Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode One: For the Next Millennium

The new season begins with a flashback to Southern France 1002 A.D. with the Mikaelson siblings traveling together, hoping to continue to evade their father. The siblings are so new to being vampires at this point that they don't have a real understanding of their power and only feed when they need to. Elijah is adamant that they cover up their feeding activities and keep moving despite how tired his siblings are of the travel. Kol suggests splitting up but Klaus is quick to point out that they all swore a vow.  Finn weighs in on Kol's side saying that he wants to sleep in a bed, and eat proper food.  Elijah naturally sides with Klaus, reminding his brothers that they all made a vow.

In the present, Klaus is in one of his infamous moods.

Freya is writing a letter to Rebekah about the fact that Klaus and Elijah cannot come to peace. Klaus is unrepentant and Elijah cannot forgive him. Klaus however has been talking to Cami about his supposed issues but still displays no remorse. It seems that Freya has been trying to be the peace maker. In the letter, Freya informs Rebekah that Marcel has taken over the quarter and Hope is growing each day but clearly misses her mother.  Freya says that she has been unable to break Hayley's curse.  At this point,  Davina refuses to help because the 9th ward coven think that she is a vampire sympathizer.  Freya asks her sister for advice on how to heal their broken family and then ends the letter and  promptly destroys it.

Cami arrives at Klaus's in the belief that she is there for a counselling session but in fact, Klaus invited her to show off his paintings that he plans to put on exhibition now that Michael is dead. Cami is not impressed that she been called there to appreciate art and makes it clear that she agreed to see Klaus professionally.  Klaus then suggests that Cami come to his opening and she tells him to call her if she wants to talk.  Cami starts to walk away but then she realises that Klaus is worried that no one will come to his exhibition because Elijah won't look at him, Marcel is still angry and Rebekah is gone.  Cami suggests that Klaus needs to deal with his fear because the people he loves are angry with him.  Cami then excuses herself.

Cami meets Vincent in the Quarter, where he is acting as an expert for the police.  It seems that when the comes come across something bloody, or gruesome that they cannot explain they turn Vincent for help.Vincent has turned to Cami for her experience because the cops want a psychological profile. The victim is strung up like a marionette with slices deep into each cheek.

Freya is watching over Hope when Elijah arrives. Freya offers to help Elijah bring Hope to Hayley but Elijah tells her that she deserves a night off.  From the doorway, Klaus snarks about not accompanying Elijah to avoid the long list of insults Hayley most likely has prepared. Klaus continues to snark, suggesting that the tactic he used which cursed Hayley is what kept her alive. Elijah however remains unimpressed and points out that Klaus is basking in Hayley's torment. Klaus counters by pointing out that Hayley did try to run off with Hope.  Freya has to come between the brothers and suggest that they stop because they are bickering in front of Hope.

Flashback time.  Rebekah notes the pretty clothing of one of their victims.  Rebekah suggests taking over their identity but Elijah is quick to nix the idea because they would be pretending to people they don't know, from a country whose customs they don't know or understand.  Rebekah however is completely unwilling to give up this idea.  Rebekah is adamant that their victims aren't any better than them.  Elijah calls for silence when he hears a heartbeat.  Elijah finds the servant of their victims hiding under a tarp.  To save his life, Lucien quickly offers to help  Mikaelson siblings with Rebekah's ruse.  Rebekah asks to keep Lucien but Elijah is quick to say no because their rule is to never leave someone alive who has seen what they are.  Klaus calls for a vote but find himself in the position to play tie breaker.

Back in the present, Lucien is shopping for a condo.  Well, it seems that he was useful to Mikaelson family after all. Lucien thanks the real estate agent by having a little snack on her.

Back at the crime scene, Cami tells Vincent that the ropes are just for display and Vincent suggests that the victim was compelled.  When the detective comes back, Cami says that killer will absolutely strike again.

Davina is laying down the law to her witches to avoid a violent turf war with the vampires. Cara turns her back on Davina, as Davina calls out that she didn't dismiss her.  Cara responds by casting a spell aimed at hurting Davina's hands and than casting a circle of fire around her.  Davina uses her magic to put out the fire and is stunned that she was attacked.

Vincent and Cami go to see Marcel about the body and Marcel is quick to deny that it was one of his people.  Marcel reasons that his people know that dead bodies means less tourists.  Cami questions if someone new lost control. Marcel points out that his vampires are not the only ones in town, adding that sooner or later Klaus will cut loose, if he hasn't already.

Klaus's exhibition is in full swing and he listens in as an art critic rips his work in shreds.  Cue the arrival of Lucien, who is surprised that Klaus didn't compel the critic to only say good things about his work. The friendship and warmth between Lucien and Klaus becomes evident, as they chat about Klaus compelling Degas to mentor him.

Elijah has a banquet set up for the full moon when two armed men arrive.  Elijah is told that he is trespassing and that the land is now owned by a development company. It seems that the men have been hired to kill the wolves which have suddenly appeared on the property.  Elijah is quick to attack and demand that the men leave and call of their fellow hunters but he is told that there are other teams out there.

Back in the past, with Lucien in tow, the Mikaelson siblings approach a castle.  Lucien instructs the Mikaelson's on how to speak to the Count and to charm him.  Elijah is concerned that they are placing their lives in the hands of a stranger.  Lucien introduces the Mikaelson siblings.and Elijah and Klaus play their roles perfectly for the Count.  For her part, Rebekah offers an excellent view of her cleavage. Privately, Klaus pulls Lucien aside and questions why he is helping them.  Lucien believes that the people he serves are cruel drunkards who torment people for sport.  According to Lucien, all of the people in the castle are slavers and therefore; whatever evil the Mikaelson's are, they are certainly less evil.  Lucien it seems would be happy to see all those he serves die. Klaus is intrigued by what Lucien has to say and even more so by the arrival of Lord Tristan and Lady Aurora. Lucien advises that Klaus avoid them because Tristan is wicked and Aurora apparently doesn't need teeth to tear a man's soul out.

In the present, Klaus and Lucien reminisce at a bar and Klaus asks about Aurora, only to be told that she and Lucien parted company centuries ago.  Cami arrives and Klaus excuses himself but orders Lucien to sit tight.  Klaus comments that Cami is late and she is quick to make it clear that she is not there about the exhibition.  Cami asks about Lucien and is informed that he is just an old acquaintance. Cami brings up the dead body and Klaus says vampire business is now the concern of Elijah and Marcel.

The party is in full swing at Rosseau's and Freya is dancing on top of the bar when she gets a call from Elijah.  Elijah asks Freya to watch Hope because he has an errand to run which he doesn't want Hope to see.  Freya asks for a moment, saying that she has an idea.

After speaking to Cami, Lucien notes that Klaus is now morose and suggests they have drink.  Klaus asks what Lucien is really doing in New Orleans and Lucien reveals that the news of the attacks against Klaus have been circulating among vampire society.  Lucien questions what would have happened if Klaus had lost and points out that the death of an Original ends their sire line.  It seems that the vampire lines are currently fighting among each other and with the Mikaelson's divided, it has become tempting to take one of them out.  Klaus asserts that his family is unkillable because the last of the white oak is gone. Lucien asks for confirmation that the last of the white oak is destroyed and Klaus is quick to attempt to intimidate Lucien.  Lucien points out that Klaus is his sire and that it would be in his best interest to ensure that Klaus came to no harm.  Lucien tells Klaus to find out about the dangers he now faces, he must come with him.

Marcel heads upstairs to the attic where he finds Davina.  Davina says that things were simpler when she lived there. Marcel questions what happened and Davina tells him about Cara's attack.  Marcel reminds Davina that witches in New Orleans have a habit of being homicidal and Davina whines that they should respect her because she is regent, adding that she didn't sign up for any of this. Marcel however points out that the target on her back comes with the job and offers to lay down the law with his vampires. Davina rejects Marcel's offer, certain that this will only confirm the witches belief that she is a vampire sympathiser. Marcel is adamant that Davina must display a show of force.

Freya arrives and relieves Elijah, who quickly disappears. Elijah returns to the picnic location and  goes on the attack, quickly disarming a few of the hunters. Elijah is particularly cruel, capturing a hunter's foot in a bear trap.

Lucien brings Klaus back to his new condo where a party is in full swing.  The two men head to Lucien's room where  Alexis is waiting for them.  It seems that Alexis is an excellent cipher and she wastes no time in telling Klaus that he is in grave danger.  In order for Klaus to benefit, Alexis suggests that Klaus feed on her.  The two men bite Alexis and she starts to recite terrible poetry about Klaus breaking his oaths, suggesting that in one years time, all of the Mikaelson's will be lost. Klaus is not the least bit impressed and calls the vision he received to be a parlor trick. Alexis warns that if Klaus kills her, he will never see what's coming. Begrudgingly, Klaus releases her.

Elijah has slaughtered all of the hunters but one and begins to demand the location of all of the traps. Before the man can answer, he is attacked by a wolf now turned human.  Elijah asks for the location of Hayley and is told that if Hayley is not with Hope, she is probably dead.

Vincent is hanging with Cami and they are discussing the dead body.  Cami points out that even if they find the murderer the police cannot do anything because he or she is a vampire. They commiserate about the issue but are interrupted when Cami gets a call from the cops saying that they have found another body. Cami agrees to go down and check things out.

Lucien tells Klaus that something is coming and that he will be needed. This gets Klaus's dander up and he declares that he doesn't need anyone and will not be warned by lesser men because he is the thing that lesser men fear.  Lucien is not at all intimidated and tells Klaus that he needs to act like what he is - the most ruthless beast to ever live. Lucien points out that Klaus has acquired thousands of enemies and because Lucien does not want to die, he begs for the opportunity to help Klaus.  Lucien's mistake is telling Klaus th at he is the only one Klaus can trust.

Elijah is still making his way through the woods looking for any sign of Hayley.  He comes across a truck and in the bed of the truck are dead wolves.

Vincent and Marcel are sparring and naturally, Marcel has the upper hand.  Marcel snarks about Vincent believing that his vampires are responsible for the murders.  Vincent points out that when the new breaks, tourism is going to drop. Marcel brings up Davina, but Vincent says that when he tried to help, and Davina refused him.  Marcel is not satisfied because he believes that Vincent got her into this mess.

Hayley wakes up naked inside a witches circle and is greeted by Davina. Hayley says that she needs to see Hope but Davina replies that there's something she needs first.

When Cami returns home, she finds Klaus waiting on her.  Klaus says that he is there to offer a gift, in exchange for one of their little chats. Klaus starts to talk about his problems but Cami tells him that if he wants to talk it through, he can return tomorrow. Klaus insists but Cami makes it clear that he doesn't get to come into her house uninvited.  Cami calls Klaus an insensitive disappointment in anger and he turns to leave.  Klaus points to the painting he made for Cami but by the time she turns around he is gone.

Feeling hurt and rejected by Cami and abandoned by his family, Klaus attacks the art critic who was critical of his work.

Alone in his apartment. Lucien picks up a razor and cuts both sides of his mouth

Aurora is sitting in some kind of Buddhist temple when a monk brings her a letter. For his trouble, the monk is murdered by Aurora.

Okay, The Originals have set about creating a new big bad to take on the Mikaelson family.  It's probably going to be a long convoluted story because the writers have made the Original family so strong.  Clearly the problem is going to be Lucien and Aurora but thus far we don't know why or what exactly they have planned.

The character that stood out to me the most this episode is Cami.  I like that she is laying down boundaries and not letting Klaus cross them.  For the most part Klaus has always had free reign and the ability to do whatever he wants.  He may not like the fact that Cami seeks to keep him in check but I hope it leads to some kind of character development for him.  At this point I am a little bored of his constant motion between hyper masculine bravado and poor wounded child.  Klaus is supposed to be 1000 years old and so far, has yet to act like it.

Speaking of Klaus, I have to agree that Hayley planning to just run away with Hope is a problem.  No one seems to want to recognize that this is an issue.  Yes, Klaus probably decided to save Hayley by cursing her as punishment which is inappropriate but she is not a complete innocent in this story either. You cannot just take a child away from a parent and then expect everything to be okay with no ill will.  Obviously, Elijah's feelings are clouded by his love for Hayley.  What I cannot let go of however is Gia's death.  Hayley may be in a terrible position but Gia is dead.  It's as though she never existed.  If Klaus is to be held accountable for something, why not the WOC he killed in a rage?

In other exciting news, did anyone else notice that the original Finn and Kol are back?  I wonder if they are going to bring Kol back to life now that Nathaniel Buzolic is back.  I wonder if he will have the same chemistry with Davina?

Ahhh Davina.  Well I still don't like her character but I do like the fact that she is refusing help from Marcel and is determined to stand on her own two feet.  Davina may not have wanted to be regent but it seems that she at least take the job seriously.  I do like this change in her character and hope that it actually goes somewhere good this season.