Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review Being Human, Season Two, Episode Three: All Out of Blood

Things continue to escalate for the worst with the three roommates.  After what can only be deemed a nightmare, a dark shadowy figure seems to be following Sally and she feels that it is out to get her in someway.  She is absolutely desperate for escape and when she learns that nurse Zoe Gonzales helps people to reincarnate into babies that are dying, Sally sees this as her chance not only to escape but to have a new life.  Neither Josh or Aidan are particularly supportive of the idea but do agree to sit down with Zoe to discuss Sally's potential.  Unfortunately for Sally, Zoe determines that she is too angry due to her attempt to kill her ex boyfriend.  In desperation Sally tells her that she is being stalked by a dark creature, but instead of softening Zoe's resolve this hardens it because in the body of a baby Sally would be completely defenseless. 

Taking things into her own hands, Sally enters the nursery when Zoe is not there.  She finds a little boy that is not disturbed by her presence and contemplates entering the child when the dark figure appears behind her, terrifying the child.  Sally screams for the dark figure to leave the child alone and pops out of the nursery.  When Zoe finds her, she is initially upset with Sally because of her initial intentions but agrees to help her because she chose to leave the child alone.

I decided to talk about Sally first mainly because Josh, Aidan and Nora's stories are interlaced to a large degree this week.  Josh rents two storage containers and buys a camera in order to record their change, but Nora is not enthused by the idea at all.  She wants to change with Josh, but he is adamant that this is dangerous. 

At the hospital, Aidan goes to use his key card to get some bagged blood only to discover that he has been locked out.  It seems that  the administration believes that the blood is being taken so that junkies can test clean on their blood tests.  This means that Aidan has lost his blood supply. For someone who is so determined to go clean, how is it that he didn't develop a back up plan? It's ridiculous because he has always known the repercussions of not being able to get blood when needed.

Back at the house, Josh and Aidan meet up in the kitchen with both Nora and Julia upstairs. Aidan has come downstairs to get his last bag of blood.  I suppose this scene was fan service to play on the "bromance" we keep hearing about.  Josh is very excited that they are both going to go upstairs and have sex with "their women."  Yeah, I was disgusted by the jocularity of this moment.  Hee hee, hey dude, we're going upstairs to bang our women is not in the least bit cool. Thankfully, Aidan did make it clear by his reaction that Josh was being weird. 

Back upstairs Nora is beginning to feel the effects of the dawning full moon. She is hyper aware of the scents and sounds in the neighbourhood.  When they hear Aidan and Julia engaging in sex, Nora proposes that they do the same.  At first Josh is insistent about getting his camera equipment up and running, but quickly puts it down to engage in sex.  I am very glad to see that they didn't treat Nora's reaction to the full moon any differently than Josh's and that she didn't experience any shame for her sexual desires.

In the morning, when they meet downstairs, it is revealed that Julia is actually Josh's ex fiance.  She quickly rushes out of the house and Josh follows her.  He wants to make sure that she is okay, but she clearly still had a lot of anger at him for leaving without any explanation.  The scene ends with her slapping Josh across the face.  When he returns to the house, he questions Aidan on her mental state and is clearly upset that they have slept together.  Aidan makes it clear that he will stop seeing Julia now. I am not amused by Josh's sudden shift.  When he didn't know who Julia was he was all happy to push Aidan at her, but now that he finds out that she used to be his fiance suddenly there is a problem.

At the hospital, Julia approaches Aidan and he refuses to make eye contact with him.  She is shocked by his reaction and tells him to look at her and say that the last few weeks meant nothing to him.  He simply says that it was all sex and walks away. Next, Julia runs into Nora and she tells her that she knows the real Josh.  Nora tries to stand up for Josh because she knows that Josh left Julia when he became a werewolf but Julia is not interested in listening.

When Nora runs into Josh she is very upset.  In her mind Josh proved that he loved Julia by leaving her and he did no such thing with her.  He knew that he was dangerous and yet he still pursued Nora. Finally, finally, Nora is displaying some anger at Josh for turning her into a werewolf.  When he asks her if she is going to show up at the storage area tonight she just walks away in a huff.  Nora ends up stalking Julia all the way to Julia's home.  It is only when she attempts to cross the street and almost hit by a car that she stops her pursuit. This jogs Nora enough for her to realize that she is dangerous and she returns to the storage area to get locked in for the night.

Aidan cannot take the craving anymore and goes to a blood whore for a feeding.  This is exactly what he was worried about doing.  He feeds until he is forced to let go by the woman's pimp, and then collapses on the ground in what looks to be a blood high. It looks like Aidan's descent into darkness has begun. I am glad that they didn't blame is descent on Serene though as she is only the second woman of colour on the show and it would have been problematic to have her as the corrupting element of a White man.