Saturday, May 5, 2012

Secret Circle, Season 1, Episode 21: Prom.

The Circle is gathered in angst and melodrama discussing that Cassie and Diana saw Nick last episode and that he’s looking surprisingly good for a dead man. There’s debate as to whether it’s Nick, whether it’s a demon, whether he’s merrily mauling people. With high emotions from Melissa (who loved Nick) and Jake (Nick’s brother). We also have some flaring of the trust issues between John Blackwell and Diana with Cassie trying to sooth it all over and declaring her trust for John because… actually I don’t have a reason.

Later Faye chides Jake on not being sensitive over Melissa’s feelings over Nick which is almost funny coming from Faye. Did everyone skip the part where Nick is Jake’s brother and there’s probably a big reason why Jake is upset over the whole issue? She tries to get him to “talk it out” but he’s not especially open to that. Faye, again, has the best line “you’ve got that look… that look that you’re about to invade a small country with nothing but your tortured soul.” Such a perfect line, I have to steal it. And Jake decides to arm himself just in case

Cassie’s super special blood is going to help her find the crystal hidden in the school – so off she toddles (alone, of course) and she gets to hallucinate the past – including seeing her mother with the crystal. She hopes to see more so she recruits Diana to help her see more (despite her outrage over Black Magic). They plan to do it the next night on prom so the school will be open (and full of people. In fact, I’d say this makes prom the worst possible night to choose) though Diana is upset that she will miss Prom – the most special day of the school year

We top up the angst with Diana and Charles (her father, Evil Parent#2) and then some more prom drama with Adam, Faye (who has invited Jake), Cassie and Melissa with Faye pushing to have a “normal” prom and celebrating it properly – I actually kind of love her ultimatum “There Will Be Dancing”. Faye continues to push for more promness. Diana also meets up with Grant (pointless Australian Guy) just to keep the angst levels nice and high.

Finally plot wise we get Melissa meeting Nick at the Magic House. Nick needs the crystal and says he’s dying but he doesn’t seem to be in his right mind and storms off when Adam turns up. Yeah, Adam kind of makes me feel the same way. Melissa insists that Nick is in there to be saved by Ada (Wet Lettuce) and Jake (Sexy Evil One) think he was just after the crystal and he’s wild, feral and dangerous.

At prom they cast the spell (choosing the worst night of the year also allows them all to have magical hijinks in formal dress) and they flash back to the school in past and see the Amelia and Elizabeth (Diana’s dead mother) arguing over John and how evil he is and how it’s Amelia’s fault for trusting him (oh and to ratchet up Diana’s angst levels even more)

Amelia returns the crystal to the Adam’s (Wet Lettuce’s) grandfather who is a teacher at the school – and tells him that Ethan (Wet Lettuce’s dad) is turning John over to the Witch Hunters to have him killed – Granddad Lettuce isn’t best pleased at the idea of trusting the Witch Hunters but it turns out that Blackwell has been casting fertility spells ensuring that all of the women in the Circle got pregnant at the same time – ensuring their children would (also explaining why they all had kids while still in high school) grow up together. (Did the Elders do the same thing with the Parent Circle? Because they all seem to be of an age as well). He’s creating his own Circle with the kids. Granddad Lettuce agrees to hide the Crystal while Amelia flees.

Discovering that John Blackwell has been manipulating the parents and the kids, Diana has a huge hissy fit and blames it all on Cassie before flouncing out of the room, letting Cassie up her angst levels.

In the present, Melissa adds some more angst, lamenting to Adam about how they never have a normal life because of magic – Wet Lettuce uses some magic and dancing to cheer her up. Faye and Jake discuss how Jake stood her up at prom years ago and drags him out to the dance floor. This gives her the chance again to try and make Jake talk about his brother

Anyway the crystal is found but Nick finds it first so they all (except Diana who is having an angst meltdown) chase him (humour moment – all of the girls run while putting on their coats while chasing him outside, no really, because in a chase scene you worry about getting cold) and, yes, everyone is running not using magic. And they’re all running in formal clothing and formal shoes. They, naturally chase him into a deserted, spooky junk yard (but Faye wonderfully mocks it of course)

Nick is meeting Eben (Evil Black Witchunter) and wants to trade the crystal for his demon – which Cassie says is what’s keeping him alive, so he wants it back. Melissa, Chief Angster for Nick declares that having a demon inside you is no kind of life (this is foreshadowing for why it’s ok to re-kill Nick/let him die again). Now with 3 of them (Adam, Cassie and Melissa) they could use the magic of their Circle together to get the Crystal back – but of course Cassie can’t do that and stomps out on her own all dark magicy to make Nick drop the Crystal. Eben sends Cassie flying (with magic… somehow? Was that ever explained?). The rest of the Circle tends to flutter around not doing much – and Blackwell shows up for a show down with Eben. Faye stays to help Eben (alone – so how her bound powers can help I don’t know)

Nick and Jake fight but it’s Melissa who stabs Nick in the back (see? Told you about the foreshadowing).

Eben escapes – according to Blackwell taking Faye with him. But they have 6 crystals and he says they can build the skull and save her. Well that whole fight scene made zero sense at all. And why is Cassie now the only witch with any kind of magic?

In parent drama, John (Evil Parent #3) meets Dawn (Evil Parent #1) to discuss Diana not joining the John Blackwell fan club because she’s loyal to her dad, Charles (Evil Parent #2) which is so unsurprising. So John ominous declares he will show them who Charles really is – which would be more foreboding if the damn “previously on Secret Circle” at the beginning of the programme didn’t show Amelia’s death (Cassie’s mother and, presumably, a non-evil parent. Which would make her the only one)

And yes, Charles gets a phone call and hears Cassie’s call to her mother on the night Amelia died with John  Blackwell in the background looking all menacing and dark-magicy. And Charles gets to re-live (well hallucinate) Amelia’s death but with him playing the role of Amelia.

Diana returns to find him cowering in his kitchen and, yes, Charles confesses to Diana that he killed Amelia and her ghost is coming to get him. News Flash Diana, you may have missed it, but ALL the parents are evil.

This whole episode is so full of angst and melodrama it gave me a headache. So many meltdowns and mopings and temper tantrums and flounces and tears… ugh. Makes me want to slap the whole cast.

A prom? How many celebrations does a school have? We always seem to be bouncing from dance to casino night to another dance to another theme to another party – what’s with these endless big town-wide social events?

After most of the series of just being the background organiser and bossy character, Diana has flowered into a full blown angst monster. Over Grant, over being “normal”, over John Blackwell, over prom. I’m starting to cringe every time she shows up in a scene. Her choice then to blame Cassie for what her mother and father did is just ridiculous and forever renders this character beyond annoying. Diana now takes the prize as the most horrible of the Circle members – probably including the Evil parents and grandparents too