Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fear The Walking Dead, Season One, Episode Three: The Dog

Chris looks outside at the riot going on and is startled when a walker with dead eyes stares back at him. Travis orders Chris to get away from the window.

At home, Madison grabs some drugs for Nick.  Alicia looks outside at her neighbours house wondering what happened there after her mother stopped her from running outside.  Madison simply says that the people are gone.  Nick crushes the pills to absorb them faster which makes Madison unhappy because she wants him to be weaned off the drugs. Yeah as long as a drug addict has access to drugs, they are not going to stop.  Nick tells his mother that he needs more and asks how many they have. Madison tells him that they have enough to get him to the desert and then he'll have to howl at the moon.

Back at the barbershop, Travis tells Liza that they will wait for things to slow down and then head out to the truck. Outside gunshots can be heard.  Chris wants to leave without going back to Madison. Before Chris and Travis they can discuss Chris's demand, Ofelia informs everyone that the breaking glass they heard is someone breaking into the store next door. Travis is certain that they won't break into a barbershop and that the police will have everything sorted out in another couple hours or so. Travis asks to use the phone. Chris picks up a razor and Daniel tells him to put it back.  Chris places his hand against the wall and Daniel approaches Travis to discuss the situation at hand. Travis admits that he only said that no one would break into the barbershop to keep Chris calm. Travis questions what happens if someone does break in and Daniel calmly tells him that they will run in different directions. Chris notices that the wall is getting hot and so everyone gets ready to flee the barbershop. The moment Travis opens the door, people flood in and start to destroy the barbershop,  Travis and Daniel lead their families through the chaos.

Back at the house, Madison brings out Monopoly and Nick and Liza are quick to agree to play. Immediately they return to a nice family dynamic with Liza calling Monopoly kindergarten capitalism. Gotta say, I really agree with Liza's assessment of the game.

The streets are in absolute chaos.  The cops are calling for the streets to be cleared but no one is listening.  The group runs through a slight construction area and in the process, Griselda gets hurt when a cage falls over, landing on her leg.  Daniel immediately stops when he notices his wife's injury. Everyone runs back and it's Travis who picks up Griselda and places her in the bed of the truck.  Liza gets in back to help Griselda because she has some medical experience. Travis manages to drive away from the riot.

At the house, Nick, Alicia and Madison are still playing Monopoly.  The mood is light until everyone hears a gun shot.  Alicia asks how long they are going to wait for Travis and Madison  says that she can go to sleep.  Alicia responds that she is have a major case of déjà vu.  This makes me wonder if Madison's ex just abandoned her and the children suddenly one day?

Travis drives to the hospital and it has clearly been over run and is on fire. The cops wave Travis through, as people run frantically on the street.  The cops start shooting at a zombie and so everyone in the cab of the truck ducks down for safety.  Travis asks Daniel if there is somewhere he can drop them off, adding that he wants to be of help.  Daniel snarks, "like I helped you," causing Travis to point out that he just saved them.  Daniel asks to be taken to Travis's place promising to call his cousin to come and get them.  Daniel snarks that this will make them even, causing Travis to tell him to stop keeping score.  As Travis drives through the streets, slowly the street lights all turn out.  It's a clear indication that something is wrong.

In the kitchen, Nick points out that Travis has been gone six hours and suggests that traffic couldn't have been that bad.  The lights go out in the house and Madison tells Alicia to put the game away. Alicia leaves to out the game away and Nick reminds his mother that she knows what's out there and suggests that they cannot stay at the house and wait for Travis. Nick is not at all impressed that Travis went to get his ex wife.  I suppose he just conveniently forgot that Chris was with Liza.  Madison asserts that they are Travis's family but before the argument can get too heated, Alicia enters the room and says, "it's happening again."  Madison directs Alicia away from the window.  When they hear a rattling sound, Nick checks the patio door and finds a german shepherd. Nick lets the dog in and they discover that it is covered in blood.  The dog immediately goes to the front door and starts barking. Nick looks out the front window to see one of the neighbours now turned zombie headed toward the house.  Nick decides to head to the neighbour's house to get a gun.

They run out of the house leaving the patio door open behind them. Ya, that was smart.They climb over a fence and make their way to a neighbours house, taking the key from under the front mat. Madison call out for Susan and Patrick (the owners of the home) and after getting no answer, the family begins to search the house.  Alicia pauses to look at the pictures on the wall as Nick searches frantically for a gun. Nick finally finds the gun but no the shells, so Alicia continues to explore the house.  It's Madison who finds the shells and takes the gun away from Nick to load it.  Alicia looks out the window and sees someone inside their house.  Alicia calls for Madison and when she heads over to the window, she sees a walker inside a house.  Yeah well, if you leave your door open, anyone can walk in. Ominously, the dog has gone quiet.  Madison suggests that they stay where they are but Travis arrives and pulls into the driveway.  Madison, Alicia and Nick rush outside to warn Travis.

Travis makes his way slowly through the house calling out for Madison.  When Travis turns, he finds Chris and Liza tight on his heels. Liza informs Travis that they intend to stay close by his side. Outside, Madison continues to navigate the maze of her neighbours yard to try to get to Travis. Travis makes his way into the living room to find his former neighbour snacking on the dog. Who's hungry? Travis turns and orders Liza and Chris to go to the car.  The zombie stands and approaches Travis, who tries to reason with him believing that there might be some remnant of his his former neighbour Peter left behind. The zombie moves towards Travis and Travis stumbles when he tries to turn and tell Chris to leave, causing the zombie to land on top of him.  Travis gets to his feet and struggles with the zombie.

Alicia runs back into the neighbours house to get the shells they left behind.  The first things she sees is an empty pill bottle on the table.  Ominously, a zombie stands at the doorway.  Alicia grabs the shells and takes off running.

Travis continues to struggle with the zombie and Madison aims the shot gun looking for a clear shot. Travis notices Madison with the gun and tells her to put it down before turning back to the zombie and calling it by it's former name.  It's Daniel who proves he has the sense Goddess gave cabbage by grabbing the gun, telling Madison to move and shooting the zombie.  Daniel has to shoot the zombie twice.  Daniel calmly hands Madison the gun and walks out of the room. Chris leaves the room to puke.

Alicia runs through the garden and in the process ends up getting grabbed by their neighbour Susan, who has now become a zombie.  Chris rushes over and has to struggle to help Alicia over the fence. Alicia falls over the fence and lands in Chris's arms.  Alicia struggles against Chris and elbows him for his troubles which pisses him off.  Alicia runs into her mother's arms, as Chris says that he was trying to save Alicia.  An angry Chris shoves his father and heads into the house.  Zombie Susan is at the fence and she sticks her hands through the the fence posts trying to get at the family.  Madison and Travis try to communicate with Susan. Alicia is confused by what she is seeing and Madison explains that Susan is sick. It's Nick who suggests that Susan is dead.  Alicia immediately thinks of Matt and says repeatedly that Matt is not like that.  Travis questions why Nick would say that and he simply replies, "it's the truth." Well it looks like someone has some sense.

Chris is in the bathroom checking out his nose.  Travis comes to check on Chris, who is not immediately receptive to his father helping him.  Travis gently cleans the blood off Chris's face, checks his nose for a break and declares that it isn't broken.  The lights turn back on then and Chris asks what is wrong with Susan and Peter.  Travis says that people are getting sick and assures his son that everyone will be okay.  The two then leave the bathroom.

Chris and Travis head to see Liza, who is doing her best to treat Griselda.  Liza asks if there is anything in the house she can give Griselda for pain and Travis says no. Hmmm, does he not know that Madison picked up drugs for Nick?  Even more interesting, neither Madison or Nick speak up about the drugs. I think between Nick and Griselda, Griselda needs the drugs more.  Nick watches this exchange and says nothing.  Travis informs Daniel that the phone is in the kitchen if he needs to make a call.  Wow that wasn't at all subtle.  Daniel says that his cousin is coming for them in the morning and that he already made a call.   Madison questions whether or not they are leaving when Travis offers the Salazars a bedroom. Madison wants to leave right now, saying that things are getting worse not better. When Madison starts to freak out, Travis points out how dangerous outside is and that the lights are out, so they won't be able to see what they are getting into. Not happy about not getting her way, Madison informs Travis that if they are staying, he has to take care of Peter.

Later, as Travis is struggling to get Peter outside, he is joined by Daniel.  Daniel suggests that Travis burn Peter to avoid the spreading of the sickness but Travis points out that they don't know how the sickness spreads.  Travis adds that he knew Peter and that Peter didn't deserve this.

Travis returns to the house to find Liza washing up. Liza and Travis +
talk about the help she is giving Mrs. Salazar.  Liza says that Griselda really needs a doctor because her foot was crush and is covered in lacerations. Liza believes that Griselda's flesh well begin to rot.  I suppose this is an early clue that Griselda is dead woman walking.  Liza lists the horrible way that Griselda is going to die and tells Travis that he cannot fix everything.  Travis snarks about it not being awkward with two wives in the house.

The Salazars are upstairs and Ofelia tells Daniel that she wants to leave with Travis and his family in the morning, convinced that this is too much for them to handle on their own. Daniel is determined to stay where they are, saying that this is the wrong time to be in someone else's debt.  Ofelia confronts Daniel on his lie about calling a cousin and again asserts that they need to leave with Travis and his family but Daniel will not be moved. Daniel feels the house is a perfect base and it provides a place for Griselda to rest.When Ofelia balks once more, Griselda intervenes to tell Ofelia to trust Daniel because Daniel has always looked out for them.

Madison is looking out the window and she is joined by Travis who asks where she got the pills. Madison explains that she got them from the school. Madison's plan is take enough to get Nick to the desert and then to give the rest to Griselda.  Wrapping his arms around Madison, Travis says that they need to bring the Salazars along because the Salazars took them in.  Travis then goes on to apologise about what Daniel did.  Really?  What Daniel did? His silly butt would be dead right now if it were not for Daniel.  Madison simply says that Daniel had to.  The two then hug and Travis assures Madison that he will never leave her again.

Liza grabs a glass from the cupboard and notices Madison standing by the door.  Liza says that she doesn't want to cause problems but believes that they should support each other because the kids need reassurance right now.  Madison brings up how Susan watched her kids when she had to work and took care of her when her husband died. Madison calls Susan a good friend and asks Liza to kill her if she ends up like Susan.  Madison wants Liza to be the one because it would break Travis to have to put her down.

The next morning, Travis digs a grave for Peter as zombie Susan hisses at him through the fence and stretches out her hand in his direction.  Travis wishes Susan a good morning and then takes out the garbage.  It's evident that even with everything Travis has seen, he is still desperate to hold onto little bits of normalcy. Why else take out the garbage?

Inside the house, Daniel is teaching Chris about guns.  Travis walks into the house just as Daniel hands Chris the gun.  Travis is not the least bit impressed to see a gun in Chris's hand and sends him outside to load up the truck.  Daniel explains that the more Chris knows, the safer he will be. Madison pipes up to add that she didn't see the harm in it; however, apparently, Daniel has negative feelings about guns. I cannot blame him but this is the zombie apocalypse. Daniel says that a gun doesn't care how you feel about it, so Travis cuts off the conversation.

Madison heads outside to see zombie Susan with a hammer in her hand.  Travis finds Madison and she says that she was wondering where Patrick is and if he is already dead.  Daniel watches them through the window.  Madison asks what Susan is now and Travis answers that Susan is Madison's friend. To Madison, that is even more of a reason to take out zombie Susan.  Travis argues that they don't know anything yet and that ending Susan's zombie state is not Madison's call.  Madison hands Travis the hammer and moves away. From the window, Daniel calls Travis, "weak".

The cars are all packed up.  As soon as Madison gets in the car, Nick asks her for drugs.  Nick is shocked when he sees how few pills Madison has now.  Madison explains that she gave the rest of the pills to Griselda, because Griselda needs them. Well it looks like someone finally grew a conscience when it comes to the drugs. Nick points out that Griselda is a stranger and argues that he is in pain.  Madison promises to help Nick but Nick is only interested in his "medicine" and not help.

Daniel enters the house and Ofelia once again begs him to travel with Travis and his family. Daniel asserts that he is not afraid of anything as Ofelia begs again to travel with Travis.  Ofelia believes that at the very least being with Liza will mean her mother will have some form of medical treatment which is more than she will get if they stay in the house.  Daniel promises to go out and look for a doctor after Travis has left with his family.  Once again Griselda takes sides with Daniel who justifies his statement by saying that weak people are the first to die.

Helicopters fly overhead, as Travis gets into his truck.  Travis is driving with Eliza and Chris and Madison is driving her two kids in a separate vehicle.  Choppers continue to circle overhead.  They don't get far when they notice Patrick returning home.  Madison turns the car around as Patrick enters the house looking for his wife.  Patrick finds Susan in the garden.  Madison races towards Patrick begging him not to touch Susan but he has already taken his wife in his arms.  Susan is shot through the head by military who have arrived on the scene and Madison is dragged away.

The military has set up camp in the neighbourhood.  Madison questions a soldier about what happened to Patrick. The soldier simply says that Patrick was covered in the blood of someone infected.  Madison asks if the blood is contagious and the soldier asks if anyone in the house has been exposed.  Madison says no and has to lie about the fresh grave, claiming that it belonged to their dead dog.

Tanks roll down the street and so Nick uses the distraction to try and sneak into Peter and Susan's house.  Nick looks up to see an airplane flying overhead.

Travis is certain that things are going to get better now that the military has arrived and taken over the neighbourhood.  They both watch as Susan's body is loaded into the back of a truck.

In the house, Daniel looks out the window at the military occupation.  He turns to Griselda and says, "it's already too late."

Alright, I don't know what it is about Travis but he gets on my last damn nerve.  I get that he is a glass half full kind of person but seriously, the dead are walking and now the military has taken over his neighbourhood but things are going to get better right.  Daniel has him begged completely.

At this point I have less than zero sympathy for Nick.  Yes, drug addicts are selfish and will do anything for their drugs.  I hope that now that the military has taken over the neighbourhood that Madison takes away his drug supply altogether.  He needs to go cold turkey.  The longer he is in the grip of his need for drugs, the longer he will be a liability for the family.  It seems to me that Madison has spent her time coddling Nick every step of the way.  To be clear I am not blaming Madison for Nick's addiction just saying that she is enabling him.

I find it interesting that Madison is still trying to shelter Alicia.  What the hell did she think Alicia was going to see on the drive out to the desert.  Were they planning on blindfolding her so that she didn't notice that the world had gone to hell in a hand basket?  Nick absolutely did the right thing by saying that Susan is dead despite Travis's epic and I do mean epic denial.

Then there are the Salazars.  I absolutely love Daniel and his practical approach to everything that is going on.  Clearly, he has seen some ugly things in his life.  I'm not sure however if I agree that the right move was to stay in the house.  It's clear from the interactions between Daniel, Griselda and Ofelia that Danial is the absolute patriarch of this family. Ofelia may be a grown woman but Daniel has the absolute final say and Griselda will always back him up.

We know that a military occupation of a civilian population cannot be a good thing.  Despite the fact that there is American military controlling an American population that won't be taken into consideration with how they deal with the populace.  The military has a standard operating procedure and so Travis should not be so quick to welcome them as saviours.  The perfect example is how quickly Patrick was shuttled away without any explanation.  The smartest thing that Madison has done to this point is to lie about exposure to the zombies.  I don't see this ending well for them at all but I guess we will have to wait and see.