Sunday, July 2, 2017

Orphan Black, Season Five, Episode Four: Let the Children and Childbearers Toil

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Figuring out what is going on with Neolution has been like putting together the pieces of a puzzle which are all the same colour. We've never really known who all the players are and how they are related to each other. All we've really known is that this is science based, and that all the elements are looking for power and to change the path of human history.  With the arrival of PT Westmoreland, we are now finally getting into the inner chamber of Neolution and a closer look at the competing individual aspirations.  PT Westmoreland is like a marionette master as he manipulates people to tackle the same problem from different angles, all benefiting him in the end.  I'm predicting right now that the series finale will absolute include the end of Westmoreland's allegedly long life. 


Yes, I know we all thought that we saw the last of Susan when Rachel got with the stabbing in last years season finale but as it turns out, Westmoreland still has work for her to do and so she was saved. Even though Susan survived Rachel's attack, she's not pleased with Westmoreland because she believes that he turned Rachel against her. Really? It has nothing to do with the years of lies, manipulation and Rachel's own desire for power? Westmoreland however does offer up a peace offering in the form of Ira. Am I the only one who is creeped out by the idea of Ira and Susan as a couple? 

Once Ira and Susan are alone, the info dropping starts.  Ira's got his back up a bit because he's clearly jealous of long history between Susan and Westmoreland. Susan explains that while she agrees wholeheartedly with Westmoreland's objectives, she hasn't always agreed with the means he chose to achieve them. Of course Susan is alluding to Virginia and Castor.  Susan responded by having Virginia placed in a mental institution to keep her away from Westmoreland (more on that later). Susan however does believe that Westmoreland may have made a breakthrough with Kira.

When Susan gets Westmoreland alone, Susan takes the opportunity to throw shade at Rachel, as a hidden Ira listens in. Susan makes it clear that she believes that Rachel is far too messed up to have such a prominent position and inquires about getting access to the research Rachel has collected on Kira. Westmoreland clearly sees through Susan's attempt to unseat Rachel and so he grants her request for access but keeps Rachel in her seat of power for now. Westmoreland is going to play Susan and Rachel against each other just as he played Virginia and Susan against each other. As long as the women are fighting each other, they're too busy to keep track of what Westmoreland is up to. Considering that both Virginia and Susan are scientists, they really should have been to smart to fall for such an obvious play. 


Sarah is still extremely upset that Kira has shut her out and won't discuss what's being done to her at Dyad, in any real detail.  Things come to a head when Sarah discovers a nasty cut on Kira's arm. It turns out however that the wound was self inflicted because Kira wanted to know how long it would take to heal.  The fact that Kira self harmed and was not in fact by Rachel, doesn't assuage Sarah's fears in the least little bit, furthermore; knowing that Kira has to return to Dyad in three days further inflames Sarah's maternal concerns. It turns out that they still have some cards to play because Mrs. S has a lead to follow. We all know that this lead stems from Siobhan's little visit with Delphine. Mrs. S arranges for Felix to take care of Kira which he agrees to do, even though he has an art show coming up. Yes, I get that this is life and death but Felix is never given the opportunity to pursue his own interests because he always has to put clone club first.  

Mrs. S and Sarah set up a sting on Dr. Elizabeth Perkins, by posing as mother and daughter.  Apparently, Perkins is in town to do some case studies and she has a meeting with Alex Ripley, a high-level Neolution defector, who is potentially being held against her will at a nearby mental health facility.  Mrs. S and Sarah stage a fight, with Sarah throwing a drink in Siobhan's face, using the argument as a distraction for Sarah to steal Perkins wallet.  Seeing that Siobhan is upset, Perkins, who doesn't exactly have a healthy relationship with her own daughter, invites Siobhan to sit down and have a drink to calm down. While Siobhan and Perkins chat, Sarah looks through the wallet and snags some ID.  Sarah stages yet another scene to return the wallet and give Siobhan an exit from her little chat with Perkins.  

Siobhan and Sarah show up at the hospital, and Siobhan pretendd to be Perkins and Sarah, her assistant. Siobhan and Sarah manage to talk their way into a visitors pass and then promptly head to an unauthorized ward to meet with none other than Virginia. Yeah, I'd kinda hoped that Virginia was dead as well. Virginia is drugged right out of her gourd but Siobhan takes care of that by giving her a shot of adrenaline and Sarah follows it up with a well placed slap. I haven't enjoyed a slap this much since Tyrian slapped Joff on Game of Thrones
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Virginia isn't really keen on talking until Siobhan suggests that if she helps them out with information that they'll help her escape. 

Virginia reveals that an "old friend" locked her up in the hospital.  It's time for another info dump and we learn that a very young Virginia was recruited by Susan and Westmoreland before they'd even come across Kendall. Virginia worked on a child who had a unique genome but of course, things didn't go to plan. The kid started to grew tumors which resulted in brain damage. This is what led to the split between Virginia and Susan. 

The info dump comes to and end when the real Alex Ripley shows up. Virginia, sensing that if she is going to get out of the hospital that this is her best opportunity, attacks Sarah and steals her visitors badge. When the orderlies and Ripley struggle to contain Virginia, Siobhan and Sarah use this as an opportunity to escape. 


When Sarah originally found Cosima in Revival, Sarah warned Cosima that there was something in the woods and with Virginia's revelation, we know exactly what's out there. The first to come close to discovering Westmoreland's experiment are Charlotte and Aisha when they go to look for a missing pig. When they find the pig, it has a bite taken out of it and there's a tooth on the ground. Yes, it's suitably creepy. Mud finds the girls and quickly sends them back to the little village. 

Daisy the pig's little adventure in the woods is enough to have Cosima asking questions again. Cosima rightfully suspects that whatever is going on the woods has to do with Westmoreland and refers to Revival as the Island of Dr. Moreau. It's the perfect analogy really.  Mud however is unwilling to answer any questions and only seeks to absolve Westmoreland of any responsibility. Mud does however make a point of telling Cosima to stay out of the woods.

All Mud's little conversation with Cosima did is perk Cosima's interest even more. Cosima decides to follow Mud when Mud heads to Westmoreland's house, where Cosima sees Westmoreland hooked up to some kind of machine.  Cosima then heads to the basement where she finds pictures of what appear to be extremely painful medical procedures, along with some really old medical supplies. Cosima also finds a cell with chains inside and blood on the walls. When Mud discovers Cosima, Cosima demands to know what is going on with the dude in the woods. Mud doesn't have time to answer any questions and quickly ushers Cosima out a side door.  Of course, Cosima doesn't leave and instead stays close enough to see a terrified Mud bring a blanket down Westmoreland's experiment.  Clearly, this man is absolutely feral and his response to being given a blanket is to growl fiercely, before grabbing the blanket and heading off into the woods.  


More than any other clone, I think that my feelings for Helena have evolved the most. She went from from being the creepy clone who I just wanted to disappear because I thought her to be a distraction, to the tough yet tender hearted clone that I couldn't help but root for. Since escaping the hospital, Helena has been hiding out in a convent writing her memoir, waiting for the twins to be born. 

Helena is genuinely happy to see Sarah when Sarah pops by for a visit.  Even with everything going on with Helena, she's astute enough to realise that Sarah is deeply troubled. Sarah talks about her fears for Kira and Helena suggests that Sarah just come clean with Kira about everything because like it or not, one day, Kira is going to have to deal with being part of the clone club. 

The moment of tenderness between the sisters extends to Sarah finally revealing that she's avoided Helena even after they've buried the hatchet. Helena has long been the heavy that Sarah has called in when things have gotten violent, and not someone she chose to establish a relationship with. It seems that Sarah was actually scared of Helena because of the way that Helena felt the connection between them. Sarah didn't experience anything like that until she was on the Island and felt Kira's presence strongly.  This is enough for Sarah to decide that Rachel must be locked out of this connection.

That Virginia and Susan worked together at this point isn't really a surprise, considering that Susan is responsible for Leda and Virginia for Castor. Even Susan choosing to imprison Virginia in a mental hospital isn't a shock for the simple reason that it has long become clear that anyone involved in Neolution is absolutely vicious.  What I'm more concerned about is what is up with the feral dude running around in the woods.  There has to be a reason that Westmoreland wants him kept alive.  Is his DNA going to be the thing that brings it all together since experimentation on him started before experimentation on Kendall?

I find myself once again being frustrated by Felix.  This week, Adele returned after having been caught embezzling.  It's clear that Adele, like Felix, will be put to work for the betterment of clone club, now that Adele knows quite a bit about it, despite Felix's efforts to keep her in the dark.  Felix and Adele will become servants to clone club and their relationship building will sort of be rammed in. I'm not as invested in Adele because she's a new character but I really would like to see Felix strike out on his own a bit and have his own life after spending so much time in service to clone club. 

I really enjoyed seeing the closeness of Sarah and Helena this week.  Because Sarah and Helena are twins they should be the closest clones and yet Sarah clearly has a better relationship with Cosima or Allison.  I'm glad that the writers took the time to explain exactly why it is that Sarah pulled away for so long and that it wasn't about the fact that Helena can be incredibly scary when you get on her bad sad.  I really hope that we get more scenes between these two.