Sunday, April 29, 2012

Grimm, Season 1, Episode 19: Leave it to Beavers

“’Wait!’ the troll said, jumping in front of him. “This is my toll bridge. You have to pay a penny to go across.”

So we begin with Eddie and Nick wrestling around in the wood and Nick not wanting to be eaten. It’s a Grimm training session! (Shouldn’t they have done this several episodes ago?) And a chance for Eddie to play with the Grimmy toys – I think this is supposed to show that Nick and Eddie spend a lot more time together than we have seen.

To the actual crime there’s a deal between 2 Wesen , an Eisbiber and some kind of troll (I guess), the Eisbiber is going to the DA and not giving troll the money he expects. Bye bye Mousey. But another beaver witness escapes – and goes to yet another Eisbiber.

In come the police – Nick, Hank and Sgt Wu to see the cement covered dead Eisbiber (and owner of a construction company). Checking up on the witness they find him missing – but Nick recognises a picture of him with the Eisbiber he knows - the one who starting making him food and fixing his door.

Following some police work they find the only enemy he had was someone at the planning commission, Mr. Butrell (the murderer) - time for more interviewing. He has an alibi but it gives Nick
a chance to see his trolly Wesen nature. And lets Butrell and his cronies know there’s a Grimm involved.

Nick, meanwhile, follows up with the Eisbiber he met before – apparently most the construction firms in town are owned by Eisbibers but when building bridges you have to pay a cut to the trolls because they consider them to be their property by tradition – and are willing to extort it if they can. He leaves his number in case the Eisbiber gets in touch with the witness.

Bud (Nick’s Eisbiber) goes to talk to Arnold (the witness) to convince him to come forward to Nick since he’s a Grimm and on their side. Since the result could affect all Eisbiber they decide to take it to the lodge

Bud decides to take Nick to the Lodge meeting to make inspiring speeches to a large crowd of Eisbibers – encouraging to help put an end to the troll’s exploiting them. Unfortunately the majority are too afraid of the trolls. Bud claims that the Eisbiber are just not a courageous people – despite Bud’s willingness to work with a Grimm. But Bud’s shame for his people’s cowardice is heard by Arnold and he is driven to come forward.

Meanwhile Butrell is meeting with his fellow trolls and decided the only way to be safe is to kill Nick, the Grimm – and the only way to deal with a Grimm is with Reapers. And we learn a bit about Reapers – that they’re considered a “nuclear option” and that one becomes a Reaper – a Reaper can be any kind of Wesen

At yet another meeting this time with Reapers (you can tell, they’re speaking in French. All Reapers are European it seems), planning to send 2 Reapers to Portland to find Nick – hoping 2 will get under Captain Renard’s radar.  They arrive and talk to Butrell – and by talk we, of course, mean brutally beat. They are Reapers, after all (though they’re usually more civilised with their gratuitous violence). I’m not even sure why the Reapers are beating him – funsies I think.

So Burtrell is arrested, Arnold does his witnessessing bit – and the Reapers see Nick and follow – time for a fight scene! And when did Nick get those martial arts moves? Nick, of course, calls Eddie his friendly side-kick for some help in body disposal – and the sure knowledge that the Reapers are going to keep coming until they get Nick. So they send a 2 headed message back (I love Eddie, did I mention this?) And that is a great great package to send an enemy.

Of course, Nick has helped an Eisbiber. And in Eisbiber fashion they drown him in their generosity – and food, and handicrafts.

Back at home, Juliette wants to invite Eddie to dinner – since he did save her life and all – but Nick tries to put her off. She isn’t easily shifted so Grimm and Nick have to try and develop a full backstory to explain everything they do together, how they met and everything else – so little of their interactions can be explained because their friendship is all based on the Wesen and Grimminess.

We have the most painfully awkward dinner ever with their fake backstory containing many many many many holes. Maybe this could develop into the big reveal? Please?

I’m not sure why, but I really like Bud as a character, he’s simple yet sincere. I don’t know why, he’s appealing. Sadly, hank and Wu barely counted as extras this time and Juliette has her usual sterling role. Rosalie has, alas, fallen into the plot box.

We got some more Reaper information but after rapid revelations of the past few weeks we seem to have derailed back into monster of the week – can we see more from Captain Renard please? And did we ever find out what the key was? And what about the Reapers who were dying in Europe? And the Verrat? Remember the Verrat? Come on, don't stop the meta now!