Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wynonna Earp, Season 2, Episode 4: She Ain't Alright

Waverley is getting more and more ominous - even sleep walking through the freezing wintry landscape of wherever Purgatory actually is (it’s filmed in Canada, so you KNOW it’s cold/ Also note, two days two seperate Canada jokes - I’m on a role Renee!) despite being a sensible person who needs 11 duvets in such weather.

Wynonna finally has to admit something is up

Meanwhile we have some nefarious person who really really really needs more explanation but, alas, we don’t actually get any this episode. And ok, i can let that go this episode - but the end of last season and Black Badge brought to show a gazillion more supernatural gribblies and absolutely no-one is interested in exploring this and it is FRUSTRATING, yes it is.

Anyway Nefarious man and Nefarious woman ambush Nefarious Black Badge man with a briefcase and a stolen croissant and give him a good killing. That’ll teach him for stealing pastries - though I think the briefcase was their goal not vengeance for pastry

Lucado is super excited about this because she’s persona non-grata with Black Badge at the moment so is really eager to get the briefcase back, prove herself and be reassigned from what she considers a backwater. Also everyone in purgatory helps her. Wynonna isn’t interested in helping because she’s super obsessed with this seal in the old school now and, despite being able to do nothing about it, is doing nothing else. Which basically translates to doing nothing.

Waverley eagerly volunteers.

Which further sets of Wynonna’s weird meter and she consults Nicole and together they decide Waverley has been stealing cutlery which leads them to Dolls

I have actually no idea how this was followed, why Waverly is stealing cutlery or how Wynonna suddenly realised Dolls was hiding in the barn. He’s not in a great shape, being all demonic and stuff so she has to knock him out and run him to the bar

Where Doc (who has lost his jacket as well as his hat and yum) and Rosita are flirting and doming chemically stuff. They get him down there for lots of experimenting and curing while Dolls warns Wynonna that Waverley had a terrible look in her eye

Look, this just sounds like she had a mean expression - is this what the dark eyes thing is supposed to be? Because i get angry, i get furious, i reach a point where I would gleefully inflict 10,000 tortures on someone and laugh at their despair and inflict 10,000 more (someone switched in DECAFF at work. I am justified) and still my eyes don’t go black from edge to edge.

Well almost.

Wynonna needs someone who knows more about Black badge chemicals than they do - to Jeremy! Actually Jeremy is more than happy to help because he hates Black Badge (they banished him as well, remember), hates Lucado (because Lucado) and likes Dolls (he’s kind to him and apparently knows some secret about Jeremy’s lover)

He also smells the chemicals Wynonna has been playing in and manages to get her jacket off her before it combusts. It says everything about Wynonna that her reaction is:

Because she’s Wynonna. Jeremy also gives Wynonna the location of Waverley to help bail her out

Which is useful because it turns out the people with the briefcase are selling it and are now selling it for a whole lot more now they see how much people want it -and even shoot their prospective buyer

Waverley was pretty awesome as a spy and a singer, but, contrary to Lucado’s reassurance, she has no back up at all and is now facing bad people with guns. Wynonna charges in after giving Lucado the punch she most richly deserves

They’re still captured by the feral demon people (though they have a moment where Waverley does admit she knows something is wrong and she’s compelled by the Black goo) who want to know what’s in the case and how to open it. It’s apparently linked to the Earp family - but neither Waverley and Wynonna know how to open it. The demon pair torture them  - and cut off Waverley’s hand.

Wynonna does get the chance to send a 100 texts to Doc calling in reinforcements

Gun fire and fighting and Wynonna manages to free her and Waverley, heavily binding her hand. There’s some fighting, people shot (and demon feral guy has a huge bone claw in his arm apparently but, again no explanations) and Waverley and Wynonna escape with Doc - and Waverley’s hand grows back (and they try to think it’s power of suggestion but it’s clearly woo-woo).

Over at the bar the cure is made and Dolls has chance to tell Doc that he came back because Juan Carlo the-totally-an-angel told him to.

Rosita is all ready to give him the cure but first she wants to flirt some secrets out of Jeremy - Jeremy is flustered and pulls away with a lot of babble that I’m 90% certain are basically “I’m gay” without actually saying it (this is twice now Wynonna Earp and a little bizarre) before she sends him off for coffee

Leaving her alone with Dolls and dubious motivations - but he uses his demonic power to break free and inject himself with ALL THE CURE

Which is a bad idea

But when the whole gang returns to the bar complete with chasing demon-feral guy (who is stubbornly not dead) it’s useful because Dolls breathes actual fire and kills him. Yes, actual fire

Of course Wynonna thinks it’s cool. C’mon it is cool. And they make a joke out of it because it’s Wynonna

I do wonder if the gang he said was surrounding the place is still there or if we’re going to pretend he’s lying. Oh before he dies he says ominous ominosity is ominousing its way to omininousville. Honestly I’ve heard so many of these scary-yet-vague-warnings they all kind of blur into one.

Again, i want to know more about this supernatural stuff that everyone’s glossing over. But at least Dolls is back which is a plus.

And Wynonna and Waverley finally get together to discuss evil, hands-regrowing, possession, memory loss et al - and the evil inside of Waverley decides it’s waaaaaaay bored and Waverley is just waaaay too nice so it’s going to leap to Wynonna instead

This is not good.

Also not good is Mercedes who was awesome but is now possessed replaced or something by evil thing (and not Awesome Evil like Mercedes) her terrible brother (who is The Worst and I say this aware this show has actual demons). Even Evil Mercedes is sick of Tucker the Worst but it turns out the big bad things possessing Mercedes and her sister have done so to focus on him - because he’s too angry and dark not to make use of.

He’s cool with this so long as he gets girls - even with the apparent death or possession of his sisters. Did I mention he’s the worst

There are also 2 people with their faces ripped off - possibly the real Mercedes? It’s not pleasant. I suspect this may be the doing of the seal Wynonna is always concerned about