Friday, July 7, 2017

Outcast, Season 2, Episode 6: Fireflies.

So everything kind of went just a bit wrong last episode, now Kyle is in hospital to have his injuries healed… except the doctor treating him is our friendly demon doctor so this won’t end well. He takes the opportunity to kidnap Kyle for Sidney and tell his family he’s dead.

That would be Megan, Amber and Alison. Oh and Anderson sort of hanging around. Alison utterly falls apart, wanting to say sorry to Kyle, blaming herself for not leaving the mental institution sooner.

While Megan is reeling from her sudden exposure to the supernatural and now has the difficult, emotionally dramatic task of trying to convince Alison that no she’s not evil, she was possessed, like Megan was possessed, like Sidney was possessed and a whole lot of people died because of it. It’s emotional and dramatic and difficult and awful

All the while Amber is calm because she’s sure her dad is alright and rather scarily adult and mature and creepy, lots and lots and lots of creepy.

Kyle is near death and has visions of his dead mother - if you think it’s all fluffy and hugs you’ve been watching the wrong show. Angry mother shames him for giving up and not killing all the demons until he starts spitting white light - like the demons spit dark

The easiest answer here is the “outcasts” are angels if we’re going to keep going with demons.

He wakes up to find Sidney being all gloaty and saying it’s pointless trying to kill him because they are legion blah blah and let me say something menacing about your daughter muahahaha aaaaaargh your touch burns!

So, all villains out there, when facing an enemy who’s touch feels like molten metal try not to taunt within arm’s reach. Even if they do have a gut wound

Thankfully Kyle has the decision making skills of a Shadowhunter and tries to strangle Sidney with a sheet therefore keeping cloth between him and his burning hands so Sidney is saved and Kyle is captured for a bit longer.

I mean, holding someone imprisoned when they have touch-of-molten-metal is hard even if he is bleeding (especially since his blood is even worse).

Anderson, meanwhile, rages around not doing a lot. He goes to Sidney to tell him Kyle is dead and they need to build and army and fight- but Sidney, much to Rose’s despair - is out of the fight. He’s given up, exhausted and thinks the fight is truly lost

Anderson goes to the Lighthouse people to tell them, confirming that yes they’re all possessed and telling Dakota that Kyle is dead - which concerns her and has her texting someone since Kyle is apparently someone they know about.

Meanwhile Aaron is still being held by Sidney and is still the worst. He’s useful for Sidney to ramble on about the Great Merge when, apparently, they won’t need bodies any more which is useful to him because his is clearly dying. He also is sure Helen had a method of speeding the process of demon possession up and has acquired a boy to help with that. He didn’t bother to tell Aaron and the boy is murdered because Aaron is jealous - and clearly aware of Sidney’s paedophile past and won’t have competition

That almost makes it sound like Aaron is trying to seduce Sidney - he’s not but it’s clear how very desperate and broken Aaron is, how he’s completely and utterly latched onto Sidney to a level of utter dependence mixed with huge abandonment issues and a desperate urge to please Sidney which is dangerous and toxic.

Anderson finally makes his way back to Kyle’s family after playing raven the whole episode and belatedly learns Kyle’s doctor is the demon possessed Dr. Park. You’d think he would have checked that out before since he knew Dr. Park was a demon

At the hospital they make a scene, but creepy kid Amber runs off to the abandoned wing of the hospital following her spooky Outcast senses which no-one else has.

In TVlandia every hospital has a creepy abandoned wing.

Kyle is there and has managed to escape again because of that whole molten metal hands and manages to reach a door - but they need a key. Amber shows of her own melty touch and burns the key out of Dr. Park so they can rescue Kyle

All of this is witnessed by Alison, of course, so she’s probably team believer now.

Twist ending - Rosie is taking up her husband’s cause - and she doesn’t have a Kyle but she does have a gun. Bye Evelyn.