Sunday, October 18, 2015

Haven, Season 5, Episode 16: The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

Everyone’s all excited and upset about Kira’s death. Her fiancé Tony has decided to blame Nathan and rile up the crowd by claiming that Kira was the only one whose Trouble could protect them from the lethal darkness. Tony wants to banish Nathan and Dwight won’t because favouritism

I can see why Tony thinks that because he’s all emotional – but the rest of the crowd?

When Nathan explains to Dwight and Audrey it turns out that Kira isn’t dead – she’s trapped under ground (when they went to get the Aether) and is only alive in the darkness because of her electricity Trouble. And Nathan’s not telling everyone that because anyone going to rescue her would also find the Aether which they need to keep secret from people grabbing it hoping for miracles (when did Aether become common knowledge). Nathan needs a second person to come with him to help save Kira.

With all the panic and lots of confusion over what to do (not say, for example, “hey Kira is trapped, it takes two people, me and Audrey will go see you soon.” Which, y’know, would solve EVERYTHING?!) Audrey decides they need to have a trial for Nathan to buy time – giving the rest of them chance to free Kira (how they’ll then explain that she’s not dead to the angry crowd I don’t know)

Dwight also likes the idea because it takes their justice system out of his hands – doubly important since he may die at any time. Vince and Teague quickly guess exactly what it is for because they’re clever and still bicker. And Tony pushes to execute Nathan rather than banishing him – claiming he has a huge long history of Nathan hurting the town (pointing out most recently that he stopped Duke from leaving the town before he could unleash the Trouble Bomb inside him). This means that a) he has an informant feeding him information he shouldn’t know and b) that he’s kind of got a point.

At the trial Tony begins reciting Nathan’s last few seasons of terrible decisions. This could take a while. Nathan also speaks in his defence

Audrey has to solve the Darkness Trouble which means trying to track down who the Troubled guy is. She hears that there’s a guy who survived the darkness and she goes to see Faber who may have seen them – he and his goons are throwing people into a cupboard for the darkness to chomp on. Thankfully she has a useful deaf man with a debilitating deafness Trouble to help her bring down the guy and his minions. She recruits him to help her. And by help she means unleash his Trouble on the whole school to stop them convicting Nathan

Even Nathan can see this is a very very bad idea. This is also kind of the root of everything that has gone wrong in the last season – Audrey and Nathan are both too willing to put each other ahead of everything else. Nathan and acknowledges this and kind of sees that he needs to be on trial for the many many many many many many bad things he’s done. He also has a loophole – Kira said something about possibly not wanting to marry Tony (or at least not wanting to go to Venice on honeymoon with him) and, therefore, he can’t be prosecutor under their system if he’s not her fiancé.

Audrey still considers unleashing the shouty Trouble before Audrey realises Tony was the man who had the Darkness Trouble. She confronts him, adds that he may have been triggered by Kira breaking off their engagement. Confronting him pretty much proves it since the darkness grows and he goes into desperate denial mode.

Audrey works to get the kids out of the new growing dark while trying to convince Tony that he’s just ignoring the bad things and that’s manifesting as darkness he can’t face – conveniently Nathan’s speech in his defence also hits the same theme. It doesn’t actually argue anything in Nathan’s defence – it’s a terrible defence. I mean “hey you’re accused of this crime” “well I shall give a long speech about hope!” “uh-huh… so guilty then but hoping to get out of this some how?”

It does get through to Tony who realises that Kira was right when she left him because he can’t deal with negative emotion.

Audrey asks Tony who was feeding him all the nasty (but true) info about Nathan – apparently someone just dropped a file folder on him while he slept.

Dwight and Charlotte are off to find Kira. Though Dwight is not unaware of Nathan’s flaws. Charlotte also explains why she went with the whole Barn-killing-everyone solution: there’s a monster in the Darkness that feeds off Troubles and Aether and if it got out all kinds of badness would happen. It killed her husband.

Also she and Dwight are still on as a couple it seems even as terrible circumstances have left them alone, in the dark, with one glow stick that fades…. Just as the Trouble is cured. They do find and rescue Kira and the Aerther. A HUGE amount of the stuff which Charlotte says she can use to end the Troubles.

They get Kira home just before the vote to kill Nathan is announced.

Charlotte and Dwight brainstorm how to use the Aether, she says she needs another being like her – she needs Audry

Which is a shame because Audrey just got sandmaned (the guy with the Trouble to put people into stasis)

Alas, we now have to join Drake playing with Hayley who wants to walk through things and Duke has to train her because she insists. What’s the downside to this Trouble? Every Trouble is supposed to have a downside – apparently in this case you can re-materialise too soon and be mushed into what you waked through. That’s not exactly a downside.

Anyway she wants to use her powers to rob a bank for money to pay off her dad’s debt. She does it – and they’re caught. She tries to run, gets shot and spatters Duke with blood

Troubled blood. He tears the guard’s gun in half as his eyes glow black from edge to edge. He desperately tells Hayley to run. She foes and he follows – she runs and he uses the patented bad guy walk that somehow manages to be faster than running. She’s a crafty one and manages to lock him in a storage container.

And why do I care about this?

I have a personal dislike for the whole “zomg we have to keep everything secret because people are completely fecking fools who can’t be trusted not to destroy everything” trope which justifies noble leaders mushrooming a whole group of people. Yes people can panic – but history is equally full of times of people coming together, rallying with incredible selflessness and actually thinking. For once I’d like to see a show where chaos happens and people rally together in an informed, reasonable fashion showing the good people can do – rather than having a few good people nobly hiding things from a crowd of people who can’t be convinced not to stab each other for funsies.

I also found this episode convoluted. Nathan could just have easily said “Kira is trapped, I need help to free her” and Dwight commanded 1 or 2 trustworthy people to go with him and save her. The secret wouldn’t have got out and we wouldn’t have the angry crowd and this whole convoluted episode

Other than that it was a decent Haven episode around the edges – I think I would have preferred more consideration of the whole “we’re willing to burn Haven down for our love” thing.

I do quite like that we never got to learn whether the crowd wanted him to live or die.