Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season Three, Episode Twenty: Do Not Go Gentle

Esther in Rebekah's body shows up and hands Klaus the fake stake.  He unceremoniously throws it into the fire and declares that they are leaving Mystic Falls with Elena.  She begs for the opportunity to go the dance and Klaus rightly rejects the idea.  It's was nice to see a thousand year old vampire act like a thousand year old vampire.  She manages to convince Klaus to attend the dance by telling him that Caroline will be there.

In the gym, Caroline is preparing for the dance when Tyler shows up.  She is happy to see him but worried about Klaus finding out that the sire bond is broken.  Apparently, Tyler is jealous about Klaus' interest in Caroline and intends to make himself seen, though Caroline assures him that he has no need to be jealous.  His big plan is to pretend that he is still sired.

Caroline then has a heart to heart with Matt and she is worried about all the time he is spending with the ever so precious with Elena.  It seems that she is worried that Matt will have his heart broken but Matt assures her that he is just Elena's friend. 

Continuing to spread wisdom, Caroline also has a chat with Elena.  It seems that Elena has planned to go the dance as a girl team with Caroline and Bonnie.  It sees that Bonnie has invited Jamie and so Elena has to change her plans.  Caroline suggests that she invite Stefan because she is purely on team Stefan.  Elena is unsure but in the end she decides to ask Stefan to the dance.  I understand that Caroline is a vampire but team Stefan really?  I never thought I would say this, but how about team Elena?  Stefan just spent the summer running around murdering people but supposedly he is Elena's true love?  I hate the way that violence is so quickly forgotten simply because a vampire is the one that is doing it.

Esther changes back to her body, leaving Rebekah in a coffin.  She asks Alaric for his ring but he is resistant because he sees that as his one protection against death.  Finally, Alaric consents and melts down his ring to make the stake indestructible. Without the spell, the stake would burn after only killing one vampires, and it's Ester's plan to make sure that all of her children die. Alaric is sure that the plan is perfect and that Damon will never figure out that something is up.

At the dance everyone is having a good time, until Damon shows up to tell Elena and Stefan that something has gone wrong with Alaric.  Elena gets called outside and there she meets Esther.  Esther asks her to come with her but Elena says no, until Esther makes it clear that she can either come willingly or come against her will.  Elena sends Jeremy inside to get Damon and Stefan and then leaves with Esther.  When Damon and Stefan come outside they realize that the area around the school has been salted and they cannot leave.

Inside the gym, Klaus makes his appearance and he interrupts Caroline and Tyler who are dancing together.  Though Tyler wants to say no, he steps back so that Klaus can dance with Caroline.  Klaus tells Caroline that he is leaving and that he would ask her to come with him, but suspects that she would say no.  He makes it clear that her small town life and small town boyfriend will not be enough to make her happy.  He suggests that in 50 years, or 100 years they will meet again and be together.  Klaus then attempts to leave and realizes that he is trapped on the school property.

Stefan and Damon burst into the room where Bonnie and Jamie are just about to kiss.  They inform her that they need a spell to locate Esther because Elena is missing.  When Bonnie has trouble with the spell, Klaus grabs Jamie around the necks, lifting him off of his feet. 

At the old Salvatore crypt Esther demands some of Elena blood so that she can turn Alaric into an original vampire.  It's her dream that she will surpass Michael, her husband as a vampire hunter.  Elena refuses but Esther uses magic to cut Elena's hand and makes a sarcastic comment about the burdens of the doppelganger. I suppose the writers realize how ridiculous the continued reliance on Elena and her special blood is.  

Back at the school, Bonnie says that Esther is fighting her but Jeremy realizes that the humans are able to leave so he and Matt decide to go after Elena and Esther when Klaus realizes that there is only one location from which Esther could draw so much energy.

At the crypt, Esther sees her plan to fruition and turns Alaric into a vampire.  When she goes outside, she sees that Matt and Jeremy pointing automatic weapons at her.  I'd like to know where they got the fancy guns and when they found time to learn how to use them?  Esther uses her magic to force them to point their guns at each other.  Before a round can go off, Alaric comes out of the crypt and stakes Esther in the back.  It seems that the good Alaric is back.  Alaric asks what happened, and Elena is forced to tell him that he is now an original vampire.

Back at the school, Bonnie can now remove the spell because she senses that Esther is not fighting her anymore.  Stefan stops to thank her and she makes it clear that she didn't do it for him.  The take off for the crypt and Bonnie and Jamie go back to her place where her father is once again conveniently out of town.  

Klaus grabs his mothers body and takes off.  The rest of the scooby gang hold a candlelight vigil as Alaric announces that he has decided not to go through with the sacrifice.  Aww Mr. Saltzman is going to be a martyr.  Meredith shows up and gives him a sedative and then convinces Damon to keep him company while he is waiting to die. 

At the bar Matt and Jeremy share a drink in honour of Alaric.  These are supposed to be teenage boys right?  I know that they work at the bar but having the keys?  How much do they want to stretch the viewers imagination?  Elena returns to the school where she is busy clearing out Alaric's things moaning about how there is no one to take care of her and Jeremy anymore.  Only Elena could make someone's death all about her. Stefan takes her to the gym where he first bite her under Klaus' control to tell her that things will get better.

Klaus decides to rage at mommy dearest in her coffin.  He tells her that she will never defeat him and then pulls the stake out of Rebekah.

Damon and Alaric are in the crypt sharing a bottle of bourbon and having a bonding moment.  Back at Bonnie's she tells Jamie that she does not want to be alone so they cuddle.  She has dream of Esther telling her that she has to finish what she started.  When she wakes, Jamie tells her that it was just a dream.  Bonnie gets up goes to the crypt and slices her hand open and puts the blood to Alaric's mouth. His teeth turn to fangs and he bites Bonnie's neck.  Do vampires in Mystic Falls every feed on anyone who isn't Black?

Alaric leaves the crypt and throws Stefan when he tries to stop him. 

I officially don't care what happens on The Vampire Diaries anymore.  I suppose that Alaric is going to die at the end of the season and if Bonnie does not recover from the attack, I will not be watching another episode of this rotten show.  Enough already with the angst, and the racist treatment of Bonnie.