Book Reviews: A-B

List is in alphabetical order by author's surname

Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London
Rivers of London
Moon Over Soho
Whispers Underground
Broken Homes
Foxglove Summer
The Hanging Tree
Lies Sleeping

Dan Adams

Alice Through Bloodstained Glass

Shelley Adina

Magnificent Devices
Lady of Devices
Her Own Devices
Magnificent Devices
Brilliant Devices
A Lady of Resources
A Lady of Spirit
Lady of Integrity
A Gentleman of Means
Devices Shining Brightly
Fields of Air
Fields of Iron
Fields of Gold

Mysterious Devices
The Bride Wore Constant White

Sara Alderson

Lila Series
Hunting Lila
Losing Lila

Cassie Alexander

Edie Spence Series

Don Allmon
The Glamour Thieves
Apocalypse Alley
The Burning Magus

Mark Alpert

The Furies

Julie Tetel Andersen

Buy Me Love Shapeshifter Series
Buy Me Love

Ilona Andrews

The Edge Series
On the Edge
Bayou Moon
Fate's Edge
Steel's Edge

Hidden Legacy series
Burn for Me
White Hot
Diamond Fire

Innkeeper Chronicles
Clean Sweep
Sweep in Peace
One Fell Sweep

Iron Covenant
Iron and Magic

Kate Daniels
Magic Bites
Magic Burns
Magic Strikes
Magic Bleeds
Magic Slays
Magic Gifts
Gunmetal Magic
Magic Rises
Magic Stars
Magic Breaks
Magic Shifts
Magic Binds

Grey Wolf
Magic Stars

Danielle Annett

Blood & Magic #1
Cursed by Fire

Barbara Annino

Stacy Justice Mysteries
Opal Fire

Jennifer Armintrout

Blood Ties Series
The Turning

Kelley Armstrong

Led Astray

Blackwell Pages
Loki's Wolves
Odin's Ravens

Otherworld Series
Dime Store Magic
Industrial Magic
No Humans Involved
Waking the Witch
Otherworld Nights

Keri Arthur

Nikki and Michael Series
Dancing with the Devil
Hearts in Darkness
Chasing the Shadows
Kiss the Night Goodbye

Damask Circle
Circle of Fire
Circle of Death
Circle of Desire

Lizzie Grace Series
Blood Kissed

City of Light
Winter Halo
Black Tide

Souls of Fire
Wicked Embers
Ashes Reborn

Spook Squad
Memory Zero
Generation 18

Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid's Tale
The Heart Goes Last

Jean M Auel

Earth's Children Series
The Land of Painted Caves

Donna Augustine

Karma Series

Sophie Avett

'Twas the Darkest Night

Matthew Babaoye

The Rage

Rachel E Bailey

Dyre Series
By the Moon's Light
A Knight of Spirit and Shadows

Mishell Baker

Arcadia Project Trilogy

Pip Ballentine

A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences
Phoenix Rising
The Janus Affair

GB Banks

Revolution Z

LA Banks

Vampire Huntress Series
The Awakening

The Hunted

Ellen Bard

The Energetics Series
Blaize and the Maven

Carrie Lynn Barker


J T Baroni

The Legend of Rachel Petersen

D.B. Barrant

The Bloodhound Files
Dying Bites
Death Blows
Killing Rocks
Better off Undead
Back from the Undead

Natania Barron

Pilgrim of the Sky

Jenna Barwinn

Hill Vampire
Dark Wine At Midnight

Anya Bast

Elemental Witches Series
Witch Fire
Witch Blood

Witch Fury

Sonya Bateman

Deathspeaker Codex
Wrong Side of Hell

Katherine Bayless

A Clairvoyant's Complicated Life
Deadly Remains
Deceiver's Bond
Reluctant Adept

The Coventry Years
A Jot of Blood

R.S. Belcher

Six Gun Tarot

Annie Bellet

The Twenty-Sided Sorceress
Justice Calling

S.T. Bende

The Elsker Saga

Jenn Bennett

Arcadia Bell Series
Kindling the Moon
Summon the Night
Binding the Shadows
Banishing the Dark

Neil Benson

Unholy Embrace

Andrez Bergen

Small Change

Kaitlin Bergfield


Better Hero Army

Plagued States of America
The Midamerica Zombie Half-Breed Experiment
The Rock Island Zombie Counteractant Experiment

Lauren Beukes

Zoo City

Anne Bishop

The Others
Written in Red
A Murder of Crows
Vision in Silver
Marked in Flesh
Etched in Bone

World of the Others
Lake Silence

Holly Black

Curse Workers
White Cat

Jenna Black

Nikki Glass Series
Dark Descendant
Deadly Descendant
Pros and Cons
Rogue Descendant
Divine Descendant

Malorie Blackman

Noughts and Crosses
Noughts and Crosses

Bill Blais

Kelly & Umber Series
No Good Deed

Deborah Blake

Veiled Magic

Baba Yaga
Wickedly Magical
Wickedly Dangerous
Wickedly Wonderful
Wickedly Ever After
Wickedly Powerful

Kendare Blake

Anna Series
Anna Dressed in Blood

Polenth Blake

Bigfoot Mysteries

Michael Boatman

Last God Standing

Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff

Lucinda's Pawnshop Series
Devil's Daughter

Ani Bolton

Aileron Chronicles
Steel and Song

Jay Bonansinga

Rise of the Governor
Road to Woodbury
The Fall of the Governor: Part 1
Fall of the Governor: Part 2

Beryl Brackhause

Smilodon Pride

Osiris Brackhause

Smilodon Pride

Daniel Brako


Courtney Brandt

Queen of England Series
The Queen of England: Coronation

A.R. Braun

Areios Brothers
Storm of the Gods

M. L. Brennan

American Vampire
Generation V
Iron Knight

Sarah Rees Brennan

Bane Chronicles
What Really Happened in Peru

Alicia Wright Brewster

Forsaken Series
Don't Call Me Angel

Patricia Briggs

Alpha & Omega Series
Cry Wolf
Hunting Ground
Fair Game
Dead Heat

Mercy Thompson Series
River Marked
Frost Burned
Night Broken
Shifting Shadows
Fire Touched
Silence Fallen

Mercy Thompson Graphic Novels
Hopcross Jilly

Sydney Bristow

Soul-Shifter Chronicles
Salem's Curse

Jordanna Max Brodsky

Olympus Bound
The Immortals

Meljean Brook

Iron Seas
The Blushing Bounder
Iron Duke
Heart of Steel
The Kraken King: Part 1 & 2
The Kraken King: Part 3
The Kraken King: Part 4
The Kraken King: Part 5
The Kraken King: Part 6
The Kraken King: Part 7
The Kraken King: Part 8

Max Brooks

World War Z

Terry Brooks

The Defenders of Shannara
The High Druid's Blade

Ann Greenwood Brown

Lies Beneath

Douglas R Brown


Terri Bruce


K. D. Brunt

Win the Ring

Andrew Buckley

Death, the Devil and the Goldfish

Jim Butcher

Harry Dresden series
Storm Front
Fool Moon
Grave Peril
Summer Knight
Death Masks
Blood Rites
Dead Beat
Proven Guilty
White Night
Small Favor
Turn Coat
Side Jobs
Ghost Story
Cold Days
Skin Game

Octavia Butler

Wild Seed