These are things that would have developed more slowly with longer running companions like Clara, giving the companion time to adjust to new ideas, whereas; Bill always had to adapt to new situations on the fly and make adjustments based on that. Sometimes Bill had to make decisions without all of the facts, like when she chose to kill the Doctor in The Lie of the Land. Toby Whithouse, put Bill in a terrible position and while he didn’t have the courage to have her follow through with rightful rage after discovering the Doctor’s manipulation in the way that Clara did in Kill the Moon, Whithouse did allow Bill to prove that she had the mettle to travel with the Doctor and make the hard decisions.

Ending up on the Tardis would be an amazing adventure for anyone but through it all, Bill never loses who she is, or gets caught up in the moment.  She’s not afraid to challenge the Doctor on the location of the ninth legion, or take the risk to save an innocent creature, even if it means risking the lives of humans. All through this season the Doctor constantly tests Bill, pushing her boundaries.  At some point all of the companions have had to lay down the law with the Doctor because of his penchant for dropping in on their lives.  Rory and Amy struggled to balance their lives and their trips with the Doctor.  Clara had difficulty having a relationship with Danny Pink, in part due to her travels and in part due to the Doctor’s disapproval.  In each instance, each companion had time to adjust but because of Bill’s short tenure she was forced to throw up walls early. Sure it turned out to be handy that the Doctor agreed to help her move; however, she still found the strength to let him know that her personal life is not something she wanted invaded, no matter how tempting the adventure. All along the way, Bill asserts herself and claims her identity without any kind of shame, even when Catholic Cardinals crash her date.

Perhaps what I love most about Bill is the fact that she is a walking talking geek reference.  Whether it’s invoking Star Trek or other sci shows or films, Bill never misses an opportunity to throw in a reference.  Sure, it often goes over the Doctor’s head but it always serves as a moment of hilarity and helps the audience to bond with her as a person.  Bill is a Whovians dream in that sense. A geek watching a geek make geek references is some great television. This follows in that almost 4th-wall breaking geekiness of her poking holes in Doctor Who itself - I love how she was willing to question some of the very fundamentals of Who everyone kind of accepted. Who didn't love it when the Doctor started bragging about how advanced Timelords are that Bill pointed that they're called Timelords?

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The Sight (Devil's Isle #2) by Chloe Neill

Claire continues to split her time before running her family shop out of the Zone - he magic struck heart of New Orleans - and working with Liam as a bounty hunter to bring in lost wraiths to Containment - and their prison for paranormals

Increasingly she sees the injustice of Devil’s Isle - not least because of her own carefully hidden magic. But all of Containment are at risk when a charismatic human preacher starts rallying people against the remaining imprisoned supernaturals. The war ended 7 years ago, but someone is trying to start it again

Like the first book in this series, I have to say what really stands out here is the world.

The concept of a war zone created by magical invaders, of the prisoners of that war - so many supernatural creatures - locked away. Of permanent scars left on the land due to the influx of magic and then people trying to scratch a living in that land, in battle scarred New Orleans, in the shadow of that prison, dealing with shortages and magic and the constant threat of wraiths but also the oppression and intrusion of Containment interference.

The magic invaders themselves are divided, not just by creature type and magic but also by faction - the invading Court and the ordered Consularis who were forced into the fight. Then this book brings in lots of extra complexity around Sensitives - humans who have absorbed magic, gained abilities but now risk imprisonment and worse. As well as human hate groups blaming the remaining imprisoned paranormals for everything that is wrong in the Zone.

That was also something that mildly frustrated me - or not so mildly. Like we’re told there’s a difference between the Consularis and the Court and the Court forced the Consularis to fight - ok, fair enough but can we go to that in more depth? See some actual divisions? Maybe meet one of the court? It’s suggested the Court were ruled by the Consularis - were they escaping what they considered oppressive rule? We’ve already had the words “consularis” and “order” even strict order bandied about a lot - maybe expand?

Or expand a bit more on the numerous supernaturals we see? What are they? What powers do they have? What cultures? We alluded to some having troubles adapting to Earth - let’s see that

Or how Ezekiel and his anti-paranormal movement in part succeeds because there’s a lot of very poor, desperate people living in the now 7 year old refugee camps - can we explore their lives and struggles? Or how some are willing to live in the camps because New Orleans itself is so heavily monitored and policed by Containment.

This book, this world lays out a thousand and one fascinating plot points and they’re strewn around and I beg, BEG to follow any one of them up.

Travelers, Season One, Episode One: Travelers

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Hundreds of years into the future, humanity is almost extinct.  Travelers have been sent back in time to change the past so that humans can thrive again. They track people through their social media accounts and take over the body moments before their deaths. They essentially project their consciousness backward in time. 

We are introduced to a small cell of travelers by seeing them arrive.  Marcy Wharton is a young mentally disabled woman who dies when she trips on a flight of stairs trying to escape men who are threatening her.  Once inside Marcy, the traveler lays the beat down on the men who sought to attack her.  Marcy's case is particularly interesting because of course, the traveler doesn't have intellectual disabilities. This means in one fell swoop, Travelers has erased a potential disabled character. All Travelers have difficulty assimilating because while they know something about the bodies they are inhabiting thanks to social media, there's much they do not know.  Marcy for instance is unable to fool her social worker David, and quickly makes him suspicious by easily reading a newspaper. Marcy's Facebook listed her as a librarian when in fact, Marcy was a janitor at the library.  It's a quick reminder that people don't always tell the truth about their lives on things like Facebook and Instagram. 

Carly Shannon is the only woman of colour on the show. Her body is taken over by a Traveler when she is killed by her abusive drunk ex.  It's worth noting that this is the second female character which has been introduced to us who died violently from male abuse.  Carly finds herself in her new body with a baby and no idea how to care for it. Carly is forced to google who to care for a baby. I must admit that I cheered when Carly quite easily put Walt, her ex and abuser in his place. I did however find myself wondering who Carly found to look after the little boy when she left her home?

Trevor Holden died in a mixed martial arts fight when he was clearly outclassed. Trevor covers for the things he doesn't know by saying that he has a concussion from the fight and that there's a lot he doesn't remember.  His family is certain that he's not quite himself because of how polite he suddenly is. Thus far, Trevor's girlfriend Rene sees his unwillingness to sleep with her as sweet, because he claims that he wants her to help him know himself better.  It seems as though Trevor and Rene are the most popular kids at their high school. Given that Trevor is now a traveler on a mission to save humanity, I doubt he'll have much time for school politics.

Philip died in a drug overdose and of course had his body taken over by a Traveler moments before his death.  Philip quickly finds himself in trouble with the law because he didn't call 911, to help out his friend who died beside him. For much of the episode, Philip spends his time trying to evade the law.  Philip however does get his court appointed attorney Ray, to place some long shot bets for him and he even manages to win the lottery.  Ray is clearly going to be a problem for Philip going forward because Ray wants more tips on who to bet on.

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Booke of the Hidden by Jeri Westerson

Kylie is ready to make a new start - moving across the country to set up her own business and reboot her life. She meets her new neighbours, sets up her shop - and finds a book

Opening the book releases many dark forces into the world - and Erasmus Dark. possibly a demon, possibly a dark force, and almost certainly untrustworthy but Kylie’s only guide and help, along with a local coven of very inexperienced wiccans, to putting the monsters back where they belong

I am… just kind of bemused by the plot and actions of, well, most of the characters but especially Kylie Strange (yes, Kylie Strange).

I mean she has a bad break up with an arsehole boyfriend so decides to move and have a fresh start. Hey that’s reasonable. So she moves from California to Maine, to a town she’s apparently not even visited to set up a business selling herbs and teas in a rural town where she’s done no real market research and doesn’t even know who heads up the local business association or anything else about this place. It looks like she just picked a place on a map and decided “this town needs artisanal tea”.

Ok I’ll run with that. I’ll also run with her deciding to take a sledgehammer to one of her walls because it’s made of brick because, hey, alcohol. But when magic and woo-woo rise she turns to the local wicca coven - and thankfully this town has one and they all merrily introduce themselves to her on first meeting. As one does. Hey local-doctor-who-is-a-plasterer, want to discuss your non-traditional religion with me, a complete stranger, when you already face some level of hostility in the town because of it.

And weird odd choices like joining a knitting circle to raid someone’s library. Oh and some kind of dog monster which everyone seems to forget about?

We have a love triangle. Kind of. I mean, sort of. I mean, it’s like someone’s checked a list and realised “damn we need a love triangle! It’s required” but wasn’t especially invested in this or going to put much into it. I mean we have sheriff… so-and-so. I mean I could look up the name but really sheriff so-and-so is kind of the limit of his role. Ok, it’s nice for local law enforcement not to be the enemy for once, but if we’re setting him up as the nice human challenge to the supernatural love interest it’d be nice if he was actually presented as remotely, well… compelling.

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Fear The Walking Dead, Season Three, Episode Six: Red Dirt

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What's easily the most fascinating aspect of the season is watching as the Clarke family manipulates the Otto family.  It really is a case of divide and conquer. Madison has become close with Troy even though he is clearly the most dangerous and unstable Otto. Nick has bonded with Jeremiah and of course, Alicia with Jake.  While the Clarks don't necessarily talk about the manipulation, it's clear that this is an agreed upon tactic to benefit their family.  The Otto's were nowhere ready to deal with the Clarks. 

The big issue this week is the threat that Qaletqa Walker and his people pose to the survival of the ranch. After Madison, Troy and his men return from their forced march back to the ranch, the men are so stunned by what they've been through, they don't listen to Troy as he orders them to wait until they're alone with Jeremiah to reveal what happened to them.  The men make it clear that they are afraid of the Indigenous people and are certain that they will be killed if they don't abandon the ranch. 

The fear that the community collectively feels has a different effect on each Otto. Troy is angry when people start to leave because he feels abandoned.  Troy is particularly resentful when people take supplies like flour and gas with them because he feels that these supplies belong to the community. Naturally, Madison keys in on this and Troy's desire to fight for what he feels is his. Madison even winds up Troy by encouraging him to defy Jeremiah and ensure that no one leaves, no matter what he has to do.  Like his father, Troy keenly feels betrayed by those who are leaving but he feels particular rage at Mike Trimbol. 

In contrast to Troy, Jeremiah is downright apathetic about the threat.  He rants to Madison about the Indigenous people being all welfare cheats, drunk and ne'er-do-wells who live in a dump and are incapable of mounting any kind of real attack upon the ranch.  Jeremiah is particularly resentful of any Indigenous claim to his land saying that his family purchased it fairly and that in the history of humanity, the ownership of land always passes to those who are victorious in any kind of conflict.  When Madison rightfully gives Jeremiah a look, he calls her a bleeding heart liberal and asserts the veracity of his claims.

As much as Jeremiah isn't concerned about the threat, he is extremely heartbroken about what is becoming of the community which he views to be his legacy. With the man who died in the fire last week and with the Trimbol departure that leaves Jeremiah as the last "founding father" and it weighs heavily on him. Unlike Jeremiah, Vernon has finally reached the point where he can realise that violence begets violence and is sure their days of oppressing the Indigenous tribe are coming back to haunt them. Vernon chooses to prioritise his family which feels like a betrayal to Jeremiah and so Jeremiah suggests that because Vernon is a father that he is behaving like a woman. Gotta love how even at the end of times, racism and sexism are still alive and well. Jeremiah clearly wants to see Jake take over when he dies but now he is actively wondering if he is going to have a legacy to leave his kids.  It's Nick that a drunken Jeremiah turns to in despair.

Preacher, Season 2 Episode 2: Mumbai Spy Tower

Last week the Saint of Killers caught up with Jessie and crew in a motel full of gun afficionados including one lady in a fluffy dressing gown with a grenade launcher.

This results in a whole lot of dead gun owners, some guy really upset by the lack of ginger beer and the gang running through a back window and managing to escape and get on the road again

As ever, all of this is zany and very very very weird. Because this is everything Preacher is all about.

But the gang now needs to find some way to stop the Saint of Killers since he’s immune to bullets and the Voice of Genesis. Tulip’s also kind of shaken that their home town blew up in a methane explosion - something she’s just learned from the news.

But Cassidy may have an answer - he remembers an advert for a casino act: and the act is the angel Fiore

Fiore came back to earth very depressed because fellow angel Deblanc is dead and gone. So he goes to a casino and repeatedly tries to kill himself - which he fails at since angels die and just respawn, leaving their body behind. Which is very very messy. He is also good at gambling but not caring and having some sex with a woman he also doesn’t seem to be thrilled by.

His general depression works in his favour when he commits suicide on stage in the casino and becomes their new act

What no-one can either explain or justify is why his new act is as “Ganesh” and wearing the most appalling faux-Indian get up. Ye gods, there was no need for this. Ever. None.

He continues to kill himself in dramatically awful ways, leaving lots of bodies to clear up which absolutely no-one has a problem with.

So to the angel!

Except  when they meet Fiore we have to remember that Fiore really really doesn’t like them. In fact the reason why the Saint of Killers is after them is because Fiore has paid him to do it - and kill Genesis.

That also means Fiore can call him off. And it almost looks like they convince him with a big dramatic speech about how god is missing and how terrible that is. It would work - except Fiore doesn’t give a shit. Fiore is sick of everything. It doesn’t help that they called him Deblanc, his dead friend’s name the whole time.

Oh and the Saint of Killers can track Genesis - every time that Jessie uses that voice the Saint learns where he is.

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Killjoys, Season 3, Episode 1: Boondoggie

It’s baaaaack! Yes this is one of those shows that I greet with glee when I know it’s finally back with us

Just as there are some which I greet with a creeping sense of dread

Last season we ended with Dutch killing the Hollen home tree and dramatically declaring war on the rest of the Hollen throughout the system/galaxy/universe/anywhere else she can find them.

The problem is that the hollen aren’t exactly advertising themselves. She and most of her team - D’avin (can I rant again about this punctuation unnecessarily in the middle of a name? I mean, it’s not like it even changes the pronunciation from Davin. There’s no glottal stop or anything), Alvis, Fancy and Pree manage to raid a hollen base and capture one of the few live hollen. Killing the Quad Hollen tree apparently killed all the Hollen birthed from it but there are still hollen around who weren’t from this system. Sadly they’re also willing to commit suicide rather than be captured alive.

This is frustrating for their plans because, to create more Hollen Tree killing black goo, they need to actually capture some Hollen alive.

Another frustration is at the RAC (bountyhunter central). Since this RAC has had a huge number of defections we have a new boss come in to take over everything and see what is actually happening. She introduces herself by being mightily unpleasant to everyone, Dutych is predictably sassy and they’ve both basically drawn lines to hate each other. Dutch also thinks she may be Hollen and is willing to murder her anyway

Ok, look - I love 101 things about this show but, despite often good anti-sexist messages, Dutch moving in a near all male world is a problem. And this looks like it’s going to be exacerbated now we have the death of Delle Sayah and Pawter and her new mission is unlikely to bring her into contact with Bellus often, if at all. To have this complete female void around her and then introduce a female character expressly to be hated is a problem.

For that matter, can we address Dutch’s idea of tactics being rage and roar - because there’s a danger of turning Dutch into a weapon by making her do very very short-sighted things. I don’t think it’ll ever get that far because we’ve already seen a lot of depth and nuance from Dutch and I get wanting to keep Turin involved, but “rawr war” is not a tactical position

Turin’s still around and, thankfully, provides some much needed intelligence and insight to Dutch’s short sighted hot headedness. Including how killing boss lady would attract attention, that a plan to find other RACs in other sectors with their own hollen trees is a good one - but pointless unless they have more Black Goo. He also points out all the defections are likely due to RAC agents who were turned into hollen and now being freed from their influence promptly freaked out and ran as fast and far as they could.

But he does have plan. He also promises intense heat and gratuitous nudity

I am disappointed. Don’t make promises you’re not willing to keep, Killjoys

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Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 4: She Ain't Alright

Waverley is getting more and more ominous - even sleep walking through the freezing wintry landscape of wherever Purgatory actually is (it’s filmed in Canada, so you KNOW it’s cold/ Also note, two days two seperate Canada jokes - I’m on a role Renee!) despite being a sensible person who needs 11 duvets in such weather.

Wynonna finally has to admit something is up

Meanwhile we have some nefarious person who really really really needs more explanation but, alas, we don’t actually get any this episode. And ok, i can let that go this episode - but the end of last season and Black Badge brought to show a gazillion more supernatural gribblies and absolutely no-one is interested in exploring this and it is FRUSTRATING, yes it is.

Anyway Nefarious man and Nefarious woman ambush Nefarious Black Badge man with a briefcase and a stolen croissant and give him a good killing. That’ll teach him for stealing pastries - though I think the briefcase was their goal not vengeance for pastry

Lucado is super excited about this because she’s persona non-grata with Black Badge at the moment so is really eager to get the briefcase back, prove herself and be reassigned from what she considers a backwater. Also everyone in purgatory helps her. Wynonna isn’t interested in helping because she’s super obsessed with this seal in the old school now and, despite being able to do nothing about it, is doing nothing else. Which basically translates to doing nothing.

Waverley eagerly volunteers.

Which further sets of Wynonna’s weird meter and she consults Nicole and together they decide Waverley has been stealing cutlery which leads them to Dolls

I have actually no idea how this was followed, why Waverly is stealing cutlery or how Wynonna suddenly realised Dolls was hiding in the barn. He’s not in a great shape, being all demonic and stuff so she has to knock him out and run him to the bar

Where Doc (who has lost his jacket as well as his hat and yum) and Rosita are flirting and doming chemically stuff. They get him down there for lots of experimenting and curing while Dolls warns Wynonna that Waverley had a terrible look in her eye

Look, this just sounds like she had a mean expression - is this what the dark eyes thing is supposed to be? Because i get angry, i get furious, i reach a point where I would gleefully inflict 10,000 tortures on someone and laugh at their despair and inflict 10,000 more (someone switched in DECAFF at work. I am justified) and still my eyes don’t go black from edge to edge.

Well almost.

Wynonna needs someone who knows more about Black badge chemicals than they do - to Jeremy! Actually Jeremy is more than happy to help because he hates Black Badge (they banished him as well, remember), hates Lucado (because Lucado) and likes Dolls (he’s kind to him and apparently knows some secret about Jeremy’s lover)

He also smells the chemicals Wynonna has been playing in and manages to get her jacket off her before it combusts. It says everything about Wynonna that her reaction is:

Orphan Black, Season Five, Episode Four: Let the Children and Childbearers Toil

Image result for orphan black season 5

Figuring out what is going on with Neolution has been like putting together the pieces of a puzzle which are all the same colour. We've never really known who all the players are and how they are related to each other. All we've really known is that this is science based, and that all the elements are looking for power and to change the path of human history.  With the arrival of PT Westmoreland, we are now finally getting into the inner chamber of Neolution and a closer look at the competing individual aspirations.  PT Westmoreland is like a marionette master as he manipulates people to tackle the same problem from different angles, all benefiting him in the end.  I'm predicting right now that the series finale will absolute include the end of Westmoreland's allegedly long life. 


Yes, I know we all thought that we saw the last of Susan when Rachel got with the stabbing in last years season finale but as it turns out, Westmoreland still has work for her to do and so she was saved. Even though Susan survived Rachel's attack, she's not pleased with Westmoreland because she believes that he turned Rachel against her. Really? It has nothing to do with the years of lies, manipulation and Rachel's own desire for power? Westmoreland however does offer up a peace offering in the form of Ira. Am I the only one who is creeped out by the idea of Ira and Susan as a couple? 

Once Ira and Susan are alone, the info dropping starts.  Ira's got his back up a bit because he's clearly jealous of long history between Susan and Westmoreland. Susan explains that while she agrees wholeheartedly with Westmoreland's objectives, she hasn't always agreed with the means he chose to achieve them. Of course Susan is alluding to Virginia and Castor.  Susan responded by having Virginia placed in a mental institution to keep her away from Westmoreland (more on that later). Susan however does believe that Westmoreland may have made a breakthrough with Kira.

When Susan gets Westmoreland alone, Susan takes the opportunity to throw shade at Rachel, as a hidden Ira listens in. Susan makes it clear that she believes that Rachel is far too messed up to have such a prominent position and inquires about getting access to the research Rachel has collected on Kira. Westmoreland clearly sees through Susan's attempt to unseat Rachel and so he grants her request for access but keeps Rachel in her seat of power for now. Westmoreland is going to play Susan and Rachel against each other just as he played Virginia and Susan against each other. As long as the women are fighting each other, they're too busy to keep track of what Westmoreland is up to. Considering that both Virginia and Susan are scientists, they really should have been to smart to fall for such an obvious play. 


Sarah is still extremely upset that Kira has shut her out and won't discuss what's being done to her at Dyad, in any real detail.  Things come to a head when Sarah discovers a nasty cut on Kira's arm. It turns out however that the wound was self inflicted because Kira wanted to know how long it would take to heal.  The fact that Kira self harmed and was not in fact by Rachel, doesn't assuage Sarah's fears in the least little bit, furthermore; knowing that Kira has to return to Dyad in three days further inflames Sarah's maternal concerns. It turns out that they still have some cards to play because Mrs. S has a lead to follow. We all know that this lead stems from Siobhan's little visit with Delphine. Mrs. S arranges for Felix to take care of Kira which he agrees to do, even though he has an art show coming up. Yes, I get that this is life and death but Felix is never given the opportunity to pursue his own interests because he always has to put clone club first.  

Mrs. S and Sarah set up a sting on Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, by posing as mother and daughter.  Apparently, Perkins is in town to do some case studies and she has a meeting with Alex Ripley, a high-level Neolution defector, who is potentially being held against her will at a nearby mental health facility.  Mrs. S and Sarah stage a fight, with Sarah throwing a drink in Siobhan's face, using the argument as a distraction for Sarah to steal Perkins wallet.  Seeing that Siobhan is upset, Perkins, who doesn't exactly have a healthy relationship with her own daughter, invites Siobhan to sit down and have a drink to calm down. While Siobhan and Perkins chat, Sarah looks through the wallet and snags some ID.  Sarah stages yet another scene to return the wallet and give Siobhan an exit from her little chat with Perkins.