Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cover Snark: Dinners Up! Come and get Your Belly Meat!

In the world of Urban Fantasy we face many supernatural beings that find humans tasty tasty treats. Of course there are vampires that drink blood - but there are also zombies, werewolves, predatory fae and a whole host of supernatural nasties that want to chow down on the sweet human flesh.

So why is this outfit so common? Is there a shortage on t-shirts? Are we rationed down to bras only? Why, in this world with lots of snacking monsters would you want to show this much prime belly meat?

And it’s incessant - never have so many belly buttons been on display. Get the BBQ sauce, werewolves, we’ve got some ribs for your delectation!

Okay, she’s in a backwoods area wearing shorts and a belly top.  How does this make any kind of sense?  Why wear such little clothing and then pair it with knee high boots? Apparently only the covering of the calves matter and the thighs are somehow open for free range snacking by whatever is around.

Of course, issues of climate appropriate clothes always take second place the the all important need to display as much flesh as possible

All in all, I think the exposed navel is as much a necessity for Urban Fantasy heroines as the back arch.