Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Once Upon a Time. Season 1, Episode 19: The Return

In fairyland we see children playing  - including Rumplestiltskin’s son. And Rumplestiltskin is a rather… over-protective father and inclined to use his vast magic to protect and avenge even petty slights against his son.

We learn that the ogre war which was raging in the fairyland was stopped basically by Rumplestiltskin walking into the middle of the battlefield and telling them to. But his son is disturbed by Rumplestiltskin’s constant use of magic, especially to hurt and kill people. He wants his father to get rid of the power so he won’t need more power to protect himself. Runmplestiltskin makes a deal – if his son finds a way to get rid of his power without killing or harming either of them (the only way he knows is to kill Rumplestiltskin with the dagger with his name on) then Rumplestiltskin will take it.

Playing with kids, Bael speaks to one of the child soldiers who knows of a bigger, darker power than Rumplestilskin - Rulgorm. And it becomes more urgent to him when he finds that Rumplestiltskin has killed their maid for knowing about the dagger.

Bael doesn’t speak to Rulgorm but does speak to the Blue Fairy who tells him that she can’t change him – but if they go somewhere without magic, Rumplestiltskin will lose his power. Rumplestiltskin doesn’t seem overly thrilled with the idea of being weak. And when the portal is opened to a world without magic, Rumplestiltskin can’t do it – on the cusp of the portal he lets go of his son, lets him go through but doesn’t follow.

He is now driven to find his son – and design a curse that will let him reach him no matter the cost

In the real world we start with August having some kind of seizure and calling someone to say they need to accelerate their plan. Curious – especially since August seems to be someone who is pushing to break the curse. This leads to him recruiting Henry for a scheme involving Mr. Gold (Rumplestiltskin) – with Henry distracting him so August can snoop around his office – except he’s caught and shuffled out. After all, one does not pull a fast one on Mr. Gold.

And Regina is certainly learning that dealing with Mr. Gold isn’t easy – her deal with him to kill Kathryn and blame Mary Margaret has all fallen apart because Regina was careless about the wording. Oh I do so love Gold – he’s good, he’s so very very good (and he has some wonderful one liners as well). Regina is confused as to Gold’s motives – after all he made the curse – but Gold isn’t one to divulge his secrets easily.

In the hospital, Emma is visiting the newly reappeared Kathryn – who is not dead (doctored DNA evidence aside) and has been kidnapped and drugged while she was away. And she and David have an oh-so-sweet reunion and forgiveness session.

On the Mary Margaret’s welcome home party (because it’s hard to find a “Yay, You’re not a murderer!” banner) but that’s ok, Henry has a card that says pretty much the same thing. David is also trying to join the party but Emma is keeping him away from Mary Margaret after he expressed doubt about Mary Margaret’s innocence which, naturally, upset Mary rather. Emma also plays word fencing with Gold (suspecting him of the kidnapping) which never works – but Gold is asking after August.

And since August has snooped in his office of course Gold has to go have a snoop round August’s hotel room – and finds a picture of the magical dagger that kills Rumplestiltskin and steals his powers. Gold follows him and meets up with the Mother Superior who is talking to August – apparently August is seeking his father in town.

Gold goes to Dr. Hopper (Jiminy Crickey) for some therapy about his estranged son and receives some heartfelt advice from a  rather confused doctor – and finally we get Gold confronting August, his son. Ever since he let him fall through the portal he has sought a way (there you go Regina, a motive for the Curse from Gold) to join him. August forgives him and as proof of reconciliation, Gold takes him to the dagger and gives it to August

Who tries to use it to control Gold. Except there is no magic in this world so it can’t compel him – and his son knows this. August is lying, the naughty naughty man . Turns out he is sick, dying – and he needs magic to live. And he worries about the Saviour (Emma?) being in time to break the curse so tried to take a short cut. Gold lets him live because he can work August into his plans.

Ok, they need to write it on the signs to Storybrook “Do Not Mess With Gold He Is Better Than You”.

And Sidney throws himself under the train to protect Regina – and confesses to kidnapping Kathryn. Emma is furious that Sidney is being sacrificed and it causes Emma to finally go to war with her.

Ok I love love love Gold. I really love this character. He’s so crafty, and clever and every plot with him just knots and knots and knots. Yes I fanpoodle this character.

I am cheering mightily Emma finally declaring outright war on Regina… but less pleased about it being over her son and denying Regina’s motherhood again. But still – this will be epic and Emma does care for him and no reasonable person would want a child to continue in Regina’s care.

And Sidney? Sacrificing himself for Regina? Aaaaargh, this man quite literally exists to serve her.