Friday, October 16, 2015

Supernatural, Season 11, Episode 2: Form and Void

In Superior, Nebraska we have more corpses and more infected people and Sam, also infected, tazing one of the infected after testing his vocal skills and finding he can talk. He then takes him home and chains him up so they can talk and Sam can learn what he can from his fellow infected. This interrogation involves pudding.

Turns out the guy has been infected for less time than Sam – though he’s further along because the disease moves at different rates for different people (this is true of many illnesses but also a quick justification for why some people will just drop dead while Sam, no doubt, is going to drag this out for weeks). Kidnapped guy dies from the plague while Sam researches

He’s joined by a woman with an excellent singing voice – she’s a Reaper. The Reapers have a good reason to be angry with the Winchesters after the whole killing of death thing. She is drawing a line under their resurrections – the next time a Winchester dies the Reapers are going to “accidentally” toss out their soul. No afterlife. No resurrection. No more. She also introduces herself - she’s Billie and she knows he’s dying

Sam heads to the chapel to be mopey with god and appeal for Dean. He appeals for a sign – and gets horrible images of him being tortured. Uh-huh. Well that’s a sign I guess

Time for visions and hallucinations as the black veins grow over his face until he does some research prompted by Billie calling him “unclean in a Biblical sense”. He then burns himself with holy oil (which they always have a stash of). It burns out the veins – and cures him.

Time to cue others with holy burning. It’s not a pleasant process but it works.

Dean takes Jenna and the baby Amarra to Jenna’s grandmother’s. Said granny is perfectly welcoming in both accepting and not asking questions. And baby Amarra is telekinetic – able to move things without touching them. DEMON BABY! BUUUURN IT!

Demon baby makes all the blocks float in a happy demonic game (why has someone not burned the child? Someone call the Charmings, they’re good at sacrificing children) before slamming them into the wall spelling “Feed me” (I’m assuming it eats souls)

Grandma wisely crosses herself and backs out planning to call a priest. Normally I wouldn’t call a priest for anything but I think granny has the right idea (though, again, burning the baby may be the wisest course). Instead Jenna calls Dean (+10 points for ghostbusters reference).

Dean heads back, checking in on Sam before heading off to help with Demon baby. The priest and exorcist arrives before Dean does – and it’s Crowley

Crowley the exorcist, who opens with a child abuse joke. He apparently works with the Catholic church to prevent any rogue possessions – but he doesn’t think Amarra is possessed by a demon, but something older and more powerful

Which may now have possessed Jenna – who then kills grandma. Aww I quite liked her. Crowley and Dean go back into the house with snark and Scoopy Doo references (Crowley is Daphne) and Dean sees the Mark of Cain on baby Amarra-who-needs-to-die-by-fire. The baby also likes Dean (as the previous darkness lady said, they’re bound).

Time to see possessed Jenna destroying the ugly crockery – Crowley tells Dean that Jenna doesn’t have a soul. Because Amarra is hungry and a growing girl (Amarra grows from being a baby to being a child). Dean struggles against Jenna until Crowley kills her – because he was bored.

Dean realises he has to kill the baby but Crowley knows there’s no way that would happen. Crowley decides he’ll take care of it and when Dean jumps on him he gets thrown across the room. Crowley says what he should have said seasons ago “I’m not your bloody sidekick.”

Still Dean Winchester is still a Winchester and manages to stab Crowley in the hand with an angel blade. I assume this turns off his powers because we’ve JUST SEEN him use his telekinesis which he now doesn’t use. But evil baby Amarra has gone

Castiel has been kidnapped by his fellow angels Ephraim and John and can’t answer Dean’s calls. Castiel is worried because the whole beasty curse thing means he may hurt them. The angels wants to know where Metatron is. They also object to him appealing to them as brothers or calling himself an “angel of the lord” because whenever he is called upon to choose between Heaven and the Winchesters he inevitably chooses Winchesters.

Castiel is rescued when Hannah intervenes (in a new, make body). Hannah is furious over the use of torture and banishes them both. Hannah can’t heal Castiel of the curse and Hannah is extra worried because the Darkness is setting off major alarms in Heaven – and even the angels thought the Darkness was a myth. Hannah thinks the Winchesters may be the key to defeating the darkness so needs to know where they are. Castiel isn’t a fool and realises Hannah set up the whole torture kidnap so Hannah could then play rescuer – and how the whole angel collective pretty much hates Castiel. Plan B involves angelic brain hacking (and old tactic Crowley used)

The torture is too much for Hannah who intervenes – and gets attacked, beaten by Ephraim (angelic aren’t they?) and that combined with the torture and Rowen’s curse, pushes Castiel over the edge into berserker strength, killing one angel. Ephraim kills Hannah and, after some more fighting, Castiel kills Ehraim

How many angels are there anyway? A lot seem to have died over the seasons

The Winchesters finally return to the Winchester Cave where Dean alludes to the baby becoming a child. When they arrive at the cave they find Castiel who is looking pretty rough.

Crowley catches up with Amarra and feeds her a whole family (everything about Crowley is wrong yet awesomely so).

I actually kind of like the angel’s angry rejection of Castiel – it’s part of the while identity questions that were raised last season. Exactly what is Castiel? He says “Angel of the Lord” but the whole “of the lord” part does seem shaky next to his complete failure to stand with heaven or his fellow angels – it’s been a long time since he has been a loyal member of the cadre (and he even has a couple of massacres under his belt.) But, then, Heaven hasn’t exactly been deserving for that loyalty.

I wonder if the writers are becoming more self-aware? Last episode we had the whole “we need to save people” line along with the need to change (especially since they’re in a rut). And this episode we directly address the Winchesters’ almost comic ability to return from the grave over and over and over. Is it a recognition that these things need to change? Or a message to fans that they’re not going to do this again?

In one episode Crowley managed to recapture everything about him that made him fun that was missing from the last episode

Unfortunately this episode also did the female death thing. Hannah, one of the few female angels (albeit this time in a male body) and a recurring character, is now dead. Jenna, a potential new character, is dead after two episodes. It’s stuff like this (and the death of Charlie which I will NEVER EVER be over) that makes me hope Jody doesn’t come back into the show – the more times a woman shows her face, the more chance there is of her being killed.