Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cover Snark: The Hip Thrust

Book covers exist to entice the reader to purchase a book.  Given that this is their purpose I simply cannot understand why women are continually placed in the most ridiculous positions.  Today we are going to look at the famous hip thrust.  For some reason, a woman standing with her hip ridiculously thrust out is supposed to emphasise her femininity while making her look tough and sassy.

Unfortunately most of these women look like they are about to dislocate their hip.

Now, for those who can’t manage the spine dislocation, there’s always the hip thrust. It saves you the spinal surgery, but there’s still little dignity in thrusting one hip out until you can hear the bones creak. Amateurs start small here with the sideways leans

But a true genius goes far further, clearly these are gearing themselves up for some pretty huge spinal twisting. When the women are this eager to thrust out their hip, they look in severe peril of actually falling over. The reason why these women have their legs firmly planted far apart is because they’re bracing themselves. They’re actually in severe danger of falling over - that’ll happen if you try and move your pelvis a good foot to the right of your centre of gravity.

After seeing this you canot tell me you are not wondering about the damage these women are doing to their bodies.  This position is not natural.