Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Originals, Season Three, Episode Two: You Hung the Moon

Elijah walks through the woods with Hope on his hip screaming for Hayley.  Elijah comes across a bloody bear trap and pauses.  A bloody and naked Jackson (thanks for that CW) appears behind a tree asking about Hayley.

Hayley is still trapped in Davina's circle and when Davina enters the room, Hayley threatens to kill her because Davina is keeping her from Hope.  Davina claims that she brought Hayley here to help her and Hayley points out that Elijah asked her months ago for her help.  Davina makes it clear that she cannot be seen to do favours for vampires and then promises to free the crescent werewolves from the curse, if Hayley takes out the witch who threatened her. These two have really changed.

Elijah pulls the bullet fragments out of Jackson's body and offers him blood to heal.  Jackson turns down the offer. Elijah is really determined to play the bigger man in this case because Jackson dying would free up Hayley. They then talk about the hunters killing all of the wolves and how few survived. Jackson is positive that something is wrong because nothing would stop Hayley from seeing Hope.  Elijah suggests that Jackson take care of the dead wolves while he drops Hope off and begins to the search for Hayley.  Jackson is adamant that he will accompany Elijah because he only has one night before the curse takes hold of him again.

Freya is at the club getting her dance on.  Marcel finds Freya on the dance floor and asks if she needs a break from family drama.  Freya admits that she has not been able to get her brothers to come to terms and so she has turned to vodka. They have really quickly turned her into a replacement for Rebekah haven't they.  I guess any old blonde will do. Marcel delivers the sad news that it's time for Freya to go because the vampires are about to feed on the tourists in town.  Freya is not impressed because this means an end to her party but she decides to take home a male reveler.

Cami is busy trying to create a profile of the killer.  Cami decides to look into Lucian, who turns out to be the CEO of Kingmaker Land Development (the same company which is killing the wolves). Cami watches a video of Lucian in which he makes it clear that he has a problem with authority. That's hardly a surprise given that he was sired by Klaus.

Will is at another crime scene and he has to chase off a reporter who taking photos of the crime scene. Hmm is will going to become a reoccurring character this season?

Jackson and Elijah arrive at Klaus's and demand to know what he did with Hayley.  Klaus snarks about Hayley potentially being in Georgia, which does not impress Jackson.  Jackson brings up the wolves who were killed by Kingmaker Land Development. Klaus smiles coyly and Jackson points out Klaus's close relationship with Lucian. When Elijah again demands to know what is going on, Klaus admits to having visited Lucian's new condo.  Klaus then suggests Elijah ask Lucian about his vision regarding the downfall of the Mikaelsons.  Elijah suggests that Klaus accompany him but Klaus refuses to leave Hope unguarded.  Klaus makes it clear that if this is yet another plot to take Hope away from him that he will end the wolves.  Elijah gets in Klaus's face and tells him that one day, Hope will know exactly what kind of man her father is and leave of her own accord.

Hayley cuts off a lock of hair and hands it to Davina so that she can cloak Hayley.  Davina gives Hayley the name and location of the woman she wants killed and then explains that as long as the candle she has lit burns, the curse will remain inactive.  Davina promises that her magic will protect the flame but tells Hayley that she will have to protect her.  Hayley puts a knife to Hayley's throat and makes it clear that she is doing this for her pack but warns that if she turns into a wolf without seeing her daughter, that she will kill Hayley.

An irritated Klaus leaves a message for Freya, demanding that she return home.  Cami arrives at Klaus's and he snarks about her lecture regarding boundaries and then sudden appearance in his home in the middle of the night. Cami says that she came through the front door while Klaus entered through the window like a creeper.  Cami adds that at least in her case, this is about life and death. Cami brings up the deaths in the Quarter and her belief that this won't end here. Klaus says that Lucian would never be so sloppy, even if the method of murder does seem familiar.  Cami challenges Klaus to prove that he is turning over a new leaf by ensuring that this latest victim is the last one. Klaus points out the irony of having him prove his reliability by killing his old friend.  Cami points out that this is something NOLA PD cannot handle but Klaus can.

Lucian is feeding off the reporter who took pictures at the crime scene when Elijah appears at the door. Elijah tries to enter but walks right into a boundary spell.  Lucian explains that the spell does not allow a vampire from another sire line to enter.  Elijah moves straight to the slaughter of the wolves and the missing Hayley.  Lucian explains that when the Mikaelson's left Hayley to wonder the bayou he just assumed that she was fair game.  He even throws in some slut shaming for fun. Elijah breaks off a table leg and throws it through the barrier striking Lucian in the chest.  Jackson then charges into the room and bites Lucian on the arm. Jackson stands and demands to know what the hunters did to Hayley. Lucian promises to have the hunters inspect the dead in the morning.  Elijah asks Jackson to get the chains from the carriage room because they don't have a lot of time. A snarking Elijah says that he is happy to stand there and watch him Lucian, or he can be invited in.

Cami makes her way through the streets and enters her bar only to be grabbed from behind by Will. Cami jumps, saying that this is not the best time to sneak up on people.  When Will asks to have a drink, Cami invites him into the bar.

Freya is returning with her human for a night cap when they are interrupted by Klaus.  Klaus introduces himself as Freya's brother and demands to know the man's intentions for his sister.  Before the man can answer, Klaus does the vampire thing with his eyes and demands that the man leave.  Freya is surprised that in three months, Klaus has gone from despising her to playing protective brother. Klaus asks Freya to perform a locator spell because Hayley is missing, causing Freya to assume that Klaus is worried about the mother of his child. Ya know, as you do.  Klaus being Klaus, claims that he just wants to know the location of his enemies, particularly because Hayley has a history of taking what is his.  Freya does not buy it and says that Klaus is worried that Hayley is lost. She'll soon figure out not to expect the best intentions from Klaus.

Will asks Cami if she has had made any progress on the profile and Cami suggests that Will seek out someone with more experience.  Will brings up the fact that he has seen Klaus around town with Cami and questions if Klaus is a friend or a patient. When Cami tries to call their time together to an end, Will reveals that he knows who Cami is.  Cami thinks it's because of the murders her brother committed. Will however knows that Kiernan's autopsy report was full of plot holes and that there's always a perfectly rational explanation attached to her family. Will adds that Cami''s family has an entire century of unexplained deaths, inexpiable behaviour, grave robberies, beheadings, missing persons and police reports with entire sections blocked out. It seems that whenever there is a problem in the Quarter, there's an O'Connell either causing it or cleaning it up.  Cami questions if she is being accused of something and Will responds that Cami's good Catholic thing is a cover.  When Cami grabs her purse, she notes that Will stole something from her.

Davina and Freya are both working on a spell.  Freya tells Klaus that she cannot find Hayley. Hayley has found the witch that Davina wants dead. Freya reports that it's like Hayley doesn't exist. This is Davina's cloaking spell at work. Jackson who has arrived makes it clear that Hayley must be found. Davina continues to work on her spell and she starts to bleed from her eyes.  Clearly, the elders are not happy with Davina's plan to break the crescent curse.  Hayley moves to attack the witch and begins to change into a wolf. At Klaus's, Jackson starts to change and Freya stands, instructing Klaus to get the chains.  On her knees, Davina begs the elders, explaining that Hayley can be used to get to Klaus. Klaus binds Jackson with chains and Jackson begs Freya to do the locator spell again.  Davina begs the elders again and this time, both Jackson and Hayley stop transitioning. Hayley takes the opportunity to kill the witch Davina wanted dead.  Hayley is suddenly attacked by witches and falls to the ground clutching her head with blood pouring out of her mouth.

It's morning now and Lucian reports to Elijah that his contacts will inform him if they find a wolf matching Hayley's description.  Elijah tells Lucian that he is going to need Klaus's blood to heal from the wolf bite and suggests that Klaus will be obliging once Hayley has been found. Lucian pours a drink and invites Elijah to join him but Elijah is not interested. Elijah instead wants to talk about the conflict raging between the sire lines and questions if Tristan is up to his old tricks. Lucian is not at all pleased with Elijah's cavalier attitude and points out that Tristan knows that if he kills Klaus, all of his enemies will be eliminated. Elijah questions if he is Lucian's ultimate target but Lucian points out that if he kills Elijah, then he will have to trade all of the money and comfort he now has for a life on the run from Klaus and Rebekah.  Elijah tells Lucian to leave New Orleans because the white oak has been destroyed and the Original family cannot be killed. Lucian suggests Elijah talk to Klaus because visions of death surround the Mikaelsons.  Elijah however does not feel threatened by the prophesies. Lucian points out that maybe Elijah isn't motivated, adding that Elijah has abandoned his centuries effort to save Klaus's soul.  Lucian questions what is left for Elijah now.  Elijah storms out without answering.

The candle is burning now and locked in cage, sealed with Davina's magic and chains.  Marcel approaches and tells her that they have a problem.  Marcel takes Davina to the site where Hayley killed 11 witches the night before.  Marcel explains that at first they thought it was vampires but all of his vamps were accounted for last night.  The witches remains are nothing but ashes smoldering in the street. Van Nguyen falls to his knees in despair when he sees his mother's ashes.

Klaus sits Hope down in a playpen and calls Lucian to discuss the bodies he left behind.  Klaus snarks about Lucian excising his demons by carving up the innocents of New Orleans. Lucian questions why he would care, given Klaus's history but Klaus explains that there's a balance which must be maintained.  Lucian however sees this and Klaus's concern for others to be a weakness. Klaus then brings up Lucian's wolf bite and promises to heal it for Lucian's promise that the killings will end. Lucian lies and claims that the bite did not break the skin, when in fact the wound is festering. Klaus makes it clear that New Orleans has been at peace and if the peace is disrupted that he will kill Lucian.

Jackson is still struggling between the chains and asks Freya to free him because he needs to find Hayley.  Freya puts her hand to Jackson's chest and explains that she can still feel the curse which means that he could change at any time.  Hayley sneaks up on Freya and knocks her unconscious before asking Jackson where Klaus is.

Lucian injects himself with a serum that heals the werewolf bite.

Davina decides to address the witches and asks them to allow her to bring them under the protection of the ancestors.  Davina explains that whoever did this was strong and for all they know might return. Davina promises to keep the witches safe if they follow her rules.

Klaus enters the room and asks Hayley if she is there to apologise.  Hayley charges Klaus and attacks.  The two argue about Hayley's curse and Hayley trying to take Hope from Klaus.  Klaus feels that Hayley chose the pack over the Mikaelson's and Hope. The fight continues with Hayley pushing Klaus repeatedly but he does not fight back which further enrages Hayley. When Hayley realises that Klaus is looking over her shoulder, she turns and sees Hope, who has witnessed everything.  Hayley realises that Hope is walking and that she missed her first steps.  Hayley embraces Hope and Klaus, Elijah, Jackson and Freya look on.

Jackson is now free and asks Hayley about the curse and Hayley says that she will explain later. Klaus suggests having Hayley's room made up and Hayley declares that the only way she will stay under Klaus's roof is if she in a coffin. Klaus says that he will not allow Hope out of his protection but Hayley argues that in a 21st century custody battle, moms win.  Elijah suggests that Hayley move into the apartments across the street and adds that Hope being so close should appease Klaus's possessive nature.  Klaus snarks about listening as his daughter is raised by savages but Elijah argues that Klaus created the problem and that this might be the solution.  Hayley demands that her new place be put in Jackson's name and that Klaus not be invited in.  One by one each person turns their back on Klaus and leaves.

Marcel confronts Davina at the cemetery and warns her that she needs to get rid of the bodies discretely. When Davina seems over confidant, Marcel questions if Davina is responsible for the death of the witches. Davina reminds Marcel that he was the one who told her that she needed a show of force.  Marcel points out that he meant the witch who went after her and not a massacre.  Davina turns angrily and asks if Marcel is really going to lecture her about dead witches.  Davina says that they are at war and that collateral damage happens, a lesson she learned from Marcel.  Marcel reveals that he learned it from Klaus and that she won't get the better of Klaus by emulating him. Marcel believes that Davina is over head and suggests that she get away for awhile but Davina says that she was born with blood on her hands.  Davina reminds Marcel that he is not supposed to be in this cemetery before walking away.  As soon as she is out of Marcel's eyesight, Davina breaks down crying.

Hayley is packing her bags when she has a flash back to last night's massacre.  Hayley is interrupted by a knock on the door from Elijah.  Elijah hands Hayley the keys to the place he rented for her. Hayley explains that at the bonfire last year that she thought they would be okay and that Hope would be raised by a real family and that she was happy.  Hayley says that she hates Klaus for taking that away form her.  Elijah hands over a jewelry box saying that he recovered them after she turned. Elijah heads to the door and pauses to tell Hayley that he thought only of her and fought every day for her return.  Elijah finishes by telling Hayley that she was not forgotten.

A funeral ceremony has begun for the slaughtered witches.  Van makes his way over to Davina and when she offers her condolences Van is not at all welcoming, reminding Davina that his mother came after her.  Van declares that he is going to find out how this happened and then expose Davina. Van wants to have Davina, shunned, exiled from the city, unable to practice magic and erased.  Van walks away leaving Davina stunned.

Hayley and Jackson enter their new home and a crib is already set up for Hope.  Jackson promises that they will make it a good home and that Hope will be surrounded by people that love her.  Hayley grabs the jewelry box and it contains their wedding rings.  Jackson puts Hayley's ring back on her finger and then the two kiss. Jackson says that he is happy and Hayley points out that their freedom comes at a price and that Davina will not allow them to forget that they owe her. Jackson however believes the worst is over and asks to take care of Hayley for a change.  Klaus looks through his window sullenly right into Hayley's apartment.

Cami finds Will staking out her apartment and asks him if there's anything else he would like to steal. Will hands over her computer and says that all of the interesting stuff was password protected.  Will brings up the video on Lucian and questions if he fits the profile.  Cami says that she should report Will and Will notes that Cami hasn't done so because Cami knows that he was right about her family. Will adds that Cami is not a suspect but is probably mixed up in something bigger than she realises. Cami answers that she realises.  The conversation is interrupted by a radio report talking about the murder cases and the fact that the bodies were drained of blood.

The reporter is working at the computer and Lucian tells her that she is welcome for the tip.  Going through his things, Lucian pauses at a drawing of Aurora.

Elijah talks to Freya who explains that she was misguided in her belief that Hayley's return would ease tensions.  Elijah agrees that it was misguided but adds that it was refreshing.  Elijah then moves onto the threat he learned about from Lucian, adding that while he doesn't trust the source he trusts Freya.

Freya prepares to do magic using Klaus's blood because he fed on the prophetic witch.  Freya starts the spell and blood begins to pour from her ears.  The room begins to shake, so Elijah grabs her arm telling her to stop but Freya hangs on long enough to see the vision.  Freya confirms that all of the Mikaelson's have a terrible shadow over them. Freya says that one will fall by friend, another by foe and the last by family. Both Elijah and Freya turn to look at Klaus.

Aurora is sparing with her brother Tristan.  Aurora accuses Tristan of being distracted and says that her time with him is limited.  Tristan then brings up Aurora's murder of the monk yesterday and she explains that she received a letter saying that he was unavailable.  Tristan says that he had hoped she would handle it better but Aurora says that she gets better every day and demands to be released. Tristan is adamant that he cannot do this while she is in this state and adds that he will miss her. Aurora attacks at the news of her brother's departure and he injects her with something which calms her down. Aurora begs repeatedly to go with Tristan and the monks enter to take Aurora away. Tristan orders Aurora's dosage to be increased, warning that Aurora might be a danger to others and herself. Tristan adds that Aurora is to be informed that he is going to New Orleans and will bring her back a gift.

Freya it seems has been fully integrated into the Mikaelson family, so much so, that Klaus is already policing her sexuality.  How many times did we see him do this with Rebekah?  Is he incapable of allowing any woman he is related to have sexual autonomy?  If you recall, he even slut shamed his mother last season.  Freya takes it in good stride but I much would have preferred to have her call him out on this because this is just the beginning when it comes to Klaus.

Hayley is in take no shit mode and I have to say that I like it. Her battle with Klaus was epic.  The problem of course is that the central issue, her desire to take Hope away is still something she refuses to acknowledge as wrong. It's easy to blame Klaus for everything because he is absolutely a heinous person but he is not always wrong.  Hayley however still has not learned anything because not only did she take possession of Hope, she blocked Klaus from entering her home and she did this after Hope saw her battle with Klaus.  She never stops to think about what example she is setting.  I irks me that Hayley can think of herself as so much better than Klaus given that it was just the night before that she slaughtered 12 people.  Sure, Hayley had a reason but that didn't make it right, or her the so-called good guy.

Once again we have Elijah confessing his love for Hayley but holding himself in check because he has to be Elijah the honourable.  I know that this scene was meant to be touching but all it did was make me angry because where is his emotion for Gia? He hasn't so much as said her name.  It's as though Gia never existed

Davina is another one who has come into her own but unfortunately this seems to involve emulating Klaus.  Davina not only trapped Hayley but she made Hayley commit a murder for her because she felt challenged.  Davina even put Marcel in his place when he chose to question her ability to handle the mess she had created.  Davina held it all in and cried alone.  The danger for Davina is far from over because Van is determined that she will pay for killing his mother.  Unfortunately for Van, because he is a MOC, I predict that this plan for vengeance will not work out in the long run. And still, it was nice to see the introduction of another character of colour, particularly because I had been wondering where the Vietnamese population was in this story.  Yes, New Orleans has a thriving Vietnamese population.

Cami spent most of this episode being mansplained by Will, who thinks that he is just so smart. When Will told Cami that she has no idea what she is into, I couldn't help but roll my eyes, particularly given the fact that it is he who is in over his head. I wonder if the writers are planning a romance for Cami with Will? It would be nice to see her linked to someone other than Marcel and Klaus.  Perhaps they could become the human contingent who helps control the Quarter?

This week we got a small glimpse of Aurora and Tristan. I suppose they are the oncoming storm and that it all has something to do with the past.  I am curious what Lucian used to cure the werewolf bite because only Klaus's blood is supposed to be able to do that?  We know that  Tristan, Aurora and Lucian  are all linked but how do they fit into all of this?