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The Originals, Season Three, Episode Two: You Hung the Moon

Elijah walks through the woods with Hope on his hip screaming for Hayley.  Elijah comes across a bloody bear trap and pauses.  A bloody and naked Jackson (thanks for that CW) appears behind a tree asking about Hayley.

Hayley is still trapped in Davina's circle and when Davina enters the room, Hayley threatens to kill her because Davina is keeping her from Hope.  Davina claims that she brought Hayley here to help her and Hayley points out that Elijah asked her months ago for her help.  Davina makes it clear that she cannot be seen to do favours for vampires and then promises to free the crescent werewolves from the curse, if Hayley takes out the witch who threatened her. These two have really changed.

Elijah pulls the bullet fragments out of Jackson's body and offers him blood to heal.  Jackson turns down the offer. Elijah is really determined to play the bigger man in this case because Jackson dying would free up Hayley. They then talk about the hunters killing all of the wolves and how few survived. Jackson is positive that something is wrong because nothing would stop Hayley from seeing Hope.  Elijah suggests that Jackson take care of the dead wolves while he drops Hope off and begins to the search for Hayley.  Jackson is adamant that he will accompany Elijah because he only has one night before the curse takes hold of him again.

Freya is at the club getting her dance on.  Marcel finds Freya on the dance floor and asks if she needs a break from family drama.  Freya admits that she has not been able to get her brothers to come to terms and so she has turned to vodka. They have really quickly turned her into a replacement for Rebekah haven't they.  I guess any old blonde will do. Marcel delivers the sad news that it's time for Freya to go because the vampires are about to feed on the tourists in town.  Freya is not impressed because this means an end to her party but she decides to take home a male reveler.

Cami is busy trying to create a profile of the killer.  Cami decides to look into Lucian, who turns out to be the CEO of Kingmaker Land Development (the same company which is killing the wolves). Cami watches a video of Lucian in which he makes it clear that he has a problem with authority. That's hardly a surprise given that he was sired by Klaus.

Will is at another crime scene and he has to chase off a reporter who taking photos of the crime scene. Hmm is will going to become a reoccurring character this season?

Jackson and Elijah arrive at Klaus's and demand to know what he did with Hayley.  Klaus snarks about Hayley potentially being in Georgia, which does not impress Jackson.  Jackson brings up the wolves who were killed by Kingmaker Land Development. Klaus smiles coyly and Jackson points out Klaus's close relationship with Lucian. When Elijah again demands to know what is going on, Klaus admits to having visited Lucian's new condo.  Klaus then suggests Elijah ask Lucian about his vision regarding the downfall of the Mikaelsons.  Elijah suggests that Klaus accompany him but Klaus refuses to leave Hope unguarded.  Klaus makes it clear that if this is yet another plot to take Hope away from him that he will end the wolves.  Elijah gets in Klaus's face and tells him that one day, Hope will know exactly what kind of man her father is and leave of her own accord.

Hayley cuts off a lock of hair and hands it to Davina so that she can cloak Hayley.  Davina gives Hayley the name and location of the woman she wants killed and then explains that as long as the candle she has lit burns, the curse will remain inactive.  Davina promises that her magic will protect the flame but tells Hayley that she will have to protect her.  Hayley puts a knife to Hayley's throat and makes it clear that she is doing this for her pack but warns that if she turns into a wolf without seeing her daughter, that she will kill Hayley.

An irritated Klaus leaves a message for Freya, demanding that she return home.  Cami arrives at Klaus's and he snarks about her lecture regarding boundaries and then sudden appearance in his home in the middle of the night. Cami says that she came through the front door while Klaus entered through the window like a creeper.  Cami adds that at least in her case, this is about life and death. Cami brings up the deaths in the Quarter and her belief that this won't end here. Klaus says that Lucian would never be so sloppy, even if the method of murder does seem familiar.  Cami challenges Klaus to prove that he is turning over a new leaf by ensuring that this latest victim is the last one. Klaus points out the irony of having him prove his reliability by killing his old friend.  Cami points out that this is something NOLA PD cannot handle but Klaus can.

Lucian is feeding off the reporter who took pictures at the crime scene when Elijah appears at the door. Elijah tries to enter but walks right into a boundary spell.  Lucian explains that the spell does not allow a vampire from another sire line to enter.  Elijah moves straight to the slaughter of the wolves and the missing Hayley.  Lucian explains that when the Mikaelson's left Hayley to wonder the bayou he just assumed that she was fair game.  He even throws in some slut shaming for fun. Elijah breaks off a table leg and throws it through the barrier striking Lucian in the chest.  Jackson then charges into the room and bites Lucian on the arm. Jackson stands and demands to know what the hunters did to Hayley. Lucian promises to have the hunters inspect the dead in the morning.  Elijah asks Jackson to get the chains from the carriage room because they don't have a lot of time. A snarking Elijah says that he is happy to stand there and watch him Lucian, or he can be invited in.

Cami makes her way through the streets and enters her bar only to be grabbed from behind by Will. Cami jumps, saying that this is not the best time to sneak up on people.  When Will asks to have a drink, Cami invites him into the bar.

Freya is returning with her human for a night cap when they are interrupted by Klaus.  Klaus introduces himself as Freya's brother and demands to know the man's intentions for his sister.  Before the man can answer, Klaus does the vampire thing with his eyes and demands that the man leave.  Freya is surprised that in three months, Klaus has gone from despising her to playing protective brother. Klaus asks Freya to perform a locator spell because Hayley is missing, causing Freya to assume that Klaus is worried about the mother of his child. Ya know, as you do.  Klaus being Klaus, claims that he just wants to know the location of his enemies, particularly because Hayley has a history of taking what is his.  Freya does not buy it and says that Klaus is worried that Hayley is lost. She'll soon figure out not to expect the best intentions from Klaus.

Will asks Cami if she has had made any progress on the profile and Cami suggests that Will seek out someone with more experience.  Will brings up the fact that he has seen Klaus around town with Cami and questions if Klaus is a friend or a patient. When Cami tries to call their time together to an end, Will reveals that he knows who Cami is.  Cami thinks it's because of the murders her brother committed. Will however knows that Kiernan's autopsy report was full of plot holes and that there's always a perfectly rational explanation attached to her family. Will adds that Cami''s family has an entire century of unexplained deaths, inexpiable behaviour, grave robberies, beheadings, missing persons and police reports with entire sections blocked out. It seems that whenever there is a problem in the Quarter, there's an O'Connell either causing it or cleaning it up.  Cami questions if she is being accused of something and Will responds that Cami's good Catholic thing is a cover.  When Cami grabs her purse, she notes that Will stole something from her.

Davina and Freya are both working on a spell.  Freya tells Klaus that she cannot find Hayley. Hayley has found the witch that Davina wants dead. Freya reports that it's like Hayley doesn't exist. This is Davina's cloaking spell at work. Jackson who has arrived makes it clear that Hayley must be found. Davina continues to work on her spell and she starts to bleed from her eyes.  Clearly, the elders are not happy with Davina's plan to break the crescent curse.  Hayley moves to attack the witch and begins to change into a wolf. At Klaus's, Jackson starts to change and Freya stands, instructing Klaus to get the chains.  On her knees, Davina begs the elders, explaining that Hayley can be used to get to Klaus. Klaus binds Jackson with chains and Jackson begs Freya to do the locator spell again.  Davina begs the elders again and this time, both Jackson and Hayley stop transitioning. Hayley takes the opportunity to kill the witch Davina wanted dead.  Hayley is suddenly attacked by witches and falls to the ground clutching her head with blood pouring out of her mouth.

It's morning now and Lucian reports to Elijah that his contacts will inform him if they find a wolf matching Hayley's description.  Elijah tells Lucian that he is going to need Klaus's blood to heal from the wolf bite and suggests that Klaus will be obliging once Hayley has been found. Lucian pours a drink and invites Elijah to join him but Elijah is not interested. Elijah instead wants to talk about the conflict raging between the sire lines and questions if Tristan is up to his old tricks. Lucian is not at all pleased with Elijah's cavalier attitude and points out that Tristan knows that if he kills Klaus, all of his enemies will be eliminated. Elijah questions if he is Lucian's ultimate target but Lucian points out that if he kills Elijah, then he will have to trade all of the money and comfort he now has for a life on the run from Klaus and Rebekah.  Elijah tells Lucian to leave New Orleans because the white oak has been destroyed and the Original family cannot be killed. Lucian suggests Elijah talk to Klaus because visions of death surround the Mikaelsons.  Elijah however does not feel threatened by the prophesies. Lucian points out that maybe Elijah isn't motivated, adding that Elijah has abandoned his centuries effort to save Klaus's soul.  Lucian questions what is left for Elijah now.  Elijah storms out without answering.

The candle is burning now and locked in cage, sealed with Davina's magic and chains.  Marcel approaches and tells her that they have a problem.  Marcel takes Davina to the site where Hayley killed 11 witches the night before.  Marcel explains that at first they thought it was vampires but all of his vamps were accounted for last night.  The witches remains are nothing but ashes smoldering in the street. Van Nguyen falls to his knees in despair when he sees his mother's ashes.

Vampire Diaries, Season 7, Episode 2: Never Let Me Go

We’re in the future again – 3 years in the future where Caroline is in charge of a TV show in Dallas and she also has a fiancé who wants to go on a trip to Mystic Falls despite it being off limit.

Back to the present and teenagers have found out that the town of Mystic Falls is off limits so of course they’re going to investigate. Survival of the Fittest at its finest. Nom nom nom. And Matt decides to go rescue them.

And doesn’t die. Damn it! What does this man have to do to get killed already?! Even Tom Mason would be dead by now!

Alaric is still lecturing people about the occult, both denying that there’s anything scary and Mystic Falls (he understands teenagers) and, hilariously, him accounting tales of vampires et al (which totally aren’t real) to people’s fear of death

Bonnie and Alaric both confirm that hanging bit “keep out” signs is not actually keeping people out of the town of death and teenagers attempting to get ghost selfies are dying in high numbers. They also talk about Alaric seeing psychics and how she understands – but also is a little hurt he didn’t turn to her. He also wants to talk about something called the Phoenix Stone

Let me say this now – if they find a resurrection stone and then finally kill Matt AND BRING HIM BACK I will go on a rampage the like of which this world has never seen (probably due to being unimpressively lazy and whiny, but still).

He apparently has the rock which he happened to pick up in a museum. After some woo-woo she gets horrific images off the stone – the stone is evil naughtybadwrong. Bonnie tells him to leave it alone and destroy it.

Stefan gets ambushed by Bo and Lily while he’s patrolling Mystic Falls trying to keep humans out. They confront him about Malcolm being killed. Stefan protests he knows nothing because he has the single Salvatore brain cell right now. That is why they have kidnapped Caroline with the help of Enzo who is now tying up Caroline with vervain ropes. He underestimates her which is unwise but she can’t get past the witchpires

Stefan goes to confront his naughty brother (who makes, admittedly, a pretty funny joke about killing Jeremy) about actions having consequences. Damon is duly shocked by this, of course.

Sleepy Hollow, Season 3, Episode 3: Blood and Fear

Pandora is still being all creepy and evil playing with her devil foliage, evil box and wicked well – now focusing on the Witnesses directly. Get gets a knife. She could have just gone down to the shops.
Now to Ichabod who is doing another of his rants, Abbie looks almost as bored by it as I am. This is tiresome, Abbie’s snark is not, thankfully. Nor is the office worker he’s bothering. Honestly I may just screen capture her perfect look and just hold up the picture when certain people talk to me. In fact that needs to be meme, it really does. Yes he still wants to preserve the archives and, yes, he needs to be a US citizen to do it.

Abbie suggests using her name but he’s decided he won’t because it is so very important for him to do it himself – he intends to become a full citizen. They also discuss her father issues – reconciliation or moving on (as he did). He also has a random encounter with his friend from the historical society whose name I will remember if she becomes relevant.

Now we’re checking on a guy stalking his co-worker who is involved with someone else and not interested. Pandora decides to step in and dance with him. Next he wakes up, woozy and with her new shiny knife.

Jenny tells Abbie all about the Shard of Anubis and having to give it up to save Joe. And that Joe is pushing for a full reveal which she intends to do because, very maturely, she decides she doesn’t have the right to prevent Joe making his own decisions and following his father’s path (oh for this wisdom to be more common). Anyway Reynolds shows up with a case – a stabbing with no blood (I guess it’s weird enough to make it a federal case?)

Of course Ichabod gets invited on as well with no-one questioning because in the world of crime fiction, crime scenes need to have bleachers to seat all the visitors. It looks like stalker guy has decided to brutally stab someone to death (we only saw the guy making sexist comments about a woman. Alas, I don’t think this is going to be an anti-misogyny stabber so much as a “you’re having sex with a woman and I’m not RAWWWR” killer which is a disturbing element of far too many mass-murderers who feel women are their property and owe them something).

And, of course, Ichabod remembers this from the past – not from the war though, this is from his childhood. Jack the Ripper – because he has recurred many times because we can’t have a time-shifting show without Jack the Ripper appearing somewhere. It’s a rule.

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Z Nation, Season Two, Episode Four: Zombaby!

The crew is running through the streets trying to stay away from zombies, as Murphy and Cassandra stroll calmly taking up the rear. Vazquez questions Murphy's abilities to control the zombies and Murphy responds that there are too many of them and that he is unwilling to do it for Vasquez. Though his reason might be wrong, I think Murphy is right not to trust Vasquez. Doc stops at the worlds biggest brick of cheese and cuts off a hunk.  Thinking about the Liberty Bell, Warren gets the bright idea to to loosen the cheese from its block and send it rolling down the hill.  Warren and Addy set the wheel of cheese rolling and it picks up zombies as it rolls down the street.  Warren instructs the group to deny that they were anywhere near Wisconsin.

The group are driving down the street when Addy tells Warren to pull over. Addy supports Serena as she pukes into the long grass.  Doc tries to encourage Murphy to go and comfort Serena since she is the mother of his child but Murphy, being Murphy, isn't interested.  Addy joins Doc and Murphy and tells Murphy that Serena says that talking to him makes her feel better.  Warren has to order Murphy to comfort Serena.  An irritated Murphy listens as Serena tells him about the zombie bear before being sick once again.   Murphy walks away to ask Warren if they can just leave Serena behind. Warren responds that they have to find a safe place for Serena because if anything happens to Murphy, the kid will be plan B. Vasquez suggests a Mennonite community that he ran into a few months ago.

The conference is ended when a group starts shooting at them.  Vasquez suggests that they are being targeted because of the car they are driving. Yep, they still have the drug dealers car. Warren starts to issue orders but before the team can implement her plan, Serena grabs an automatic gun and starts shooting, all the while screaming about the child she is carrying.  After killing them all, Serena refers to the shooters as rude. Serena's action gain her the interest of Doc and Murphy.  Warren decides that it's time for them to get a new vehicle. The group head toward the truck of the shooters and Vasquez sneaks a radio out of the truck and places it in his bag.

In the truck, Murphy finds a McDonald's burger that hasn't degraded (big surprise there) and Serena scarfs it down claiming that the baby wants it.

When they arrive at the Mennonite farm, Vasquez notes that something is wrong.  Warren splits up the team to check out the area, not wanting her team to go in blind.  As soon as he is alone, Vasquez pulls the radio out of his bag and listens to a message in Spanish.  10K makes his way into the field where he sees a Mennonite family farming. 10K and the family are attacked by zombies and when 10K  kills one, a white powder appears on his face.  The family is attacked by zombie animals.  The moment the coast is clear the family takes off running, causing 10k to give chase.  The family locks themselves in a barn, as 10K tries to explain that he is not trying to hurt them and is in fact looking for help.

Serena and Murphy are getting cozy in the truck when 10K returns.  Cassandra sniffs 10K and he says that the people ran away from him and that there are zombie sheep.  Warren notices the white powder on 10K's face and instructs him to wash it off. Warren orders her team to move in but warns that they should be careful because something doesn't feel right. Vasquez catches up with the group and claims that he was delayed by zombies.  Vasquz tosses the ham he found to Doc and hands Warren and Addy bottles of strawberry jam. Warren asks Vasquez why he doesn't have any White powder on him given that he claimed to have been confronting zombies.  Before Vazquez can answer, a zombie family exits a house.  Addy shoots a zombie which causes it to release a puff of white powder, which she breathes in. 10K kills another one and once again White powder is released. Warren gives the order for her group to pull back.  10K and Doc work together to take out the zombies and in the process, 10K inhales more white powder.

Warren speaks to Jacob, the Elder of the Mennonite community. Jacob makes it clear that they shouldn't be here and Warren explains that one of their people needs help.  Jacob reiterates that it's not safe for them here because the white powder is anthrax.  Warren orders her group to pack up, telling Jacob that she is sorry for his trouble but before they can leave, 10K collapses.  Doc wants to take 10K away but Warren points out that there's no place to take him.  Vasquez suggests that what 10K needs is antibiotics and Doc runs to his stash to look for some.  Proving that all luck can be bad, Serena's water breaks and she tells Murphy that it won't be long now.

With the help of one of the Mennonites, Doc escorts 10K to the sick cabin, followed by Warren. There are several people lying on the beds.  A woman rushes toward 10K and gives him half of an antibiotic that the Mennonites found on the next farm over. Jacob assures Doc that it will help but explains that 10K can only have half a pill because they need enough for everyone. It's Vasquez who points out that this will not be enough for everyone to recover.

Outside, A Mennonite woman brings water and she is stopped by Cassandra, who sniffs her and then sticks her tongue in the bowl. Umm are they ever going to let Cassandra act like a person again?

American Horror Story Season 5 (Hotel), Episode 2: Chutes and Ladders

Sally wraps up someone in her mattress (I think it was the guy who was brutally raped last episode) she’s tearful and talks about him trying tio “cheat death”, probably another unsubtle reference to drug use.

Our remaining tourist is still imprisoned – screaming for help while the three vampy kids feed on her and kill her – her body now becomes Liz, Iris and the creepy Maid’s (who remains kind of creepily awesome) job to clean up. Thety have a fair collection of rotting bodies in the basement.

The 4 creepy kiddies then donate blood which is decanted and served to the countess by iris who is still desperate to see her son, Donovan – he’s avoiding her because he finds her pretty smothering. He’s also not in the mood to go out for hunting and art either, preferring a Netflix binge (I have days like that, you just want to spend some quality time with your sofa and TV and not even the promise of random mass murder can stir you). He also makes a side remark about lack of money so it looks like the Countess isn’t that flush

The countess isn’t a home body and goes out alone

Dr. Alex Lowe continues to be my hero, calling out and slapping down anti-vax parents putting kids’ lives at risk for no good reason. Someone get this lady a cheerleading squad.

Her husband, Detective John, is staying at the murder hotel for reasons that escape anyone with two brain cells to rub together (it must be awfully cheap) and even stays when he hallucinates/dreams the drill rapist in the ceiling and two zombies having sex in his bathroom

Then he gets the creepy kids playing in the halls and vanishing again. Ok, drill-penises on the ceiling, maybe, zombie fucking in the bathroom – well it may be a cheap hotel. But creepy blond kids? Why would you not check out right then and there?!

Sally and Liz offer him a drink while Sally tells him, surprisingly, that the hotel is a very very scary place.  They talk and they talk about John being ex-alcoholic (and the last time he had a drink when a tragic police case drove him to a binge and how he connects that to losing his son) and she talk about how she became and addict in quite poignant terms.

Off to work the next day with more hints about the serial killer John is chasing and a scary package –not a bomb as first suspected but what looks like an award statue with blood. Extra creepy.

He then goes home to find Will Drake, the new owner of the building holding a fashion show (along with a lady called Claudia from Vogue magazine) and invites John and Scarlet to the party (with his son Lachlan). He hasn’t invited Sally, much to her outrage since she lives there. Countess and Donovan also join the party – and the Countess quickly notices John

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 2: Form and Void

In Superior, Nebraska we have more corpses and more infected people and Sam, also infected, tazing one of the infected after testing his vocal skills and finding he can talk. He then takes him home and chains him up so they can talk and Sam can learn what he can from his fellow infected. This interrogation involves pudding.

Turns out the guy has been infected for less time than Sam – though he’s further along because the disease moves at different rates for different people (this is true of many illnesses but also a quick justification for why some people will just drop dead while Sam, no doubt, is going to drag this out for weeks). Kidnapped guy dies from the plague while Sam researches

He’s joined by a woman with an excellent singing voice – she’s a Reaper. The Reapers have a good reason to be angry with the Winchesters after the whole killing of death thing. She is drawing a line under their resurrections – the next time a Winchester dies the Reapers are going to “accidentally” toss out their soul. No afterlife. No resurrection. No more. She also introduces herself - she’s Billie and she knows he’s dying

Sam heads to the chapel to be mopey with god and appeal for Dean. He appeals for a sign – and gets horrible images of him being tortured. Uh-huh. Well that’s a sign I guess

Time for visions and hallucinations as the black veins grow over his face until he does some research prompted by Billie calling him “unclean in a Biblical sense”. He then burns himself with holy oil (which they always have a stash of). It burns out the veins – and cures him.

Time to cue others with holy burning. It’s not a pleasant process but it works.

Dean takes Jenna and the baby Amarra to Jenna’s grandmother’s. Said granny is perfectly welcoming in both accepting and not asking questions. And baby Amarra is telekinetic – able to move things without touching them. DEMON BABY! BUUUURN IT!

Demon baby makes all the blocks float in a happy demonic game (why has someone not burned the child? Someone call the Charmings, they’re good at sacrificing children) before slamming them into the wall spelling “Feed me” (I’m assuming it eats souls)

Meg Rosoff: Challenging Diversity in Children's Books

Large Fears by Myles E Johnson

So let's address this Meg Rosoff nonsense she posted on Edith Campbell’s Facebook Page,  where she was so very outraged at the idea that a children’s book with a POC and LGBT protagonist was important. She seems to think books with cishet, white, able bodied protagonists are universal and completely dismisses the value of an LGBT POC protag in a kid's book. She also seems to think marginalised kids have "Zillions" of mirrors and don’t need representation.
Can we even begin to address the idea that we don't need marginalised characters in books for kids because "all books are for all kids". Because "all books are for all kids" means "enjoy your straight, cis, white, able bodied characters" which are supposed to be the stand in for all people - because only the most privileged are REAL people, only their stories are worth telling and anything else is “missing the point of books” and, of course, is due to a terrible “agenda.”
When you are a member of the dominant class, it’s very easy to assume that your frame reference and your feelings are universal. When you turn on the television, you can see people who look like you engaged in various activities. Some are good and some are bad but what they represent is an astounding array of choices open to you. They also present a guide as you form your identity and figure out how the world works. Everything affirms that you have value but even more importantly, that you belong to a world much larger than yourself.  It may even seem naturally occuring because this is the way it has been since the moment you were born but it’s a construction. A construction with the blood, sweat and tears of marginalized people as the foundation.  

When I see privileged people suggest that things have advanced enough that we (read: marginalised people) don’t need to be included it reaffirms that our lives and our feelings don’t matter. In the case of Meg Rosoff, I am sure she believes that the exclusion of marginalised children is no big deal but the problem is this attitude is pervasive and not limited to one person. You pick the sphere and there’s a bigot or a pseudo liberal ready to defend their privilege and ensure that marginalised people stay in a secondary position.  

It’s insidious because one one hand, you didn’t set up the system and it might seem unfair that you are being held accountable but the truth of the matter is that with every breath you take, regardless of how hard you work, you can count on the advantage of your privilege to benefit you. Even as it is benefitting you, it is marginalising me and people like me. You cannot imagine what it is to go to school and learn nothing about people like you. You cannot imagine what it is to be erased. You cannot imagine what it is to have people look at you in fear or simply recoil from you because your body has been criminalised or framed as deviant somehow. You cannot imagine how every conversation, and every interaction is fraught because of how dominant groups understand your body. You cannot understand what it is to sit in an empty room, with no television, computer, radio, books or magazines and breathe deeply because in this moment, you are safe.  

Far too many people think that bigotry is about epic displays like the KKK or the Westboro Baptist church but the fact is, these groups are outliers simply because of their audaciousness. The bigotry that kills and maims comes in everyday interactions, odd stares, and exclusion from public spheres. And it comes when you are told that there’s no room for you in a kids book. It’s the kind of bigotry that kills hopes and dreams. Sure, you’re not wearing your white sheet in public or declaring like Rand Paul that it should be okay to fire gay people but really you’re not any better.You don’t need to scream epithets to be a bigot, you simply need not care about our humanity.

As marginalised people, both of us have strong memories of what growing up with few examples of ourselves in books meant to us  

Renee: When I was growing up, I read a lot of Judy Blume, Roald Dahl, Katherine Paterson, and Francine Pascal. I have the fondest memories of these stories. I remember laughing and staying up late because I just had to know what adventure Jesse and Leslie got up to in Terabithia. They are an indelible part of my childhood. When I think back on them as an adult however, my innocence long gone, I know that they played a large role in the way I understood myself as a marginalized person. You see, despite how wonderful these stories are, they are erased.  When I got lost in books, inevitably I got lost in a world in which I didn’t exist. Similarly because my peers were reading these same books, even as my humanity and identity was being denied, theirs was being affirmed. The media’s erasure of people like me combined with social acceptance of passive racism made it okay for them to treat me as ‘other” and led to lots of tears and frustration. It made it easy to believe all of the negative social constructions about Black women and for many years, I struggled with my self esteem

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode One: For the Next Millennium

The new season begins with a flashback to Southern France 1002 A.D. with the Mikaelson siblings traveling together, hoping to continue to evade their father. The siblings are so new to being vampires at this point that they don't have a real understanding of their power and only feed when they need to. Elijah is adamant that they cover up their feeding activities and keep moving despite how tired his siblings are of the travel. Kol suggests splitting up but Klaus is quick to point out that they all swore a vow.  Finn weighs in on Kol's side saying that he wants to sleep in a bed, and eat proper food.  Elijah naturally sides with Klaus, reminding his brothers that they all made a vow.

In the present, Klaus is in one of his infamous moods.

Freya is writing a letter to Rebekah about the fact that Klaus and Elijah cannot come to peace. Klaus is unrepentant and Elijah cannot forgive him. Klaus however has been talking to Cami about his supposed issues but still displays no remorse. It seems that Freya has been trying to be the peace maker. In the letter, Freya informs Rebekah that Marcel has taken over the quarter and Hope is growing each day but clearly misses her mother.  Freya says that she has been unable to break Hayley's curse.  At this point,  Davina refuses to help because the 9th ward coven think that she is a vampire sympathizer.  Freya asks her sister for advice on how to heal their broken family and then ends the letter and  promptly destroys it.

Cami arrives at Klaus's in the belief that she is there for a counselling session but in fact, Klaus invited her to show off his paintings that he plans to put on exhibition now that Michael is dead. Cami is not impressed that she been called there to appreciate art and makes it clear that she agreed to see Klaus professionally.  Klaus then suggests that Cami come to his opening and she tells him to call her if she wants to talk.  Cami starts to walk away but then she realises that Klaus is worried that no one will come to his exhibition because Elijah won't look at him, Marcel is still angry and Rebekah is gone.  Cami suggests that Klaus needs to deal with his fear because the people he loves are angry with him.  Cami then excuses herself.

Cami meets Vincent in the Quarter, where he is acting as an expert for the police.  It seems that when the comes come across something bloody, or gruesome that they cannot explain they turn Vincent for help.Vincent has turned to Cami for her experience because the cops want a psychological profile. The victim is strung up like a marionette with slices deep into each cheek.

Freya is watching over Hope when Elijah arrives. Freya offers to help Elijah bring Hope to Hayley but Elijah tells her that she deserves a night off.  From the doorway, Klaus snarks about not accompanying Elijah to avoid the long list of insults Hayley most likely has prepared. Klaus continues to snark, suggesting that the tactic he used which cursed Hayley is what kept her alive. Elijah however remains unimpressed and points out that Klaus is basking in Hayley's torment. Klaus counters by pointing out that Hayley did try to run off with Hope.  Freya has to come between the brothers and suggest that they stop because they are bickering in front of Hope.

Flashback time.  Rebekah notes the pretty clothing of one of their victims.  Rebekah suggests taking over their identity but Elijah is quick to nix the idea because they would be pretending to people they don't know, from a country whose customs they don't know or understand.  Rebekah however is completely unwilling to give up this idea.  Rebekah is adamant that their victims aren't any better than them.  Elijah calls for silence when he hears a heartbeat.  Elijah finds the servant of their victims hiding under a tarp.  To save his life, Lucien quickly offers to help  Mikaelson siblings with Rebekah's ruse.  Rebekah asks to keep Lucien but Elijah is quick to say no because their rule is to never leave someone alive who has seen what they are.  Klaus calls for a vote but find himself in the position to play tie breaker.

Back in the present, Lucien is shopping for a condo.  Well, it seems that he was useful to Mikaelson family after all. Lucien thanks the real estate agent by having a little snack on her.

Back at the crime scene, Cami tells Vincent that the ropes are just for display and Vincent suggests that the victim was compelled.  When the detective comes back, Cami says that killer will absolutely strike again.

Davina is laying down the law to her witches to avoid a violent turf war with the vampires. Cara turns her back on Davina, as Davina calls out that she didn't dismiss her.  Cara responds by casting a spell aimed at hurting Davina's hands and than casting a circle of fire around her.  Davina uses her magic to put out the fire and is stunned that she was attacked.

Vincent and Cami go to see Marcel about the body and Marcel is quick to deny that it was one of his people.  Marcel reasons that his people know that dead bodies means less tourists.  Cami questions if someone new lost control. Marcel points out that his vampires are not the only ones in town, adding that sooner or later Klaus will cut loose, if he hasn't already.

Klaus's exhibition is in full swing and he listens in as an art critic rips his work in shreds.  Cue the arrival of Lucien, who is surprised that Klaus didn't compel the critic to only say good things about his work. The friendship and warmth between Lucien and Klaus becomes evident, as they chat about Klaus compelling Degas to mentor him.

Elijah has a banquet set up for the full moon when two armed men arrive.  Elijah is told that he is trespassing and that the land is now owned by a development company. It seems that the men have been hired to kill the wolves which have suddenly appeared on the property.  Elijah is quick to attack and demand that the men leave and call of their fellow hunters but he is told that there are other teams out there.

From Dusk Till Dawn, Season 2, Episode 8: The Last Temptation of Richard Gecko

Narcisco’s head is delivered to Malvado who promptly puns over it. It was delivered from Freddie who is now working with Scott, Aiden, Kate and Carlos.

They’re performing a ritual based on the bonds now they have the full set which Aiden can now translate. The first step to setting it up is having innocent blood sacrifice innocent blood – or getting Kate to kill someone. She naturally protests but is rather quickly talked into it even if she does cry and need Scott’s nudge

The daylight sky turns to night – but only through the vampires’ eyes. Aiden just tells a crying Kate to see the bigger picture.

Over to Richie and Seth with Richie expositioning about his “extra power” – apparently every Culebros has a bonus power and he doesn’t know what his is yet. They’re still working on their plan to get to Malvado and getting into the organisation by trying to work with one of Malvado’s minions – a Culebros called Greely. They seem to convince him and he agrees to join their revolution (largely because Malvado is taking took great a percentage of his profits)

Despite the plan and them now being surrounded by Culebras, Seth makes it clear he’s still no pro-snakey-vampire (though he now seems to be making an exception for Richie).

Part of the plan also involves putting Santanico in suspended animation so Malvado can’t sense her (since he made her). Before going under she warns Richie not to let Malvado in her head and share a last kiss as she’s loaded up.

So to the Jackknife where Greely makes his “tribute” to Malvado. Which involves a fun game of find-the-lady with coloured stones and a four armed vampire before they can make their delivery. Part of this delivery is Freddie

Yes we need a flashback to explain this – he found them and they talk with guns pointed everywhere (and mocking Freddie’s dead mentor), Freddie wants to get something from Malvado (presumably the key thing they need for the prophecy) and offers the map that Malvado’s brother had of Malvado’s operation without which they’ll be hopelessly lost

They agree and he joins team let’s-all-pretend-we-don’t-hate-each-other. After some more close calls they manage to get in to the big stash of Malvado loot – Seth is happy.

Carlos, Kate and Scott go to see Malvado fully admitting to killing Narcisco and destroying the Twister – and sassing Malvado with internet memes on top of that. He demands they key in exchange for the doorway to the well that his brother Celestino had (the big exposition of the pit of blood he made) – which Malvado apparently wants to go to “El Rey”. Another realm (yes, vampire are aliens are something as was touched upon in a massive “whut?!” and then not really investigated).

iZombie, Season 2, Episode 2: Zombie Bro

Major gets to watch the children of the zombie he murdered tearfully appeal for any information about their poor dad. Have ALL THE GUILT WEASELS!
Now to as frat party involving drinks and fancy dress (see, I did do a lot of drinking at university and not all of it was particularly well clothed but is this fancy dress drinking an American university thing like those plastic cups and beer with virtually no alcohol in it?) One of the partiers, Chad, gets stabbed. I’m assuming this isn’t normal party behaviour (though an understandable response to being offered American beer)

Liv and Ravi show up for some nice snark and investigation – and possible utopian (zombie drug) link with more snark and Clive appealing for Liv’s psychicness. And by psychicness we mean brain eating visions and getting in the head of a frat boy

There follows interviews with far too many “bros”. Liv is enjoying herself a lot – Chad has a lot of friends but also pulled far too many pranks. We do get a vision about one guy who isn’t so happy – because he made the guy streak; unknowingly past a primary school which got him arrested and labelled a sex offender. That’s pretty much a career killer, he’s still in the frat for the connections to have some future. Ouch.

They do identify the costume the killer was wearing and poor Clive has finally begun to comment on how random Liv is due to her diet adjusted personality

A personality that also pushes her to prank Ravi while he’s asleep – poor Ravi (the make up can be removed, the “fart” written on his head less so). This leads to a vision identifying another potential suspect

Meanwhile Ravi is giving Major a post-cure check up and explaining why his beard has glitter in it – and how Ravi is having trouble working on the cure. He tries to convince Major to help his research by taking drugs and/or watching Ravi take drugs and isn’t above blatant guilt tripping to make it work (these two are so much fun together. But then everyone is fun on this show). Him being there means he runs into Liv for an awkward we’re-not-ready-for-a-reunion-reunion which isn’t exactly helped by Liv’s casual mention of being on frat boy brains – Major tries to make a thing of it but Liv very rightly says “it’s a fact of my life.”

It doesn’t end well.

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Beyond the Veil (The Veil Series #1) by Pippa DaCosta

Muse has spent the last 5 years playing human, hiding her true nature as a half-demon. Reviled and enslaved by her own card, she clings to the façade of humanity as long as she can

Then a half-demon assassin visits her shop which promptly explodes. Apparently on someone’s hit list she has only one choice – to turn to her previous saviour, Akil, the Prince of Greed.

I liked this story – it had an interesting world setting of demons in the human world, demons hiding and semi-known to humanity but not quite to the full extent. We have Muse, the half demon, reviled and enslaved in demonic society and trying to find her own place in a world when she doesn’t fit among humanity or demons but needs both.

Muse’s story wonderfully reflects this conflict. She needs to be sheltered from the demons which can only happen with demonic protection. There are humans who will oppose the demons – but they so utterly revile demons that they hate her as well. She needs to control her demonic half which is so capable of destruction but at the same time cannot live without it. So many conflicts make for a good character despite the romance that I am not a fan of. No, really, I can’t stress how much the insta-love zomg-he’s-so-hot-this-overrules-everything is completely unneeded for this book

And there’s Stefan and Akil – both love interests and both with very shadowy and twisty motives. But Muse simply cannot refuse to trust them because she cannot survive alone

I do like the way the story examines ownership, slavery and freedom. Muse has been “rescued” from a master – a cruel and abusive master. But if your new master, no matter how kind and benevolent, still demands your attention and obedience then how free are you? A benevolent master is still a master, a kind owner still an owner. Especially if that “kindness” only extends as far as that obedience.

Unfortunately this book is fairly lacking when it comes to marginalised characters. Muse herself is quite a strong character – she has special powers (but not special enough to be a Mary Sue), she’s powerful (but not so much more powerful than the rest of her species to make her a special snowflake) and while she has anger issues like many Urban fantasy protagonists (who mistake poor anger management for strength) she is largely in control and her anger is always presented in a reasonable format drawing upon her actual experiences and history of abuse. And, yes, like so many Urban Fantast protagonists she does have a terrible, abusive history. But it isn’t tacked on or forced or convoluted or used for random characterisation without purpose (as is so often the case). Her terrible history is an integral part of both her story and her world setting: it carries a lot of the same clichés but there’s an effort to make these clichés work and be real parts of these characters and this world setting. Cliched but reasoned clichés. Cliches with some effort behind them.

The Last Man on Earth, Season Two, Episode Three: Dead Man Walking

Phil, or rather Tandy, watches from a distance as the group participates in a funeral for Gordon. Carol, who only knew Gordon long enough to scare him to death interrupts the funeral to wish Gordon a smooth journey to heaven or to hell.  Carol adds that by now they are so used to death but Gordon will be missed.  Todd starts to sing, "Time in a Bottle" but barely gets through the first few lines before tearing up. With the group distracted, Carol shoots a thumbs up sign at Tandy.

Tandy is dealing with his boredom by doing batting practice in the RV when Carol shows up to check up on him. Carol explains that she has to get back for Gordon's wake.  Phil asks if Carol brought him up and Carol explains that with Gordon's death, there's been a lot to think about.  Phil naturally denies that he cares about the group and assures Carol that she should take her time.

Melissa takes Carol on a short tour of Gordon's mansion. The two women express how much they've missed each other and Melissa asks what happened to make Carol leave with Tandy.  Carol fakes spilling a hot drink on herself and excuses herself to get cleaned up.  Phil approaches Carol, who is cleaning up in the bathroom and reminds her that the last time they were together, they were making love.  Carol apologises for leaving Tuscon without saying goodbye to him.  Their brief reunion is interrupted by Erica, who takes the opportunity to stake her claim on Phil.  It seems that in Carol's absence, Phil and Erica became a couple. Erica leaves the room shooting Carol a nasty look.

In the solarium, the group is gathered to remember Gordon.  Gail and Gordon were lovers and so she begins to list Gordon's many faults which include: sexism, racism and body odor.  Wow, Gordon was a real winner eh? Melissa changes the topic by asking the group to welcome Carol back.  Todd, asks Carol what happened to her because the last time he saw her, she was headed out to the desert to give Tandy some supplies.  Carol admits that she chose to stay with Tandy and the entire group expresses thanks that Tandy didn't return with Carol.  When they ask where Tandy is now, Carol decides to tell the group that Tandy is dead.

Back in the RV, Tandy is not impressed that Carol told the group that Tandy is dead.  Carol assures Phil that it's going to be fine because people always remember the dead fondly. Carol assures Tandy with a little bit of time and the right PR,  Tandy will be the next Michael Jackson.  Carol is surprised that the first thing that Phil remembers about Michael Jackson is molestation charge. Tandy wonders whether Phil is over Carol now and she tells him about Phil's relationship with Erica.  Tandy then asks about Todd and Melissa, and Carol tells Tandy that Todd is gay.  Tandy's response is to say, "I knew it," excitedly.  Carol points out that for someone who claims to have no interest in the group, he has  a lot of curiosity. Phil claims that he is fine in the RV alone but Carol says that has come up with the perfect noble death for Phil.

Carol shows Melissa and Todd the pictures she has drawn to illustrate Tandy's death.  Carol tells them that she decided to a hand stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon and just as she was about to plummet to her death, Tandy apparently grabbed her but in the process fell over the cliff himself.  Tandy's fake last words were, "no regrets".  She highlights her tale by showing them drawings of a dead Tandy.  Todd starts to cry and Carol assumes that Todd is sad about Tandy but it seems that he is still mourning Gordon. When the group look out at the beach, they see Gail in a black mourning dress repeatedly writing Gordon's name in the sand and allowing the waves to wash it away. For Gail, it's a form of spiritual healing.

The Leftovers, Season 2, Episode 2: A Matter of Geography

Flashback time to the end of the last season and Nora and Kevin and Jill taking in Lilly and Nora moving in in the aftermath of the burning of the Guilty Remnant. For added amusement, Nora seemed to invite herself into moving in. Kevin decides that they simply can’t have a future together before he tells Nora and Jill all about the kidnapping of Patti and the totally-not-murdering-her followed by disposing of the body. With the help of Nora’s brother Matt

Rather than running for the hills screaming, Nora takes this in her stride and tells Kevin that she hires prostitutes to shoot her.

Jill must now score them on who is the least ready to make major changes and commitments in their lives before they seek appropriate support and help. Nope, she’s in full acceptance mode as well. It’s all ok and they laugh and are all happy together.

To the present and the family life is kind of fraying a lot more with screaming babies and domestic commitments before they actually try to officially adopt Lily because “finding babies on the doorstep” lacks officialdom. Originally they seem to do pretty terribly in the interview (and, really, shouldn’t there have been a “hey did you report an abandoned child to anyone?” question) they do officially adopt Lily, after a clear tactic to see if they would adopt a white child rather than Lily who is Black and Asian – and them rightly saying, no, they love this girl.

Time for more of Kevin being domestic, moping, having temper tantrums and flashbacks to some of the terribad things he’s done, mentioned at the beginning. I told you he needed to work through his issues first. He digs up Patti’s body… and then deliberately getting himself arrested.

He is interviewed by a policewoman who just doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about Patti, what happened to her or any of the Guilty Remnant. Like many, she loathes them and wasn’t impressed by what she sees as their incitement of violence and rioting back in his town when he was police chief.

She sends him home. Only to be haunted by hallucination!Patti because why not.

He goes home to find his dad – released from the institution and holding Lily (much to Kevin’s suspicion and wariness. They don’t exactly have a non-antagonistic relationship). He does have good advice about not driving his partner into a cult. His dad still hears voices, and he has started doing what they tell him. This is not the conventional definition of “cured”.

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The Source (Witching Savannah #2) by J.D. Horn

Mercy is now the family’s Anchor and technically in charge of the magic of her family and one of the most powerful witches in the world. If the other Anchors would let her be. Hemmed in, limited, constantly spied on to say nothing of her struggle for control, Mercy isn’t finding power particularly easy to live with – especially since all that power cannot be used to find her lost sister

Her fragile world is further thrown into disarray with the return of her mother – who she thought dead in child birth. Her mother has an entirely different story not just of her death and her family but of the origins of magic herself. Mercy, who knows all too well that her family can and does lie to her, now has to try and find the truth between the competing sides and the reality of magic itself – knowing whichever side she chooses will mean losing family.

Throughout a lot of this book we’re left very much in doubt about who to trust, who to support and what the truth is.

A lot of books trey to create this – and usually fail pretty badly. Usually it’s very clear which person is actually the bad guy and while the protagonist may trust them, it’s usually while the reader yells “noooo what are you doing?!”

But both the first book and this book has done an excellent job of continuing that uncertainty and leaving us never sure which character can be trusted. Not because they’re all evil – but because they’re all very human and very flawed. They have their own foibles, they have their own weaknesses, they have their own problems, their own agendas their own values. From Oliver’s light, often self-centredness and casual manipulation to Iris and Ellen with their own tumultuous love lives all overshadowed by loyalty to the Line that permeates the families and makes them make rather extreme decisions if they begin to think the line is under threat.

And the Line itself adds a whole new level of complexity and uncertainty. We have the “official” version of what the line is – of the barrier that keeps the demons at bay that would enslave them all as they have in the past. But that is the official version, the Anchor’s version – a version that suits them well and empowers them. A version pushed by Ginny who we know was deceptive and dangerous and manipulative and certainly didn’t have Mercy’s best interests at heart.  But there are rebel families – it seems rather unlikely that the rebel families aren’t fighting for the eager chance to be slaves – so an alternate narrative seems likely, especially since those Anchors love their secrecy.

This is even more complicated by the witches even acting in the best of faith simply not understanding the true nature of the line or the world they’re in – which, in turn, makes them potential antagonists towards Mercy.

Once Upon a Time, Season 5, Episode 3: Siege Perilous

Flashback to Camelot (‘tis a silly place) and brainstorming how to de-tree Merlin. Regina’s stll playing Saviour while everyone is warning Emma against using magic. They decide that one solution may be to find a magic toadstool to allow them to communicate with the tree-Merlin. So David and Arthur are out on a quest

They arm up and we have some nice exposition about the Round Table and how everyone gets a normal seat even the king because the whole point of the Round Table is that no-one is at its head, all are equal. Except for one special seat for special pure knights – Lancelot who is, alas, dead which is the news they have to pass on to Arthur who is super sad despite the whole betrayal thing.

Along the way of the quest David gently pokes Arthur for being a bit of an arse to his squire especially since they both come from humble beginnings (seriously, Arthur as well? I think the writers have misunderstood how nobility and royal lineages work). I do like the nice poking at Arthur’s arrogant competitiveness.

They finally find their magic mushrooms and Charming is nearly defeated by a bridge. And the Green Knight I guess. He nearly drowns, alas Arthur saves him. Damn it Arthur. And they lost the toadstool. YOU HAD ONE JOB David. Arthur tries to make them feel better about their utter waste of time.

Which causes some musing about their legacies – David would rather not be remembered as the guy who kissed a sleeping woman so she couldn’t slap him and Arthur would rather not be known as the king who inherited his throne because of the ability to remove sharp things from masonry.

Regina does take a chance to tell Zelena who she totally isn’t the victim and how Regina can totally make her life hell if she wishes. The conflict is she doesn’t want Zelena to run off with Robin’s baby and also reminding us both that Zelena is still around and Regina can still be scary when necessary.

Anyway, Arthur decides to knight David as Sir David of the Enchanted Forest (ok it wasn’t unheard of for a monarch to own titles in other monarch’s court but this is a whole lot of vassal swearing here for a visiting monarch. And “Sir David of the Enhanted Forest” uh, Arthur he’s already Prince Consort of the Enchanted Forest – a land you don’t rule or have the rights to grant titles to. Mary Margaret should be slapping you for this and him. This would be like Liz knighting Sir Felipe of Spain). Anyway, he’s now the Knight of the Round Table for failing at a quest

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Doctor Who, Season Nine, Episode Four: Before the Flood

In the Tardis, the Doctor tells a story about a man who has a time machine and a passion for the works of Beethoven.  One day, the man thinks to himself, what is the point of having a time machine if you don't get to meet your heroes.  The man travels to 18th century Europe, but cannot find Beethoven anywhere. Not even Beethoven's family has heard of him.  The Doctor breaks the 4th wall and says, "this didn't happen btw."  Holding a statue of Beethoven now, the Doctor says google the bootstrap paradox.  It seems that the man brought all of Beethoven's sheet music to be signed and being enterprising, Ludwig copied all of the concertos and symphonies and git them published which means history continues without a ruffled feather. The Doctor asks who really composed Beethoven's fifth, picking up his guitar and playing the opening notes. Yes, they are really pushing the Doctor as a musician and taking advantage of Capaldi's ability to play the guitar.

Lunn, O'Donnell and The Doctor have landed in the past.  The Doctor, notes that O'Donnell knows a lot about him and she explains that she used to be military intelligence.  The Doctor informs her that they are in 1980. O'Donnell fakes having something in her boot and then excitedly jumps up and down because the Tardis is bigger on the inside.  When O'Donnell and Lunn catch up with the Doctor, The Doctor explains that they are in Scotland at the height of the cold war.   It seems that at this location, the military was training for attacking the Soviets.

The Doctor, Lunn, and O'Donnell enter the ship and the Doctor realises that the ship is actually a hearse. O'Donnell notices that there are no markings on the wall.  The undertaker, who is from the most invaded planet in the universe (Tivoli) appears. The funeral director explains that the chamber contains the body of the Fisher King, who along with his armies enslaved Tivoli for "ten glorious years".  Lunn is not at all pleased that his first alien is an "idiot".  I suppose that Lunn doesn't realise that the Doctor isn't human. The funeral director is there to bury the Fisher King on a barren planet (read: earth) and he suggests that the Doctor can enslave and oppress him.  Clearly disgusted, the Doctor simply asks about the technology which causes the soul to be wrenched out of the body.  The funeral director responds that he doesn't have any such technology and if it exists, it must belong to the Fisher King's people. The Doctor says that it's time to return to the Tardis because he needs to talk to Clara.

A nervous Clara waits and Bennett says that Clara must be used to dealing with people who are scared and asks what she would say to them.  Clara responds that she would tell the scared person that the Doctor is going to save them.  Cass gets their attention.  It seems that while Bennett and Clara were talking, Cass was reading the ghost Doctor's lips.  The ghost Doctor is listing the names of all of the crew repeatedly. The phone rings and it's the Doctor calling from the past.  The Doctor tells them that the spaceship is a hearse and asks Clara what's wrong when he realises that she sounds upset.  Clara informs The Doctor that another ghost has appeared and it's him.  The Doctor is momentarily silent, realising that the appearance of his ghost means that he has died.  The Doctor tells Clara that this isn't a potential future and that it's already happened.  When The Doctor says that he has to die, Clara suggests that The Doctor can change things.  The Doctor however does not want to cause carnage in the universe by changing time.  Clara starts to scream that the Doctor can die with whoever comes after her but not with her.  The Doctor asks to speak to Clara alone and then tells her that they all have to face death at some point, either their own, or someone else's.  Clara responds that she is not ready yet and the Doctor says that he cannot change what has already happened. Clara argues that the Doctor owes her now and that he's given her someone else to be.  Clara tells the Doctor that she doesn't care about the rules or his survivor's guilt and that if he loves her in any way, he will come back.  The Doctor pauses and says that he cannot save Moran or Pritchard but will do what he can, even though the future has already happened.

The undertaker goes back to the ship to find that the Fisher King's body is missing.  When the undertaker  looks up, he sees the words written on the walls.  We hear a heavy stomping sound, and shadow overtakes the undertaker.

Clara asks about his ghost version looking for clues and Clara says that the Doctor's coat is torn on the right shoulder and is saying a list of everyone's names.  The ghost Doctor suddenly enters the ship but simply continues to say the names for a moment.  The ghost Doctor moves to the computer and opens the Faraday Cage where the other ghosts were locked up.  The Doctor asks to speak to the ghost version of himself.  The Doctor asks himself why he is here and the Ghost Doctor says, "the chamber will open tonight" The living Doctor orders Clara to go to the Faraday Cage, put the phone outside and watch it through the porthole.  The Doctor tells Clara to only answer the phone if it's safe but warns that she cannot let the phone out of her sight because he needs to know everything his ghost does. The Doctor then promises Clara that he will come back for her.

The Doctor prepares to leave the Tardis and tries to tell O'Donnell to stay behind in case Clara calls. O'Donnell clearly believes that she is being excluded because of her gender and makes it clear that she is coming with them.  They return to the ship to find the undertaker dead and the writing on the wall.  The Doctor says that the Fisher King must have done the markings himself and that the future is still coming.  When the Fisher King roars, the Doctor yells that they need to return to the Tardis. They all start running and are forced to split up when the Fisher King blocks them off.  O'Donnell hides on her own and Lunn hides with the Doctor. Unfortunately for O'Donnell, she is found and attacked by the Fisher King.  When Lunnfinds O'Donnell, she says that she had to come to keep an eye on him.  O'Donnell then dies in Lunn's arms as the Doctor watches.  Lunn asks who is next on the list because the list the ghost Doctor is repeating, is clearly a list of the order of which they are going to die.  Lunn accuses the Doctor of knowing all along because he tried to get O'Donnell to stay on the Tardis.  The Doctor claims that because Clara didn't see O'Donnell's ghost in the future, he thought that O'Donnell still had a chance.  Lunn is not impressed, noting that the Doctor didn't try very hard to stop her and that it was almost like he wanted to test his theory.  Lunn asks who is next and when the Doctor responds, "Clara", Lunn says that the Doctor will change history and actually do something because now it's getting closer to him. The Doctor makes it clear that it's not about saving himself because he is a dead man walking. The Doctor admits that he is changing history to save Clara and Lunn walks away.

In the Faraday Cage, Clara is forced to back away from the door when a ghost O'Donnell appears. O'Donnell sees the cell phone, picks it up and walks away.

Back on the Tardis, The Doctor explains that he is going back to save Clara and that there isn't anyone here who is going to stop him.  When the Doctor and Lunn leave the Tardis, the first thing the Doctor sees is another Tardis, causing him to realise that he has gone back in his own time stream because the Tardis won't let him leave.  The Doctor tells Lunn that they have to stay out of sight until time catches up.  Lunn notices that the funeral director is still alive and heads in his direction, only to be told that the funeral director cannot be saved.  The Doctor says that they don't have the right to tell the funeral director that he is about to die.  Lunn and The Doctor crouch down and watch as their former selves interact with the funeral director. When Lunn sees O'Donnell, he tries to stand up but is pulled down by the Doctor.

In the Faraday Cage, Clara realises that Bennett was the only one who was surprised by the message when Cass finally told them what it was and this is because Bennett never entered the ship.  Bennett is surprised that Clara was able to deduce that and adds that Cass wouldn't let him on the ship because she thought it was too dangerous.  Clara suggests that Bennett can get the phone back. When Bennett signs what Clara said, Cass is not impressed.  Clara argues that they need to be able to contact the Doctor and that Bennett is the only one who can do this.  Cass asks Bennett to ask Clara, if travelling with the Doctor changed her, or if she was always happy to put people's lives at risk.  Clara responds that the Doctor taught her to do what has to be done.

In the past, the Doctor notices that he ripped his jacket in his struggle with Lunn.  The Doctor says that he is running out of time and has no choice but to face the Fisher King in order to save Clara. The Doctor then orders Lunn back to the Tardis.

On board ship, Bennett leaves the Faraday Cage and Clara promises Cass that Bennett will be fine. Cass storms off, giving Clara what looks to be the finger.

The Doctor enters the church where the Fisher King is hiding.  The Doctor approaches the stasis chamber slowly and tells the Fisher King that he has seen ghosts wrenched from the dead repeating the same message over and over. The Fisher King responds that his ghosts will make enough ghosts to bring an armada and wake him from his sleep.

Doctor Who Season Nine, Episode Three: Under the Lake

Location: The Drum Underwater Mining Facility in Scotland.

The captain reports that they have located a craft and after visual scans revealed nothing, they have decided to bring the vessel aboard for further investigation.  Pritchard immediately wants to label the craft a spaceship and argues that the company he works for owns the rights to it.  Moran notices markings on the ship and asks Lunn to bring him a flashlight.  The crew begin to speculate on how long the ship has been in the ocean.  Moran suggests that it's something which got left behind when the military pulled out.  Pritchard is inside the ship checking out what look like controls, when something which appears to be a ghost comes through the wall, forcing him to back up in alarm and in the process, he sets off a fire which shoots out the rear of the ship.  Moran moves quickly to push Cass out of the way and gets incinerated for his trouble.  The team rushes out of the room as the computer announces that safety procedures have been started.  Moran then appears to the group in ghost form.

Three days later, who should arrive but The Doctor and Clara.  The Doctor stands outside of the Tardis talking to her.  He asks what's wrong and why she isn't happy. (yep the Tardis is officially female, remember the episode The Doctor's Wife?) Clara is impatient because she wants to head off for an adventure.  The Doctor however is more concerned about why the Tardis brought them to some sort of underwater base in the 22nd century.  The Doctor sets off to look for the crew, as Clara continues to whine about another adventure and pointing out that The Doctor must be itching to save another planet.  I guess with Danny gone, Clara has given up the pretense of a normal life.

In the galley area, The Doctor and Clara find that provisions are missing, a knife is in the wall and the food has been cold for about 7-8 hours.  This perks Clara up because now she has her mystery and adventure.  They come across two of the ghosts and the Doctor initially mistakes the intent of the ghosts as simple curiosity. The ghosts stand nose to nose with Clara and the Doctor before walking away.  The Doctor decides to follow them and tells Clara though he has no idea who or what they are,  and that he finds it all exciting.  They enter the room with unidentified vehicle and the Doctor is surprised when he cannot instantly understand the markings on the wall.  The Doctor tries to communicate with the ghosts again under the mistaken belief that they wanted to show him the ship. The ghosts grab weapons off the shelf and so The Doctor and Clara are forced to make a run for it.  In their attempt to escape, The Doctor and Clara learn pretty quickly that the ghosts can make it through walls.

Fortunately for the Doctor and Clara, they manage to make it to the place where the crew is hiding. The moment the Doctor introduces himself, the crew immediately get excited and reference the Doctor's connection to Unit.  It seems by this time at least, the Doctor has developed a human following. The Doctor asks about the specters and is told that they are ghosts. Cass starts to speak to the Doctor in sign language and when Bennet trist to be Cass's voice, the Doctor quickly dismisses Bennet saying that he can understand sign language. Cass only has time to sign a few words before the Doctor admits that he cannot in fact understand her. The Doctor learns that the ghosts first appeared after the ship came aboard.  The Doctor asks who is in charge, so that he knows who to ignore.  Cass indicates herself but Pritchard, who represents a petroleum mining company, says that it's actually him.  The Doctor tosses Pritchard's card on the ground with disdain.

The ship goes into day cycle and the crew leaves the safety room.  The Doctor heads back to see the ship and questions why the crew hasn't abandoned the base.  Pritchard informs that Doctor that there's too much money invested in mining equipment to consider leaving the base.  The Doctor calls Pritchard an idiot and is doubly not impressed when he learns that the base is essentially a nuclear reactor. The Doctor notes that there are items missing from the alien ship, including a power cell and naturally, the missing power cell is what get's Pritchard's attention.  After some thinking about the timing of the appearance of the specters, the Doctor finally concedes that they are dealing with ghosts. He is the only one who is excited about this.  One of the crew members points out that Moran was their friend and Clara nudges the Doctor, and tells him to use the cards.  The Doctor pulls the cards out of his jacket and gives his condolences for the loss of their crew mate and promises to do what he can to solve the death of their friend.

The Walking Dead, Season Six, Episode One: First Time Again

Rick and the group  are facing down a gigantic horde of zombies which are held at bay by tractor trailers.  The plan is to practice what they want to do tomorrow but all that is tossed out of the window when two of the trucks they are using as barriers crumble.  The group scrambles to put the plan into action immediately, with each person taking on their responsibility.  Only Carter is in doubt about what to do and if they can actually pull off their plan   Rick orders the firing of flares into the horde. Zombies manage to push their way through another barrier.

The film now turns to black and white.  Father Gabriel approaches Deanna, and she looks up at Gabriel with tears in her eyes and tells him that he was wrong.

Abraham carries the body of Deanna's husband wrapped up in a sack to prepare for burial.  He puts down the body and takes a stiff drink and then pours some alcohol over the body.  It's really a touching scene.

Jessie sits on the couch holding Sam with Ron by her side.  Ron gets up suddenly and leaves the room despite his mother calling out for him.

In the medical area, Tara is awake when a bloodied Glenn and Nicholas stumble in.  Glenn is pleased to see Tara alive.  Eugene enters, clearly delighted to see Tara awake and comments that it's a good thing he didn't cut his hair. When Eugene continues to stare, Tara asks for Noah to protect her jokingly, not aware that Noah is dead.

Carl is sits next to Enid and she puts her hand on Carl's hand.

Morgan tells Rick that he was right that the threat wasn't over.  Rick suggests that they talk more tomorrow.  Rick explains that he doesn't take chances anymore and Morgan agrees that he shouldn't.

Sasha checks in on a drunk Abraham.

A walker stumbles down the road and gets the drive by treatment.  Rick is still organizing his people as they continue to lead the walkers away from their small settlement.  Rick reminds everyone to keep their heads in the game.

Back in black and white, Darryl is fixing his bike when Rick approaches.  They talk about the guys Morgan met with W's on their head.  Rick says that they need more watch points and that they don't need to go looking for new people anymore.  Darryl is clearly conflicted about Rick's decision and admits that he doesn't agree.  Rick believes that people out there have to take care of themselves just like them and heads to go and release Morgan.

Sasha and Abraham are driving together.  Abraham checks in on how Sasha is doing and she questions if he was so worried, why he got into the car with her. Abraham doesn't answer, so Tara explains that doing something as big as this is living.  Sasha stops her car when they reach the designated spot.

Back to black and white.  Rick finds Morgan going through the paces with his fighting stick.  Rick questions where Morgan learned this and Morgan explains that he learned it after everything.  Rick apologises for having to do this but Morgan says that sometimes you are safer when there is no way out. Morgan adds that they need to get to know each other again.

Eugene is standing by the gate when Heath arrives with a group of people.  Eugene is not anxious to let Heath in because he cannot confirm that Heath actually lives there. Heath doesn't have more patience and explains that the longer Eugene waits to open the gate, the more motivated he is to beat Eugene's ass.  Eugene finally consents and opens the gate. Eugene explains that he just relieving Holly at the gate for now.  Scott and Annie get out of the vehicle and introduce themselves.  Heath asks if anything big happened while they were gone on patrol and Eugene suggests that Heath talk to Deanna to get it from the horses mouth.  Heath starts to walk away and Eugene calls out that it's good to see someone like him and that he fully respects the hair game.

Rick is showing Morgan the community and explains that Reg built the gate.  He tells Morgan that the community people didn't have to survive and have been behind the walls from the start.  Rick is concerned that it's too late for the group to come around and suggests that Morgan talk to Deanna. Rick then notices that two graves are being dug - one for Reg and the other for Porch Dick.  Gabriel tells Rick that he just wanted to help and Rick makes it clear that they are not going to bury killers inside the walls.  Gabriel tells Rick that it's not his decision and Deanna intervenes to support Rick, adding that the trees should have the body. Ron watches the incident from a distance.

Porch dick is now loaded into a trunk by Rick and Morgan.  Rick explains that he shot Porch Dick because Porch Dick killed Reg. Rick makes it clear that he has no sympathy for killers.  It's Morgan who points out that Rick is a killer and so is he. Rick simply closes the lid to the truck.

Back in colour, Rick continues to talk with the group, checking their positions.  There's an RV and a car in front of the gate and Morgan assures Michonne and Rick that it will hold.  Morgan brings up the time that Michonne, Rick and Carl came to see him and asks if Michonne took one of his protein bars.  Really?  They're worried about zombies getting through the gate and Morgan is worried about the protein bar.  Michonne lies and says no, but she did take the bar.

Ron walks under an underpass and climbs up a ravine.  Morgan and Rick are walking and Rick suggests that they just leave Porch Dick there.  Morgan tells Rick that this is not who he is but Rick tells Morgan that he doesn't know him.  Morgan takes a few steps, drops his things and starts digging. The sound of walkers can be heard in the distance.  Rick tells Morgan to stop and listen.  They make their way to a cliff and when they look over it, they see a giant horde of zombies.  Ron is running through the woods and is being chased by zombies.  Fortunately for Ron, he runs into Rick and Morgan, who make quick work of the zombies.

Back in colour, Darryl rides his motorcycle down the street and is followed by the giant horde of zombies.  Tara pulls out in front of Darryl and joins the grim procession.

In black and white, Rick, Morgan and Ron stare at the horde.  Rick questions what Ron was doing out here and Ron explains that he wanted to know where his father was buried.  Rick realises that the community still exists because the walkers which would have threatened it have been blocked into the area that they are facing. When Rick looks over his shoulder, he sees Ron walking away.  Rick tries to tell Ron that he shouldn't be out here because he cannot protect himself, adding that if Ron comes out here he will die and turn into a walker.  Rick demands that Ron return with them now, adding that Ron better not make it hard. Rick walks back with Morgan on his heels and he stops at the place where they dropped Porch Dick's body.  While Ron watches, Morgan and Rick pick up shovels and start digging.

Back in colour, Glenn gets set up for his part of the massive zombie project they are undertaking. Glenn tells Nicholas to let one or two zombies out of the factory at a time so they can kill them. Heath expresses doubt but Nicholas tells Heath that Glenn knows what he is doing.  Nicholas and Glenn manage to pry the door open to the factory but no zombies exit.

Back in black and white, Heath is talking about the zombie blockade and how he has never gone back to the area. Michonne realises that the walkers keep getting drawn in because of the noise.  Rick then talks about the precarious position that they are in because the barricade will fall.  Carol speaks out in support of Rick (note: Carol is still playing meek and mild) and Carter asks about building up the weak spots and offers to try and make it safe. Rick points out that building up the weak spots won't work because the sound the walkers make is drawing more and more walkers everyday. Deanna tells the group that they are going to do what Rick said. Rick starts laying out his plans and Sasha and Abraham offer to help.  Rick says that they are going to have more people on watch from now on and asks for more volunteers.  Michonne is the first to volunteer and Glenn whispers to Maggie that someone needs to watch Michonne because she is important and that people need to see her come back.  Glenn then volunteers and when Gabriel offers to help, Rick immediately says no. Carter again expresses his doubts and asks if they should just fall in line behind Rick, after Rick waved a gun around screaming.  Carter brings up the fact that Rick shot and killed Porch Dick but Deanna calls out enough.  More volunteers start speaking up.  When Nicholas starts to waver, Glenn shakes his head no at him but Nicholas volunteers anyway. Rick questions if Nicholas can handle this and Nicholas explains that they need people.  Rick promises to keep this place safe.  Carter asks to go through the plan again.

In colour, Rick, Morgan and Michonne fire off flares, as Darryl and Sasha continue to lead the zombies.

In black and white, Rick stands over a map and explains to Deanna, Michonne and Carter his plans. Carter however does not believe that the walkers can be drawn away.  Eugene comes up with a suggestion to block the walkers in so that they don't get any strays.  Carter again points out what he perceives to be a hole in Rick's plan.

In colour, Darryl and Tara continue to herd the zombies past the gate as flares go off.  Morgan vigilantly watches the wall for any weakness as the herd begins to brush against the barrier. In the pressure of so many dead bodies, some zombies get crushed against the wall and others get trampled.

In black and white, everyone is working on shoring up the walls.  Darryl approaches Rick and tells him that going out and finding more people is taking care of themselves before walking away.  Carol approaches Rick next and offers him some water.  Carol volunteers to help out saying that Darryl has been teaching her how to shoot.  Rick tells Carol to stay back and get a feel for how people feel now because they have a long way to go with them.  Carol says that they will get there because even though they think Deanna is in charge, Rick is now.

Glenn has come up with a plan to take on the zombies with Heath, while Nicholas stays back.  I don't blame Glenn, I wouldn't entrust my safety to Nicholas.  Glenn tells Nicholas that if things go south, his job is to draw the walkers away and then warn Rick.

Maggie approaches Tara and tells her that Nicholas lured Glenn into the woods and tried to kill him. Maggie then explains that Nicholas is the cause of Noah's death. Maggie brings up what happened at the prison and adds that now Tara is one of the most important people in the world to her. Tara promises to follow Maggie's lead and the two women hug, as Glenn watches with a smile.

In colour, a window in the factory is broken and as the walkers exit, Glenn and Heath start shooting. A walkers get his hands on Heath and Nicholas intervenes.  The men manage to finish off the last of the walkers before moving on.