Sunday, October 18, 2015

Z Nation, Season Two, Episode Six: Zombie Baby Daddy

In Springfield Illinois, the group is fighting off zombies. 10K, it seems has traded in his sniper rifle for a sling shot of all things. Murphy holds baby Lucy, as zombies move closer and closer to them. After his zombie voodoo fails, in desperation Murphy tosses the baby to Doc, who takes off running. Doc boards a school bus, closing the door behind him only to find that the bus is filled with zombies dressed up like Abraham Lincoln.  The zombies wake up and Doc backs up against the closed door in a panic, screaming to be released.  Addy and Warren manage to open the door and Doc jumps off the bus followed by the Abraham Lincoln zombies.  Doc tosses the baby to Addy, who tosses it Warren.   The group manages to finish killing off the zombie Lincolns.

Baby Lucy cries and Murphy comes rushing over to reclaim his daughter calling her Daddy's precious little angel.  Warren is shocked by Murphy's sudden nurturing nature. With a stovepipe hat on his head, Doc walks through the woods.  Doc asks about Lucy and Murphy says that she finished all of her sugar water.  Cassandra and Murphy make their way to a quiet area.

Doc asks the rest of the group if anyone else is worried about Lucy and Warren answers that she doesn't know whether to be worried about Lucy or afraid of her.  Warren points out the way that Lucy seems to attract zombies.  Vasquez suggests that the baby is going to get them all killed and Addy suggests that Vasquez relax because Lucy is just a baby.  Warren determines that Lucy is not just a baby and is something else because apparently, Lucy could grow up to the saviour of the human race or the queen of destruction. Warren determines that they have to find out which.  Vasquez takes the opportunity to disappear into the woods.

Murphy talks about how fatherhood has made him a better man before tossing off his boots and asking Cassandra to rub his feet.

10K does some fishing and notices Vasquez making his way through the woods.  10K then returns to their impromtu camp with the trout he has caught.  Doc is anxious to get cooking but 10K only has eyes for Cassandra.  Warren calls out to Addy that they need to get a look at Lucy but Addy points out that Murphy will not allow anyone close to Lucy because he is probably afraid that they are going to leave her behind.  Addy questions if this is something they are considering doing and Warren responds that Lucy will probably outlive them all.  Warren notices that once again Vasquez is missing, so 10K reports that he saw Vasquez heading into town.  Warren decides to go and see where Vasquez keeps disappearing to and orders the rest of the group to try and get the baby away from Murphy.

Cassandra is still rubbing Murphy's feet when he notices Addy, Doc and 10K staring at him.

Vasquez is making his way through the woods and he stops and says something in Spanish into the radio.  Warren is tight on Vasquez's heels and she uses the scope from a gun to spy on him from a distance. Vasquez makes his way into town and Warren hides behind a building and watches as he approaches men in skeleton masks.

Doc approaches Murphy and asks about holding Lucy for a little while but is told by Murphy that they're fine. Doc notices that Lucy is chewing on something and upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a finger.  Murphy takes the finger away and the baby starts to cry.  Doc tries to pacify Murphy by saying that he's not a bad father and that they want to give the baby a little check up. Murphy is adamant that there's nothing wrong with Lucy and points out that Doc is not a pediatrician.  Addy asks Murphy to let the Doc have a look at Lucy but Murphy stands and says that the group is afraid of Lucy and what she might become.  When Murphy snarks that he knows how the group treats babies, 10K counters saying that they have seen how Murphy treats humans.  Murphy orders Cassandra to make sure no one leaves and then takes off into the woods.

The masked men start to beat and attack Vasquez as Warren watches.

Murphy makes his way through the woods with a crying Lucy in his arms.  Murphy stops for a rest cradling the baby promising to protect her but zombie wildlife make their appearance, forcing him to keep moving.

Vasquz is down on his knees and being held at gunpoint.  Warren sneaks closer and watches as Vasquez is hit in the side.  Warren whistles to warn Vasquez and starts shooting.  Vasquez crawls to a gun and shoots as well. Warren sneaks forward and grabs Vasquez.  As they walk away from the the masked men, they note that they have both been wounded.

Zombies continue too sneak closer to Lucy and Murphy as he tries to get her to stop crying.

Warren and Vasquez crouch outside of a rundown hospital and Warren notes that they won't make it back to camp this way.  Warren does agree that the hospital will probably be pretty picked over but adds that it will be better than outside.

10K, Addy and Doc talk about going after Murphy.  Doc wants to wait for Warren and Vasquez but Addy points out that Murphy left without food for the baby and they don't know what he is capable of.

Lucy continues to cry and Murphy begs her to be quiet.  At this point, they have picked up a trail of zombies.

Vasquez and Warren make their way inside the hospital through the ambulance bay.  They walk cautiously through the building looking for supplies.  Warren and Vasquez quickly realise that not only are there zombies in the hospital, they are out of bullets.  The two grab anything they can lay their hands on and start killing zombies.

Cassandra is crouched down and growling menacingly at the group.  10K suggests that they all take off in different directions but Doc is unsure given how strong Cassandra is.  Addy is adamant that Cassandra would not hurt them.  Doc however is not certain.  The group takes off running in different directions with Cassandra hot on their heels.  Cassandra manages to catch up with Addy and knock her to the ground. Cassandra bends Addy's arm behind her back as Addy begs for her to stop. Hearing Addy's screams, 10K and Doc come back to camp.  Doc asks Cassandra what she is doing and in a gravelly voice, Cassandra answers, "nobody leaves."  10K asserts once again that Cassandra is not herself.

Murphy is changing Lucy's soiled diaper and he tells her of all the things that he has done in the apocalypse that this is the worst.  Zombies watch father and daughter from a distance.

Vasquez and Murphy make their way into a room with a zombie who has had its eyes cut out.  Instead of killing the zombie outright, the two decide to try and sneak past it.  When they open a door, the sound gets the attention of the blind zombie, so Vasquez kills it. Warren closes off all the entrances to the room they are in and Vasquez pulls out the suture kit.  Warren asks about pain killers but Vasquez just gives her a look.  Warren lies down on a table and Vasquez starts sewing, warning that Warren is not allowed to pass out and die because someone has to sew him up.  Warren bites into her arm to stop herself from screaming.  Vasquez moves onto Warren's second wound and this time she cannot keep silent. Vasquez snarks that Warren is being a real man about the pain and Warren replies that it is a scientific fact that a woman can take more pain than any man.  When Vasquez is done, Warren snarks that she better not have a scar.

Back in camp, Addy tells Doc that the feeling is starting to come back in her arm. 10K questions what they are going to do about it (it being Cassandra). 10K points out that they cannot just stay here because who knows what Murphy is up to.  10K decides to approach Cassandra, telling Doc and Addy to get ready to run.  Doc ties his shoelaces, as 10K crouches down in front of Cassandra.  10K tells Cassandra that she hurt Addy and Cassandra answers in a gravelly voice that, "nobody leaves." 10K looks over his shoulder at Doc and Addy and the two take off running.  Cassandra tries to leap after Doc and Addy but 10K stops her.  Cassandra growls at 10K before they charge at each other.

Warren is tending to Vasquez's wounds and questions what he was doing on his own.  Vasquez says that pre-Z, he was a DEA agent and was the best at it.  The cartel tried to buy him off suggesting that he bust the competition for a chance to earn millions on the side. When Vasquez refused, they kidnapped his wife and daughter and killed them slowly.  He begged the masked man to help his wife and child and response, his family was shot in front of him. Vasquez's wife is the first person he ever saw turn Z on day one of the zombie apocalypse.  It seems that Vasquez has been spending his time trying to find the man who killed his family but unfortunately because the man wore a head mask, all Vazquez could see is his tattoo of a face.  Warren questions if they killed him today and Vasquez says no.  Warren questions how Vasquez knows the man is still alive and Vasquez answers that someone that evil is probably alive.  Warren questions how she can know that Vasquez is telling her the truth and he says that it doesn't matter because she took too long sewing him up.  When Warren checks on Vasquez, she notes that he is unconscious.

Murphy makes his way to a house. A man exits with shot gun in hand and shoots all of the zombies who were trailing Murphy and Lucy.  Being so close to the gunshot, Murphy's ears are ringing.  Murphy is told to enter the house with the baby. Murphy is lead into a living room where he sits with the baby.  When the wife enters and heads towards Lucy, Murphy holds the baby tighter and claims that Lucy is afraid of strangers.  The mans asks why Murphy is so blue and he claims to have a vitamin deficiency.  The man asks Murphy what is going on and Murphy claims that he and Lucy got separated from their group. The man pumps his shot gun in response and tells Murphy not to lie to him.  Murphy goes with the partial truth and claims that they left a group of survivors that they were travelling with because they were trying to take Lucy away.  Murphy adds that Lucy's crying seems to get the attention of the zombies.  The man lowers his weapon saying that they are getting somewhere.  Murphy admits that he left without a plan because he just needed to get Lucy away. The man snarks about shooting Murphy for bad parenting.

Murphy looks down at the cooing Lucy, saying that he cannot take her back to the group and cannot take her where he is going.  Murphy adds that they seem like good people and have a real good home. With tears in his voice, Murphy asks the couple to take his daughter and raise her. The woman is instantly excited, calling Lucy a little angel who has fallen into their lives.  The wife takes the baby from Murphy and heads to stand beside her husband.  When they look down at Lucy, the child opens her eyes wide and her mouth revealing very sharp teeth.  The couple is alarmed and tells Murphy to take his child and leave.  Murphy takes Lucy back and comforts the startled child.  Murphy then asks the couple for one small favour for Lucy.

Warren performs CPR on Vasquez but he remains unresponsive.  Finally, in desperation, Warren picks up a scalpel and raises it to stab Vasquez, saying, "I hope you find your wife and your little girl." Before Warren can lower her arm, Vasquez becomes alert and Warren tells him that she thought he was dead.

Doc and Addy try and track Murphy and they find Lucy's diaper.  Doc wonders how 10K is doing and Addy is certain that he is fine, adding that Cassandra wouldn't really hurt him.  10K's face is bloody after a struggle with Cassandra.  Cassandra attacks again and the two struggle with Cassandra attempting to snap 10K's neck.  Finally, 10K slips a knife into Cassandra head and she collapses on top of him with blood dripping out of her mouth. 10K rolls Cassandra off of him and stares down at her body.

When Addy, Doc, Warren and Vasquez return to camp, they find 10K burying Cassandra.   Addy asks what happened and 10K explains that he did what he had to do because Cassandra gave him no choice.  When Addy calls Cassandra their friend, 10K is adamant that she wasn't because Cassandra was their friend and the person he killed was not Cassandra. Doc tells 10K that they understand and 10K is adamant that there's nothing to feel better about.

Murphy has returned to camp and is told by Warren that Cassandra is dead.  Murphy asks what happened and 10K admits that he gave her mercy,  Murphy says that he gave Cassandra life but 10K counters, suggesting that Cassandra stopped being human when Murphy bit her. Murphy says 3255 (the number of 10Ks zombie kills) and charges at 10K, only to be intercepted by Warren.  Warren tells Murphy that now is not the time.  Warren asks about the baby and is told that she doesn't have to worry about Lucy anymore.

Lucy is with the family Murphy found for her and they comment that what they did was the only decent thing to do. They call themselves the two luckiest people in the whole apocalypse.  It looks like both of them have bite marks on their cheeks.

Well I have been complaining since episode one about the treatment of Cassandra.  Z Nation clearly has an anyone can die thing going but at the same time, I had really hoped that we would see a sentient Cassandra and not a dead one.  On one hand this brings a closure to a storyline that I hated but on the other, it reduces Z Nation to only having one WOC on the show.

It further troubled me that the only one who even really seemed upset by the passing of Cassandra is Murphy.  Keep in mind that Murphy treated her like a slave, issuing orders and even having her rub his feet.  Murphy saw some kind of value in Cassandra's life in some twisted way.  I think that from the out set, 10K was always determined to bring an end to Cassandra's life.  It felt very much like he waited until he was alone with Cassandra and took the opportunity to end her life.  It felt calculated in the worst way.

Lucy is now with a new family.  Either the baby bit or new adoptive parents or Murphy did.  I suppose this is one way for Lucy to always have loyal humans ready to protect and serve her.  Even though Murphy dropped Lucy off, I very much have the feeling that we have not seen the last of that child.

We finally found out what Vasquez is up to and I must say that I'm pleased that it's not as shady as I thought it would be.  It makes sense to me that he would want justice for his wife and child.  What I don't understand is why he felt the need to hide this from the group given that his intent was anything but nefarious.  We also got to find out what he did pre-Z.  I knew that man moved like he had training of some sort.