Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Doctor Who, Season Nine, Episode Two: The Witch's Familiar

Clara finds herself hanging from her heels outside of the compound.  Missy says that she is going to tell her the story of the Doctor with no tardis, no friends and on the run - The doctor being happy. The Doctor was travelling by teleporter and being chased by 50 invisible android assassins, set on killing him. Missy tells this story while sharpening a stick and explains that Clara is tied up in case there's nothing to hunt. Back to the Doctor, who is surrounded and with seconds to live, uses the energy ray to recharge the energy bracelet and then teleports away. Clara realises that this is how Missy escaped the Daleks.  Missy is impressed because unlike her, the Doctor made the calculation on the fly. Missy finally cuts down Clara and asks how it is that the Doctor always survives.  Clara answers that the Doctor always assumes he is going to win and survive.  Missy then points out that this is not what the Doctor thinks now because this time, he made himself a will and threw himself a goodbye party. Clara and Missy turn and look at the heart of the Dalek empire and armed with only a pointy stick, start walking off to save the Doctor.

In the heart of the compound, Davros tells the Doctor that he has the him at his mercy. The Doctor picks up a weapon and holds it to the back of Davros's head. Davros is not worried, calling the weapon ancient and inoperable but the Doctor being the Doctor, powers up the weapon without a problem.  Davros asks if the Doctor would threaten a dying man and the Doctor orders him out of his chair.  Davros says that he needs the chair to live but the Doctor orders him out.

The Daleks are freaking out with one saying that Davros is leaving the infirmary.  Over the communicator, Davros calls for help from his children and is told that he must return to the infirmary. Davros tells the Daleks that the Doctor is escaping and must be found. From a distance, Clara and Missy watch as the Daleks start to look for the Doctor.  On the intercom Davros continues to call for help and Daleks prepare to assist him but when the door opens, it's the Doctor sitting in Davros's chair.  The Doctor opens with "admit it, you've all had this exact same nightmare."

Davros is lying on his back in the infirmary calling for help when Colony Sarff makes his presence known.  The Daleks call for the extermination of the Doctor but when they fire their weapons, nothing happens.

Clara and Missy are at the Dalek sewers but there's a long drop down to the bottom.  Missy decides to gauge the fall by pushing Clara in.

The Doctor is now surrounded by Daleks, who are shocked that he is unharmed.  The Doctor points a weapon at the Daleks, saying that the force field on the chair probably doesn't work both ways.  The Daleks are not concerned because they are aware that the Doctor doesn't use weapons.

Clara regains consciousness at the bottom of the sewers and points the pointy stick at Missy.  Missy is in full snark mode, pointing out that Clara will not survive on the sewers on her own.  Clara counters replying that Missy will not survive if she turns her back.  Missy takes the challenge and shows Clara her back and when Clara fails to act, Missy charges Clara and takes the stick.  Missy informs Clara that she should have had the courtesy to kill her because team work is all about respect. Clara informs Missy that they are not a team.  In Clara's defense, who would want to be on a team with Missy?  Missy counters that they are team because every miner needs a canary.  To Missy, Clara is highly disposable. Missy comments on the sludge pouring out of the walls and informs Clara that the sludge is decaying Daleks.  It seems that Daleks cannot die and that the Dalek word for sewer is the same as their word for graveyard.

Still pointing his gun, the Doctor says that he has been at the heart of the Dalek empire for 42 minutes and is in complete control of it.  The Doctor demands that the Daleks ask him what he wants. A Dalek complies and the Doctor says that he wants Clara Oswald safe, alive and returned to him immediately.  The Doctor is in a rage and tells the Daleks that if Clara is dead, they had better be careful how they tell him.  Missy hears the Doctor's demand and says that this is what the Doctor sounds like without hope.  The Doctor asks again who is going to tell him that Clara Oswald is really dead. In the sewers, Missy tells Clara that the Doctor will burn everything including them.

Davros makes an appearance on the screen and the Doctor snarks about Davros's seat being taken. The Doctor finds himself wrapped in Colony Sarff's snakes and is forced to drop his weapon.  In the infirmary, Davros advises Colony Sarff  to tread lightly because the plan is to entrap the Doctor tonight. Say it with me folks, "not gonna happen."

In the sewers Missy points to a round circular thing on the wall and tells Clara to have a look. When Clara doesn't notice anything distinct, she asks what she's missing. Missy explains that she is giving the circular object a good look at Clara.  The sounds of a Dalek can be heard announcing, "intruder alert."  Missy then handcuffs Clara to the wall explaining that they need to trap and kill a Dalek and that Clara will be the bait.  Clara  demands to be uncuffed but Missy only has eyes for a broach given to her on the birth of her daughter by the Doctor.  Clara is adamant that a Dalek cannot be killed with a pin.  The Dalek moves closer to Clara telling her not to move and that she is in a restricted area. The Dalek announces its plan to sterilize Clara and Missy jumps out and sticks the Dalek with the pin repeatedly. Missy announces that she is killing the Dalek because it's her job as a Time Lady. The Dalek does not believe that it has been unduly damaged, until Missy points out that the Dalek is surrounded by a bunch of angry decomposing Daleks.  The Dalek sludge attack the Dalek, forcing it to fire and move in circles.  During the Dalek's confusion, Missy unties Clara and pushes her against a wall, protecting Clara with her own body from the resulting explosion.  As the Dalek explodes, Missy yells, "weeee."

Back in time to Davros, with the hand bombs. Davros calls out for help, saying that the Doctor promised that he could survive.  A frantic Davros calls again for help.

In the present, the Doctor awakes to find himself sitting in the only other chair on Skaro.  The Doctor jumps to his feet and Davros tells him not to bother because he is sealed in the chamber and he is not carrying his sonic screwdriver. Davros adds that he is dying and it's now time for them to conclude their business together.

In the sewers, Missy picks the remains of the Dalek out of its shell and tells Clara to get in.

It seems the reason that Davros is still alive is because he has been feeding off of all of the Daleks. The Daleks allow this because they have respect for their father, a trait Davros never managed to breed out of them.  Davros offers the Doctor the opportunity to commit genocide on the Daleks. Davros lifts the Doctor's hand towards the device, asking if the Doctor is ready to be a God.  The Doctor briefly touches the device and withdraws, as Davros taunts the Doctor with Clara's death. The Doctor says that he's a bloke in a box and that he came because Davros is sick and he asked and because on a good day if he tries hard, he's not an old time lord who ran away. Davros realises that the Doctor cannot be tempted because of his innate compassion, something the Doctor has no problem dying for.

Clara is now in the Dalek shell and Missy instructs her on how to control the Dalek container.  The moment Clara thinks something, the Dalek shell moves, so Missy seals her in.  When Clara speaks it comes out in the Dalek voice.  Missy decides to have some fun and have Clara say her name which results in Clara saying, "I am a Dalek repeatedly." Missy then asks for Clara to say, "I love you" and what comes out is "exterminate". The same result happens when Clara says you are different then me. When Missy gets Clara to say, "exterminate", the gun goes off repeatedly and Missy dances around, giddy with joy, dodging the shots.  Apparently, the Daleks channel emotion and that's why they say exterminate repeatedly.

Davros asks the Doctor why he left Gallifrey and the Doctor calls Gallifrey a boring place. Davros says that the Doctor wasn't bored because no one runs the way the Doctor has for so small a reason. Davros pulls out the confession diary and asks the Doctor what his confession is.  The Doctor gets tense, warning Davros not to dare before reaching in and grabbing his sun glasses which were laying on top of the confession diary.  The Doctor turns away and puts on his glasses.

Missy and Dalek Clara are stopped by a Dalek and asked to explain why Missy has not been eliminated.  Missy informs the Dalek sentry that she is a Time Lady and asks to speak to Davros. The Dalek is told tell Davros that. "the bitch is back".

Davros is still trying to find out why the Doctor left Gallifrey, adding that between them they have killed millions of each other's species. The Doctor gloats about the fact that he found a way to bring Gallifrey back and that it's safe from the both of them.  Davros congratulates the Doctor on his achievement, thus greatly surprising the Doctor.  Davros says that a man should have a place, a people and it pleases him that the Doctor has that now.  The Doctor looks closely at Davros, who asks to see the Doctor's face with his own eyes (yeah stolen from Darth Vader)  Davros encourages the Doctor to move closer so he can see him better.  Davros advises the Doctor now that he has redeemed the Time Lords that he is not to lose them again.  Davros adds that the Doctor should protect his own as he has sought to protect his.  Davros asks if he did the right thing. When the Doctor does not answer, Davros adds that he needs to know before he dies if he is a good man.  The Doctor now acknowledges that Davros is indeed dying. Having acknowledged that he is dying, Davros jokes that The Doctor is not a good Doctor and the two share a laugh.    Davros stops short, struggling for breath, saying that he had hoped to see the sun one last time with his true self.

Missy walks into a Dalek enclave with Dalek Clara.  Missy is informed that she is an enemy and will be exterminated, causing her to welcome them to the task because she has been on her feet all day. Missy again demands to see Davros and promises to give them Clara, if they take her to Davros right now.  When the Daleks claim they don't negotiate, and so Missy points out that with Clara they will have complete control over the Doctor.

In the infirmary, from the window, the Doctor watches as the sun is about to rise.  Davros comments on how beautiful his world is, as frantically behind him, the Doctor works to get more energy into Davros's life support system.  Davros rambles on about how the Daleks have a strong concept of home.  Davros then thanks the Doctor for his help but the Doctor makes it clear that he is helping the little boy he abandoned on a battle field because the child is owed a sunrise.  Davros surprises the Doctor by saying that he wishes they had been on the same side at least once.  The Doctor notes that the sun is coming up and tells Davros they are the same side now.  Unfortunately, Davros is at the point where he can no longer open his eyes. The Doctor then pulls out some regeneration energy, saying that it might cost him an arm or leg down the line.  The Doctor then touches the heartbeat of the Daleks to transfer some energy to Davros but Colony Sarff traps him there.  Davros is leeching the regeneration energy from the Doctor saying that once again the Doctor's compassion is his downfall.  The Doctor begs for mercy and Davros taunts that the Daleks will drink the blood of Gallifrey and be stronger than ever.

The Daleks are freaking out, asking repeatedly where Clara is.  When the Daleks go quiet, Missy questions if she is boring them but the Daleks are silent because they have begun to feed off of regeneration energy. Missy sees the light and immediately knows what is happening. Missy takes off running to find the Doctor and upset an Clara tells Missy not to leave her there but because she is inside a Dalek it only comes out as, "exterminate."

The Doctor is still trapped and again he begs Davros to stop but instead, Davros tells the Doctor about a prophecy that Daleks and Time Lords will come together to create a creature better than the both of them- a hybrid.  Davros asks the Doctor if he ran to avoid his role in the coming of the hybrid. Missy rushes in, pushes a Dalek out of her way and as the Doctor screams in agony, Missy frees him from Colony Sarff.

Now that the transfer of regeneration is over, the Daleks become aware.  They pronounce themselves renewed, saying that the experiment has succeeded.  They start to chant, "all praise Davros."

Missy taps the Doctor across the face to get his attention.  Upon seeing Missy, the Doctor immediately asks for Clara, correctly surmising that if Missy survived then Clara did as well.  Davros thanks the Doctor for the transfer of the energy, saying that thanks to the Doctor, he will live longer, making this the final defeat of the Time Lords.  The Doctor grabs his confessions disc and puts it in his pocket, as Davros crows about the Daleks singing his praises as a creator and savior.  A series of explosions begin to happen.

The Daleks are confused and move in circle.

The Doctor tells Davros that he knew all along and allowed the energy transfer to every single Dalek - including the Daleks in the sewers. The ground is shaking violently because there are generations of Daleks literally coming up the pipes. The Doctor waves goodbye and makes his exit, as Davros asks for help.  Missy expresses her pleasure at meeting Davros and follows quickly on the Doctor's heels.

The Doctor runs through the compound and slips on the congealing Dalek coming through the pipes. The Daleks are also oozing.  Clara who is still trapped inside the Dalek casing approaches the Doctor. Naturally. the Doctor has no idea that he is actually interacting with Clara. The Doctor asks where Clara is but all Clara can say repeatedly is that she is a Dalek.  Missy arrives, pointing her weapon at Clara and tells the Doctor that Clara is dead and that he is looking at the Dalek that killed her. The Doctor immediately gives Missy the side eye, eyebrows in full flair.  Clara again says that she is a Dalek, as Missy says that Clara ran and screamed.  Missy wraps her arm around the Doctor holding the hand which contains and a weapon and suggests that the Doctor indulge himself because the Daleks are going to end up all dead anyway. Dalek Clara backs away repeatedly saying "do not kill me," causing the Doctor to again ask where Clara is.  In desperation, Dalek Clara says mercy several times.  The Doctor realises that something is wrong because a Dalek shouldn't have a concept of mercy.  The Doctor questions why it is that the Dalek is not trying to kill him and Dalak Clara responds, "I show mercy."

The Doctor stands and asks Dalek/Clara to open her casing by thinking about it.  When it opens the Doctor see Clara for the first time.  Missy tries to blow it all off and the Doctor tell her to run.  An emotional Doctor struggles to get Clara out of the casing and Missy explains that this is why she gave Clara to him in the first place. The doctor helps Clara out of the Dalek case apologising the whole time while Missy claims that this was about teaching the Doctor about the friend in the enemy. The Doctor repeats his command for Missy to run and she walks away reminding him that he is the who has always run.

The Daleks are beginning to explode and Dalek supreme asks the Doctor what is happening.  The Doctor simply tells the supreme Dalak that the sewers are revolting. The roof starts to cave in and the supreme Dalek threatens to exterminate the Doctor if he doesn't help.  The Doctor makes the Tardis reappear using his glasses, saying that these days he's into "wearable technology."  The Tardis appears around the Doctor and Clara and the Doctor  and Clara leave.

Missy finds herself cornered by Daleks and is told not to move.  Missy stands and tells the Daleks that she just had a very clever idea.

Now outside of the main compound, The Doctor and Missy watch the destruction they left behind. Clara asks if the Doctor is going to tell her what is on the confession dial. Instead of answering the question, the Doctor fixates on the fact that Clara was able to get the Dalek shell to ask for mercy because it shouldn't have understood the concept.  A look passes over the Doctor's face and with weapon in hand he runs back to the Tardis.

Davros is still trapped in the hand field asking for help when the Doctor reappears right next to him. The Doctor explains that he is from the future and that he is going to save his friend the only way he can.  The Doctor then fires his weapon and shoots each and every single hand bomb before offering to take the Davros home.  Davros asks if the Doctor is the enemy and the Doctor tells him that "friends or enemies don't matter as long as there is mercy".The Doctor holds out his hand to Davros and the child accepts. Together they walk through the former hand mind field.

Okay I think that this new season started off with quite the bang really.  First you know damn well that we have not heard the last of the Time Lord/Dalek hybrid.  Can you imagine for a moment how scary this creature would be?  I cannot wait to see where this goes.

Missy made this two part opening for me. I wasn't really a fan of her last season but these two episodes blew me away.  I love that she is clever and extremely devious. Missy and Clara together are hilarious and I think those two need their own show that is of course after we get Clara some protective gear, There is obviously some jealously between these two over the Doctor.  I am certainly not a fan of women fighting over a man, even if the man in question happens to be the Doctor. Neither of the women understand the complex relationship the other woman has with the Doctor and as a result constantly try to diminish the bond.

Now we know how the Doctor deals with the option to kill his great adversaries - he shows mercy. Mercy is an interest trait to have in a being how has slaughtered so many.  It is worth noting however that when he chose to save Davros it was for selfish reasons.  The Doctor had to have decided that Clara is somehow worth so much more than all of the individuals who died because of the Daleks. It's a moral conundrum I know.

We have to talk about the wretched glasses? WTF? Look, they worked great when Capaldi was all rock star doctor playing Pretty Woman for Clara and Missy but the Doctor always carries a screwdriver. Those glasses need to be gone yesterday, I hate the sight of them.  They look like the cheap gimmick that they are.

The Doctor's interaction was powerful and yet these two beings were trying to outsmart each other.  Davros asks if he was a good man, mirroring exactly the question The Doctor posed to Clara at the beginning Season one episode eight. I think we are meant to see how close the Doctor and the Daleks are, even if neither of them will admit it.  The scenes between The Doctor were the most heartbreaking of the show. I think this is the first time Capaldi grabbed by heart.  To me from now on, he is The Doctor. I know it took a season but adjustments...adjustments...adjustments.